'what?? I don't smell anything..' i said, my voice trembling.

He flashed another angry look at me, and then yanked my pants down. He looked at my ass, and saw the huge amount of dried cum. 'And what the fuck where YOU with that time machine?' he asked, with an angry tone. 'Ah..I..went to uh..Ancient Greece'

'really?' he shot back

'YES!' I yelled.

'Then who were you screwing around with?' he said. I could tell he was pissed.


'WELL!?, I thought you loved me, Ben!' he said, his eyes watering.

'I do love you, Daniel, and why wouldn't I lo...'SHUTUP!!' he shouted, and stormed off. I didn't know where he went, but I knew he would be gone for quite a long time.

1 week later:

I'm kinda lonely. Iv'e called Daniel several times. He hasn't answered. I got a knock on my lab door, as I said come in, without looking up. The door opened, and I could feel his presence. My life was brighter all of a sudden. I jumped out of my chair, and leaped towards....An old man in a suit. Shit. I though it was him. He came to bring me somthing, and just left. Another knock, and I turned around, and to my surprise, Daniel was back. I jumped out of my chair (No old fuck this time!) and hugged the shit out him. 'I'm so glad to see you Daniel' I said. I was so happy that he didn't leave me. I kissed him on the cheek. He giggled, and kissed me tenderly. We made out then and there. I started kissing his neck and I took his shirt off. As usual, super hot bod, pecs bulging out like no other. I rubbed his hard nipples, and he moaned. I licked them and went down his little hairline to his pants. How could a 19 year old be so jacked already? I unstrapped his belt, and yanked his pants down. Again, I'm cocksmacked by Daniel's oversized manhood.

He pushed his cock against my mouth. I resisted for a bit, until he started to shove his cock in. My lips parted, and my hot mouth absorbed his cock. Too bad It was so big, I could've taken the whole thing with ease. But his foot long monster is no match for my mouth. He pumped his cock farther and farther, till half his cock engulfed in his mouth. He moaned when my tongue was licking the oozing pre-cum from his cock. I knew he was going to cum, so I sucked harder and deeper, and He screamed 'OH SHIT YEA YEA BITCH AWWWW' and he shoved a foot of hard meat down my throat, gushing sperm down my throat, and in my mouth. I stood up, satisfied, and kissed him. He tasted his own cum, and he stayed there for a while, kissing, making up.

It was about 3:00 P.M., When we (Well I) got ready for another adventure into the past. I stepped into the chamber after various preparations, and again, set the knob the past. Daniel opened the door and said 'no fucking around this time. You know what I mean.'

'Sure Daniel, I won't.' and at that, I pushed go, and went into a time warp.


All I could see was the ocean around me. I felt the wind in my face. It was a beautiful day. But what day was it?, I turned my head, and saw the biggest Flag of the Royal Navy I have ever seen in my life. What the hell was that doing there? I looked down, and saw the deck of a huge British warship. Holy shit. I'm on top of a 200 foot long mast, and right at the top. Just as I started shitting my pants, a sailor yelled. In english, thank god. 'ahoy there sailor, lay aft here!' he yelled. I i took my hands off the flagpole, I would fucking die. More people noticed me, and the sailor started going up. Half the crew was looking at me now, with the sailor right beside me. Who are you? i said. He gave me a dirty look. 'How dare you question an officer,especially a lieutenant, you little bastard!' he pushed me down. I was falling. never knew he would do that. What an asshole. Fortunately i landed on the extra sail. I stood up, and looked around. There were muskets in every direction. 'Fuck, not again..' I said. The same old ass lieutenant came over. 'what the hell were you doing up there, you fool!' he said, with a heavy British accent. I almost sounded like a cheap hollywood film. Two of the soldiers (marines, whatever) grabbed me by the arm and brought me down 4 flights of steps. They threw me on the last one, landing on the 4th gun deck. A small man came, and picked me up.

'You alright?' he asked.

'Ya ya, im ok.'

we talked for a while, and he showed me around the ship. There were cannons everywhere. He said the 10 pounders were on top, then 18 pounders, then 24, and last, 30. The heaviest cannon are at the bottom, so the biggest guys must be there, I thought. I was absolutely right. Guys all over, muscles bulging. The small man showed me to a section. There were 3 guys there. One of them was about 43, looks like he had a disease or something. The other was some scruffy English sailor, who didn't even look up. But the third one...holy shit. He had long thick curly hair tied in a ponytail, a small tanktop, and these half short half pant ripped things. His muscles bulged out of the tank top, and his biceps were big enough that he could lift a whole cannon himself. His pants were loose, but I could still tell that he had a fairly big package.

He gave me a hearty smile, and walked over. 'Matthews. Nice to meet you.' Matthews? they're adressed by last name im guessing.

'Um..Gibbons. Nice to meet you' I said. The most common British name, i thought. He shook my hand with a firm grip. His touch sent an electric current through my body. It was almost nighttime. He showed me to an extra hammock on top of a huge cannon. 30 pounders, im guessing. They look like they could rip the shit out of 30 guys in one line. I leaned over, and fell. Mathhews laughed, and picked me up with one arm. Strong as fuck, this guy. The sailors one my one went to sleep. The moonlight was shining one us. A beautiful night. I looked over to Matthews, who was moving back and forth. I crept over. The guy was stroking his cock like no tomorrow. The floorboard creaked, and he jerked his head around, cock in hand. He had a massive cock, about 12 inches long, and super thick. He was a stud. I wanted him ,and I wanted him bad. I remembered what daniel said. 'Fuck that' i said, accidentaly out loid. 'What?' matthews said. 'Uh...go ahead, it's okay to jerk off.' i said. 'guys always do it.'

'but, I'm different..' he said.


'Well, all the sailors like their lassies, but I'm kind of scared of them', he said, head down.

'Don't worry about it, Matthews. I think your beautiful.'

'really?' he said, excited.

'yes, of course!' i said, with enthusiasm.

He leaned over and brought me close to him. He gave me a hug. I felt his huge boner poking my stomach. 'Come' he said, and took me by hand. We went two floors down, into the hold. He lay me on a barrel. Somehow it was comfy. He lay down beside, with his arm over my shoulder. 'I like you.' he whispered.

He felt me, and eventually pressed his tender lips against mine, locking our lips. I put my tongue in his mouth, and we explored each other. He jumped up, and stripped in front of me. I looked down. His cock was throbbing, huge, ready for any hole. I got a hardon from just looking at his cock and balls. 'Your turn.' he said, and slapped my ass. I stripped, and i showed my 10 inch meatstick. He kissed me, and felt me down. He stopped at my cock. He opened his mouth, and started to suck my cock.His mouth was nice and hot. I felt for his ass. I could feel the roundness, his perfect ass bouncing like a puppy. I licked my finger, and shoved it in his ass. He moaned, and suck me harder. 'OOH SHITT!!' i screamed, and came in his mouth. He licked his lips. I kissed him, tasing my cum in my mouth. His cock was oozing pre-cum, aching for a blowjob. I knelt down, kissing his washboard abs. I knelt down to his cock. I was about to suck him, but i heard foot steps at the door. We were both naked and rock hard. Someone came with a lamp, and was at the end of the stairs. It was the Old Lieutenant.

To be continued...



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