November 14th, 2492, 6:00 P.M.

Ben is shuffling through various government papers for some documents. 'Ah!, there it is!' he said, as he walked towards the time machine. Ben was a chemist in the National Time Travel Corporation. He was 23 years old, about 6'1 and loved bodybuilding. He had a nice build, not skinny, not fat. His assistant, Daniel was a little shorter, only being 19. 'Here are the papers Daniel, fill them in before I get back. 'Yes sir' said Daniel, with a moody tone. He had only been his assistant for 2 months and they haven't had the chance to become friends yet. Daniel didn't know that Ben was gay, and vice versa. Every morning, when Daniel comes in, Ben checks out his perfect ass, and pops a boner. Ben got a hard this morning, while Daniel bent over to pick up some papers on the floor.

The rest of the story is from Ben's point of view:


As I saw Daniel bend over, I couldn't help getting a hardon. He had such a nice ass that i wanted to go over there and smack it. Daniel looked over, and saw Ben checking him out.

'Um...may i help you sir?' asked Daniel.


'Did you want something?'

'Oh no, carry on'

I had a full-size boner now, a full 10 inches of hard meat. I felt the pre-cum leaking on my briefs. He's so hot, and I cant resist. He's built like a tank, and has a huge bulge in his pants. 'I wonder how big his cock is' i thought to myself. I had nothing else to do, so I asked him to go to dinner. 'Hey uh, Daniel' i said.

'Yeah, Chief?'

'You doing anything tonight?'

'Nothing i'm aware of'

'would you like to dinner with me?'


That went well...i think.

At 6:30 we went to dinner, and after we finished, I asked him to come over. He accepted, so we went to my house.

We walked in, and just my luck, h e opens the closet with all of my gay porn in it. I blushed a deep red, and walked over. 'Oh, don't worry about that its just...' I was interrupted his moist, tender lips pressing against mine. He leaned back. I stared into his sparkling blue eyes.

'How did you know?'

'Um...the porn collection?'

'Ya well, other than that'

'Well, you check me out every morning, so I kinda knew you were into me. To be honest, I liked you too, but I'm not as obvious.' he chuckled.

'well in that case...'

I gave him a deep kiss. I let his tongue explore my mouth, as I started to kiss his neck. I slowly lifted his shirt, to see his golden body, his huge pecs, and his biceps which were as big as my head. 'Whoa man, where did you get that body?' i asked. 'Well I work out here and there' Daniel said, slyly. I licked his erect nipples, and kissed him all the way down to his abs. I took my shirt off, and knelt down, and slowly took his jeans off. His bulge wasn't just big, it was HUGE. His cock must be a foot long, or least i thought, before I took his briefs off, which revealed a thick hard cock that was so big it smacked my face. 'Holy, shit dude' i said. 'Your package is fuckin' huge!!'

'Glad you like it babe' said Daniel.

I licked the head of his dick, and then put my tongue between his slit, and he let out a loud moan. 'Yea baby, just like that' he said. I started to suck his cock. I took the full twelve inches until I was smelling his pubes. Then he started to face fuck me. 'You like that cock bitch? huh? take it all!!' he said, as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper in my throat, making me gag. 'AAARRRGHH IM GONNA CUM' he screamed, and he shot waves of hot love juice into my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

'Time for some more action' he said with a smile on his face, and a huge bottle of lube in his hand.

He pushed me against the wall, and kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders, and '

put lube on his hard cock. He put some on his fingers, and put one in my asshole. I let out a soft moan, from the pleasure of his fingers in my tight fuck-hole. 'Ready babe?' he asked

'Ready' i said, with a loud gulp. He brought his cock down to my hole, and gently prodded my ass with his hardon. He rubbed it for a few seconds, and I said 'just fuck me, I WANT IT!!!'

He pushed the head in, and I screamed. 'Are you alright?' 'Ya ya, I'm fine, keep fucking me.' He gently pushed in his meat, the veins scraping the sides of my asshole. I felt like my ass was going to explode. He pushed the full twelve inches in, his pubes tickling my ass. He slowly started to fuck me. His thrusts were slow but deep, churning his huge cock all the way each time. 'Awww, yeah baby' he said, as his thrusts got harder and harder. My pain slowly went to pleasure, and my asshole was adjusting to his cock. I was on the verge of an orgasm, and so was he. I could feel his muscles tightening and his thrusts getting shorter and faster. 'AWWW SHIT IM CUMMING!' I yelled, and came all over my stomach. He came right after, shooting his hot, sticky cum deep into my asshole. He shot wave anfter wave, like an endless pool of cum. He pulled out, and the cum dripped out of my ass like a waterfall. 'Thanks for the sex, babe' I said. 'No problem'

Do you want to stay over the night?' i asked.

'Well, I suppose I could...'

I kissed him on the cheek.

'Hey, no fair!' he whined. I ran away, but his involvement with the football and swimming team made him run way faster.

He tackled me onto the bed, and pushed his lips against mine. 'Payback, bitch' he said. 'Since when am I your bitch??' I asked. 'five minutes ago, how bout that?'

'Who's the assistant, may I ask?'

'Ya, ya whatever.' He jumped on top of me and kissed me wildly. I responded, by pushing my tongue into his mouth, and I felt for his ass, and pushed my finger against his hole. 'mmm, not now babe' he said, with a tired look on his face. 'Is this too much for big, muscular Daniel?' I asked. 'Nooo...' he said, and at that pulled the covers over us.

In the morning, I woke up to Daniel's hardon pushing against my stomach. I looked up to see a wide smile on his face. 'Good morning, sunshine' he said, and pecked me on the lips. 'Breakfast?' he said. 'sure, I'm hungry!'. He got up, and walked towards the kitchen, his boner swinging around like a dogs tail. He hit the door with his dick. 'OWWWW!!' he yelled. 'Hahaha, that's what you get for having a big cock!' i said. He grunted and walked away. We had breakfast, and put our clothes on.'Ready for a big day?' i asked. 'I'm ready for anything.' he said.

We jumped into our flying car, and headed for the Science lab. At 12:00 P.M., we were in the time machine room. The time machine was our invention, and no one had ever tried it out before. This was the first time, and I was going to be the guinea pig. I stepped into the chamber, and Daniel closed the portal. He blew a kiss through the window and said bye. I cranked the dial to 'past' and the machine sputtered to life. All of a sudden i was in a time warp, and I was flung onto a cliff. The machine read '480 B.C.' I opened the door, to see 300 Spartan soldiers surround me.

To be continued....



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