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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

I am writing this story from the perspective of a 18 year old boy, Carson, discovering what it is to be ... bisexual.

This chapter BEGINS from the perspective of Carson; it ENDS in the perspective of Sam.

I use "**************************" to indicate a change in perspective (i.e. change in the character who is narrating); I use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.




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Venture Capital - Chapter 3

********************* Carson's Perspective **************

I woke up ... Adam, spooning me; sore, way way sore. I knew what it felt like to be the girl; Adam was right ... totally different. I lay there, listening to the sound of Adam's breathing; his smell ... around me; sweet smell of sex, everywhere. It was nice to be 'taken care' of.

We had breakfast at this cool place near campus; retro-60's, complete with tie-dye napkins. I really didn't want it to end; neither did Adam. He had to get to work though, and I had work at home; projects I promised mom I would finish.

I called Diedra to check in; still sick, in fact, she sounded worse. I promised her that once she was feeling better, we'd go out, catch a movie then spend some time together.

As I drove home, I thought about Diedra, then Adam ... major turn on for both. Sam ... how he had found my place ... the feel of him blowing his load in my mouth ... then, deep inside me, in the massage room. I turned the air down, it was getting really warm; heart racing, palms sweaty. I pulled off the road. I hit the steering wheel,

"Fuck!" hitting the steering wheel again, "Fuck,"

I liked boys and girls.

I couldn't tell anyone ... not a soul.

Just had to get through this ... make sense of it. I definitely would NOT let Diedra know ... no way.

My cock swelled as I thought about last night, my ass twitched ... Adam making out with me; fuck, making love to me.

I realized my legs had spread on the seat, ass twitching ... I felt like I did just after I made love to Diedra, except different; I could feel Adam rumbling deep inside me. My cock and ass twitched.

This was ... tweaked.


"Sam," my father was saying, "I don't know if that is a good idea,"

"Kerr, I know it is unusual having an intern so young, but you have to admit that just means they're more impressionable,"

Dad shook his head, "yes, but you have to agree Sam there is a difference between a prelaw student and a senior, well," dad looked over at me, "graduating senior, in high school,"

"I would agree, except I believe Carson is extremely bright, focused, and obviously has decided to pursue a career in law," Sam's hand patted my thigh; my junk pushed up ... thank God it was under the table.

Dad nodded, "Yes, Sam, he has and I think he will make an excellent attorney,"

"Kerr, it will allow him to see the inner workings of a firm, survey the various aspects of law, and decide if this is the career he wants to pursue,"

Dad pondered this, in his usual way, not rushing to comment.

Mom brought coffee for Sam, Anna, Dad and me. We were seated at the formal dining table. I sat next to Sam, across the table from mom and Anna; dad in his usual place at the head.

"Carson, is this what you would like to do?"

I paused, contemplatively paused. "Yes, dad, I think it would be good for me,"

Mom asked Anna if she needed anything else; then Sam, then me.

"Then I am behind you fully," Dad turned to me, "don't disappoint Mr. Peterson or the firm,"

"I won't dad," I turned to Mr. Peterson, who extended his hand; I shook it. I was fully hard; thank God for the table.

"It will be a lot of work, Carson," Dad said, "far more of your time than Kroger's,"

"However," Sam interjected, "we certainly will see that you are paid as the other interns are,"

"Thank you, Mr Peterson," I said, turning toward him, "when may I start?"

"Well," Sam said, "how much time do you owe Kroger?"

"Two weeks, sir. That is the usual notification required,"

"Well, then, why don't we plan on you starting then,"

"Kerr," Sam put his hand on my shoulder, my cock throbbed against my slacks as he touched me, "Carson will be my intern,"

"Sam, no need to," Dad started,

"Nonsense, it will be no other way," Sam interrupted, "Carson should have one of the partner's as his mentor," his large hand now kneading my left bicep, "and as Carson is the son of one of my best friends, I can't see why it shouldn't be me,"

Dad smiled. "Sam, you are far to kind,"

"I agree," mom spoke up, "Thank you Sam," turning to Anna, "and you as well,"

"Linda," Anna began, "Sam and I would have it no other way," Anna patting my mom's hand, "we have been so impressed with you, Kerr, and consider you, both, the dearest and closest of friends. It is the least we can do to help Carson advance,"


Dieter, Dubois, Krames & Peterson, LLC was situated in an affluent part of Ann Arbor. The firm had nine floors. I was on the ninth floor, called the Partner's Penthouse by the other interns and associates at the firm. I had a small office, next to Sam. It was tough work.

I'd start most mornings early, except on the days Sam and I got together; we stopped going to the healthclub, and met in an apartment the practice kept. It was more comfortable, without the constant worry we'd be caught.

