the chief just stood there, gazing at our naked bodies and rock hard cocks swinging around like tails. 'DISGRACE!' he said to us, with flaring anger in his eyes. His voice was so loud that more people came to see. Some men and women came into the tent, and gasped in shock. Some of the women commented on our huge cocks, and the others giggled. 4 Muscular men came in and grabbed us by the arms. The chiefs embarrassed son resisted and tried to run, but was tackled by the men. We were brought to the center of the village, right behind the forest.

We were on top of a huge pile of firewood, and the whole village had gathered to see us get incinerated. I had just remembered that my stuff was left behind me. I could see my clothes and equipment, just out of my arms reach. I stretched my arm out, but one of the guards lunged a knife in my direction. I quickly pulled back, to avoid losing an arm. The villagers were chanting now, mostly the men. A death chant, i'm guessing. 'burn and kill, burn and kill, burn and kill!' yelled the villagers. The voices were ringing in my head, as I looked around and embraced the last moments of my life. The chief's son turned his head and said 'I not know your name yet. My name Neehaway.' Fine time to ask...I thought.

'I'm Daniel.'




'there you go.' i said and gave him a long, tender kiss. I didn't care if i was in front of a crowd, let them get a show. We kissed goodbye im front of the whole village, among the curses and things thrown at us. Then 6 men with torches came about 20 feet from us.

'this is it, Daniel' Neehaway whispered.

At that moment, i thought, 'no it's not.' I remembered that i had a gun with my clothes. I shouted at the guard;

'LOOK OVER THERE!!' as he turned to see, I grabbed Neehaway's arm and ran. The whole village had charged at us.

'Daniel, where we go?!!?' Neehawhay yelled while we sprinted through the forest. 'I'm getting my shit!!' I yelled back.

'Your whaatttt??'

'just hurry!'

The guards were gaining on us, and Neehaway was slowing his pace. We were both exhausted. I jumped for my gun, but I was pinned down by the guards. The rest of the villagers tackled Neehaway down. 'YOU STAY OR I KILL YOU' yelled the Chief.

We were tied to stake, on top of the nearest mountain. The women and children had stone, and started to throw them at us. 'ow, OW!' squirmed Neehaway, in pain. I got hit several times, and most of them hurt. Just then a kid threw a rock right at my bull-hung balls. 'FUCK!' I yelled.

'stop!' shouted the chief. 'now I finish off you fags.' he chuckled, and gave the signal. The men of the village all lined up with spears.

'On my order!' yelled the chief.

We stood there, bruised, tattered, about to get speared. I wondered if these people even had the decency to let us go. But they just stood there. And waited. The deafening silence was broken by one terrifying word.

'FIRE!!' he chief yelled.

The spears were hurled into the air, and I took one last look at Neehaway'ôs beautiful eyes before I would say goodbye to the world.

To be continued.




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