Are you sure Kyle?" He said, replying to my gestures. I nodded. He picked me up and carried me up the stairs, while I rested my head on his warm, muscular chest. I could feel the heat seeping form his skin. His heartbeat was steady, and sounded the same as mine.

We made it to his room, he slowly removed my clothes. Then he stood up and examined me. "You're perfect...." He whispered im my ear as he began to kiss my body. Dylan started slow, kissing and biting at my neck tenderly. He ran his lips down the side of my neck, through my upper torso, and finally reached my lower abdomen. He took his hand and slowly led my cock to his mouth. He did it slowly; allowing me to savor his warm, hot mouth. Then he moved his head down to my ass, lifted my legs, and started to rim me. Before long, I was starting to get fucked by his experienced tounge. D-Dylan... I whispered through the pleasure. He stopped, and with out me even noticing. Then, he placed his body on mine and humped me. His chiseled frame against my skin felt amazing. Our erections collided with intense friction. I wanted him inside me, and I wanted him now.

"Dylan, can you flip over?", I asked tenderly and he complied. I straddled him, climbing over his large frame. I looked into his eyes. That's when I realized that I was falling for him. I know in mind it sounded crazy, but I was lusting for him, no-- I was in love with him.

"Kyle," The sudden call from Dylan caught my attention, and broke me out of my intense thoughts.

I looked at him. His innocent gray eyes just pulled me in.

I lifted my feeble body on top of his throbbing organ. He was big. He was bigger than Drew.


Kyle was tight. Really tight. I was so afraid that I was going to hurt him. I want him to enjoy this as much as I will, I love him and I mean it's weird, but I kind of always have.

He let out a moan as he lowered on my craving erection. I wanted to be inside of him, I want to know his triggers and turn-offs--I wanted to know him. Kyle took control soon after, riding me. Up and down he went, each time with my large dick invading the insides of his inexperienced hole. Soon after the riding turned in to rhythmic rotations. His moans were so loud, they made me want him more.

Suddenly he collapsed onto my chest. Then he grasped his hands upon my neck and muzzled his face in the contour of my neck. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to fuck him. Hard.

I started slow, and I could hear the smothered moans coming from my neck. The more he moaned, the harder I would thrust. I wanted him to remember this. I wanted to wreck him.

Kyle's moans turned into grunts. He was close--really close. He started moving uncontrollably, "I'm cumming Dylan...", His voice was so weak and feeble. Then, it came. He shot on all on my torso. For someone as short as him, he has an amazing cock and cumshot. It was erotic how I was his cum canvas.

Then, I flipped us over, still in him and fucked him missionary style-- savagely.

He wrapped his hands around my neck, and I fucked him even harder. The look in his eyes from intense pleasure made my smile on the inside. Then he came again. At the same time so did I. I let out loud moan. Kyle's hands dug into my back; as was holding his tiny hips, as I thrust one last time.

****** Kyle******

I opened my eyes. I know where I am this time. The night before was so memorable, which is what he probably intended. My eyes met with Dylan's closed ones.

He was beautiful. He is brave, compassionate, and loving. He was somehow different than Drew. I stroked my hand through his thick, black hair. He opened his eyes. His Gray eyes met with mine. He smiled, A faint smile. He traced the outline of my lips. The moment was fragile and tender, deeply contrasting the mood from the night before.

He was much tender outside of his rigorous sex, which I loved in a man.

"Morning." He said, staring into my eyes.

"Morning Dylan.", I said all cutesy and crap. Then, my phone rang. I read the caller ID. It was Drew. I looked at Dylan and he nodded.

"Hello?", I said with a hint of anger on my voice.

"Thank God you're okay.", Drew said worried.

"What happened to you at the party?"

I thought and said, "You."

"You what?" Drew asked, completely unaware of my knowledge.

"Maybe, you should ask Kristie.", I said with sarcasm. Then he paused.

"Kyle... I-" I hung the phone up in his face.

I was so full of rage. First it was Tess and now it Drew. Oh! I forgot about Tessa! She was going to come back today...

"Kyle?" Dylan asked, waving his hand in front if me. I did have the tendency to stare blankly ahead when thinking.

I looked at Dylan and smiled. I wanted him to think that was okay. He smiled back. Got up, and headed down the hall and Dylan wasn't behind me. I turned around and noticed that he never left the room!

"Dylan!" "What are you doing? Don't we have to take a shower?", I said standing at his bedroom door.

"I thought you wanted personal space....", Dylan said looking at me over his shoulder. Seeing him on the bed like that turned me on. He looked like some renaissance era painting of a very, will fit and attractive model.

"Well.... You don't hav-" I cut Dylan off.

He just shutup and followed me. Dylan was already naked from the night before, so he prepared the shower, I got in soon after.

Suprisingly, nothing happened. Yeah. I looked the same way too. Peered over at the calendar. It's the last day of Spring Break. AND, the day Tessa is back Europe, AND, the official day I become Dylan's boyfriend.(Or at least I think...) At least one thing comes out of that... right?


I hung up the phone. I fucked up horribly. I slept with Kristie to prove to myself and everyone else that I was still straight. Wrong move. Now Dylan was holding him and loving him. My heart ached at the sight of it. How could someone like him have an effect on people like me and Dylan?

Somehow I needed to talk to him, I needed to see him. Beforehand, I laughed and smiled at the sight of Kyle liking me, somewhat like a adorable crush. My phone rang. It was Tess. SHIT! I had forgot about Tess!

"Hello?", I asked with fear. How was I supposed to explain what happened with Kyle? They were bestfriends.

"Hey. Where is Kyle?", Wow. The first person she asks for Kyle.

"At Dylan's." It came out like I had pure hatred toward him, but I didn't. Dylan is,my best friend. I would want Kyle with him rather than anyone else. Somehow, with him made me feel happy. But It took so long for me to realize these feelings, I guess maybe because he wasn't here.

I attempted clean up the mess from the party, which wasn't very good. I was a rich kid, of course never did anything for myself but breathe.

There was so much on my mind, I didn't even hear my mom and Tess walk through the door. Now--it was time to explain.


Looked over at the beige sofa. He was asleep. Dylan looked so peaceful. The idea that he was asleep, and I was awake in his house freaked me out. But the solitude gave time to think. I had fell in love with two people, both seniors, both athletes, and best friends. Both were straight, and I was a feeble, sophomore. In all of this I confused myself. I knew after this year, --no matter whom I chose, was leaving next year. What was I to do?

Hey guys! Recently life has been so busy, and Inspiration is lacking. This is a new story style. So tell if you prefer this or my previous style.

Thanks for reading! -Kyle



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