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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

I am writing this story from the perspective of a 18 year old boy, Carson, discovering what it is to be ... bisexual.

I use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.




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Venture Capital - Chapter 2

It was Friday afternoon. I'm horny as hell. Diedra was sick, hacking and all; she didn't want me to catch it.

I drove across town, carefully making sure no one was following. I slipped into the bookstore.

"Hey stud, " Adam said as I walked in.

"Hey," I nodded.

"Pretty busy back there dude," he turned, coming out from behind the counter, hand adjusting his junk.

"Hmmm, " I licked my lips, Adam chuckled.

"How was the, uh, dildo?"

"Nice dude, real nice,"

"Well if you'd like the real thing, " I saw his cock stiffen," remember, "

I leaned in, right next to Adam's ear, "Free tonight?"

Adam's cock was pressed against my leg, quickly engorging, voice a little scratchy, "yeah dude, that'd be hot,"

"Your on," my lips on his ear,

"f u c k," his voice more scratchy, mouth dry,

I agreed to meet him at his place. The frat house was cleared out for summer, only Adam and another guy were there. He gave me the address, and we agreed to meet at 8. That would give me plenty of time to check in with mom, clean up, shower and get there with time to spare.

I left him, fully hard, as I slipped into the back.

I stood in the small foyer, letting my eyes adjust to the dim red light. A few guys were standing there, I guessed them to be in their early twenties. I exchanged glances with one, before heading down the hall; the muffled sounds of sex ... grunts, slurps, moaning. A few guys were standing in the hall, looking me over as I made my way down to the 'fun room'.

I preferred the larger room; guess I was still a bit scared of being alone with someone.

I opened the door. There were about 10 guys, three of whom were looking at a guy getting head ... didn't take long before the twenty something blond was gulping down a meal from an older guy; well built, about 40yo; nice chest hair and bush. The blond finished, backing away then leaving. I slipped my shirt off, staying in my shorts and flip flops.

A buff dude, definitely a university guy, came over; his cock was thick, veiny. I quickly got on my knees, his hands guiding me onto his pud. I felt his cock pulse as a glob of prenut pushed onto my tongue ... instant mouth water. I sucked him, working my tongue around his shaft, every bump, every vein, now in my mind.

He undid his belt, soon his pants were around his ankles. My hands moved around his legs; nice. I played with his balls, hot ... low hangers. His hips bucked as he fucked my mouth, erupting in a huge stream of nut ... like he was peeing; some dripping out the sides of my mouth as I fought to swallow it all.

"fuckin hot," a voice, off to the side of me,

"yeah, fuckin sweet," another voice.

As the buff dude pulled up his pants, at least four guys surrounded me. I felt my shorts being pulled off, flip flops tossed toward the wall. Hands were all over me, tucking under my junk, slipping along my bud, twisting my tits. A wet tongue dove into my right ear, as I felt the warmth of mouth surround my cock. I let the guy suck me for a while then pulled off; didn't want to shoot.

I got down on my knees, putting one of their cocks in my mouth; the sounds of slurping encasing me as the guys stood around, watching. A wet finger slid under, feeling my bud,

"AHHHHH," as the guy blew his load into my mouth; creamy salty spooge exploded along my buds, several creamy spurts,

Another guy took his place, then another; I loved the taste ... the feel, surge of warm wet in my mouth followed by the guy's flavor. All the while, guys were coping feels, all over my body. The smell of cum grew.

I finished the eighth guy; he was wearing a band ... way hot! ... gushed like a hose in summer. When he finished, he dropped to his knees, pulling my cock into his mouth. The hot wetness of his tongue pushed me over the edge,

"Ahhhhhh, f u c k," I moaned as a massive pulse pushed through my slit; gurgles of cream resounding from the dude's mouth; Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed all of my load. Way HOT!!

"Thanks man," his voice a low baritone, as he got up,

"Yeah dude, awesome," I replied,

"You come here often?"

"Yeah," I said, "you?"

