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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

I am writing this story from the perspective of a 18 year old boy, Carson, discovering what it is to be ... bisexual. In the process he finds love.

This chapter is written from the perspective of Carson.

I use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.



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Venture Capital - Chapter 5

Sam and I had breakfast every morning, talking about various aspects of the upcoming project. I practiced some things, seeing what worked and what didn't; the more time I spent, the more I was into things. Sam encouraged my relationship with Adam; although we continued to make love once a week. One morning, dad walked into my office to discuss some briefs ... it was hot feeling Sam leak from me as we talked.

Diedra and I continued to date, although my heart was really ... well, elsewhere. Sometimes I'd be eating her out, trying some new moves; all the while Adam's load was churning around inside me. I couldn't stay the night at Diedra's; her mom was already suspicious that we were 'doing it'; we often had to sneak around.

Whoa, had a big scare when Diedra missed a period; she changed pills and that hasn't happened again.

We decided, no wrappers; it was more, well, natural. The feel of her wetness hugging me ... awesome; watching my juice seep from her after sex, wickedly awesome.


It was early summer; evening. I had spent most of the day with Adam; he was looking for an apartment. He had to be out of the frat house the week before the semester started, mid-August.

We sat drinking Vodka tonics, as I told him about Sam's project. He listened intently, asking a few pointed questions about venture capital, in particular angel investment. One question was, I guess, more pragmatic than the others: How do you see this positioned, long term?

I really had to think about that one.

"I'm not sure, babe," I thought for a bit, "really," shaking my head, "not sure,"

"Well," he slipped behind me, arms wrapping around my belly, "you have time, so consider it carefully," he paused, his fingers slipped through mine, "you know I'll support you in anything you choose,"

"Yeah, I know," I looked up at Adam, "but it's not just me," I paused, our eyes locking, "it's us,"

"Yeah, babe, I know and I'm thinking as us,".

Adam made another round of drinks. We sat in the big room, near the mantle; the cavernous room looking in; Adam's arms around me, our toes playing in one another's. I liked him all around me.

"You good?" I turned my head around looking into Adam's eyes, his twinkled back.

"Yeah, way good,"

"I love you babe," his lips nibbled my neck, "so much,"

"Love you," leaning my head against his.


Sam had a meeting; Thursday was turning out to be a busy day. Briefs were due at noon in New York, so I was at the Firm at 5 am so the final drafts would be ready for his review at 8. I filed everything electronically at 10:52. I was stepping out of Sam's office after placing the receipt on his desk.

"Hi Carson," I looked up and there was Anna. She was wearing a dark blue linen skirt, tanned legs shimmering. Two upper buttons open, a silk blouse subtly drawing me to cleavage; the contour of her nipples pushing through a low cut laced bra. A smartly brimmed linen hat accentuated her delicate face.

My cock swelled; I turned slightly, hiding it.

"Hi Mrs. Peterson," my mouth on the verge of parched,

"Carson, please ... call me Anna," she put her hand on my arm, her perfume pressing softly against my nose.

"I'm sorry," I wet my lips a little, "Anna,"

"I was looking for Sam. I was just out shopping and thought I'd take him to lunch,"

"Oh, sorry Anna, Sam is scheduled to lunch with my dad and Emerson Fields,"

"Ah, yes, Sam did mention that to me," following me to my desk, "the Field's account is, uh, growing now, isn't it?"

I smiled, "Yeah, quite a bit,"

Anna sat in a chair next to my desk, crossing her legs. Her delicate feet wrapped in thin supple leather; I quickly shuffled some papers, straightening up my desk a little.

"Well Carson, I guess it's just you and me,"


"Since Sam is out, I think it only appropriate to extend the offer to his intern," she smiled, pulling a strand of blond hair aside.

I looked around my desk, absently checking my 'to do' list; a small tremor exposing my nervousness.

"Well," I said, "guess that would be cool, as long as I'm back before Sam,"

"I guarantee it Carson," she said; standing, arranging her blouse as her lips smoothed lipstick, then picked up her bag.

Anna led the way, her scent ... well, dope.

We entered the parking garage; chirp and blink showing our direction. I opened the door, sinking down into the soft tan leather of the S65 AMG; shiny burlwood, new leather smell all around. The purr of the car under us as we zoomed out of the garage; soft music in the background, Anna's scent drifting through the air.

