Knock. Knock. Knock.

I am standing in the hallway, in my dirty fleece shorts from the day before; I had slept in the room with Nate, because he had asked me too, but not in "the" bed with him. We jacked-off again later to some pussy and orgy porn. He swallowed another load happily, which I gave willingly. I think the more I can cum the more he will take it. He tried to coax me into jacking-off session this morning but I reminded him we were going to be late if I did not get out of there and go take a shower.

He immediately went in to work mode, which surprised me as I thought he was being ruled by his cock, based on the previous days experience, but I guess a paycheck over ruled that. Heck, I would like to fuck more than work but you have to have priorities, although satisfying my sexual urges is a first priority most times.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

I go at it again; I am almost at the banging stage, as Nate is prone to do, I think to myself.

"It's me, Paul; open up, Russ, "I am almost shouting.

Russ jerks open the door.

"Fuck man, what time is it and where have you been, "he says, groggily and with irritation in his voice.

"I stayed in Nate's room after we finished...mmm, talking, last night, "I tell him, which is a lie, in part, we did more stroking than talking.

Russ is in his Fruit-of-the -Looms, with a noticeable bulge, very noticeable. The guy is hard; it must have been some damn hot dream I interrupted. There is a fresh wet cum spot, right in the center of his briefs, where his cock is.

"Good dream, "I say.

"What?" he is puzzled.

He looks down to see what I see.

"Oh shit," he is surprised.

I hold back a laugh. I know he is embarrassed, this is not the first time he has done this but it is the first time I have ever said anything about it. He turns a soft shade of red, the guy actually blushed over a cum spot, and heads into the bathroom.

I go to my side of the room, drop my shorts, and remember I left my shirt, baseball cap and boots in Nate's room; maybe he will bring them to me. If not, I will get them when I get out the shower.

I am not embarrassed. He has seen me enough, hard and soft, he really does need to loosen up sexually but that is his issue and not mine. How a guy can be so mellow about everything else but sex, I do not understand. He must be suppressing something. Yeah, he needs to fuck something like yesterday.

I walk into the bathroom. Russ is standing at the commode taking his morning piss.

"Hey man, you couldn't wait for me to finish, "he says with even more irritation in his voice, I had arrived this morning and caught him unawares.

"No," I say, "Nate will be here soon."

I glance down at his cock; he is as blonde in his pubes as is the hair is on his head. His cock is long and lean, pencil-like but not as thin, and I think uncut, unlike Nate's and mine, we have much more girth. I try to act as if I have not seen it, as I know it would further add to his embarrassment and irritability but he has nothing to feel ashamed or self-conscious of. He needs to get laid.

Nate kept saying he has a nice ass, Russ that is; I tend to agree, as I am staring at it as I turn on the hot and cold-water faucet in the shower. His ass is nice and round, a good bubble-butt.

I have never looked at Russ in this way before, until now, not until Nate brought it to my attention. My cock would feel nice sliding up into that tight little ass. I feel my cock getting hard as I start soaping up. His butt muscles tightening and squeezing my cock as I slide in and out of that virgin hole.

A bang sounds at the door, it is Nate. Just like clockwork.

I knew it would not be long.

This further irritates Russ as he says "shit" aloud; I laugh a little this time, which he notices and gives me an eat-shit-an-die look. He goes to answer the door.

"Coming, "Russ says like some dutiful housewife, I smirk again. He said it, lyrically.

That is not something Russ should say to Nate since he told me of his ever-growing lust for his ass. I laugh to myself again, what an odd day yesterday was, I wonder what is in store for today.

Russ opens the door, still in his white briefs.

"Whoa doggie," I hear Nate say.

I guess he saw the cum stain too. I laugh to myself again.

Today has been quite funny, so far.


"I'll be right out," I shout out.

Nate leans in as I step out of the shower, he stares and smiles and me. He hand gestures at his crotch, making me aware that he saw the cum spot on Russ' briefs. He then points in the direction of the room where Russ is and does the blowjob sucking motions with his hands. I nod and smile back to him.

He really wants a piece of that ass and his cock too, now it seems.

"I'll be right out," I say, "Did you by any chance bring the rest of my stuff with you?"

I ask as he steps out of the door.

"Yeah, I brought them; they are by the room door out here," he shouts from the other room, "take your time."

He did not just say that, did he? I guess he was sexually frustrated, afterall, any other time he would be barking my head off to hurry up.

Maybe our "new" friendship will be a good thing.

