I opened my eyes. The sun to me now was less of a nussiance. I felt warm and alive. Then the familar smell of Drew filled my lungs. The bed smelled of Drew, and that made me realize where I was. I looked down and I saw Drew's arm. I began to grow paranoid. Did I snore?!? Did I talk in my..." Kyle, stop worrying so much. You were fine." Drew said lifting his head looking over at me. Damn, he totally knows me! "Drew, how did you know about everything?" Drew stared at me and smiled. "Well I guess you weren't the only one staring...", Drew laughed. I guess Drew was obsessed with me too.

Then I got up and walked bathroom preparing for shower, but as soon as I closed the door, someone's hands were around me. Drew, I thought to myself. Drew lowered himself to my neck and began to kiss it. I was never a fan of morning sex, I mean people always say it's so great, but I find uninteresting. "Drew stop, I'm doing something!", I said trying to avoid the unmistakable pleasure. Drew is kindhearted, so he stopped and gave me a hug from the behind, and I could feel his erection. I felt bad. But, somehow something compelled me to turn around and give him sex for breakfast. I turned around, and just as he was about to speak, I kissed him hungrily, like we had never locked lips before. I was new to this, and Drew was happy to be my teacher and took the lead. I always wanted to be dominated, I mean not in physical terms, but in mental and spiritual. I am submissive, and I wanted a man, and Drew was perfect.

"Fuck me Drew.", Drew looked at me. I wasn't normally this way about sex. I was awkward about sex even though I wanted things to happen. I was a dreamer, bound by stupid fears and restrictions of my culture. Today, right now, my body; which was deprived of such pleasure is craving for it and is going to get it. Drew lifted my small frame. I closed my eyes, allowing my senses to run free. He kissed all the parts of my body, and when reaching the insides if my thighs, he began to kiss them tender and tease my body making me thrust forward with every peck. Drew always took his time with me. He grabbed my solid-as-rock erection and worked his pink lips around it. He glanced upon me with his blue eyes, and it made me melt. All this time I thought I was insane, hooked ; obsessed with a false dream, only to find out it was true. Drew then stopped. Using his own mix of saliva and pre-cum, he began to probe me with his soft hands. They feel so good, I started to lose thought with the combo of Drew's tender kissing and fingering.

"You ready baby?", Drew asked me during my thoughts. He always worries about me during sex. I guess, if I had those monstrous ten inches of meat, I would fear of ripping someone open too!

"Yes Drew, I think I am.", he stared me in the eyes. I felt a spark. "It's more than morning sex to him...", I thought to myself. He leaned in and kissed me on my neck. "You didn't have to do this." "A hug was fine," Drew said being a usual sweetheart. "I want it too Drew, for the both of us.", I said staring in his eyes. He smiled. Then he grabbed my hips as I was using the wall as support, and began to enter me. I loved the feeling of Drew inside of me--bare. I felt connected to him, in the upmost way. Drew began to thrust, and my dry, raspy moans followed. Slowly, he would pull put out leaving the head in and slowly pushing back in, providing me with every moment of pleasure. Drew must have taken my moans as encouragements because he picked up his speed. Thrust after thrust caused my mouth to stay ajar with no sound. Intense heat seeped out of Drew's skin. My fingers dug into his skin. I could hear his audible grunts.Drew was close and I was on the brink of climax. Then I felt Drew release inside of me. He became weak in the knees. I was amazed I could have that effect on someone like Drew.The next thing I know, we hit the ground. The momentum thrusted all ten inches into my rectum, it caused me to scream. It hurt like hell. But, at that moment I came on Drew's chest. Drew was so worried about me, that examined me for at least an half hour.

We finally made it downstairs, and sat on the sofa. Then there was silence. Honestly, Drew and I had nothing in common. Then, there was a knock. Drew opened the door and there was Kristie. Kristie was Drew's ex, and a well known slut. I hated her, and half of the school had fucked her( after Drew of course.) She had no feelings or morals, she was just for Kristie.

"Hi baby," she said seductively, reaching out to grab Drew. Drew wasn't buying it. He slapped her hand away, pushing her out the door. Then, he slammed it in her face.

Two years ago Drew and Kristie started dating. They were going strong until she cheated on him, with two guys--at the same time. Drew being the person that he is, didn't do much but breakup with her, so I guess she's fine. Drew looked at me and smiled. "I'm so glad that I got you Kyle." "You are NOTHING like her.", Drew said looking at me.