"Yeah," his hand gripped my arm, "be nice to suck you off again,"

"Yeah, I'd like that,"



I dressed and walked out to the front. Adam was alone behind the counter. I knew I smelled like cum and fresh bush, cause he quickly arranged his junk as I approached,

"Dude, fucking hot," he said, smelling me, "way fucking hot," he looked at the side of my face,

I put my hand up and felt dried cum.

I smiled. "Yeah, dude, that was super hot,"

Adam showed me where the bathroom was; I cleaned up. We agreed on 8pm, then I left.


I drove home, the taste of those guys swirling around my mouth. I was rock hard. Fuck, it was such a turn on to suck cock.

I said hi to mom and two of my brothers, then went upstairs. I closed the door and called Diedra.

"Hi babe, " she answered, sounding stuffy,

I sat on the edge of the bed, "Hi babe, hope you're feeling better,"

The sound of wet cough leapt into my ear, "Sorry sweetie, " I said, "wish I was there,"

"Don't want you sick, Cars," she coughed, "bad enough it's me!"

We chatted for a few minutes, mainly about my day; well, at least before 3pm.

"Nite babe, " I cooed,

"Nite," she coughed back.

I took my clothes off, putting them in the middle of the hamper. I stood in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. There were dried cum spots on my chest, back, and the top of my ass cheek. My cock swelled, hard. I jumped in the shower, doing a quick soap and rinse, then headed down stairs.

Mom was big on all of us eating dinner together; I know dad felt bad for not being at many of them.

Mom made pork chops with brown rice and steamed green beans. Very good, except I didn't eat much; guess I had my fill this afternoon. As dinner was finishing, mom asked if I had plans; told her I was meeting Adam to look over the campus and see the frat house.

"Well dear, that sounds good," she paused, "you know your father is a Phi Kappa Alpha,"

Whoa, I had forgotten that. Now I remembered the mug he kept in his office.

"You should make a good impression," she turned as she picked up a large platter, "it could help you should you decide to pledge,"

I felt my junk pushed down as my cock sprung. Good thing I hadn't gotten up yet.

"Yeah mom," cock pushing against my jeans, "good advice,".

I helped her clean the table, finishing the dishes as my brothers dried and put away everything. I made my way upstairs, making sure my door was locked. I shucked my jeans and shirt, liking the feel of my cock and balls swinging as I made my way to the bathroom.

I got on a stool, pushing up the attic door; I pulled out the crumpled brown bag.


I sat on the toilet, feeling the last of the water rush past my bud. Yep, all clean. I let the shower run, steam pushing up; I stood, water pelting against my skin. I soaped and rinsed twice, making sure my junk and ass were way clean.

My cock, rock.

I dried off, putting a little 'Gentleman Only' on. Yeah, smelled just right. I walked back into my room, and looked through my closet. A cool blue Henley, faded skinny jeans that Diedra bought me; she said they showed my ass off; and black flip flops. I free balled; hell, no reason to put more layers on. I slipped on the white braided bracelet that Diedra had given me for my birthday.

"Have fun, honey," mom called out from the family room as I walked into the foyer,

"Will," I called back.

I drove across Ann Arbor, listening to 'Genie in a Bottle', the surrounds changing, greek letters on some of the large houses; the soft female voice of GPS telling me "you have arrived," as I pulled into a long drive. I pulled up in front of a detached garage.

I closed the door, the distant sound of a dog barking; the smell of fresh cut grass and summer flowers surrounded me as I walked up the steps onto the front porch of a stately house, the large gables reaching up.

I rang the bell.

A few seconds later, the large door opened.

"Hey dude," Adam began, "whoa, you look hot," he moved, letting me enter.

"Thanks dude," I started, Adam's eyes drifting over me.

"Wow, what a place,"

He closed the door. Adam was in a pair of tied long warmups, shirtless ... his six pack hard. A chalice was inked onto his right pec; I looked closely at it.

"Nice ink," I said, my finger running along the outer edges,

"Y e a h dude," Adam closed his eyes, "feels good," my finger grazed his nipple, "fuckin good,"

"Dude, let me show you the house first," he pulled away, heading down a hall.