We drove into the country club, pulling up to the clubhouse. I rushed to get the door, following her lines as she entered the restaurant. The maƮtre d' put us at a small quiet corner table, next to an ornate wood pillar; the window gave unobstructed views of the fairway.

"How are things Carson?" her voice lyrical,

"Very good," I hesitated just a bit, "Anna," She smiled, knowing I just remembered to say her name. "I'm learning a lot. Sam is a very good teacher,"

"Yes he is Carson, one of the best," she dropping a lemon slice into her water, "that's how we met you know,"

I shook my head, "Didn't know that," arching an eyebrow, "so, are you an attorney too?"

Anna laughed, her smile beaming through me, "No, a paralegal. When Sam and I met, I was working in a different firm," she laughed again, "an intern, actually". Her dimples sent shivers through my balls.

"So, things progressed, and, " she gestured with her hand, "Voi-la!"

"Nice," looking at her over the rim of my water glass. Our eyes met, hers lingered ... deep blue, eyelashes thick, lush.

"Yes, quite nice, Carson. It has been ten years," lingering, " feels like our first,". "Sam's a really good person, Carson, one of the best,"

"Yeah," I nodded, "he is very special," my eyes drifted to the fairway, watching an older gentleman line up then make his drive. Good form, well executed. My eyes drifted back, her eyes still on me.

"He has a lot of respect for you Carson," she took another sip, "and knowing your parents as closely as we do, it is no surprise,". Anna put her glass down, placing her hand on my forearm, "You come from a long line of successful people; people who know what they want, and do everything to achieve their goals,".

Tapping on my forearm, "You excel in sports, academics, and from what Sam has told me, will make a stellar attorney,".

I blushed. Anna's soft fingers, electric on my skin.

"Thank you Anna,".

We ate lunch; Anna had me back at my desk five minutes before dad and Sam walked in.


I saw Anna a lot at the office; becoming far more comfortable around her. We ate lunch several times a week; Sam only joined us once. I was enjoying her company ... I mean, a lot ... I know Anna did mine. She was quickly becoming a close friend.

It was Wednesday. Breakfast as usual. Sam was timing the project; he told me there was a certain window of opportunity. I had prepared everything at the bank, following his instructions to the 'T'. I gave him the deposit information; he carefully looked it over, turning to me.

"Nice, very nice indeed,"

I smiled. It was nice getting a pat on the back from him; really nice.

"Carson, there is a small change,"

Sam reviewed the changes.

"Small change my ass!" I looked at Sam, eyes widening. I began to have doubts, serious doubts.

Sam told me that there was no need to worry.

I wasn't so sure.

I sat there, mulling everything over ... part terrified ... part galvanized. Sam let me mull, looking up from his omelet occasionally. Finally his eyebrows arched. I nodded. He smiled.

"Good, then I will let our principal know we have a deal,"

As we were leaving for the office, Sam put his arm around me hugging me close.

"I'm glad your onboard kiddo,"

I leaned into him, "yeah"


The hot water beat against my back, suds slipping down the drain. It had been a long week. Diedra left Wednesday with her family to see her grandparents on the Coast. Adam and I had dinner last night; he, reassuring. I stood letting the heat totally relax me. I was committed now; things would be dope or doom.

I put on a pair of navy low rise drawstring warmups, deciding to free ball; red shirt; flip flops. Dad was out of town with Sam until tomorrow night; mom was at a baby shower. I walked downstairs, saying "bye" to three of my brothers; doubt they 'heard' me. I left a note on the fridge letting mom know I'd be back in the morning. I drove through Ann Arbor, the sun receding.


I rang the bell; the door, ornate; lights inside ... rainbows through the leaded glass. My stomach, sinking.

The door opened.

Now, totally sure.

"Hi Cars,"

I stepped over the threshold, closing the door behind me.

"Day good?"

"Yes, yours?"

"Unbelievably good,"

I followed, through a hallway to the kitchen.


"I thought we'd set the mood,"

"I like mood," cock engorged.

I watched as Anna poured two flues; a dark blue negligee defined the contours of her body ... her scent lingering in the air.

What a rocket! A major, major rocket!!

I walked behind, fingers slowly moving around her ... fine silk intimately separating us. My cock pushed firmly against the small of her back; her ass gently pushing back. I smelled her hair ... sweetness.

