I was pretending to be asleep. Kyle was in very deep thought. He looked worried, like something terrified him. He was probaly thinking about the Drew situation. I never meant to sleep with him, I had succumb to my urges. I had always had a thing for Kyle, but he's always been team Drew. I had fucked up his brain.

I wanted him to be happy, but I was happy with him. He was sweet, and very direct at sometimes, but his dependence on my touch, warmth and love made me feel I have meaning.

The problem was, I am moving to London after this year. Kyle had two more years left of high school at Blakewood. I wanted him to come with me--no I HOPED he would with me.

I decided that I would get up from the couch. I looked over at Kyle and he smiled. He replied with a faint smile which I knew was fake.


I uttered out an "Hey" When Dylan looked my way. Right now was the worst time for him to wake up now, because, most of thoughts were about him. Fortunately, he didn't see my face.

"Are you ready to go home?" "What's wrong?" Dylan asked looking at me puzzled.

In fact, I did want to go home. But going home meant I would have to see my family, and seeing them meant I couldn't be the real "Kyle" around them. The homosexual Kyle.

I was a controversial topic no matter where I went, and that made me--me. I had always had to live in my own world, and fend for myself. I once I felt I didn't need anyone to love me, but now I needed that validation, that proof that someone could love me. That I was actually worth loving.

"Kyle...", Dylan daid softly. "Do you want me to take- "No." I cut him off. I never wanted to leave, because once I went home I stuck with me. I HATED me.

Eventually we found something to do, which was fall asleep, with Dylan laying on my lap, which was a sight to see. Watched his breathing. His chest went up and down rhythmically. He slept so peacefully, until the door opened.

Dylan's eyes opened. He looked at the door and in came his sister Laura. She stopped dead in her tracks. And smiled. She smiled. I couldn't believe it.

"Hey Dylan.... And Kyle?", She said trying to confirm who I was.

I replied with a feeble yes. Then just as she came, she left. Right after she left, Dylan got up in a panic.

"Kyle, leave." Dylan said sternly, without even looking at me.

"Wha-" Before I could open my mouth, Dylan grabbed my things and pushed me out the door.

。。。。。 Drew 。。。。。

My Mom and Tess were home so I decided to go Kick the soccer ball around a couple of times. That's when I saw him. Kyle. Walking alone down the sidewalk. He was beautiful(A word I hardly ever use...). His small body toned body, which was evident from his form fitting clothes, his walk was full of confidence; sort of anger.... Wasn't he supposed to be at Dylan's? What happened? But I had to figure that out later, because Kyle was heading for my house.

When he walked in Tess greeted him with a shower of hugs, and laughs. I was standing in the opening of our glass door leading out to our backyard, and our eyes met. I knew something was wrong. He looked wrangled, sort of depressed. He was hurt.

Kyle sucked at hiding his feelings. But Tess was an airhead. She was oblivious to anything anti-Derek. I knew the was my only chance. My only chance to apologize. I never knew what hurt felt like until now. I want to fall off the face of the Earth right now.

I never got that chance that night. Today was a new day. Particularly a school day. My time in high school is dwindling, but right now I want to find out what happened between Dylan and Kyle.

As I was making my out of Mrs. Santiago's english class, I bumped into him, and we shared eye contact, and I mouthed: "We need to talk NOW."


Drew was the last person I wanted to see right now. I had to kick Kyle out. My parents would have found out and cut me off. Me and Drew seemed to be walking forever, but then I realized that we walked to his car. Private. Good.

I sat in the passenger's seat. There was then a akward silence between me and Drew for a while, then I croaked, "I had to. My parents would have freaked." Drew looked over at me with anger and disgust.

"So money and status means the world to you? Huh Dylan?", he said with a angered tone.

"We both chose it Drew. You hurt him just as much as I did.", I said staring out of the window of Drew's car.

"True. But I don't care what anyone thinks. I did that to validate myself, but realized that Kyle meant everything, so in the middle of me giving her oral, I stopped. I hated myself. I felt dirty. You threw him out. No call, no sorry and no attempts to talk to him. At least I am man enough to accept what did.", Drew said in a serious tone.

"So that makes you a hero Drew?", I said staring at him. Then he punched me.

