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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

I am writing this story from the perspective of an 18 year old boy, Carson.

I use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.




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Venture Capital -- Chapter 1

The bell rang. Awesome, only six weeks left before summer break. English/Lit was a fave of mine; lots of cute girls ... mmm, a feast on the eyes!

I'm Carson, 18 years old, as of a week ago. I've done pretty well. Dad is an attorney at a large firm; mom is a homemaker. I'm the oldest of seven; all boys. Mom definitely has her hands full; she has given me a lot of space. Guess that's because I'm the oldest.

We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan; quite the college town.

Dad is great, one of my best friends; only secret between us ... I like cock. Actually, I just like the taste of a guy's nut; found that out during summer camp four years ago. Since then, I sucked a few close friends, as well as my closest buddy's older brother, Erich, who is 20yo; munched down when he was home from college -- ended up sucking him every day until he left for school.

Now, I found another place for sampling, whenever I have that urge; away from prying eyes. Found it a little over a year ago.

I've got a girl, Diedra. She's 18 too; hot babe! I took her cherry at the start of Junior year; sweet, awesomity! Thank God she didn't get knocked; no wrapper, couldn't wait!

I got into my dark blue BMW 335i; sweet ride ... 300hp ... dad thought I deserved a safe car for my 16th birthday. I took an extra shift at Kroger's; now that I cashiered, I could make a little extra spending money ... definitely important for dating. I pulled in ten minutes before my shift.

"Hey Carson," Yvonne called out, as I clocked in,

"Hi Baby, how sweet you're lookin!" eyeing her over. Yvonne blushed,

"Baby, you are too cute," as she slipped out the door.

I put my apron on and headed for the front; busy afternoon at Kroger. I opened my register and immediately three people were in line. I liked the job; mindless, just what I needed after a day at school. With track done for the year, school was my only commitment; well, that and an hour each morning in the gym. College was next year!

I mindlessly did my work; at least the bagger they assigned me was good.

"Hey Justin, how you doin," I called out, as I scanned the code off a large watermelon,

"Great Cars," I glanced over; damn he was good; he had everything bagged up, as I slid the watermelon over to him,

"Just sign there, ma'am," I said to the older lady. I watched as she struggled with the electronic pen, finally scribbling something,

"Thank you son," she said. Wes, another bag boy, took her cart, helping her out of the store.

I looked up, and there was Mrs. Peterson. Wow, what a knockout. I still couldn't believe that she was my dad's boss's wife, and one of mom's best friends. She was wearing a little yellow sundress, just the right amount of cleavage. Her skin, very smooth; nice and tanned. She smelled so good ... I could feel my junk shift as she smiled,

"Hi Carson, it's always nice to see you," she said, my cock now engorged, a wet spot forming.

"Hi Mrs Peterson, always good to see you too," I don't think she noticed my hand shake a little as I keyed in the SKU for 'bananas'.

"Carson, please, call me Anna," she said, "you make me feel old when you call me Mrs. Peterson,"

"Sorry," I smiled, "Anna". I could feel a tinge of blush work its way up my neck onto my face.

She watched me scan her items, glancing up at the screen periodically, then over at Justin, who was obviously 'checkin her out', if you know what I mean.

How did a guy find such a woman; hopefully, that guy will be me someday. I mean, don't get me wrong, Diedra is cute and all, but she's not a woman; not like Mrs. Peterson!

"Total comes to $183.47," I said, as Anna swiped her card,

The sound of the receipt printing distracted me. I pulled it off, handing it to her,

"Thank you for shopping Kroger," I said,

"Thank you Carson, very much,"

I watched as her awesome curves turned the corner. Mmmm, mighty fine ... yes indeed, mighty fine. I could feel the wet spot under my apron, growing.


I finished my shift. Not bad, I thought, as I looked down at my watch. 9pm. I still had a little time before I had to be home. Diedra was at a baby shower for one of her friend's moms, so I was free tonight.

I drove the side streets; didn't want anyone to see me.

I had found this bookstore, on the other side of town; they let me in, not even asking my age -- since then, it was THE place to go to suck cock ... mostly young married, college, as well as some older guys (like 40!). Usually I'd swallow 2-3 loads, then leave, taking the back roads again, so no one would notice. Mom sure didn't; she had her hands full; my youngest brother was 2 (or as she would say, our unexpected addition).