We parted, Anna turned, fingers slipping through my hair as she handed me a flue,

"To us," I saluted,

"To us," her eyes flirting,

We sipped champagne, Anna pressed against me; my excitement, hard, between us ... Awesome ... fingers sliding down, following her curves, grazing her nipple ... I couldn't help the small shiver going through my body.

Anna leaned in, the soft fullness of her lip lightly on mine ... a surge of prenut tingled through my shaft; we kissed, eyes closed ... then again; her finger tracing the outline of my chest ... electricity. Her toe sneaking under my foot; flip-flop pushed away, then, the other one. Champagne foaming on my tongue, as Anna's toes slowly slipped along my ankle, faintly pushing though my hairs ... delicate.

Anna's finger slowly undid each button of my shirt, tracing my abdomen; lingering on my navel. Awesomely awesome.

Our lips locked, my tongue slipped through, exploring ... Anna moaning softly, her finger now tracing the angle of my jaw. Wetness seeped through, warmly against her; cock, throbbing; her tongue responding, dancing on mine.

I held the softness of her ass checks, cupping each in my hands; slowly, grinding into her, pushing my hardness along her cleft,

"Anna," I whispered, she moaning a response. My fingers slid up into the small of her back, she arched forward, pushing into me. I kissed along the softness of her cheek ... nibbling down, following her neck ... inhaling; nose imperceptibly tracing down, lips brushing against the form of her nipple, it's erect pillar ... tightening,

"aaah," her breath released.

I continued, my tongue quickly flicking along her cleavage, then, lips softly on her nipple; lazily moving up the other side ... warm breath on her neck. Anna shivered, her hands gripping the back of my head.

I stood, kissing her lightly; eyes, looking into each other. Enjoying the feel of each other; sneaking peaks between deep kisses.

I took our flues, setting them on the counter.

Anna's fingers slipped through mine ... following, as she led me upstairs.

Anna sat on the bed, I stood; her fingers tracing my hardness ... releasing the string on my warm ups; cock slowly freed. I felt the warm ups drop around my ankles; balls hanging low, meat throbbing. A pulse of prenut pushed through, drooling out my slit. Anna scooped it in her finger, wiping it on her tongue, licking her finger ... teasing; eyes locked in mine ... fucking hot!

I moved forward, she scooted up on the bed; I climbed up, my leg between hers ... hands by her knee, separating her; fingers gently gliding up the inside of her legs; her negligee pushed up, exposing ... sweetness. I pushed her legs apart with mine, looking deep into her as I grazed my cock head ... wetness seeping over her pussy lips; eyes locked into hers.

I pulled her up, our lips merged; her taste sweet, as I kissed her; the fine bands of her negligee slipping off her shoulders, my hands slowly exploring her breasts, softly tweaking her nipples, lips sucking. She arched her back, I slipped the negligee down, its silkiness flowing along her skin, gliding over her toes. I held it to my nose, lingering, smelling her, then with a smile, throwing it behind us. She, laughing as it hit the wall then slid into a heap.

I hovered, heat vibrating between us; the tip of my cock head spitting, spraying her. Our lips met, tongues swirling.

Unbelievable sweetness.

I slid down, her legs separating. I brushed my cheek along her knee, flicking my tongue underneath, then ... slowly up the inner part of Anna's thigh, her smell ... chouette ... staring under the small of the other knee, easing up inner thigh, lips, stopping, to explore ... silky full bush tickled my cheek.

I flicked my tongue at the top of her slit ... Anna arching her hips, moaning softly. Tongue dipped along the outer fold of her opening, slithering down then up the other side; a drop of dew oozed from between her labia; my tongue lightly swirling through, lapping ... tasting her. I arched up, cock throbbing above her ... a pulse pushed through the shaft, slit separating ... a fine mist coating her moistness. I hovered, cock head pulsing as it gently caressed her; pussy lips rippling with anticipation.

I hovered ... tongue flicking each nipple; my bush resting in her wetness. I kissed her ... then, again.

Pure sweetness.

I descended, skimming over her; my arms sliding under her knees, pushing her legs up. Exposed ... Anna's nectar drooling out, her pussy lips glistening ... wetness. The tip of my tongue slowly teased in, wiggling as ascended toward her clit ... nectar bathing my buds, her sweetness, mine. Above me, soft moans, mumbling my name.