On the other days I'd be at the office early, searching the law library for civil rulings or other cases that would impact on of the cases Sam was working on. I was learning a lot, so much so that I knew I definitely wanted to make a career in law; in particular, mergers and acquisitions.

I also was seeing Diedra, two evenings of the week, and Adam (both at the bookstore and at the frat house) at least twice a week.

I had a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and was having an affair with an older man. So much of my life had changed in the last month; at times my head spun. I also enjoyed chowin down, every now and then, on a few loads; the bookstore was a great place for that.

I had prepared a brief on the current state of a merger Sam was working on. Sam listened, remaining quiet throughout; nodding as I made key summary points.

"Well," Sam leaned over his desk, "then you and I will go to New York and make these very points at the meeting,"

"What?," I couldn't believe Sam was asking me to go.

Sam smiled, "I think it would be good for you to be there," he paused, "and," his voice lowered, "it would give us a little time, alone," he watched as my junk shifted, his smile widened ... eyes twinkled.

"We'll take the corporate jet; should get us there with plenty of time," Sam continued, "to meet with the clients prior to the actual event,"

Wow, this was going to be way cool. A day meeting in Manhattan.

"then," Sam's eyebrows arched, a smile creeping along his lips,"you and I will have a very quiet and private weekend in Manhattan,"

My mouth dropped.

Sam quickly assessed, "Don't worry, already cleared this with your parents," he said, "and no body, I mean no body, suspects a thing".


I put my best suit on, dark blue with a crisp white shirt and blue tie; I could see my reflection in my shoes ... perfect. The driver, Lloyd, pick me up; Sam was already in the backseat.

We flew on the firm's Flacon 5x; totally rad. Sam occasionally rubbed my leg or my back, when the cabin steward wasn't looking. We were picked up in the firm's car, arriving at the center of Manhattan shortly before noon.

We met with the principals, our clients, whose corporation was ready to acquire another; I briefed them on the key points. All parties were duly impressed that Sam had asked me to do the briefing; he, of course, spoke when key legal questions were posed.

The joint meeting, between our clients and the key board members of the company being acquired, went without a hitch. I kept pinching myself ... I was really sitting here, listening to power brokers negotiating the deal, all because of Sam.

"You were impressive Cars, " Sam leaned into me as the car door closed, "VERY impressive,"

"Thanks Sam, it was really dope in there," I shook my head, "almost creamed,"

He chuckled.

Sam's large hand slipped between my legs, finger pushed along my junk,

"Now, it's our time baby," he smiled, looking into my eyes, "our weekend,"

I put my fingers through his, just before the driver opened his door, "Yeah, just me and you,"

******************** Sam's Perspective *************************

The Four Seasons is located in the heart of Manhattan at Lexington and 57th. It is stunning; a quiet comfortable oasis in the center of Manhattan. The manager met Cars and me at the front door, escorting us to our suite; beneath, Central Park ... all around us, the beautiful lines of New York City. I looked south along the Hudson, the Freedom Tower tapered toward the sky.

The door closed as the bellman left, our luggage in the bedroom; Carson standing, looking out the window, in shirt, tie and slacks; his round globes pushed nicely against the gabardine. I put my arms around him, inhaling his sweet scent, nose meandering softly through his hair.

"A whole weekend with my baby boy," my tongue slipping along the outer part of his ear, soft, supple.

"Mmm, feels good," his voice low, a transition ... teen to man. My meat throbbed.

I slowly undid his tie, sound of it sliding along his collar causing my cock to shift ... coolness of the silk in my hand ... pleasantness of cologne mixed with him.

I undid each button, one at a time, soft lips meeting mine; my finger enjoying the silkiness of his skin ... warmth ... Carson responding ... a shiver, skin erect.

Prenut pushed out of me, the sound of his zipper, the slim gabardine's dropping to the floor ... sunset framing my lover's skin in hues of orange, blue, and lavendar. I sucked the underside of his neck, Adam's apple bobbed over my lips ... tender hardness pushed against my stomach.

"How bout a long shower baby, then, " his tongue slipped in my mouth, leg grabbing around my hip, "we'll spend the night, making love,"

"Yeah," Carson breathed in my mouth; meat throbbed against him.

I watched as he lithely crossed the room, ass dimpling into his slender back. Fuck, I couldn't believe he was mine all weekend.

Cute, smart, witty, athletic ... the whole package; everything I could want in a boy.

I went over to the wet bar, pouring a tall gin; just a splash of tonic, one lime. I undid my tie, pulling my shirt off; explosions of color cascaded through the room, dancing ... Manhattan below, twinkling.

I walked into the bedroom; the sun following me. I heard the shower start; my cock responding. The cool air of the room slipped around my ball sac; I hung my slacks, throwing my socks and underwear below them. I prepared the nightstand, small towel, 'Pur'. I pulled my toiletry bag out.

