The Biggest, Hunkiest, Spartan came towards me. The leader I guess. His thick golden hair streamed in the wind. His pecs bounced up and down and his abs were shining on his bronze body. He was about 6'1 and I'm guessing he was around the ages of 22-26. He started yelling at me in greek. I fumbled for my translator, and pressed a bunch of buttons, and his speech turned into english. 'Who are you?' he said, with a husky voice. It turned me on. The sight of him, his beautifully chiseled body, spear and his flapping cape made him irresistible, along with the other hot soldiers around me. He took a step closer and grabbed me by the arm. His impressive strength caught me off guard. 'Where have you come from?' 'SPEAK!!' he shouted, startling me.

'Um...greetings, I am Ben..and I am the uh...Emperor of the I come in peace?' That sounded like the stupidest thing I could have said, even when 300 spears are pointing to my head. To my surprise, he told his soldiers to stand back, and he bowed down to me. 'I am honored to meet such a leader. I am Demophilus, Please, let me show you around Thermopylae. If you have time, that is.' 'Um..yes yes of course!' i blurted. He took me on a tour, showing him the city and countryside. He took me into a bathhouse, where all the men bathed. 'This is the bathhouse for our soldiers' he said. I looked around, and saw men everywhere, their cocks hung. Their balls must've fit on a bull, because they were hanging halfway down to their knees. I looked over to Demophilus' tunic, where his cock must've been. I saw a bulge getting bigger and bigger. I didn't stop. I got a throbbing hardon just by looking at his huge package. He walked faster, by trying to hide it. But his manhood just bounced around, and it must have got to full length, because it started to come out of his tunic. The head popped out. It was circumcised. Dam, I didn't even know they knew how to circumcise back then. He looked around and shoved his huge cock back in. We stopped at his house. He invited me in for a glass of wine. I accepted. 'Where do you plan on staying, Emperor?' he said, with that sexy tone i loved. 'I don't know, I haven't thought of that'.

'I would be happy to house you here'

'Thank you for the invitation.' I said.

After we finished the wine, I could tell he was drunk...a bit. He took of his cape, revealing his sexy, broad shoulders. He was half naked, the Nipples on his pecs erect. His pecs were bouncing up and down from his hard breathing. He moved closer to me, and I looked down. I had a throbbing cock, and His package was bulging to no limit. I leaned over, and locked his lips with mine. I could smell the wine on his breath. He took my top off, Revealing my muscular body. He explored my mouth with his tongue. A felt him down, rubbing his rock hard abs, his bulging biceps and his pecs. I rubbed his nipples and he let out a moan. I could tell he was horny as fuck, from the moment he saw me. He reached for my cock, and started to stroke it. We stopped kissing, and I pulled he tunic down. His cock was twice as thick as mine and Daniels, my assistant-Boyfriend combined. He had a full 11 inches at my mouth, and was ready to be sucked.

I teased him by stroking his cock, and licking the head. I shoved my tongue in between his slit, and rounded up the oozing precum from his penis. He moaned, and got impatient. 'You little bastard, just suck it already!!' he yelled, and slammed his massive dick into my mouth. He churned his manhood into my mouth, in and out, in and out. He pressed hard against my throat, and I gagged on his full 11 inches of rock hard meat. I massaged his bull hung balls with each hand. His muscles were contracting and i knew he was close. He face-fucked me with hard long strokes and on the last one, stretched my mouth to the limit as he shoved his cock fully into my throat. I felt the tickle of his musky-scented pubes and his huge balls. He shot out waves and waves of hot man juice into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, but he shot again, and again. I had at least half a liter of love juice in my mouth. I took it all with a big gulp. I coughed several times, and he picked me up and kissed me. 'Sorry my love, I didn't mean to hurt you' he said, in his seducing voice. I put my tongue in his mouth, and kissed him like no tomorrow. He grunted and I said 'you like tasting your own cum, bitch?' he stopped and looked at me with an angry flare in his eyes.'You called me WHAT?' and pulled me up, pushed my legs back, and without warning, pushed his meat into my ass. I screamed, but he didn't seem to care. He pumped his cock into me. I felt like i would explode. His thick fuck stick was spreading my asshole apart. His thrusts got harder, faster and deeper. 'OOHH YES!! FUCK ME BABY!!' I screamed as he ralied me to no end. He balls were slapping my hairless ass, he he was letting out loud moans. His thrusts shortened, and I knew he was close. 'Oh no, not in my assh.....' I said, but it was too late. Before I could finish my sentence, his cum was shooting inside of me. He shot 3, 4, 5 times until he could cream no more. He collapsed on top of me, his semi hard cock still inside me. We lay there for a long time, until he got the strength to pull out. A river of cum dripped out of my ass, onto the floor. He took my up to his room, and we fell asleep, arm in arm, naked.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to some thing long and hard poking my poop chute. Demophilus was wide awake, but he didn't know I was awake. He pushed his cock in, and his head was in my ass. He pushed in farther, until his whole cock was inside me. I moaned. 'Are you awake? speak!' he whispered. I didn't make a noise. He started to pump, his long, thick joystick slithering in and out my ass. All of a sudden I tightened my sphincter muscled and got on top of him. 'Ooohhh yes, I knew you were awake! awww just like that, baby' As i rode his cock, up and down. 'OOHH SHIITTT IM CUMMING!' he said, and jammed all 11 inches in me, spurting cum so far that I felt it in my intestines. 'Thanks for that, your ass Is so nice and tight, not like the other soldiers in town' he said, as he kissed me tenderly. 'I have to go now' I said.


'to my own room' i lied.

'Alright then. I'll escort you. we walked down a hall and he showed me in. He gave me a long kiss, and said good night. After he left, I scrambled for my clothes, and my Time Machine controller. I set the knob to present, and I slowly exited the ancient wonders of greece. I never knew there were so many gays back then. I time warped back into the lab, where Daniel was waiting. I fell into his arms, and we kissed for what felt like the greatest time of my life. 'I missed you babe' I said, my eyes watering. 'I missed you too, even though you were gone for a split second' he chuckled. 'So it worked?' he asked. 'Ya, I was a great success!' I said. 'I'm doing it again tomorrow!' He gave me a weird and angry look.

'I smell cum...'

To be continued.



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