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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

I am writing this story from the perspective of a 18 year old boy, Carson, discovering what it is to be ... bisexual. He discovers love along the way.

This chapter is written from the perspective of Carson.

I use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.




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Venture Capital - Chapter 4

The sun was lazily rising. Sam's arm around my waist; his bush wetly pressed against me ... I could feel a trickle of him ease out of me. This was good; being taken care of.

This felt different then when I was with Adam.

I can imagine a whole life with Adam; we are young, and things between us were definitely developing; he would surprise me with little presents; text me during the day just to say 'hi'; drive me to a quiet place simply to talk ... about nothing in particular, just getting to know each other.

We'd play racquet ball, go for long swims, or just jog around campus.

When Adam took me to bed, he was at times gentle, slow, every part of my body felt special. Sometimes he'd fuck me with such intensity, I could barely walk the next morning. I wanted him more every time ... I never had felt this way, about anyone.

Adam told me last week, that I was 'changing' him ... he wanted to be with me all the time; I was his girl in bed and he loved that. Mmmm, I did too.

I'd go all day, my cock pulsing hard, as I smelled him on me ... through me; he, part of me.

With Sam, it was ... well, like ... I don't know; he's like my dad, but different. Yes, he took my cherry. Yes, he was special. But, Sam has a loving wife, awesome career; he's one of my dad's best friends, partner in a multi-national law firm ... I was just a kid.

I loved Sam, but not in the way I did Adam.

I think I love Diedra too. I get hard thinking about being inside her, feeling her wetness surround my cock; the softness of her lips on mine ... smell of delicate skin, silkiness of her hair.

I don't know.

I just don't know ... me ... like I thought I did. I had never thought I'd feel this way.

Sam shifted, his foot slipping over mine. I could smell, us.

We had made love through the night ... stopping for champagne and strawberries ... he mounting me from behind ... stopping to look at the city lights ... me riding him ... stopping to discuss law ... mounting me, legs around his hips, tongue in my mouth ... falling sleep, my head on his chest ... waking, his arms around me.

I smiled; I loved the way he licked his lips, then, sipped champagne, washing my juices down. Hot!


Sam ordered breakfast.

We ate in bed, Sam licking syrup off my chin; kissing me ... maple and Sam.

We spent the day shopping, taking in the sights and smells of Manhattan; Sam bought me a really cool watch then some shirts and pants. We walked, slowly, through Central Park. Sam didn't hide, slipping his arm around me as we watched the squirrels scamper about, fighting over nuts.

We talked about my freshman year; I was starting University of Michigan in the Fall. I told him the feels about Adam and Diedra. Jeez, I dumped, everything. He listened, never interrupting me. I told him about the way Adam made me feel, how close we were now.

"There's no hurry Cars," Sam finally said, "you have your whole life,". He pulled me close; we stopped, sitting down by the lake. I felt very safe, strong ... alive.

"Take each day, living it to the fullest. You'll know who is best for you,". He put his hand behind my neck, "and, no matter what you decide in life, I will always support you,"

We sat there, watching joggers, couples, kids ... unhurried, simply enjoying the day.

"You know Cars," Sam turned to me, "it's OK to be gay," he paused, "or bi". "Unlike when I was your age, the world is a very different place,".

I nodded. "Yeah," pausing as I thought about my family. Dad would explode, mom would emo ... a burning crept into the back of my throat.

Thoughts raced, falling over each other.

"You OK?" Sam finally spoke,

"Yeah," I turned, looking at him, "just thinking about stuff,"


It was late in the afternoon as we made our way back to the Four Seasons; the doorman greeted us by name.

We had a wonderful dinner; quiet table ... awesome views of the city.

"I hope you are thoroughly enjoying yourself Cars,"

"Oh, I am," wiping my mouth with the large linen napkin, "very much," my foot played with the bottom of his pants,

"So am I," his foot rubbed against mine.

We finished desert; the sweet smoothness of 'Chateau d'Yquem' trickled over my buds.

Sam talked about the merger and the specifics of the legal work that had to be done when we returned to Ann Arbor. He educated me on capital, the various types; it was extremely important to see history before incorporating a firm or individual into a merger; wrong capital, and the venture would sour quickly. One needed agility, strength and proof of performance within the particular market ... he called that 'lineage'.

Bottom line, if you chose the right capital you would correctly shape the project and produce a very good return.


The hum of the engines lulled me to sleep as we slipped through still air on our way back to Ann Arbor. Diedra was on all fours moaning, my cock deep inside her wetness, pulled from all sides by her flexing pussy.

I could feel pressure in my balls.

I looked down as her head turned,

"Dude, this is so fucking hot," she was now ... Adam; his cunt pulsated all around my cock. Unbelievable sensations.

"Yeah, so fucking sweet," I said.

A warm wetness behind me; pressure on my asshole.

"I want you Cars," Sam's voice behind me, the warm fullness of his cock pushing deep into my wetness.

Deep deep pressure, lots of pressure, pushing all through me. Sam sliding in and out of me, Adam's cunt, tightly around my cock.

My eyes shot open; hum of the engines as we slipped through the air.

I was rock hard, my cock painfully pressing into my jeans. Sam's eyes looking, a smile on his face; his seat facing mine.

"Must have been one helluva dream,"

"Yeah," my face, hot.

Sam undid his seatbelt, sliding down between my legs; the sound of my buckle then zipper. I looked around, the cabin steward was no where to be seen.

Heart, racing.

Warm tongue, swirling around my head ... Sam slowly pulled my jeans down, past my knees. I spread my legs. Sam's large hands under me, separating my ass cheeks; his tongue slid down ... slowly working each of my nuts. Prenut seeped from my slit. Sam's tongue, teasingly lapping it up.

Pressure in my groin and ass, intense.

Sam's mouth slowly slid down, tongue swirling around my shaft, then back up, sucking on my head ... swirling down, then up, sucking my head ... down, then up, my head felt three times it's size, intense pressure building,

"I'm so close dude," sounds of Sam sucking lapped between the throbbing of the engines ... watching his lips slide over my cock ... awesomely hot!

"AHHHHHHH!" my ass arched up, squeezing together,

'WOOOOOOSH' Sam's cheeks puffed out, hot load surging into his mouth; Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed,

'WOOOOSSSHHH' cheeks puffed out again ... pleasantness pulsed through my shaft,

'WOOOOSSSHHHHHH'    gulp ... gag ... gulp,   swallow.

'WOOOSHHH' Sounds of Sam sucking, holding his cheeks tightly around my cock.



'wosh' each pulse caused my ass to bounce on the seat.

Sam took every drop; his eyes looked up, twinkling.

He pulled off ... slow sweep of wet tongue on his lips.

"Mmmmm, so hot Cars,"

I reached down, pulling my jeans back up; zipping then buckling.

Sam sat back down, leaning forward.

"Mmmm," he purred, "I love your taste," licking his lips again, "hot that you free balled, too,"

I smiled. "Thanks Sam,"


We sat for a while, watching the clouds far below; a jet streaked under us.


"Yeah," my eyes met Sam's.

A serious look crept over his face, brow slightly furrowed.

"I need your help with something," pausing as he put the fold-down burlwood table between us.

I leaned in as he put his hand on mine. We spent the rest of the flight discussing his problem, considering possible solutions.

I questioned him; he, slowly, taking time to carefully answer each one.

Sam then asked me questions ... contemplation ... answers, more contemplation ... answers.

As I felt the landing gear engage, I put my fingers through Sam's.

"Yes," I said, "definitely down,".

Sam nodded, the plane's tires biting firmly on the runway.

... to be continued ...


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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