I step out, unashamed, and fondle my cock as I walk by him and Russ. I am somewhat hard and getting horny. The cum spot business with Russ has me excited. Nate is sitting on Russ' bed, trying not to be obvious as he stares at Russ' backside. Russ is still in his tighty-whities with his back towards us; Nate keeps pointing with his finger at what a nice ass it is. I nod my head, in agreement, as my cock grows ever harder. Nate is even adjusting himself, as he sits on the bed. He gives me a thumb up, as he likes what he sees, my hard cock.

The paleness of Russ' skin and the white of his briefs glare at us like a headlight as we watch, well, lusting after the ass of our friend. It is a stark contrast to us, as we are both darker and tanned and in possession of much more body hair. If Russ has any body hair, it so light it can barely be seen.

Russ drops his Fruits-of-the-Looms, which causes Nate to go into a panic.

He fidgets uncontrollably on the bed and stifles a moan, a very loud moan.

The tent from his hard cock is massive and an ever-growing wet spot from pre-cum is getting larger with each passing second.

Did Nate just shoot a wad in his hiking shorts from the sight of Russ' naked ass?

I think he did. I hold back a grin.

I have now seen two guys with wet cum shots this morning.

Am I next?

Russ sees none of this, if he heard that loud grunt and moan from Nate, he does not acknowledge it. He quickly puts on another pair of underwear, then his shorts and turns around. He has a muscled body but it is far leaner than either Nate or me, as we are of the stocker built, but he is blessed with a nice physique, I will give Russ credit.

"Hey guys, I will meet you at the truck, "Nate says and quickly excuses himself.

As he walks away, he quickly turns to me to shows me the large wet spot on the front of his gray shorts; it covers the whole pubic region. It must have been one hell of a cum-shot to cover such a wide area.

He does his tongue across his lips, meaning he would lap up Russ' ass if given the chance or that is how I interpret it, since he wants it so badly.

I smile back at him.

I put on my fleece shorts and try to push down the bulge, as I have said; I do not want the other hotel guest to think of me as a perv.

I think he is going to change. I laugh to myself. I guess he realized he could not work in cum stained shorts but if we work today as we did yesterday, we will not be in clothes long.

We meet Nate at the truck.

We are waiting on him this time for quite a while but he finally makes it to the truck. A little flushed but he is here.

I get a smile from him in the rear-view mirror as we drive to the site, I suspect that the sight of Russ' bare ass excited him even more and the lust he has for the guy has just magnified a thousand-fold.

We get to the worksite at a little before 8 a.m., the Florida sun is already bearing down on us.

Nate and I shed our shirts, immediately, and proceed about our assigned jobs, setting up the equipment for the day's work.

Russ is stationed behind the instrument, working it, getting the shots recorded. Nate and I are walking with the prism pole ("rod"), machetes and walkie-talkies, to get the shots.

Same ole routine, different day but it is the same on this job.

Nate did not hesitate to unbutton and unzip his shorts, once we got into the pasture, as we go about this tedious predictable routine.

He fondles himself, without hesitation, in front of me, as we walk.

I do the same.

I am in my standard work uniform, fleece shorts, my favorite thing to wear, while I am at work. They are already soaked with sweat and leave nothing to the imagination, which is my intent.

I am hard, my cock-tent juts out from my below the waist.

Nate and I are very relaxed around each other now, a familiarity and a comradery has developed since the jack-off session plus the blowjob he gave me last night.

What a way to help and heighten a strained work relationship and turn it in a friendship, who knew, such could happen, show cock, suck cock and a friendship is born.

So do I have a sexual harassment suit?


It is funny.

Not ha-ha funny but one of those odd funnies that life throws at you, it just happens.

Of course, if I were to ever to pursue it, I doubt anyone would believe it. Heck, I am having a difficult time fathoming what has happened. These kinds of things only happen in stories, right.

The morning is uneventful, as we try to get as much done as possible before the heat of the afternoon begins. We are all business.

Nate gives me glances and points out what needs to be shot, like always.

It is routine. It is work.

About 1 p.m., Nate decides that he could not hold off his hunger any longer and says it is time to eat.

Thank god, I am starving.

I had eaten from the Continental Breakfast bar at the hotel that morning, since we had to wait on Nate; I ate until I was filled.

While he changed and I would say re-showered, it took him awhile to get to the truck. He must have gotten himself worked up again over Russ while he was in his room. I can only assume.