I entered the bathroom, swirls of steam pushed their way along the ceiling. A small bag, wet catheter tip peaking out, lay next to his toiletry bag; toothbrush in the holder. I smiled; meat pushed against the cold granite.

I brushed my teeth, taking time on my tongue, roof, sides.

I turned.

My baby, a tender form behind glass; hand lingering on pussy, fingers of steam circling around him. I opened the door, slipping in; warmth and wetness enveloped me.

"Mmmm," my groan reverberating through the fog, skin against soft wetness,

"Mmmm," Carson replied, head nesting on my chest, cock pushed into my bush,

My hands slipped along his silky wetness, dipping into the cleft of his ass; meat throbbing against his cock ... a pulse of prenut pushed through my shaft.

I took the soap from his hand, slowly, very slowly lathering him, starting at the extreme softness of his neck, working along his tight curves, over his globes, through his cleft; his pussy lips nibbled my passing finger. I slowly worked forward, ducking into his navel, then tracing down, through his bush onto his shaft, under the smooth silk of his ball sac, then up ... gently swirling around each nipple the up along his neck; around each ear.

Carson's lips sucked mine as he took the soap from my hand.

His tongue slithered around mine, fingers swirled through my bush, along my shaft, squeezing my tip, causing me to suck in air; then up along my treasure trail, around each nipple; lathering my chest hair, then around my broad shoulders and down my arm; fingering my wedding band, before slipping behind, working my back, into my ass cleft, around my globes. Meat pulsing against him; he slipped lower, lathering my legs, then between each toe.

I sucked his lips as he met me, our bubbles entwined, slipping along each other; Carson standing on my feet. He smiled as he took some of our lather and smeared it through my stubble, then around behind my ears.

Meat pulsing on meat; tongues twirling together, eddies of steam encircling.

I leisurely shampooed his hair, letting my fingers linger in his locks; eyelashes full, wet, as I rinsed him.

Wet taut lines; water cascading off silk ... rinsing him. He, slowly rinsing suds from me; toes playing with mine.

Meat pulsing on meat.

Carson seductively dried me; every crevice, dip, bump. I, him. My thumb, lingering on his lip.

"I'm falling in love with you babe," I whispered in his ear as his arms encircled me, "is that ok?"

"yeah," his voice, a rustle, "way ok".

I lifted him; legs wrapped around me, head nestled on my chest. I flipped the light off as we entered the bedroom; the sun now a bright sliver; sky ... deep purples, oranges with partitions of lavender.

I lay Carson on the bed; sunset twinkled in his eyes. His hand reached up, gently fondling my balls; meat pulsing, pushing a clear thread of prenut out my slit, as I got in, rolling him on top of me.

I kissed the soft fullness of his lip, never in my wildest dreams imaging being here ... this boy, mine ... me, his. Our first weekend, away, together. Carson laying on me, his legs straddling me, cock pushed against mine ... our wetness, melding in the furriness of my bush.

"This is so amped," Carson whispered over my lips,

I chuckled ... Carson bounced on me, "Yeah dude, so amped,"

Carson smiled, my tongue slipping along his teeth ... mmmm, yeah, definitely amped.

I gently rolled him on his back, kissing him.

I inhaled; adolescence.

I slowly let my tongue explore him, the suppleness of his ears, the soft fuzz along his jaw, above his lips, the curve of his neck ... his skin, goosebumps, as I descended along the silkiness of his chest ... each nipple, erect, bumps as I gently sucked ... the softness of the hair under each arm, the lines of his bicep.

I very slowly explored his navel; muscular rim, small cleft ... soft, wispy hairs leading the way to his tenderness ... the lushness of his glossy bush, veiny protrusions of his shaft, the tapered wetness of his head ... licking around the smoothness of his sac, stopping to let each of his jewels slide along my tongue ... down the inner portions of his thighs, each one jumping in response ... behind his knees, the softness of his skin ... down his calves, soft fuzziness of his hairs tickling me ... kissing each ankle ... slowly, meticulously, sucking on each toe, then nibbling the underside of each foot.

I wanted to know every part of this boy; every feature, a permanent fixture in my mind.

"Ahhh," he gasped as I softly blew along his skin, migrating up his leg,

I spread his legs, pushing them back, my tongue sliding along his cleft,

"Ahhh," his body shivering in response,

My tongue lapped along his pussy lips, his taste on my buds,

"Fucking crunk," his voice, raspy,

My tongue dove in, separating his pussy lips, the tight warmth of his cunt surrounding my tongue,

"Fuckin-A!" hips gyrating around, tongue pulled deeper, "F-u-c-k-i-n AAA !!!", warm tight moistness contracting around me.

I plunged my tongue deep, then slowly retracted, flicking the tip on his quivering pussy rim, then plunging deep again. Each time, Carson's hips gyrated, convulsing.