"Get...the...FUCK OUT OF MY CAR.", Drew said with even more anger. He was guilty. And so was I. My parents would have called Kyle's parents and told them that Kyle was gay. His parents hated gays. So I made the choice for the better. Or at least I think I did.


Three weeks ago was the last time I had seen Dylan or Drew. Within those three weeks, I came out to my family, and ended up moving with my aunt. Luckily I still went to Blakewood High, and now I was no longer afraid of who I was. I loved living with my aunt, because she accepted me, but I hated that she was a socialite, and center of attention. I had to live around snobby, plastic, rich people and most of all-- Dylan and Drew.

I used the "Moving" card not to see Tess or niether one of those jerks. So, outside of school I isolated myself and stayed in the house, away from the world.

It gave time to think about who I was and what I needed. After basically giving youself to two guys in a week takes a toll on you, and it did. I felt dirty, I felt like whore. I felt simple. I always portrayed a tough resilient persona, but sometimes I needed love.

Right now I was alone in my Aunt's house, staring at the bleak walls. I began to cry. What the hell had my life come to? Locking myself away to hide from the truth? Then there was a knock on the door. The door was cracked opened, so anyone could come in. But not just anyone. Our Butler Harold controlled the super-secured gate. So it must have been someone we knew.

Then I heard it. "Kyle?!?" It was Drew's voice. I froze. I walked down the swirling stairs undetected, and walked into the living room. The Mansion was large but still very open.

"Kyle.", Drew called from behind me. I stopped walking.

"Tess and your Aunt wanted me to come and check on you they were pretty worried.", He said with a uneasy laugh.

"Oh really?", I said in a dark, angry tone.

"Why did they send YOU." Drew's face turned completely.

"I thought we were over this, Kyle.", Drew sighed.

"Drew. Did you honestly think I would FORGET about that?"

"Yes." Drew said approaching me. That made me furious. I attacked him. I punched, and hit him anyway--anywhere I could. I still loved Drew. I hurt me that he wouldn't apologize.

"I still love you Kyle.", Drew croaked. He just stood there and took everything. He did love me. He grabbed me and hugged me tightly.

"I-I had to see. I had to see if I still liked it." " I Didn't." I burst out in tears. My knees fell weak. Drew was still holding me. He smelled amazing. I remembered his smell.

I lifted my head from his sholder and he kissed me. It was amazing. Drew was a,great kisser, soft lips and he knew how to use his tongue.

We released from the kiss. I looked at Drew. His blond hair was glistening in the sunlight that crept into the large windows. His fair skin collided with my Carmel colored skin.

In 3 days Drew was leaving. I know we both had to move on, but this was our last chance. Our chance to show our love.

Drew grabbed my waist, I could feel his large erection. Telling by the way he looked at me he could feel mine also. We made it to my room and Drew went to work. He removed my pants, and I removed his shirt I was no longer inexperienced with sex. Drew removed my underwear and grabbed my raging member. He wrapped his pink lips around my cock. He skillfully worked his tongue, to edge me. I was so close. All I could do was whimper. Drew understood it and stopped.

In the process Drew removed his pants. Now it was my turn. Started at his neck, running my tongue in crevice. I finally made it down to Drew's cock. He wasn't shaved clean. He knew I loved that. I swallowed him whole--or at least I think I did. Drew was 11 1/2 inches. I got maybe half, without gagging.

"Slowdown.", Drew said warning me.

Drew then lifted me and placed me on the bed. He pushed me back and lifted my legs, and started to rim me. His tongue was very skillful and--graceful. Then suddenly it came. He was entering me. He didn't need to prep me. I was used to his size, but Drew was still gentle. Drew started slow the progressed his speed. It pounded my prostate. In and out went, tightly gripping my tiny thighs with his large muscular hands. Then he grabbed my throbbing erection and took control. Rhythmic thrusts with him jacking me off brought me over the edge. I came everywhere. My Chest, Drew's Chest and my bed. The more I bucked, the faster Drew went. Then he came--with a howl.


Hey Gaydemons! Lately no writing. Sorry. College consumes my life, and try I write as much as I can! More stories? Chapters? Well Comment! Let me know how you feel! ~Kyle



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