Granted, I was able to eat more but I had burned those calories off this morning, between the intense sweating and the continuous walking. I bet I walked close to 10 miles, it felt like it anyway.

We had covered a wide-open area in the field this morning but there was still more trees and small ponds that dotted the perimeter. Nate made the decision we would get those this evening after we got back from "getting our feed on." His words, not mine.

It looks like we are going to finish by tomorrow. He proclaimed as we packed up.

Hallelujah, I say to myself. Silently praising that another job is almost done.

We finished packing the equipment and made our way to SR 70, we are in the area between the state prison and Lake Placid, in the middle of freaking nowhere.

He decided instead of going west to Arcadia we would head east on SR 70 and go to where it intersects with US 27, he thought there was a restaurant there, but was not absolutely sure. He'd been there with a friend, in the past, visiting a camping resort and remembers some businesses at that intersection. He was not sure what but we would make do when we got there, he said.

US 27 from there will take you to Miami; I had never been there, Miami, but am willing to go at any time. I would like to go to Haulover Beach but it is still hours south from here.

"What resort? "I ask.

I knew the area too, a friend lives in Wauchula, north of Arcadia, but he had never mentioned any resort to me.

"Oh, it is near a bump-in-the-road called Venus, Florida, "he says," but the men are from Mars."

He winks at me when he says Mars.

I think to myself, it must be a gay resort.

Nate seems sexually charged-up today, more than I imagined he was in the past before our episode last night.

Well, not really, he has been hinting like a madman he wants to fucks Russ.

Nate and I did not bother to put our shirts on; he did not even button and zip up his shorts when he got in the truck. His attitude has changed somewhat it seems, a more relaxed person.

He maybe to relaxed as he kept making obvious glances at me without fear of Russ understanding what he was saying. In the past, he had been more talkative to Russ, given me the cold shoulder, the brush off, now it was not the case. All his conversations seemed to be directed at me, for me.

While on the way east to US 27, he got a cell phone call. I am surprised he even has phone reception on this desolate long-ass highway between nothing and nothing.

"Hey man, how you doin' Bob," he said, "Yeah, yeah, I will be back in Tallahassee this Saturday."

Today was Thursday; I guess he is making plans for his weekend. We could only hear one side of this conversation apparently.

"Say Bob, can I bring a friend to 'the gathering' at your house?" Nate says, "Good, good, okay, I will see you then. Bye."

He then hung up and looks at me in the rear-view.

"Paul, you wanna got to a 'gathering' with me, at my friends, Bob Warren's house, near Havana, on Saturday?," he asks me.

I think to myself, do I have plans. No. I do not.

"Sure, what do I bring?" I ask.

"Nothing, just yourself, "he says, "This is a 'house for men'."

I look at him with puzzlement on my face.

"You just come and let it all hang out in the company of other men, "he explains, "So Russ you wanna come?"

I think he actually meant cum, instead of come, but did Russ pick up the subtle difference in his words.

I did.

I get what he means when he says 'hang out' too.

He says the last rather snidely to Russ.

"Naw, I am good, thanks," Russ, answers.

Russ seems to be slightly perturbed as something is afoot and he does not know what it is. I can see the questions whirling about in his head, as I sit in the backseat. His body language is different. He is fidgety in his seat, uncomfortable. He knows something has happened, he just has not figured it out what it is, but he will. I am sure.

The nudity we exhibited yesterday was something neither Nate nor I had ever done before on a job plus me staying with Nate last night, both new happenings.

I am sure the tumblers are moving in Russ' brain as he begins to put one plus one together.

Well, there was no restaurant, which does not surprise me. I got a few questionably cooked hot dogs from the convenience store. Hopefully, I will not get sick. We fill our cooler with ice and water. We had some left over from yesterday but you can never have enough water in this south Florida heat and sunshine.

You never know when it is going to get even hotter but it usually does, just like clockwork. It does, it always does.


The day got a lot hotter after that sorry excuse for a lunch but at least we were in the trees, in some shade, no matter how little it was, on the last section of the topo job.

Nate and I were shirtless. His hiking shorts were once again, unzipped and unbuttoned. He would reach in and fondle his cock and even take it out and wag it at me. I would pull down the front of my shorts and give him a peak at my cock too. This play went back at forth. We were both horny. Our libidos were ruling us as we attempted to work but it was difficult.

"I wanna suck your cock, Paul," Nate says to me out of the blue.


"I said, I want to suck your cock," he says again.

"Here?" I say. I am taken by surprise obviously.