I parked around the back, looking in the mirrors several times; a little sweaty ... couldn't get caught. My heart was beating SO fast as I ducked under the eve, opening the door; cool air hit my face.

"Hey," I nodded to Adam, the clerk.

Adam was 21yo, a Senior at Michigan State, brother of Pi Kappa Alpha. He had taken this job as the hours were flexible; plus, he liked sex. Adam's the sole reason I got in here ... I was only 17yo then.

"Hey Cars," he said, putting a dildo under the counter. We shot the breeze for a little, Adam winking as I turned.

I walked past the displays, then through the door. The low red lights gave this place a 'back alley' look. Ha! how appropriate. There were two long halls, each lined with doors, with a 'reception' area on the way in (with a condom dispenser, lube, and other accoutrements).

I made my way down one of the halls to the 'Fun Room'; a slight creek of the door then I was in. This room was about 15'x15'.

My eyes adjusted; I could see fuzzy rimmed outlines of five different guys. I slowly undid the buttons on my shirt, watching their eyes as I took it off, hanging it on a wall hook. I then undid my jeans, slipping them and 'unders' off with my sneakers, putting them underneath. I stood in my bare feet, my cock arched in front of me ... buck naked.

As they approached, I got on my knees. My nose, pushed up in the bush of the middle guy; mmmmm; sweet musky smell, awesome! His cock swelled against my tongue, the tang of prenut, pure dope!!

I felt hands on my ass, my balls ... someone started playing with my cock, dipping into my drool then licking it off.

When the middle guy came, he grabbed my head ... loved that ... and I swallowed every blast; deep moans echoed off the walls.

I let the guys play with my body, one even going down on me for a while ... I didn't cum though, just edged. Loved edging.

Each guy tasted different; all were eager to unload ... every drop, in my mouth. Probably three were college dudes, the other two definitely married 'cause I felt their rings when I was munching down.

I didn't hear the door open, but when I turned around the room was empty except for him. His form looked familiar to me, but maybe it was one of the guys I had swallowed in the last few weeks.

He approached. His smell was familiar too, but I couldn't place it. The lights were dim, so I couldn't make out his face, clearly.

The tang of cum jumped along my taste buds.

He was now against me, except he had turned me so his cock was pushed against my back ... a trickle of warm liquid running into my ass crack.

"Carson," he began, his voice a whisper, "can't believe it's you!"

"Mr. Peterson," I began to shake, like really shake, "how ... how'd .... how,"

"How did I find you?" his voice was now in the middle of my head,


"I saw you last week," he said, his voice now steady ... low, "watched you feast on four different guys," he paused, "very hot, Carson ... never would have guessed you liked sucking dick,"

Mr. Peterson was my dad's boss, hell he was the youngest of all the senior partners! He and his wife had been to dinner at our house two weeks ago; I just saw his wife this afternoon at the store. Hell, mom and Anna were, like, best friends; going shopping together, taking my younger brothers to the park, and just hangin out.

"Are you," I was shaking, "are you gonna tell?"

"No," his hand holding my rock hard cock, "wouldn't want to spoil a very good thing, now, would we?"

"No Sir," my mouth was so dry,

"I think this could be a very good thing, don't you?"

I shook my head up and down; Mr. Peterson's hand felt good ... his thumb and forefinger were slowly rubbing around my head; prenut drooled out.

"Nice dick on you, Cars," he paused, "like your dad's".

Mr. Peterson turned me around, my face was now in his chest hair,

"Carson, " his fingers holding my chin, his eyes burrowed into mine, "are you gay?"

"Nnn ... ooo, Ssiiirr," I was stuttering like an idiot, "I just ... l..l..like the taste,"

I could see Mr. Peterson smile, then chuckle, "Yeah, I don't mind the taste actually, but on most occasions would much rather give it up,"

I nodded. Geeze, would he tell on me? Why was he here? My dad's boss of all people, and he was here ... me naked. Shit.

Mr. Peterson squeezed my cock head; more prenut on his fingers ... finger on his lips ... holy shit, he's eating me.

"Taste good little buddy," he paused, "real good. Like a healthy teen should".

