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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

I am writing this story from the perspective of a 17 year old boy, Carson, discovering what it is to be ... well, bisexual ... and?

This chapter starts from the perspective of Carson; it then switches to the perspective of Adam and then back again to Carson. You will see "************" to denote change in persepctive.

I use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.



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I know some people are visual, where others prefer a narrative, and still others are a confluence of the two.


Venture Capital - Chapter 6

Adam and I went out for dinner; 'Logan' off W Washington. It was Saturday night. We had a small corner table; Adam's left shoe was off, my right; we played toesies under the table. I started with the crab and avacado; he the ceviche. No one asked how old I was; Adam smiled as I sipped a smooth sauvignon blanc.

"Cars, it's really special being with you," Adam's fingers slipped along my leg ... out of sight,

"I was just thinking that," I put my glass down, looking into Adam's eyes, "I know who I am now,"

Adam looked into my eyes, a knowing look, "hope that means what I think,"

I squeezed his hand, under the table. I nodded. "Yeah,"

We talked, about us; Adam was staying in Ann Arbor solely for me, I had to finish high school; he would begin his Masters. I had the Woodford Reserve Bourbon pork; Adam the Bay of Fundy port glazed salmon ... an awesome Duckhorn Reserve Cabernet 2007 completed the meal.

"Adam," I paused, my foot resting on his, "Are you sure we did the right thing?"

Fingers through mine, Adam squeezed my hand. "No question babe," looking into my eyes, "remember," pausing, "we decided together,".

I nodded. Yes, we did.


We pulled up into the driveway; the frat house was unusually spectacular, all lighted; a faint scent of Oleander permeated the evening. Adam walked behind me, reaching to unlock the door; his hand on the small of my back as I passed through the stone arch.

"It's just us babe," Adam gently kissed my neck, "last night in the 'ole house,"

I turned. Adam's eyes twinkled. I slowly kissed him; the sweetness of his taste on my lips.

"Just me and my l a d y," he cooed. My cock jumped; pressing against his.

"Y e a h," I was so fucking horned, "your lady,"

Adam led the way upstairs; the darkened frames accentuated in the dim light as we headed for his 'boudoir'. I slipped into the bathroom as Adam entered the bedroom. It was nice having my things already here; no unpacking. I prepared for the night; the last remnants of water plunging into the porcelain below. It was so different, here, than last night -- world's apart; I wanted here -- definitely, here.

I stepped into the shower; fingers of vapor closing around me. I heard Adam; door softly closing ... flash of coolness, then vapor; his heat against, me. Adam's arms closed around, tongue exploring my ear; lather sliding between us.

"Luv you," he whispered ... electricity in fingers and toes,

"Luv you, more"

Adam reached for the soap; bar sliding from my hand to his. Slowly he worked the lather, tender fingers knowing every part of me; my cock throbbing at his touch; shivers as he touched my pussy lips. I carefully, slowly, washed him ... dipping my tongue along his slit; his essence, exciting. We shampooed each other; stopping to kiss, tongues entwined. Just Adam and me; together. Fuckin Awesome!

"My tender lady," Adam's breath in my ear as he finished drying me off. My cock, rock; leaking with excitement.

Adam close behind me as we entered the bedroom; candle flames jumping with excitement; fingers along the small of my back.

********************* Adam's Perspective ***********************

Mmmmm. Nothing is better. My girl ... my boy ... unbelievable, all in one. Skin, softness; hardness in the right places. Carson arched his ass back as my finger slipped along ... pure tenderness. I scooped prenut; wetting what was mine ... slowly edging along, Carson moaning; pussy lips jumped on my finger.

I need to make love; be part of him ... now; every part of me, electrified. Every smell, sound, touch ... doubled. Pulsations in my ear, tongue enjoying the silkiness ... soft moans, as I lay my baby on the bed.

Small slurps; lips sucking along the front of his neck; Carson quivering under me,

"A d a m," mumbled, body jerking as I continued downward; nipple jumping as my lips encircled, "y e a h, oh f u c k," wet swirls, gentle bite, "A A d d a m m," other nipple erect, gentle bite.

Intense pressure deep inside ... my shaft swelling ... prenut pulsed through; Carson's legs around my cheeks; his hardness on my tongue. Sweet Jesus, he tasted so fine ... absolute fineness. Wicked. Tender. Awesome!!

