Not now Daniel, I said. It was a big day already, having witnessed the death of hundreds of people seconds ago.

'C'mon, Ben, just I little nib!' he pleaded, prodding his cock at my ass. I couldn't resist a thick foot long cock. Daniel was just too cute. 'I love you Daniel' I said.

'C'mere, you!' he laughed and hugged me tightly. We fell onto the couch, still cuddling. 'Daniel'

'yeah babe?'

'i have a question. ' he laughed, and kissed me tenderly. 'no, seriously!' i said, raising my voice.

'mhm, im all ears, hun'

'want to come with me for the next trip?' i said. 'I can't Ben, you know someone has to stay here an...'I know, but if it doesnt work, then we can stay there together.'

'I can't'

'then you go by yourself this time.'

...'Fine. and he kissed me again. I kissed him back, and he chuckled and pecked he. 'haha, stopp!!' i said, as i tried to wiggle away from his bronze, muscular arms. He was stonger than me, a 19 year old, stronger than me. I'm always amazed by his sheer beauty. He pulled off his shirt to reveal his model worthy body, and slowly took off mine. He kissed me tenderly , working his way down to my cock. He pulled off my briefs, and started to jerk my cock. 'Daniel..' i said.

'Shhhhh, im taking care of this babe' he whispered. He licked my fully erect cock, working his way down my shaft. 'yeee, baby, just like that' i said. He sucked me dry for 15 minutes before i shot a pool of jizz in his eager mouth.

'Damn, you are one hungry bitch' i laughed.

'i love some good cock in the morning' he joked.

About an hour later, the time machine was ready for another excursion. I got Daniel ready, and put him in the chamber.

'what the hell do d i do Ben?'

'just turn it to 'PAST''

'Kay, bye hun!' he shut the door, and did what i said. In a few seconds he was gone.

The rest of the story is from Daniel's POV:


I was flung into a mild, but lush forest. I fumbled for my time controller, but i couldnt find it. 'FUCK!' i yelled, in the midst of my agony. I checked everywhere. Nothing. I scanned the landscape. In a warm, midday scene I thought. Mabye Ben knows where I am. but hes not here....

I walked around the forest to get a glimpse of where I was. 15 minutes. Nothing. half n hour. Nothing. i was begininng to get worried, when i saw a small fire in the distance. Fire! i said to myself. That's a good start. As i walked closer, i could see tents and a river. A village! i'm saved!! I ran towards it, and saw that the people werent even wearing any form of clothing. Just animal skins over their private areas. Somewhere in Europe, i thought. The villagers were slightly tan, but clearly white. I got rid of all my clothes ASAP. I threw them into the forest. I scanned the people walking by. Only men, and most of them naked too. Slightly hairy, but built otherwise. All that running and hunting sculpted their muscular bodies. One of them stopped and stared at me. He yelled something, and I didn't understand a word he said. I looked for my translator, thank God i hadnt lost that. I put 'jibberish-english'. I worked...somehow. He was yelling fore his friends to come see me. What am i different? My skin was only darker than theirs..and i must admit, they were more built than I was. I had a great frame, a solid 235 pounds of hunky muscle, and some meat at the bottom. People must me more like monkeys this far back. Im thinking that this is at least 15,000 B.C. Well, his friends came. They just stood there and stared at me. 'you stranger.' said the one who saw me first. 'who you are? say something'

i just stood there, frozen. i didnt know what to say. 'Take to Big Boss. He take care of boy' the hunter said. They grabbed me by the hand and took me to an older man, in his early forties. He asked them who he was. They didnt know. He examined me closely. He looked at my thumbs. 'you have big hand. You different' he said. They were different. Their skulls were smaller and thinner, and they were muscle hunks, even from birth. it's like they were born to lift trees. 'This boy weird. Put with Junior. Now.' the man said. Again, they picked me up, with one on each side of me. My wight was no match for their oversized biceps. If they wanted, one of them could lift me. A few moments later, they threw me into a tent. I was beginning to question their hostility. Or hospitality? why would they give a whole tent to someone they just met? All there was was a pile of animal skins and file wood. I decided to go to sleep, so I picked up a skin to reveal a hairless, young man. He got up and stared at me. 'go away, I no want people here' as he said that, i checked him out. He had a beautiful physique. He was super hot. his face was carved by angels, his pecs were sticking out, his biceps were bulging out, and his rock hard abs were to die for. At last...his cock. Not long. mabye 8 or nine inches max. But it was super thick, and veiny. I wanted to fuck him then and there. 'I was told to come here' i said. 'you told come here?' he said, with a surprised voice. 'ya..' i said.

He handed an animal skin to me. 'i think you come to make fun of me.'

'why would i do that?' i said.

'everyone not like me here. because i different. i have other skin and this is bigger than everyones. He pointed to his thick cock, which was at his point semi-hard. Seeing that work of art started to give me a hardon. But i remembered i had nothing on, so i tried to stop it. 'oh.. i said.'

'yours is even bigger' he said.

'well, its longer but not wider.' i said.

He knelt down to closely examine it. He felt my cock, which was at this point, rock hard. I was so horny, and i wanted to fuck this sexy Neanderthal now. I unexpectedly shoved my meatstick into his innocent mouth. It was hotter than a blast furnace. I felt so good, and i started to pump my cock into his mouth. He was enjoying it because he was greedily sucking my cock. 'yes, more' he said, while gagging on my rock hard joystick. I was getting close he could make anyone cum that fast with a mouth as hot as that. He was slurping down my cock as i pumped harder and harder. 'OOOHH FUCKKK!!' I yelled, and my cum splurted all over his face. He got startled, and stumbled back. 'I have best time in my life! thank you!' he said, and leaned forward to kiss me. His lips were large and moist. We lay there for a long time, lying on the animal skins, cocks still hard. We were kissing and cuddling, until I got horny again. I leaned over to his cock and balls. He got up onto his knees. His balls were huge, and they were hung like a bulls. He had a beautiful cock to match them. I put the tip of his hard rod at my mouth. He gently pushed it in, and I felt like my mouth was an elastic band. If i stretched my mouth more, it would rip off. His super thick juggernaut was stretching my mouth so wide, i could barely take it all. The veins on his cock were scraping against my mouth. i was about to engulf his whole cock in to my mouth, when the Cheif came in.



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