The Old Lieutenant stood before the two, cocks still standing up. 'Ahhhh, look what I found' he said, as he walked forward to take out his sword. It was a gleaming silver, even in the dark light. I could cut us both in half. Matthews was red hot, I don't know from embarrassment or anger. He scrambled for his clothes, and pulled out a pistol. Before the Lieutenant could charge at him, he shot him. A stream of blood poured out of his body. I was scared shitless. What If I pissed him off too?...oh shit...

'sorry 'bout that' he said. 'I've always wanted to kill him. He is fucking annoying to no end. No one liked him anyway, not even the Captain.'

'uh huh...' I said.

'Now...where were we?' he whispered, nibbling my ear, and feeling me all over. I got hard again. I turned around and felt him up too. His bulging muscles were so playful. I kissed every body part I could see; abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, etc. I ended at his ass. He bent over, and I saw the pinkest, softest asshole in a while. He had a gorgeous ass. It was big, and round. Everything on him was big. Even his 11-inch juggernaut. I pierced his asscrack with my tongue. He let out a loud moan. I kissed his ass and felt it for a while, before sticking my finger in it. It was hot as hell in his ass. Soft, hot, and waiting for my cock. I gently prodded his hole, lubeing with precum. I stuck it in. 'OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!' he screamed. 'shutup!' i said. 'You dont want someone else coming down do you?' I pushed my meat in, and began to rock back and forth. I had a great time fucking him. His ass was to tender, and his bowels felt amazing. I shoved my cock into him as far as i could, my balls slapping his beautiful ass. He yelled as i spurt cum into his ass. He was breathing heavily, pecs bouncing up and down at each breath. 'My turn' he said, and shoved his tongue in my mouth. Again we felt each other. I slid my hand on his thick meat pole. I held it with both hands, but his cock was still too big to fit in them. His striking blue eyes were staring into mine. I sucked on his nipples, and he moaned, and turned me over, making me his bitch. I wanted him, and I put my ass against his thick cock. He slid it in. It went in easy, from all that precum, I'm guessing. It still hurt like hell though. His cock was stretching my asshole to no limit. He pumped harder and harder. He was making long thrusts. His dick alone was half as thick as my bicep. He jammed all 11 inches of his fuck stick into me, and shot out a huge load of cum. He didn't stop. The waves of hot love juice kept filling my ass. 'Shit man, how much are you cumming?!?!' I said. He shot once more and pulled out. A pool of cum streamed out, beside the blood of the Dead Lieutenant. I felt like my asshole was wide enough so shit out pancakes. But that was still one hot fuck. His cock was one of my personal favorites.

We cuddled in the hold for a few minutes. We heard gunshots and people yelling. 'What's that?' he said, with a trembling tone in his voice. We got dressed and rushed upstairs. Smoke was everywhere. Everyone was at a cannon, firing away. The officers were yelling at the sailors, telling them to reload faster. 'Come, quick!' said Matthews, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the quarterdeck. We looked around, and saw three French Ships surrounding the British one. The battle was wild. Marines were firing everywhere. All i could smell was blood, the sea and too much death. 'Were done for!!' said Matthews. The french guports were blasting cannonballs out left right and center. Just then , a cannonball hit the deck railing, and 500 pounds of wood went right through My lovers body. He flew back 30 feet, and fell over the side. Holy Fuck, I gotta get out of here!! i thought. I pulled out my remote, and set the time for present. As i was warping in time, the ships gunpowder hold exploded. The ship blew up, and I was just in time. My life would have been gone if I warped seconds later. Relieved, I found my myself back home. In the lab, that is. Daniel gave me a hug, but I was all wet. The 20 foot waves did a great help of hiding the smell of the cum in my ass. Daniel pulled my pants down for a check. I was clean, according to him. Hmmm didn't fuck huh? he said, with a sadistic smile. 'Nah, i'm all yours babe' I said. I had to lie. Who couldn't resist Matthews?

'You must be horny me..get ready for this, baby' as he pulled his briefs down and whipped out his 12 inch cock in my face.

To be continued...



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