There was a large kitchen, with two Montague ranges, pots/pans hung from a large rectangular rack over a huge island; the top was black, like science lab; the floor covered with large black and white tiles. Off the kitchen was a large living room with several couch and chair areas; tall lamps around each; a large white marbled fireplace.

"Does that work?"

"Yeah dude, nice warm fires all winter,"

There was a large solarium off the back, looking into a yard that had a basketball hoop as well as trampoline, picnic tables and grill. The house had two sets of stairs; a main staircase that rose from the large foyer, winding up to each floor, and a steep 'back' stairway.

"Cool," I said looking up the steep stairway that rose from the back side of the kitchen.

"Used to be for servants," Adam began, "so they could take things up to the family above without guests knowing,".

I nodded.

"Yeah dude, comes in handy a lot," Adam smiling, "great way to get pussy in and out of here," he laughed, "as well as other contraband,".

Adam poured two large vodka rocks, slipping a lime in each one.

"To our little evening bro,"

"Yeah bro,"

Our glasses clinked. A nice burn as the vodka slipped down my throat.

"Got the place to ourselves Cars," Adam clinking his glass against mine, "Peter's gettin laid tonight," he smiled, "off campus".

We continued.

There was a large basement with several bedrooms and a huge area with two pool tables and a back bar and two bathrooms. The main floor had an office, a study room complete with cubicles, as well as two more bathrooms. The second floor was all bedrooms; different posters were plastered about. As we passed one room, Adam turned, tapping the door,

"Billy's room," Adam reached under my crotch, "lots of memories dude," Adam's smirk spoke volumes.

The top floor was smaller. The rooms had arched ceilings and window seats; the inner parts of the gables. At the end of the hall, Adam opened a door and swept his arm through, ushering me in.

"Welcome to my Boudoir,"

"Way cool," I said as I looked around. We were standing in a foyer that opened on each side to separate rooms. On the right was a bedroom, on the left a full bathroom, with a big claw-footed tub.

"Perks of being the head bro," Adam began, "and private," he winked, hips gyrating like he was riding a Sorority girl, "yeah, lots of contraband has crossed my threshold,"

Adam walked across the foyer, the door lock clicked in place.

"Just in case," he said, his arm pulling around me.

My cock sprung. Adam's lips softly nibbled the back of my neck.

"dude," I whispered, "that is so hot,"

"i'm gonna show you a good time, buddy," he began, stopping to take a gulp of his vodka, "a real sweet time,"

Adam was now standing in front of me, his finger slipping around the top of my shirt, teasingly pulling on it.

"Make you feel like a well tended chick," his lips now against mine.

I responded, pulling his lip in between mine, "fuck, thats rad dude, way rad," Adam responding, slipping his tongue into me. My cock, rock ... dribbling prenut.

Adam pulled out. He took another swig; I did the same ... burn down my throat. Adam's hand was now on my cheek, pulling me into his lips. We made out, tongues slipping over each other; Adam's junk pushing against mine.

"Dude, " he said, taking another big swig, "your hot, way hot,"

"U too," my mouth, dry. I took another swig, letting the tingle of the vodka run through me. This felt so rad. We finished our vodkas. Adam's fingers now exploring my neck, lips occasionally pecking mine.

"Let's go slow, k?" he said, his voice deeper,

"Yeah, that'd be cool,"

He took my hand, leading me into the bathroom. He flipped a switch and a light came on above the tub. He walked over, turning the water on; he nodded when it was the right temperature, flipping the stopper in place. He walked back over, standing in front of me. He undid the buttons on my Hensley, slowly raising it, helping me slip it over my head.

"Yeah Cars, real nice," his finger gently pinching my left nipple. My cock, rock ... wet spot growing. I stepped out of my flip flops; Adam putting them by the wall along with my shirt. He knelt down, his nose in my belly button, tongue rimming the ridge of my jeans; my cock, rock.

"yeah, hot," his finger flipping the button; my zipper slowly sliding down, bush pushing through,

"yeah, baby, real hot," as his tongue dove in, sliding along my shaft; my jeans, pulled off. I stepped out of them, as Adam's mouth took me in.