After watching boring T.V. Show repeates, I asked Drew about a party. "Drew what about a party?, I asked looking up at him. "Yeah, sure!", Drew said without a thought. I decided I needed to go home to pick up some clothes, and get ready. I told Drew to invite whomever he wanted, because I knew most of them already.

Drew was on the way taking me home and he looked tense. So, I decided to ease his tension. "Drew what's the matter? He just looked straight ahead and said, "What about the guys?" I looked at him bewildered. As much as I hated them, they were and are his friends and I couldn't change that. "Drew what do you mean?" " I know you don't like them Kyle." "It's not rocket-science." Drew said, exaggerating his point. What Drew was saying was true but unfair. I allowed my hatred to cloud my judgement, not allowing me to see that I was hurting Drew. I swallowed my pride, gritted my teeth and said, "They can come Drew." Then he looked at me. " Are you sure?" He asked with doubt. The car stopped. I looked around and realized that we made to my house. I looked at Drew and he was still waiting for an answer. Then I opened the car door and left.

Eventually, I gathered my things and then got ready. Drew, then called me and told me that Dylan was picking me up. "Oh Dylan...," I thought yo myself. Ten minutes later Dylan pulled up in his 64' Mustang. Dylan is one of "those" people that love vintage things. I think it's cool.

"You're prompt," I said with a hint of surprise. "Don't judge a book by it's cover Kyle." Dylan said mocking me. Dylan started the car and we began to drive. Dylan was nothing like Drew. Dylan loved talking about classical music, art, and literature, so we shared much in common. As Dylan was driving, I constantly stared at the contours of his squared jawline, the black stubble that lay on the surface of it. His hair was smooth, dark; soft. But that made him mysterious. His voice was comforting but, deep and masculine. Suddenly we stopped. Then, I realized we were here. I exhaled. Dylan peered at me. Then his face turned into a frown. " What's the matter?", He asked looking completely confused.

"Nothing." I lied. He knew I lied. He just got up, and left the car.

The party was okay, it was fun--so far at least. In the middle of the party, I decided that I would go see Drew, so I went up stairs but I couldn't find him. Then I started to get angry."He left me here to CLEAN up the mess!" I thought to my self as I was going towards his room. Then, as I reached his room, the door was cracked. Then I saw it. Drew was naked with Kristie, licking and fingering her pussy. My heart sank. Somehow I couldn't explain the numbness, the warm breeze eventually became chilling. I had to pick myself up, and my things from Tessa's room and cry myself down the hall. As I made it downstairs, passing through the dancing laughing people, I was lifeless. " I-I gave him...me...", I thought to myself again, trudging through the people with uncontrollable tears. No one saw me. No one stopped me. Just like before at school. I reached outside and I bumped in to a hard, tall, muscular body. It smelled of manly colonge. "Polo sport..." I recited in my head. It was Dylan.

" KYLE!," he shouted bringing me back to life. I looked at him with tears in my eyes.

"Can you take me home?" I asked with intense melancholy.

"What is the matter?" he asked leading me to his car. Sat down and explained the entire story about me and Drew, and he listened.

Dylan didn't drive me home, instead we went to his house. My parents weren't home, and he didn't trust me alone. Dylan's house was so relaxing. It made me feel at ease.

"Make yourself at home," he said walking deeper into this huge dwelling. I sat down on the sofa awkwardly, due to what I saw with Drew. Then, I just started to cry. He broke my heart. "This is why I don't ever want to fall in love..." I kept telling my brain. Not even aware of Dylan, his arms wrapped around me and held me tight. Once again I could smell him. He smelt fresh, and manly.

"It's okay...It's okay," Dylan said, trying to reassure me. I just kept crying. Then, parted, but still holding each other. We stared into each others eyes. Suddenly, his lips touched mine. He tasted sweet, like an exotic, rare; yet mysterious fruit. A moan escaped my lips, and the kissing turned intense and more erotic. Then, in the middle of our makeout session, my phone rang. The call was from Drew. I looked at Dylan, and then upstairs.


Hey Gaydemons! Sorry it took so long for this chapter to come. I had a lot of mental blocks, and I'm not really so sure of this chapter. Anyways, the next chapter will be from the points of view from every character in the chapter.

-Love Kyle.



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