The sun pierced through my light satin curtains. I woke to my familar sound of a text message.

"Kyleee! You woke?", of course from my bestfriend Tessa, Whom I had dubbed Tess.

I let out a sigh. Always on time. Tess always texted or called me every morning, to make sure I was always ready. I replied back, and trudged out of my bed. A hot steaming shower would clear my mind from stupid stress. I hopped into shower. As the hot cascaded down my skin, I began to get an unmistakable erection. Slowly but surely I my hand made its way down to the forbidden area.

I was greatly endowed for my height, I was 8 inches long and and at least 4 inches wide. For me that was big considering that I am only 5'6. I started slowly thinking about Tess' older brother Drew, imagining that I was caressing his amazing hot, hunky body, kissing those soft plumb red lips. I started from the base of my ever-throbbing organ and slowly stroked back up. As I began to come close, I began moving faster, and thrusting forward with my pelvis. Soon I couldn't control my self. My back hit the cold tile only intensifying my shattering erection.

I made my way out of the shower and began to get dressed. On my way out of my room, I stopped and stared at myself. I was short,(or at least I think I am!) Many girls call me adorable, with my chiseled face, with big hazel colored eyes, and girly eyelashes gave me a Masculine and Feminine look. With my curly black hair and rich caramel skin I thought I looked okay.

As I made my way downstairs My mom was awake, and so was my dad. They were nice parents, but the one problem was that they were major homophobes. My 3 brothers, and my, sister hated gays and saw it as a disease. Unfortunately, I was "infected" with It.

"Morning.", my Mom and dad said in unison.

"Morning, gotta go!", I said hurriedly rushing, and I didn't look back.

Outside I met Tess whom now, was old enough to drive so we always drove to school. But always wondered why we are friends. Tess' family was filthy freaking rich, while me in the other hand, I was a normal middle class suburban kid.

"Heeyy!", Tess shouted Bubbly as ever.

"Hey Tess" I said bluntly.

We drove to school with Tess' usual rambling which over the years I'd learn to tune out. Soon we arrive at Blakewood High, One of the top 3 schools on the country which didn't seem that great but whatever. As me and Tess exited the car, up walked her boyfriend Derek. He was an adonis! He was 6'2 with dirty blond hair, amazing green eyes and due to lacrosse, an amazing body. Derek was always nice, so that made like him even more.

"Hey guys" Derek said with his sexy voice.

"Hey babe" Tess said back all cutesy and crap. I hated this because I never had someone to do it with. After their little love moment, Tess' brother Drew walked up.

As Drew was walking up, it gave me time to appreciate his amazing features. In my book, Drew was that hotest guy at school-- hands down. Drew as he walked, his amazing blond hair glistened under morning sun. Even from this far distance I could make out his chilling lcy blue eyes. With his 6'3 frame, amazing personality, and amazing body and looks, he was everything I wanted in the perfect boyfriend.

"Hey everyone" Drew said with his deep sexy voice. God!... l Love Him!

"Heyy." Tess said and always extended the ending of word when not needed.

"Whats up dude?" Derek said almost sounding like a question.

"Hey Drew" I said quietly, while standing behind Tess and Derek.

Drew replied with his killer smile which loved the most, "Hey Kyle", which he said with much more excitment this time. After our hellos,

We headed off to class, but luckliy I had my first period with Drew. It was AP Calculus, which was a senior class and I was a junior, so I felt accomplished. As we walking down the hall, Drew out of nowhere asks me about Tess and Derek.

"What do you think about their relationship Kyle?" "Well its nice. I mean seeing Tess happy nakes me happy.", I replied happily." Drew I sense that you don't like Derek much." "You always become really stern around us when Derek is around. Do you hate him?"

"Its not that hate him, its just I find him very... Sneaky." At that moment I stopped in the hallway and stared at him dumbfoundedly. "Sneaky?", I asked with a hint of anger. Then, the bell rang. Although AP Calclus was hard, seeing Drew for an hour and thirty minutes straight is harder. Drew sat on the side of me. Everytime Mr. Joseph, our teaher would teach a lesson, I would steal a look--or three at Drew. My obssesion Drew with didn't happen until I had saw him naked 6 months ago. It was Tess' birthday, so it was a pool party. Drew went up stairs to change and I didn't know. So, as I began to open the door, I saw the most amazing ass I saw in my life! Drew never knew and I never told.