I got on my knees, his cock head swelled as my lips surrounded it. Mmmm, he tasted good too ... tangy, creamy and sweet at the same time. I started to suck, his large hands pulled me in,

"Yeah, Cars, suck my dick," his voice gravely, kinda broken up, "y e a h," as the sounds of me sucking him bounced off the wall,

Sllrp SlRRP SlurrpPP Slrrpp

I worked his cock from the base all the way up, my fingers playing with his balls ... each nut, gently twirled between my fingers, my spit wetting them,

"Awww," his voice really low, "yeah, suck my dick," "y e a h, f u c k,"

SlRRRP SlllrrrpPP Slurrrpp Sllrrrp SlllrRRRPP

His prenut spraying as I sucked, deep ... taking the whole shaft, twisting my mouth around it as I pulled out toward his head, letting my tongue sweep through the large slit, prenut spitting. He tasted so good. Fuck.

"Awww fuck," his hands pulling my head in, and then pulling it off ... fucking my mouth,

"Yeah, oh fuck yeah, suck that dick," his words were now erratic, the sounds of my sucking louder ... my cock, throbbed,


"Get ready dude, can't hold much longer," his fingers now through my hair, grabbing me, "y e a h,"

SOOOOOSH first surge, mouth full; nutty tang of his batter in the back of my throat ... I swallowed,

SOOOOOSH second surge of nut, creamier than the first; I swallowed,

SOOOOsh third surge, my whole mouth, full ... his taste full, scent filled my nose,

SOOOssshhh the last squirt, slipping down my throat,

The only sound in the room ... his breathing and my slurping ... breathing, slurping ... breathing, last licks, final slurp.

As I stood, his arms pulled me in,

"Fucking hot, Cars, " he now was holding me, "very, very hot!"

Mr Peterson, " I began,

"Whoa, call me Sam," he interrupted, "we're a little closer than that, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah, " I felt myself all hot, the taste and smell of this man all around me.

"Now, " he slid onto his knees, "it's my turn,"

He took all of my cock into his mouth, wet heat causing my legs to wobble. Tongue swirling, suction all around me .... fuck, this felt so good. Sucking, swirling ... my hands holding his shoulders, Sam's head bobbing as the most incredible pressure built in my groin,

"I'm close Sam, real close, " the strength of his sucking grew; intense pressure inside, holy shit this was good,

I grabbed his shoulders tightly,

"AWWWEEEE jeez,"

I felt a huge surge go through my shaft, the sound of Sam's mouth filling, then swallowing ... filling then swallowing ... filling, then swallowing as I shot my hot load. I stood there, cock spasming; Sam's mouth slowly working around me, getting every drop.

I slowly slipped out.

"Mmm Mmm," he smiled, licking his lips, "very good Carson," "Forgot how much a teen makes!"

He held me as we stood there for a little while, fingers playing with my balls,

"Why don't we get out of here, maybe, " he paused, "get a cup of coffee or something, " his face questioned, "you do drink coffee, right?"

I laughed, "yeah, just like the grown ups!". Sam laughed in response.


We sat a Starbucks, on the other side of town, hangin ... talking about me.

Sam had heard from dad that I was Valedictorian this year; 4.92 cumulative with 1600 on my SAT's and a Letter in track, Captain of my team; he was impressed. We talked about universities; he was a Harvard legacy ... dad, Yale -- big rivalry. He knew I had accepted for Michigan State. He knew all about my sports; I loved football, but excelled in track. I wanted to go to law school; in particular, to be expert at mergers and acquisitions ... Sam was very interested.

I didn't know he had been with dad when I won the State Championship in 100m and 500m; he knew my times and the times of the 2nd and 3rd runner up. I was really impressed.

Sam was a career attorney; junior partner at 28, and full partner at 36. He specialized in mergers and acquisitions.

He had married ten years ago, waiting until he found 'the right woman'. Yeah, I knew his wife ... total rocket! Anna was of Swedish descent. They were having issues, but Sam knew they could work through it. There had been four miscarriages, all boys, as well as the usual pressure of being the wife of a successful attorney, with all the meetings and functions.

Sam just needed the simple ... hot clean mouth who would swallow, a nice young cock to play with; and, someone who would stay quiet about it ... very quiet.

I like Sam; what you see is what you get. He had coached my younger brothers in football, often spending the day with my family. Dad respected him; my mom, definitely, adored him.

