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My stories take place in the southern portion of the United States.

In these stories, the characters do not wear CONDOMS. The stories are fantasy or stories loosely based on reality, so no condom is necessarily needed. Real life is not a fantasy, wrap your cock in a glove, to protect yourself and your sexual partner.




A mixture of both?

So what is real and what is fiction?

I will never tell. I hope you enjoy the stories.


Stories with similar initials and numbering are the particular chapters of that ongoing vignette.

If initials are not connected, it is a separate story, although the stories are not completely disconnected.

Characters can and will cross over into other stories.

All the stories share a common interwoven thread, with many threads connecting them together to form a more complete and complex story.

Was that too complicated?

Hope you enjoy the stories and please leave your comments, good or bad, criticism welcomed.

Thanks for the many compliments, thus far, they are appreciated.

Stories by TallyMans

  • Out of the Broom Closet (OBC)

    "It's a cock, a guy's cock, that is quite hard, I might add, isn't it? It's quite an impressive cock, too, isn't it?" he asks. "Yes, it is, Sir," I answer, as I conscientiously adjust the pulsing bulge in my slacks, feeling a kinship with the magnificent piece, as most men, surely would. "His nuts ...

  • A Throbbing Pulsating Propulsion Idea (ATPI)

    Just imagine an idea, the idea, was dangling, right there, in midst of every one, the entire time. Imagine the unlimited potential explosive eruptions from its unveiled unleashing. Read on to see what might have brought about this idea to its fruition. This man, Mr. Burns, was inspired, maybe, you, ...

  • Ash (ASH)

    "Are you better, now?" the person asks as he feels the coal ash covered and calloused hand grip his dangling cock, from behind, smearing the ashy chalkiness, shaking the last vestiges of yellow liquid from its limpness, while feeling, another hand, roughly cup and angrily squeeze, the soft ...

  • A New Hire at a North Dakota Oil Field: Life in the Man-Camp (MC1)

    New Job. New Boss. New Accommodations. New Acquaintances. New Exposures. Details.

  • Big Valley: A Lost Episode (BV)

    a different kind of tale of the Barkley men that was not revealed when the iconic television show aired back in the late 1960s...the show is already in progress, so enjoy...surprises await...(and completely fabricated)...

  • GibTown Grabber (GG1)

    In Gibsonton, Florida, the circus carny vacation destination and winter home, there is a man with an interesting story, he is the so-called 'GibTown Grabber'. A reporter in search of an interesting feature, seeks this man, out, and gets the story of a lifetime.

  • A Stare and a Tryst on the Stairs (AST1)

    "OHH! OHH!" I aggressively moan as he presses his body weight against mine, into me with the full pressure of his studly frame. He grinds roughly onto my inflated bulge; the sparks fly between us, by our closeness, as our cocks make contact through our respective fabrics. I grind back, matching him ...

  • "HEY, MAC!" (HE)

    "You need help with this?" I ask as I roughly grab his cock, catching him, unawares, while gently stroking mine as I gaze up at him. I squeeze him, tight, his hard equipment, pulses in my grip. It seduces me with it appealing stiffness between his still wet and water-soaked legs.

  • "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" (FM)

    "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! He screams loudly, louder than he had previously been doing as he happily welcomes another fiery burst from the battering ram-cock of the man. The man grabs the hair on the back of his head, yanking him, powerfully, forcing his cock, deeper and deeper, into his beaten and ...

  • In The Melee (ITM)

    Opportunities present themselves at the most awkward of times such moments cannot be forsaken. They must be grasped, used, when they are presented. A person must express what one feels towards a former love lost. This man attempts to make use of such an opportunity. Or does he waste it? (NON-sexual ...

  • Uhh - Part 4: C'mon!

    Ari's eyes light-up, almost bugging-out, when the truck appeared into the driveway, his cock pulsed spastically in my hole from the excitement of its arrival, spurting a delicate gob of pre-cream from its one-eyed snake-like slit into my hole. He does not shoot another load, yet, he just gave me a ...

  • Uhh - Part 3: What!

    His stiff cock rubs against my hairy treasure trail down to my naval, fighting for space, our cocks vie for a spot while our bodies mesh so close against one another, fitting perfectly in this moment. A dripple of my pre-cream leaks, profusely, onto his fur-less lean muscled body, forming a puddle ...

  • Uhh - Part 2: Boy!

    I feel the formation of sap, rise, deep from within my fully loaded balls, slowly forming a droplet of man-cream over the head of my cock, as it leaks from the depths of my balls, into the canal-fed piss-slit. I dab my finger in my released man-sap, bringing it to my lips and swallowing it.

  • Uhh - Part 1: Nice!