"You did say, anything, anywhere, did you not?" he reminds me of my words I uttered to him after the first blowjob he gave me last night.

"Yeah, I did."

Apparently, I am at his mercy, the game is afoot and I have to decide to bail or give in.

"Where are you going to do it, here?" I ask.

"There is a big oak tree over there or we can go behind the truck or I can do it right here," he says, "your choice."

"Right here in the open?" I say shocked.

Yes, I am shocked. I expected a bathroom suck or maybe more room play with him but not on the job with Russ in full view. Maybe I am not as adventuresome as I thought.

"So what's it gonna be?" he says, "You said anytime, anywhere and I want it now or are you a chicken-shit; I want to taste your sweet cum."

"Let's go to the big tree," I say.

Maybe Russ will not see us.

"Okay," he says, "let's get going."

I hold up the walkie-talkie, so Russ can see my meaning, "wait." I lay the walkie-talkie, the prism pole and the machete down on the ground at my last location. He nods his head in acknowledgement as he sees me do what I do. Nate and I walk to the tree.

As we walk, I can feel my cock harden with each step. Nate is stroking his cock and trying to keep his shorts up as we walk. It is not working to well for him. When we get to the tree, Nate lets them fall to the grass and steps out of them.

His cock is a massive man missile pointing straight outward from his midsection; he is in his full glory.

He grabs the sides of my shorts and yanks them down. My cock greets him in the face as he squats on the ground, bare-assed, and takes me in his mouth. He takes the length of it in his mouth but spends extra time suctioning my mushroom head. He begins to go up and down on my shaft, lightly squeezing it with his lips, drawing the juices from my balls. I am moaning ever so softly caught up in the ecstasy as my cock is engulfed by this beast of a man, who wants and needs my spunk.

"Hey guys, where'd you go?" the sound from Nate's dropped walkie-talkie, echoes from the grass, the one he was holding when we made our way over to this oak tree. Mine is much further away. I tune it out as I am in another world, being sucked into oblivion while having an out-of-body experience.

"Hey guys, where are you?" it is Russ.

We pay no attention to him as he continues to call on the radio. We are distracted by our uncontrollable urges.

We are drenched in sweat, naked, except for our boots. The sweat runs down our bodies like little streams over our muscled and hairy bodies, we are one with nature in the most primal of animal behavior, sex; selfish all-consuming sex between the fiercest of mammals, two men locked and lost in abandonment.

"Hey guys," this time the voice is not coming from the walkie-talkie.

Russ has walked up and caught us.

Nate stops the sucking of my cock and looks up at him. His cock, hard, and still being stroked by him, is rigid and leaking buckets of pre-cum. He does not stop the stroking of his own cock but he does slow down on mine as he pulls his mouth from it.

Nate's saliva leaves a stringy-like tentacle from my cock to his mouth

"What the hell?" Russ says with such alarm in his voice but he does not walk away. He lingers and looks.

"Are y'all guys fucking gay?" he asks.

Nate stands, still with his hand on his cock. I push myself away from the tree and give myself a gentle stroke.

Our cocks are hard.

We have been caught.

"Hey man, it's not what it looks like," I say, knowing how ludicrous it sounds.

It is exactly what it looks like.

Nate is naked with a hard-on, and still stroking, as he was when he was sucking my hard cock as I leaned against the oak tree.

Yep, Russ it is what you think it is.

We are guilty, Nate and I.

As I ponder to myself, imagining what Russ is thinking.

Well, there goes my fucking job and Nate's too, as Russ is sure to tell his dad about this.

"Guys, I am gay," Russ, blurts out.

"What?" Nate and I say in unison.

Our faces show alarm. He is supposed to be a virgin. He told us he was a virgin.

"Repeat that Russ, did I understand you correctly?" Nate says, with surprise in his voice. He is still holding his raging hard-on and still firmly stroking it, Russ' words do not make him stop. He may have actually stroked harder.

"You heard me right, Nate, I am gay," Russ says, "and I have wanted both of your cocks for the longest time."

"Aren't you a virgin," Nate asks.

"Hell fucking no, I ain't a virgin, "he says, "but I did not know how else to get you two to lay off me about fucking girls, so I choose that lie to tell. I love cock and I have wanted the both of yours for the longest time."

"Fuck!" Nate screams, "I want your ass, if you will give it to me."

"Oh, you can have it, both of you," Russ smiles and starts stripping out of his clothes, "the way both of you tease around me, I was going crazy. I came last night from a dream I had about the both of you."



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