"Sam," his voice an unsteady pant, "so good, feels sooooo good,"

I continued to munch down in my baby, savoring his tenderness ... his juices coating my buds, his essence filling me. Meat pulsing, needing, wanting this boy ... to be part of him, to have part of him, with me ... always.

I slipped out; a quiet 'pop', his pussy lips clenching.

Carson's legs shakily hugging my hips, body limp.

I reached over, grabbing the towel and 'Pur'. I slowly squeezed; slippery wet in my hand. A slobbery slick sound bounced off the headboard as I greased my meat, another pulse of prenut, mixing in.

I pulled a pillow, pushing it under, raising Carson's pussy; his foot, slowly grazed along my side, the other over my ass cheek. I slipped a finger past his pussy lips ... Carson pulsing around my finger. I pushed against his prostate,

"AAHhhh," as it tightened, a thin stream of prenut spraying out,

"Yeah baby," I whispered leaning over him, finger now embedded with a second,

Carson's cunt slowly loosened as I rotated left then right, slowly rubbing, pushing against his enlarging gland, small sprays of prenut on my chest ... eyes rolled back, my baby surrendering ... letting me, wanting me.

I put my cock head against him feeling his pussy lips wink, pushing, winking ... pushing, winking ... the warm lubricant mixing with my prenut; cock head surrounded by tight teen boy lips ... pulsing, prenut spraying into him,

"Sam," his voice deep, a panting rasp, "fuck me," licking his dry lips, "I want you," licking again, "so fucking bad,"

I pushed, my shaft slowly entering him. The warm, tight, wetness of this boy surrounding me ... his pulses hugging my shaft ... push ... more .... push ... more ... push ... ahhh, my balls pushing against his.

Carson's cunt began to suck on me, rhythmically pulling around me ... prenut pulsed through my shaft, spraying deep into him ... my fertileness, seeding him ... making a part of me ... him. I swelled, pushing the velvety moistness, wider,

"I love you Carson," my lips now met his, "I want you," his lips sucked on mine, "all of you baby,"

"I," my tongue pushed his, "I," flipping it over, he pulled his head back, "I love you Sam," my tongue pushing his aside,

I let my cock slowly slip back, his cunt pulling on me; holding me inside ... pulses of prenut shot through my shaft, spraying inside him,

'OOOMMFFF' I pushed fully inside, his prostate pulsing against me,

"Aahhhhhhhh, YES!"

Slowly slipping back, velvety pulsations all around my shaft ... his cunt pulled on me,


"Oh fuck yeah!" Carson screamed,

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

The extreme tightness of my lover was pushing me to the edge, so tender, so incredibly tender,

"Oh yes, take me baby,"

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

the wet gurgling sounds of my throbbing meat slipping past his pussy lips jumped from the headboard,

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

Carson's fingers gripped my ass, pulling me deeper, incoherent moans,

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp','OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp','OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

Oh God, I was close, so fucking close.

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp','OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

his hips gyrated underneath me; suction of his cunt pulling all around ... pulses of prenut shot through me ... deep deep pressure ...

'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp','OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp','OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOMMMFFF' 'slppppp', 'OOOOMMMFFF' 'sllppppp',

his moans mixed with the sound of our union, cunt contracting, pulling on me ... pressure, unbelievable pressure, building ... hot tingles shot through my ass, pushed along my shaft,

"FUCK!!!!!!" I screamed,

'WOOOOOSH' 'WOOOOSH' 'WOOOOOSSSHHHHHH' my seed violently erupted ... hot streams rushing into my baby,

'WOOOOSH' 'WOOOOSH' 'WOOOOSH', the fresh smell of nut meandered between us,

"YEAAHHH!!!!", his cunt clamping around me, prostate bucking into the fullness of my throbbing meat,

'SPPLLLAAATTT!' a huge spray pummeled my chest, 'SPPLAAATTT' a second spray, then 'SPPLATT' 'SPLAATT' 'SPLAATT', hot pulsations surrounded my meat,

'WOOOsh' 'W'oosh' 'woosh' ... 'woosh', Carson's cunt palpating around my manhood, milking every drop of my virility, as his essence pushed out,

Extreme wetness surrounded my cock, hot hot wetness!

Carson's legs, limply around me, his moans, babble.

I cradled him, my arms tightly around ... his cunt jumping, pulling in the remnants.

"I love you Carson," my lips on his, "very much,"

"Love you," his eyes looking in mine,

We lay there, my meat gradually softening, slipping from the hot moistness of my baby.

My tongue slowly explored, lapping up my baby's juices ... his taste, exploding on my buds ... familiar tingle in my throat.

Carson and I spooned, the lights of Manhattan peeking in.

Me becoming a part of Carson; my baby and I, one.

Carson fell asleep in my arms; my meat resting in our moistness.



Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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