Slowly, I sucked his sweetness; trickles of essence jumping over my buds; legs softly convulsing around me ... pants filling the room; candlelight, dancing.

I pushed his legs up; driving deep into him ... my tongue swirling around,

"AHHHhhhh," head banging against the pillow, "f u c k      y e a h h h h,"; pushing, swirling, taking.

My fingers, gently exploring the underside of his knees, thumb pushing against the inner part of his leg, "aahhh,"

"aaahh        f u c k    y e a h ,"

My baby, sweet ... absolute perfection. My tender lady. Totally. Mine.

Carson's words, unintelligible as I finished eating; cunt lips, just beginning to puff, as I slipped out. Nut dribbles wetting the sheets beneath me.

I got up; Cars ankles rested against my neck ... spread, willing ... our love.

My heat throbbed on his cunt lips; nut dribbled into him; slowly, very slowly, his sphincter gave ... sucking my head in; throbbing hotness engulfing me.

"Baby," breath against lips, "I love you," my shaft sliding in,

"I love you, Adam," pants responding; complete tenderness, warm pulses, all around my manhood.

Slowly, I turn; my cock going deeper; my babies tightness all around. Twisst, turn, slip ... pussshh.

"Ahhh, yeah, fuck yeah," Cars head is back, mouth open. Twisst, turn, sliiip ... puussHH. Sweet ecstacy.

Twisst, t u r n, slliippp. PUsssHH. Twisst t u r n SSllippp. PuuusSSHH.

"Ahh, Adam, yeah, t a k e " Twisst t u r n sslllippp. PUSSSHHH, "m e e ", Headboard banging; candles flickering.

Twissst t u r n ssllliippp. PUUSSSHHH. 'Bang'

Twissst t u r n slliipppp. PUUSSHHHH. 'Bang!'

Twissst t u r n slllipppp, PUUUSSHHHH. 'Bang!!'

Deep intensity. Pressure. Seed churning. Whole body tweaking.

Twisst t u r n sllipp PUUSH, Twisst t u r n sllipp PUUSH, Twisst t u r n sllipp PUUSH, Twisst t u r n sllipp PUUSH,

"Oh baby, can't hold on much longer," intense pressure, balls heavy,

"Yes! Yes! Baby," Carson's cunt tightening, squeezing ... wanting all of me,

"Baby!!!" I screamed, 'GGUUUUUSSSSHHHHHH' my seed erupting, 'guurrgggle' .... filling my baby,

"Oh fuck," voice propelled against the ceiling, 'GUUUUSSHHHHHH' 'GUUUUSSSHHHHH' violent pulsations, 'ggrrggl', 'GUUUSSHH' 'GUUussh' 'ggssh' my prostate -- rock, seizing, uncontrollable,

"Sweet sweet baby," my lips mumbling along cheek, "sweet lady," 'guush' 'gssh', "all mine,"

Tight cunt rippled around me, milking every drop.

I looked into Carson's eyes; beauty ... lashes thick, slowly meeting.

"I want to make you cum," I whispered. He shook his head,

"no babe, not yet. just want to enjoy ... you. this is, " he licked his lips, "fucking awesomity".

"mmmm, for me too,"

I stayed hard ... jumping every time my sweet girl tightened ... could never get enough. Eventually, I slipped out. I spooned Cars, smelling him ... tasting his neck, my finger's swirling along his belly.

"I never want anyone else," I finally spoke, voice scratchy, "but you"; arms tightening around.

"Me too," his head pushed against me, "I know ... just," he paused, seconds ticked, "I'm yours,"

"Yeah babe, yours too,"


We made love three times during the night; after the second, I savored the sweetest essence, swallowing every drop. Carson, holding my most intimate part ... my seed a part of him. I woke, the sun just daring to peak in; quietly slipping from around my baby. I went downstairs, brewed some Joe and made us breakfast. As I opened the door, tray in hand, Cars was just wiping the sleep from his eyes,

"My lady, breakfast is served," .... his smile, lighting the room.

We ate; me, behind Carson, my toes playing in his; the last night in this big house the start of our life together.

I never, ever, wanted to be apart ... from him.

"You know," my cock pushing against Cars back, "I've been with a lot of chicks," pausing to nip along the back of his neck, "but, never, e v e r, finer than you,"

"Awe," Cars chuckled, his fingers slipping through mine, "really?"

"Yeah, really. You are everything, dude. Your mind, your body ... your fuckin genius," I kissed him on the ear, "your fuckin soul has gotten into mine," I nipped on his skin, "a fucking part of me!"