    He unbuttons his well-worn jeans, lifting his tee, slightly, exposing a thickly furred treasure trail, pulling down the elastic waistband of his cheap white cotton briefs, revealing an equally impressive thick fur-covered tool. He exhibits a fiercely magnificent piece of man-equipment between his ...

  • Out the Window: "Floatering" (OW3)

    Floatering - - a truly remarkable experience that is born from the fruits of weightlessness, it adds a new dimension to shared intimacy.

  • Out the Window: Sanctuary (OW2)

    With the rigors of weightlessness, one must maintain oneself in peak physical condition; the Exercise Chamber provides such a place for motivation, continued growth and inner strength. It is also a sanctuary.

  • Out the Window (OW1)

    The mission, once again, was a resounding success. New Astronauts are immediately needed, any interested applicants, may leave their name with the onboard DIX computer, Space Station Phallus assignments will be issued when the appropriate quota has been reached. Once assigned, reporting to the ...

  • Woody's Morning (WM)

    He tastes good. He can see why his cum is devoured so anxiously by those who thirst for it. He is sweet and thick. He feels his ass muscles twitch. He feels wet. Drenched. Sweaty. He shifts in the bed as the twitching has magnified. It feels good, almost as if he has been fucked.

  • "Hey man, whatcha doin'?" (HMW)

    ...before stopping at the base, squeezing hard, before he resumes his gliding, back up its length. After traveling the full length of my tool, one time, he spreads the discharged juice he pumped from my inner most depths across the mushroomed head of my cock. I hear myself, gasp, at the sensitivity ...

  • The Hunting Lodge - Travis & Sean (HL5) CONCLUSION

    "Ahh, that feel so good," I moan as his tongue laps at my hairy hole, "get me wet, lover, get my hairy hole ready for that cock of yours."He slurps me up with wild abandonment, like a prisoner locked up in sustained confinement, deprived of food, readying himself for his last meal, which is my ...

  • The Hunting Lodge - Preacher Man (HL4)

    Poulan spreads his legs, leaning back, propped up in a makeshift 'V' on the bending of his arms. The sweat is doing the same across his furry body too. He raises his hips, pushing his shaft, more and more into my mouth, forcing me to swallow him, deeper. "Swallow it, Travis," he says, "Swallow that ...

  • The Hunting Lodge - I Watch Them (HL3)

    ...spurts erupt from his cock, as he shoots gobs of white man-juice onto his hairy-furred chest, as he has leaned back onto the bed of his truck, with his legs propped up, exposing his gloriously hairy hole, when he commenced shooting his load. He covers his muscle-defined furred chest and even ...

  • The Hunting Lodge - Out in the Woods (HL2)

    I fondle my cock as it is freed from my clothing. The slight morning coolness hardens both of my nipples. I reach and tweak them with my strong hairy fingers, feeling them grow even harder in the air. My cock reacts to the stimulation too and begins to stiffen up because of the nipple play. "You ...

  • Natural -Selection- (N2)

    The story continues from 'Natural.' What was intended to be ONE story has inadvertently developed into a longer story. Enjoy. More to come.

  • The Hunting Lodge - By the Fireplace (HL1)

    The Story Continues from...The House for Men, Part 1 (Chapters 1-21), Asleep On the Couch, Part 2 (Chapters 1-10), now, The Hunting Lodge, Part 3. New Characters. Recurring Characters.

  • Natural (N1)

    We delve into another passion-fueled kiss, exchanging more saliva between us as we get more excited. He lays his leg over mine, scooting closer as our cocks grow ever harder, leaking our pre-cum onto the lily-white sheets. He forces me down, from my side, to my back, lying on top of my open splayed ...

  • Gary's Self-Storage: An Oral Encounter

    A Complete Story. Based on actual circumstances. No kidding. Enjoy.

  • Asleep on the Couch - Back Home (AS10) CONCLUSION

    As I thrust in, I direct him to the nearest wall to stabilize our passion. He gets what I am doing and walks, filled with my cock, squeezing me, not letting me disengage from his inner chamber. Once we get to the wall, I press hard against him, shoving my cock further into him, plunging myself deep ...

  • Asleep on the Couch - Reynolds Takes His Turn (AS9)

    Sean backs up, exposing his open vulnerable ass to me. It waits for my cock. It wants to be plunged deep into his anticipated butt. I have wanted his ass for the longest time now, since he first hung from 'the Ropes' in Randy's shop. His ass is inviting, it has welcomed many cock today, now it is ...

  • Asleep on the Couch - Four Into Sean (AS8)

    "Who is going first?" Sean says further spreading his legs, welcoming whoever will enter his hole, first, as he rubs his hands across his hairy-ringed anal canal. His hairy hole, offered up as an invitation, waiting to be answered with an RSVP cock. "Spread those legs, boy, I get first dibs on that ...