He didn't come down on me about anything; way cool.

"Well, Carson," Sam finally said, "I have needs, and," his leg rubbed against mine," I know you do," his eyes, looked me over,

"So," he said, "why don't we, say, help each other out,"

"I'm cool," I said, "wouldn't mind, something, " I turned a little red, "uh, regular,"

Sam slapped my shoulder, "Awesome dude, just a little something between friends,"



Dad was doing a lot of traveling; he'd be home one day in five.

Sam met me at the local health club, early in the morning, before school. We'd work out together; then we'd spend some private time ... usually in the sauna, but sometimes in the showers.

It was during one of these times that Sam leaned in ... our lips met ... he french'd me, deep, for the first time. All the time we were kissing, he was playing with my junk; his fingers slipping under my balls, wet on my hole. I kissed back, my tongue exploring his mouth. He lay me back, putting my legs over his shoulders, rubbing his cock along my ass,

"I'd really want to be inside you Cars," he smiled, pausing as his body pressed against mine, "someday," he rubbed for a while, letting his prenut wet my hole, then he lowered himself.

Sam blew me off, swallowing every drop of my morning load.

I shifted as he pulled off. Sam stood, I dropped to my knees. He started jacking, as I held my mouth open ... spits of prenut landed on my tongue,

"Yeah Cars, fucking hot, " as his momentum increased, his slit pulsing ... he blew a huge load onto my tongue.

I held my mouth open, letting him see his load,

"Yeah, real hot," he breathed, "fucking hot!"


I had never thought about anyone playing with my ass, yet alone a dude inside there.

I went through the week, though, thinking about Sam. Something about him made me want to do things I had never thought of. I would spring a hard on, smelling his scent on my arm, or just thinking about the taste of his jizz.

It was Saturday night.

I had just fucked Diedra in her bed; a 'welcome' home gift. I had carefully made sure the raincoat had no holes; I pulled it off and flushed it, satisfied we hadn't made a baby. I stayed late, holding her, spooning and all. It was now after midnight; everyone was asleep; dad was on a trip.

I powered up my Mac. I started surfing, looking up "gay sex", "gay fucking" and "gay pussy". I double checked the door; good, firmly locked.

Wow, I looked and read, my cock throbbing. I found blogs were guys talked about their 'first time', instructions for 'how to prepare', as well as tips on loosening up -- fingering, dildos, and lots and lots of lube. It was after 2 am when I finally cracked one off; juice shooting up on my face, lips, and all over my chest.

I scooped some up, spreading my legs ... wet cum on my hole ... pushing, my finger inside. My cock hard again. I fingered more. My cock now copiously leaking. I fingered in more, pushing my cum deep ... my cock drooled more. I pushed against my prostate ... cock shooting an intense clear liquid stream, all over the floor.


I walked into the bookstore, waiting behind a display rack until everyone had either left or gone into the back.

"Adam," my voice low so no one would hear,

"Yeah bro," his deep blue eyes looked into mine,

"Need a rec on a toy," I began, Adam leaned in, smiling,

"For your girl, Cars?" his eyebrows arching, looking down at my pouch, "nice,"

"No douch bag," I followed his eyes back up, "me!"

"Whoa, dude, " he grabbed his junk, "cool", giving a noticeable tug.

"I've been thinkin about what it would feel like," I was leaning over the counter, "and doing some homework,"

"Go on," Adam was nodding, his eyes studying me,

I told him about the sites. I asked him a ton of questions; he answered each one, getting quiet when the door would open, or a customer was going into the back. He picked out a flesh toned 6" dildo, lube, and a small douche kit ... putting them in a brown paper bag,

"On the house, dude," he said,

"Dude, thanks,"

"Dude," he grabbed the back of my neck, "if you decide you want to, lemme know," his eyes looking directly into mine, "would love to have you in my bed,"

I smiled. Adam smiled back.

"Deal," I said, his hand bumping mine as I turned to leave.


Sam and I were getting together about three mornings a week. Diedra and I went out about two nights a week and on Saturday night. I was sucking, getting sucked, and slipping inside my sweet girl on the same day. Rad!

I'd douche before my shower, waiting until everyone was asleep before playing with the dildo. I'd make sure my door was locked, then put a dark green towel on the bed.