"ahh!", his tongue swirled around my shaft, slipping out until he was sucking my head, then slipping back. My legs felt weak.

He pulled off, standing.

I reached out, pulling on his tie; his sweats loosened, his cock full, pushing them out. Thick bush springing out over the top.

I knelt, slipping them off; the smell of his manhood, full, in my nose.

His bush, a forest ... fuckin-A.


He smelled fresh, a hint of sandalwood and musk. My tongue slipped into his cock slit; the taste of his prenut, sweet ... fluid.

"Dude, fuck yeah," his hands around my head, pushing meat into my mouth. My tongue, swirling around, his cock pulsing it's reply.

I pulled off as Adam moved toward the tub.

He added something to the water, and the smell of cucumber and mint filled the room; bubbles.

Adam turned the water off, then reached into a drawer, pulling out a lighter. He went around the bathroom, lighting little votive candles. He then flipped off the light switch and opened the blinds; a blue-white of moonlight peaked in.

Adam put his hand out, "Dude," he began as he took my hand, "to my bath, my sweet lady,"

Something about him calling me 'chick' and 'sweet lady' made my cock throb, really throb. No one had ever done that; hell, I had never thought of it, but it was a fucking turn on.

I slid under the suds; wow, this tub was big; Adam slid in behind me, his arms around my chest, cock pushed against my back.

"Like this Cars,"



Adam's feet wrapped around mine, his lips gently kissing the side of my neck; arms around me, cock pushed against me.

My cock, rock; pulsing.

We lay there, his fingers slowly exploring me; touching my cock, feeling its outline, veins ... my bush ... each one of my balls; causing tingles to go through me.

Adam's tongue in my ear, my cock, rock; his fingers slipping in and out of my slit. Awesome!

Adam shifted, picking up a bar of soap. He pushed me forward, I hunched, my hands for support. I felt his hands, slowly soaping up my neck, my back, reaching around my chest, down into my bush, then back along the upper part of my butt crack; soapy finger dipping, along my ass, tickling my bud; reaching around my cock, down onto my balls; slipping back underneath to my bud.

I stood, Adam soaping my legs, my calves. He slowly pushed me back down; me slipping under the suds; he shifted, moving down to my feet. Adam's feet were hugging my hips, as he lifted my leg up, soaping each one of my toes, slipping between, sudsing my foot, then dipping it under water, washing it off. He then worked my other foot, each toe, then rinsing.

I stood, taking the bar of soap. His lips now on mine, kissing me as I began to soap up his chest, working up around his neck, then down his muscular back, dipping into his ass cleft; Adam's cock pushing against me.

I slowly soaped up his ass globes, letting my finger wander, down between, against his bud; his bud twitching as his tongue circled around mine.

I then slid down, letting my soapy hands wrap around his legs, working between them, down, over his calves.

I stood again, pulling him down, under the suds; water washing him off.

I then put my feet around his hips, lifting a leg, working my soapy fingers down around his feet, slipping between each toe, my cock, rock; rinsing him off, then working the other one.

When I finished, Adam crawled over me, my head resting against the sloped side; his tongue driving itself deep into my mouth, cock throbbing against mine; rock.

"Your hot, dude, way fucking hot," his breath was in my mouth, lips nibbling mine,

"So are you dude," Adam's smile now against my lips.

"I want you in my bed," his voice deep, scratchy; cock pressed against mine, throbbing; rock.

We stood, he pulled a towel, slowly drying every part of me; his lips, grazed, then sucked in my nipple ... my cock, rock ... dribbling. I took the towel, drying him.

We stepped out of the bath, finished drying each other. Adam, standing, cock pressed with mine, his arms surrounding me; gently, slowly, kissing me,

"Babe," he said, "your MY girl tonight,"

My cock, ROCK ... dripping.

"fuck," I whispered, "y e a h,"

Adam walked around the room, blowing each candle out. The blue-white of the moon, hallowed around him; cock arching, glistening. He walked over to me, pulling me into him,

"It's our night, babe, just you and me,"

He led me out of the bathroom, through the foyer, and into his bedroom. The smell of Adam was all around; manly. His bed was a four poster, big fluffy mattress, with big feather/down pillows; a handmade quilt was draped over the top. He followed my eyes,

"a little bit of home," he smiled, "a gift from my mom when I went away to college,"

"nice," my cock, rock.