My lips slowly, gently sucked on her pussy lips; I moaned into her; Anna's legs quivered. Deep moans into her; legs, shaking. I stiffened my tongue, ever so slowly pushing inside, then, twisting back and forth ... Anna writhing under me ... her moistness pooling; creamy nectar.

Cock, raging ... needing ... wanting.

I pushed my tongue onto the hardness of her clit.

"Ahhh Carson, yes!" tongue swirling around; clit jumping, fully erect.

"ohmygod   oh    oh    ohmygod,    oh    oh Carson!     YES     YES!!!!"

gentle sucks ... clit dancing ... gentle sucks. clit jumping,

"carss ohmhgod oh yesssss, fuck yessss, ohmyGODDDDD" she screamed as my sucking increased,

"Yesss   yessss   yessss," Anna's clit seized ... squirting ... squirting ... squirting; my lips softly clamping around ... her legs jumping ... the tang of her orgasm exploding over my tongue; Anna's essence gushing into me.

I want her, need her!

I rose, sliding along the silky smoothness of her skin; her breasts, soft, cushioning me. I lowered myself, our lips interlocked ... tongues dancing ... heat surging between us; sweat tricking down my back, between my ass cheeks. My balls, heavy, low in their sac ... cock, throbbing. Our heartbeats, jumping.

"I need you," I whispered over her, Anna nodding her ascent, "I want you,"

"Yes," she panted, "I want you,"

I raised Anna's legs, her moistness beading on the heat of my head.

Slowly I lowered myself, cock head penetrating; the tightness of her cunt closing around me.

Slowly, very slowly I began to take her ... throbbing moistness gripping around me ... pulses of prenut pushed through my shaft, spraying into her as I advanced,

Anna's cunt ... tightness; sucking ... pulling me ... deeper.

Finally, my balls slid underneath her, dripping with her nectar; Anna contracting around my cock, hips gyrating, massaging me.

I arched, pushing up in her,

"aaaahh," she breathed, "fuck me,  p l e e z z e       f u c k     m e !"

I slowly slid back, cunt gripping me, until ... just the tip was inside ... then, arching, I plunged deep, twisting around inside her, my cock arching, pulling up inside her,

"ahhhh fuck!" she screamed, her head flexing toward me,

Slowly I slid back, cunt gripping, until ... just the tip ... then, arching, plunged deep, twisting around inside, then lifting. Sliding, then plunging. Twisting around, lifting. Sliding, then plunging. Twisting around, lifting.

Anna's pants and moans resonated between the pillows, skin moist, as I began to fuck her.

Sliding, then plunging, lefting. Sliding, then plunging, lifting. Sliding, then plunging, lifting. Tight wetness slurpily sucked around my shaft. Sliding, plunging, lifting ... sliding, plunging, lifting ...

Wet 'whaOOMP's' clashing on the headboard interwoven with our moans.

Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge.

Me, arching into Anna, twisting around ... pulling on her clit, over and over and over,

Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge. Slide, plunge.

Intensity, feral; rabidly taking Anna.

Our moans ... louder and louder; deep throbbing pressure building inside ... balls pulling up, shaft expanding, cock head flaring ... my hands drawing Anna's legs tightly around my neck,

"AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW," load rushing through my shaft, slit flaring, as a torrent of nut deep,

WOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHHH     nut rocketing into Anna, pushing her cunt walls apart,

WWOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH    seed rushing into her, gurgling around my shaft,

"AWWW," I moaned, chest heaving, my ass clenching then relaxing,

WOOOOOOOSSSSHHH    rushing in,

Anna's cunt clamped around me, her hips seizing, body shaking, as she climaxed again ... cunt wringing shaft,


"Uh, I'm still cumming," my voice puffs of breath, "still cumming baby ... uhhh", Anna climaxing simultaneously underneath me,

"Yessss    Yessss    Yessss,    ohmy   ohmygod" her clit spraying,


woo sh h h h     nut now oozing; my prostate milking the last drops into her.

I lay on Anna, cock remaining hard inside her for a while; her cunt massaging me ... lips nibbling hers, she nibbling back ... my seed settling deep; clitoris recovering.

The fragrance of our union, heavy ... Anna in my arms; my cock slowly softening, slipping from her moist heat.

Anna placed a pillow under her, arching her pelvis up. I nestled in beside, pulling the sheets over us. We lay, softly kissing ...

my hand gently rubbing her belly ... as well fell asleep.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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