"Yeah," whispered, "you're in mine too,"

*********************** from Carson's Perspective ***************

The next week was a blur. Sam and I talked over breakfast about, well, not being intimate; I spilled everything about how Adam ... my relationship had taken off. Sam understood; in fact, he was extremely supportive. We talked about how difficult it would be to tell my mom and dad; that could wait until later in the year. I needed to breathe. He wanted to support.

The work at the firm was exciting. The New York client had paid off, big time!! Even as an intern, Sam made sure I had a nice stash put away,

"Something you will need as your education progresses, " he said.

Anna and I met every week for lunch. Sometimes, she'd hold my hand, under the table of course; we were the best of friends. I really liked her; admired her, actually. She was a strong soul ... a very caring one; one that I truly admired.

Then, there was Diedra.

I now fully knew what I wanted; and it wasn't to be a husband ... well, in the traditional sense. Hell, I wanted to be Adam's ... whatever that meant in the future; husband, wife ... probably some of both; I just wanted to belong to him. If I ever had a family, I really wanted it to be, well, US. Fuck. Things had changed so drastically, but, I wouldn't change anything. I knew who I was, and what I wanted.

The summer ended, and my final year at Skyline began. I basically had AP'ed my way so much that this year was going to be, well, a walk in the park! I knew that I was going to University of Michigan; no questions, Adam and I were together. Law school, well, that would be 3-4 years away; if I had my way, I'd be through with my undergraduate in three.

I was walking from AP Calculus III to AP European Literature when my cell went off.

"Congrats dude, project complete"

"Well?" I texted.

"Call me," the reply.

I went outside. The last scents of summer wafting by; I dialed Sam.

"Hey stud,"

"Hey Sam. What's up?"

"Well, congrats are in order!"

"Gonna explain,"

"Yeah stud. Your a father ... of two!"

"What the," my mouth dry, "two?"

"Yep, ultrasound doesn't lie my friend, " Sam paused, "twin boys!"


"Carson, you are the best, the absolute BEST!"

I chuckled. "Well, glad I could be of help,"

"Help?! Dude, your 'our' Angel ... our fuckin Angel,"

"Yeah, that was the plan, wasn't it,"

"Yep. But, sweet Jesus, it is really happenin, like really!!"

"Sam, I'm honored. Really. I'm glad that I can be a part of you and Anna, forever,"

"Carson, you know how I feel. I mean, you know," he paused, "when we were intimate, it was more than just, well, you know, "

"Yeah Sam, I know. That's one of the reasons I agreed to be an Angel," now I paused, "remember?"

"Yeah. Yeah I do," Sam's voice betrayed his emotion, "You, are the absolute BEST!"

"Love you too Sam," I paused as well, "you know I mean it. You and Anna will always be, well, special,"

"And, we have two boys to prove it!", he paused, "love you so much Carson! So fucking much,"

We chatted for a little. I walked down the hall; only one thought ... I had to talk to Adam.


Adam sat across from me. The only furniture in the apartment was a couch, an end table, and a 90" flat screen ... well, except for the Sealy mattress on the master bedroom floor.

"What?" Adam looked into me, his eyes locked,

"Well," I began, for some reason my mouth, a desert, "the project," hesitation, "uh,"


"The Eagle has landed,"



"Yeah, success times two!"

"What the fuck!?"

"Twins," pausing for effect, "boys!"

"Fuck!" Adam leaned in, his lips meeting mine. I melted, just enjoying him.

"Love you baby," he parted, looking at me, "like you never could imagine,"

I snuggled into him. Strong arms around me. Adam's smell, well, sensory overload!

"You sure now babe?" Adam finally spoke,

"Yeah, I am,"




"I wanna make babies with you,"

Silence. My heart skipping, Adam's responding.

"Yeah, me too," my lips stuck to each other, "I want .... us,"

We lay there, Adam's heart beating in my ear; his strong arms ... holding me.

"Well, dude," I finally said, "you never asked,"


"My bank evaluation," I chuckled.

Adam sat up. He looked at me, a huge smile erupting,


"99th percentile dude. My sperm is in the 99th percentile for fertility!"

"Fuck, I wouldn't expect anything less of you," he looked deep into me, "you're the best dude, the very best"

I snuggled close; Adam's arms pulling me into him. "Love you Carson, more than anything,"

"me, too!"


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