Adam reached over, opening the blinds; blue-white of the moon on the bed.

Adam pulled the top sheet down, drawing the quilt with it. He put his finger up, motioning me; his meat, throbbed, a trickle of nut drool from his slit,

I walked over, his hand slipped between my ass cheeks as I slid into his bed, he sliding in next to me, rolling, his leg between mine, his lips nuzzled against my neck.

He pulled the sheet over us; his finger, tracing the outline of my left nipple. Adam's cock, wetly pressed against my side, prenut trickling down, tickling my skin; his big toe, slipping through my toes.

I turned my head, lips on mine; tongue exploring my mouth.

Way awesome.



All of it.

Adam's fingers, playing with my hair, then my neck ... touch, so soft, on my skin ... exploring each nipple, then belly ... fingers playing in my bush, slowly working their way around my cock, to my tip ... dipping into my prenut, licking it off ... tasting me.


Way hot!!

"Sweet," his husky whisper in my right ear, "my sweet babe," his hand now fondling my balls, my legs ... separating.

Adam wet his finger, sliding it under my balls, against my bud, "sweet, sweet girl," he whispered as his finger tip slipped inside me,

"Ah!", my bud clenched around him, my pulse around his finger,

"Yeah, baby, y e a h," his finger slipped deeper, grazing my prostate,

"AHH!", my cock pulsed, pushing prenut out,

"yeah baby, feel so good," his finger pushing against my prostate; body shivering. Adam's lips, softly nibbling mine, finger now fully in; way hot. I arched my ass up,

"mmm," his moan on my lips, "so tight," "so sweet,"

He let his finger slowly slide out. He reached behind fumbling in the night stand drawer; he retrieved a small bottle. Popping the top, the sound of fluid burped out; cool, slick cool, on my bud ... Adam slipping his finger inside me ... rotating, over my prostate,

"uhhh," my voice deeper. This is SO awesome.

A second finger, slowly rotating, pushing prenut through my cock.

"Baby," his tongue rimmed my ear, "so fucking sweet," my ass loosening, "sweet pussy,"

Cock, rock.

Yeah, my ass was a pussy. Rad! Wickedly Rad!

Cock, throbbing rock. Prejizz sliding down my shaft.

"Yeah," I whispered, "my pussy," I licked my lips, "all for you,"

"Fuck   y e a h," Adam licked inside my ear, "my girl," his fingers working around inside me, sending electric shocks through my cock ... rock.

Adam slowly withdrew; my pussy, empty.

I never imagined feeling this way; wanting ... needing. Cock, throbbing, dripping, rock.

The sound of Adam slicking up his meat, bed shifting as he spread my legs with his, reaching for a towel, wiping the lube off his hands.

Legs being lifted; now on his neck.

His warm head against my pussy lips, pushing; cock head slowly separating me, the sound of him slipping inside; his breath hot on my lips.

"Cars, you are so hot, so FUCKING hot!" his breath inside my mouth, my pussy squeezing along his manhood; Adam's heart beating against me, inside me; his arms around me; my legs around his neck.

"I want my love inside you, babe," Adam's voice deep, husky, breaking up,"me a part of you, always," as his bush pushed against my skin, cock swelling and jumping inside me ... it feels like he is all around me and in me at the same time.


"y e a h," my voice dry, a whisper.

Adam's shaft slowly slipping back, my pussy contracting around it, his heartbeat in me, then slowly filling me again, bush against my skin ... slowly sliding, until his head pulsed in me, wet, slick ... sliding back in, filling me ... bush pushed into my skin,

"Oh girl, you are so fucking hot," Adam's voice a hot breath, "so fucking hot!", his balls jingling on mine. My hands slid down, gripping his ass globes.

"Fuck me Adam, FUCK ME!", I screamed, sucking on his neck.