With only the night light on, I'd lay naked, fingering myself really good before slowly putting the dildo inside. I tried different positions ... missionary, stomach, all fours, side, backwards, and one leg up.

I'd move it in and out, then twist it, so it rubbed against my prostate. I'd let it warm up inside me, while I played with my balls, fingers working along my shaft ... edging ... feeling full, thinking about Sam.

I shot without jacking this way, every single time.

I knew I wanted Sam to be the first. I had been allowing him to slip a finger inside when he sucked me. Yesterday, he slipped two inside me while we french'd. Since we didn't get together on weekends, I thought I'd just be ready for Monday.

It was Friday night. Mom and dad were going out with Sam and Anna; me with Diedra; brothers safe with the sitter.

When I got home, I heard mom in the kitchen,

"Well dear, I do wish them luck,"

"Yes, as do I,"

"Linda, we have a lot to be thankful for,"

"Yes we do Kerr Wellington, yes we do"

I heard them kiss, the long kind that parents who have been married for a while do.

"Love you babe,"

"Love you my sweet"


Monday I got up early. It was nice to have a bathroom attached to my bedroom. Mom had insisted on it, as 'I was a man now'.

I douched, making sure all the water came out crystal clear; I put the bag in my hiding place, in the ceiling to the left of the attic entry -- no one accessed the attic here ... just a left over from construction. I showered, making sure I was totally clean; I spritzed on some 'Dirty English', behind my ears and my knees, careful not to put too much on.

Sam met me outside the health club. We both had parked around back where no one would see us together. I slipped into the passenger seat of his car. He leaned over, giving me a peck on the lips.

"Sam," my voice was a little shaky,

"yeah cars, " his voice low, soft,

"i'd like," I flushed, whole face, hot, voice a little more shaky; mouth dry, "i'd like you," I paused, licking my lips, "to get inside me," I turned toward him, "today".

Sam's cock pushed against his warmups, "Yeah, Cars, I'd like that, a lot", his hand on my thigh,

"Yeah, Sam, " my junk swollen, "me too, a lot",

We sat for a while, giving ourselves enough deflation time so no one would notice.

Sam went in, I followed about a minute later.

Sam quietly motioned for me to follow. We went through the locker room and down a hallway; I had never been in this area of the club before. We walked down two smaller hallways. There were six doors, three on each side of the hallway. Sam led me to the last one on the right.

Opening it, I could see a massage table with a sheet, with a counter/sink; a small stool was in the corner. Sam put his finger over his lips, letting me enter first. He then locked the door.

"Massage therapists don't work on Monday," he began, "so, should be very private back here,".

I put my gym bag down, unzipping it; I pulled out a small bottle of 'Pur', placing it on the compact stand next to the table.

Sam wrapped his arms around me, kissing me, as his fingers explored. He unzipped my warm up, letting the jacket fall to the floor. His large fingers gently squeezed my tit, meat pushing against me. He knelt down, my warm ups sliding off. I stood naked in front of him, Sam's eyes taking all of me in. He stood, taking off his warm up jacket, then his pants. The head of his meat glistened; a large drop of prenut forming in the slit.

Sam pulled me into him, the wetness of his meat against my belly; hands kneading my ass,

"You smell good Cars," he whispered in my ear, "really good," he deeply inhaled, causing my skin to willie.

Sam's large fingers slipped around my face, our lips met; I started sucking his lower lip, sending a shiver through him. His feet now were on mine.

"You are so fucking hot, Cars," he mumbled, the heat of his breath on my tongue,

"Yeah dude, so are you," I mumbled back. My cock throbbed, my ass cheeks warmed as his hands worked them.

Sam slowly picked me up and lay me on the table; the table groaned as he joined. Sam straddled me. He poured 'Pur' onto his fingers; I lifted my legs, resting them on his hips. His finger slipped inside me ... breath hot on my lips ... finger slowly moving around, pushing against my prostate; my cock spit prenut. Another finger, so full. Sam worked them around in me; I could feel myself relaxing.

I heard Sam slicking up his meat, the 'slrrrp' of the 'Pur', slipping around his head. I lifted my legs, resting my ankles on Sam's broad shoulders; my heart racing, cock pulsing ... leaking.