The rest of the day went by without a thought. Everthing to me was stupid. Yet, I kept just enough attention to my work to make through the day. Stress on top of stress mounted me, and fucked me face down ass up everyday. I hated what I am and wanted to just change, but I....,

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Tess' voice.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?",Tess asked full of worry.

"Nothing." I lied. Tess knew I lied.

"You are a bad liar. Kyle, oneday there is going to be a wonderful guy to come and sweep you off your feet!" I just looked at her. "Keep dreaming." , I said in the grumpiest way possible. But up came her dream guy, Derek. I just walked away. I just so envious of all the things she was rich with. Money, love, and happiness. On my way to storming out, Drew stopped me. "Are you coming over tonight?" (OH MY GOD HE WANTS ME TO COME OVER)"I guess if thats what Tess is doing..", I said with uncertainty. Drew just looked at me. "When had Tess EVER said no to you coming over?" Well Drew had a point. Me and Tess have been inseparable since we were 12. Tess had never said no to me so it was kinda true. I decide to text Tess, and she replied yes.

After out little exchange, I went to find Tess. I was going to set my master plan in motion. Tonight, my virginity was Drew's...

I couldn't find Tess anywhere. I was beginning to panic. Luckily, I found her making out with Derek, by his car. "TESSA ANN!", I shouted across the parking lot. Tess backed away so quick she fell! I burst out in laughter! Then she threw something at me, I didnt even know what it was. " You ready?" I asked with no consideration for what they were doing.

"Another round of baby making huh?" I asked them opening the car door.

"SHUTUP!", Tess yelled blushing.

After they said their annoying goodbyes, we headed for Tess' house. While we were in the car there was an awkard silence. Me and Tess no doubt, had become distant. We had nothing to talk about. Right now Derek consumed her life. Then, as I was about to make conversation, we arrived at Tess and Drew's house. 17054 Graymalkin Lane. Their house was huge! There was no denying that they had the biggest house in the community. To them it was normal. But to me, it was utterly amazing.

Since Spring Break is around the corner, I knew this would be a fun place to spend it at. Me and Tess grabbed our things and headed for the awe-inspiring mansion.

Drew, Dylan, Liam, Brett were already settled. Drew's friends were equally atttactive as him. Dylan whom is probably second to Drew was the nicest. He had charcoal, black shiny hair with most dreamy light grey eyes. He was 6'2 and being the captain of the baseball team he had an amazing body; which made him a very attractive gentle giant. Liam was 5'11 shortest of the bunch but with an adorable southern accent. Liam had a boyish, brown and green eyes look to him. He was on the wrestling team which gave that strength and blazing six pack. He also had the most spunk. Brett on the other hand was on the soccer team. He had a slender, hard body and ruff appearance due to the tribulations of the sport. He the same height as Dylan, but had amazing green eyes and flaming red hair. He also was a major ass. With that persona, and looks their was no doubt that he was Irish. But he was always nice to me so it didn't matter.

As I entered the house all of them stopped and stared at me as I made my up the stairs.

"Hey Kyle", they all said in unison.

"They were talking about me.", I thought to myself.

Despite my thoughts, I treaded up the forever-ending stairs. Making my way up into this house was like a routine. I had been here some many times, I could navigate with my eyes closed! As soon as I got to Tess' room I saw Derek's car pull upfrom the hallway window. "THAT BITCH!", I said loudly. I marched my way to her room.

"WHAT THE FUCK TESS?!?", I yelled. I have never yelled at Tess, but I was infuriated!

"What?", she said with fear.

"WHY THE FUCK IS DEREK HERE?!", I said with intense anger. Before she could reply, I said, "This was supposed be our time together Tess...", I almost began to cry. It hurt me that Tess would do that. Just as she was about to explain, I hear: "Hey babe." That was the last straw.

I ushered past Derek and went straight for the door. Just as I began to call my Mom to come pick me up, Drew stopped me.

"WAIT!!!", Drew yelled. "What happened? Where are you going?", He asked full of bewilderment.

"Tess had Derek to come over DESPITE the fact that this was our time."

"Kyle." Drew said calmly, "Tess and Derek are going to London with my Mom and Dad for Spring Break, and they wanted you to come."

"I know that, but Tess never told me that HE was coming."

"Well stay here with me.", Drew said looking me directly in my eyes.

"I will.", I replied. Something had taken over my body and it just came out.

"Great!" He said with happiness.

Now I was here. What's is going to happen now?....


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