Adam slowly let his cock slip, my pussy shaking around it, then,

'FMMMMP' driving deep into me; my ass giggling,

"AHHH fuck y e a h, " my shaft filling with prenut, glob pushed onto my belly,

'FMMMMP' the bed shaking under us, headboard 'thump'ed on the wall, my whole body ... filled with Adam,

'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump', prenut spraying out onto my belly, wet trickles dripping onto the sheets,

'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump',

"Girl, you are so tight," Adam's eyes were closed, his mouth hung open, "so fucking tight!",

'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump', 'FMMMP' 'thump',   bed shaking, pussy full ... wet .... contracting, uncontrollable ... around Adam's meat,

"Oh fuck babe, so close,"

'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP' 'thump', 'FMMMP' 'thump', 'FMMMP' 'thump', 'FMMMP' 'thump', Adam's thrusts now rabbit like, his meat driving deep into me, my balls wetly meeting his, his muscular ass cheeks tensing,

"Fuck girl, gonna fill you!!" 'FMMMP' 'thump' 'FMMP' 'thump' 'FMMP' 'thump thump' 'FMMP FMMP' 'thump' 'FMMMMP',

"YEAH, FUCKIN-A!!!!!!",

'WOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' Adam's ass clenched under my fingers, the most incredible wetness inside me, rumbling ... deep,


"Holy fuck babe,"


"I'm still cumming," his whole body shaking, arms planted on either side of me; the most incredible hot wetness, inside,

'Woosh' 'woosh', Adam's cock pulsing then jumping, 'woosh'

Adam's ass slowly stopped clenching, occasional ripples timed with his cock pulse,

"Oh baby," his voice raspy, breathing heavy, "part of me is now you," his head slowly moving from side to side, "so fucking hot, babe!"

My pussy continued to contract then relax around him, I couldn't help it, I just did it.

"Yeah babe, milk me dry," Adam's lips were on mine, "so sweet".

Adam lay on top of me, the most incredible feeling of being one all around me, inside me.

I never ever could imagine not feeling this way ... so awesome.


Adam's cock slowly softened, slipping gently; my pussy closing around it. I could feel his cream inside, a pleasant wet rumble way deep.

He spooned me, whispering in my ear, telling me how sweet I was, how special it was to be inside me ... me taking his seed, being his girl.

I never thought about it that way, all of his sperm swimming deep inside me, making him a part of me.

My cock, rock. Dripping.

"I want you to stay, Cars," Adam's voice, low, soft, "I want to spend the night with you,"

I nodded, "I want to,"

"I want to make love to you all night," his voice even, gentle. "I want to fill you, over and over," his fingers playing with my hair.

"Yeah," I whispered, "all night".


"Mom," I said, "yeah, I'm great". "Hey, Adam said I could stay the night here in the house,"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Its way cool!"

"Yeah, here," I handed the phone to Adam.

"Mrs. Wellington, " Adam's voice strong,

"Yes ma'am, we've got everything he needs right here, " he winked at me, "toothbrush, shower, everything".

He smiled, his fingers slipping through my hair, gripping the back of my neck,

"I will, Mrs. Wellington, I promise,"

"OK, yes ma'am,"

"Night", Adam clicked off, handing the phone back.

I checked to be sure the call was ended.

"What'd she say?"

"She wanted me to promise that I would take good care of you, so you wouldn't change your decision to go here for college. She wants you close by,"

We both smiled, Adam snuggling behind me.

Adam made us another tall vodka. We smoked a little weed, sipping the vodka as we talked. I told him about Sam.

Adam and I agreed that only he and Sam would be allowed inside me, no exceptions; Adam showing me the 'secret' sign ... we sealed it.

"So, you're my girl for the night," Adam kissed me, "and I'm your man,"

"Yeah," my cock, rock.

Adam and I finished our drinks.

We made love again; once with me on all fours, and once with me on my back. Adam sucked me, swallowing all of my cream.

I fell asleep with Adam spooning me, his kisses on the back of my neck, his voice a whisper in my ear.

Sweet Awesomity!!!!

To be continued ....


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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