I felt his cock head against my hole, his large hands next to me, lips on mine ... pressure ... I relaxed, his head sliding in. I contracted around him, Sam's eye's rolling slightly,

"Oh baby," he moaned, more of him sliding into me ... full, very very full, my feet meeting behind Sam's head,

"So fucking tight," he moaned again, the weight of his balls on mine; I couldn't help contracting around his meat. God, this was so incredible. The feeling of another guy inside me; so much better than a dildo. Way better.

Sam's lips locked on my lower one, as he slowly twisted around inside of me. I felt deep pressure through my cock as he pushed against my prostate ... unbelievable. Sam's hands were now around my head, his tongue driving around inside my mouth.

"B a b y, this is so awesome," his lips rubbing against me, the sweet feeling of his meat, throbbing inside,

"Y e a h, " I moaned, contracting around his meat, "way y e a h,"

Sam let himself slip, the sound of wet ass lips hugging his meat filled the room, then UMMF his balls pushing mine,


Sam sucked my lip, "you OK Cars?" his meat pulsed, God he felt so good,

"Y e a h, d o i n g o o d,"

UMMF "uh", breath pushed out a little, Sam sliding out again until just his head was in me,

UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", the feeling of Sam inside me was awesome, I mean unfucking-believably awesome,

UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", deep pressure in my prostate, growing,

UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh", UMMF "uh",

the wet 'slap' of Sam's balls on mine,

UMMF "uh", 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', a trickle of lube ran down my nut sac,

UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh", 'slap', the smell of our bodies together, mixing with the smell of sex ... super hot!

UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap',

The overwhelming fullness, incredible. Lots of pressure, like when I keep the dildo deep inside me, except FAR better. I could feel precum running off my stomach, pooling in my belly button,

UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap', UMMF "uh" 'slap',

Sam's head pulled back, his arms now pushing into the table,

Intense pressure, like I couldn't hold it anymore ... just as I was about to tell Sam,

"AWWWWWWW y e s s s," Sam screamed as I tightened like a vise around him,

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH," as 'SPLAT', a rocket of my cum hit my chin, 'SPLAT' as I clamped down, Sam's heartbeat racing inside of me, 'SPLAT' as I unloaded,

"FFFUUUUUCCCCKKkkkkk," Sam's body tightened, shaking ... I felt a huge, 'SPOOOOOOOSH' as the first jet of his load jettisoned into me, 'SPOOOOOOSHHHH',

'SPLAT' as another volley of cum sprayed my chin,

'SPOOOSH' 'SPOOSH' 'SPOOSH', Sam's whole body convulsing, eyes rolled back, hot breath on my lips, 'SPOOOSH' 'SPoosh' 'spoosh',

My ass clenching then unclenching as he pushed over my prostate, a trickle of jizz leaked out of me, lots of deep wetness inside.

Sam lay on me, my legs slowly sliding along his torso, resting on his hips.

I could feel his smile on my lips.

"Your mine, " he whispered, wet trickles of my cum sliding along my skin, 'splat' dripping onto the table,

"Yeah, so fucking awesome, " I could hardly talk, "so fucking a-w-e-s-o-m-e".


I sat in my final AP Calculus III class, Sam rumbling around inside me; cock rock hard ... mind; another universe. I could not believe how incredible this morning was. I had lost my cherry to my dad's boss.

I love the feel of Diedra's pussy around my cock, her soft skin on mine; cuddling in bed, holding her.

I also now knew the feel of a man's cock deep inside me, the fullness of his load swimming inside ... Sam owning me, being totally His.

I loved both!!

I sat there thinking about Sam; feeling his heartbeat inside me; beard on my face, lips on mine ... super hot ... his taste, touch ... hairy body, all of it ... super hot! I could smell him, densely covering me ... wicked hot.

The day passed, pretty much a fog. I talked to my buddies, but I really can't remember what we talked about. Diedra was home; early summer cold; we texted a few times. A few of her friends said, 'hi'; I don't remember which ones.

Sam and my dad were leaving early in the morning for depositions on the East Coast; something about misappropriation of funds ... they'd be gone until mid next week.

I lay in bed, dildo deep inside ... wankin one out; the dildo shot out as I clamped down, I spewed jizz everywhere.

Me, pretending it was Sam ... in my bed.

To be continued ....


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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