Russ strips off his clothes, the floppy straw hat, pulls the shirt over his head, and then drops his shorts and then the white Fruit-of-the-Looms; they all end up in a lump in the grass.

He is as naked as we are now.

He is exposed and there is no turning back.

The man is pale, there is no doubt about it but his ass is heaven or it will be.

Nate walks, up to him, proud and lust-filled, with his cock in hand.

"You want to suck my cock before I plow your ass with it?" Nate says...demands.

"I want to suck both of your cocks, right now, Paul come here," Russ commands me.

I walk from the tree to Nate's side; Russ is on bent knees and already has Nate's swelled cock in his mouth, as I am steadily stroking mine as I wait.

He then takes his mouth off Nate's engorged cock; makes a puckered noise as he slowly removes his lips from the boss's male member.

He turns to my cock.

Russ licks the pre-cum from my cock and whirls his tongue around my fully engorged cock-head and my nearly purple mushroom heavily veined cock.

"I have wanted this piece of meat for the longest time," he says, "You have teased me for months in the room, when we have worked out of town like we are now. I wanted to tell you to 'fuck me' so many times."

After saying that, he swallows my cock down to my sweaty pubes and almost gags on it as the mushroom-helmeted head, hits the back of his throat. He goes up and down, up and down and surprises me occasionally when he comes up to the head and sucks on it, devoting all tongue action to it.

"Mmm, Paul that is some sweet tasting cum, you got there man, I knew it would be, "he says.

He removes his mouth from my swelled cock. Russ then goes back to Nate, who has been steadily stroking his own cock and licking his lips.

"The man does have some sweet tasting spunk, "Nate says, "I can vouch for that. I had two mouthfuls of it in my room last night."

"So that's what you two were doing?" Russ says.

"Yes," Nate says, "and we would have fucked you if you had opened the door."

"Really?" he answers Nate.

"Now get back to sucking me," Nate orders.

"Yes sir."

Russ resumes the sucking of Nate's cock, the slow steady pace of his suck is deliberate, he wants it to last, and we want it to last.

I continue stroking my cock; I am near ready to explode.

"Get up off your knees, Russ, I want to feel that hot ass of yours," Nate barks to Russ.

Russ slowly rises from his kneeled position but does not disengage himself from the blowjob he is giving. The man is skilled and is no virgin; he knows exactly what he is doing.

Nate and I may believe we are in control of this situation but the truth may be, Russ has manipulated us for the longest time.

Nate puts his middle finger into his mouth and wets it with his spit, moistening it for what I know is coming next. Nate leans forward toward Russ' ass but Russ does not stop his sucking, he seems to have increased the suction.

"Good boy, yeah, that's good, "proclaims Nate as he notices the increase pressure of Russ' mouth. I suspect Russ knows where the long hairy finger of Nate's is going.

Nate teases Russ' ass, which is quite hairy and blonde, with the moistened finger, just like everything else on Russ.

He slowly inserts the finger into the ass, Russ gasp as the finger is inserted, a soft stifled moan escapes from his hard-at-work mouth as he continues sucking on Nate's cock, never stopping.

Nate proceeds to fuck Russ with his finger, starting slow but building in speed and momentum as he is priming it for the two cocks, ours, that will be there soon.

I let out a moan, which Russ notices. I had continued my stroking, as the action around me is keeping me hard and wanting more.

Russ stops sucking Nate's cock and disengages himself from it.

"Are you about to cum, Paul?" he asks.

"I am getting close, "I tell them, my heart rate is up, I am barely able to stand.

Russ immediately starts sucking on my cock. He stays centered on my cock-head, licking it, playing with it, as he has figured out that that is where I am at my most sensitive. He knows what he is doing. Next to Nate, he is the most skilled cocksucker I have ever had, he maybe even be better than Nate but I will not tell Nate that.

I can feel the pressure in my balls, my ass twitches, the muscles tighten in my back as I ready myself to release my load.

Nate is still finger-fucking Russ' ass but he is looking at me as I am being sucked by Russ, he is stroking his own cock furiously as he watches us.

"Fuck, "I yell out as I explode in Russ' mouth.

Some birds in the trees above us, take to the sky as they are alarmed by my loud outburst.

Russ takes all of my baby-batter; he swallows every drop, never once coming off my cock until he has drained all I have to offer from my hard tool.

I am spent.

This causes Nate to lose it, which Russ is ready and prepared for. He quickly removes himself from my own spent cock and goes back to Nate's; within seconds Nate unleashes his load from his balls deep down Russ' throat.

He yells out an 'oh fuck' to rival my own exclamation seconds earlier. Russ guzzles his load down, which mixes in the mouth of our 'not' so virgin friend, the Instrument Man, Russ. His job title suits him as he is man with a wonderful 'mouth' instrument and he knows how to use it.

Nate and I, panting from the heat and our loss of sperm, spent but happy.

"Stand up, Russ," Nate orders Russ in his usual commanding tone, "I want you're cum now, boy."

Russ, the boy, is in his twenties, while Nate, the daddy-man is approaching forty.

Nate removes his finger from Russ' ass, as it has been in Russ' ass during all this action, steadily finger fucking him.

Russ stands and Nate kneels on bended knee to blow Russ' cock.

Nate starts a steady rhythmic sucking of Russ' cock, slowly and delicately taking the hard tool in his mouth. Russ has been leaking pre-cum like a fountain, much more than either Nate or I have, so much more.

"Real tasty cum, boy," Nate says to Russ.

Nate takes his mouth off Russ' cock for a second to wet his finger; he takes the cock of our blonde friend back in his mouth and re-inserts his finger back into Russ' loosened hole. As soon it is placed back in the dark confines of his ass, Russ unloads his spunk down Nate's throat, instantly. Nate had hit Russ' sweet spot.

He moans, his body jerks, as his seed is unleashed. He jumps and pivots on Nate's finger like a man possessed. The orgasm is felt throughout Russ' whole body.

Nate swallows the cum offering from our young blonde stud, his throat gurgling as he consumes the gift. Russ finishes and Nate removes his mouth, licks his lips of the cum that is there.

"Oh shit, "Nate shouts out, "man what a cum."

"Damn, I have never seen a guy cum like that, "I say.

Russ regains his composure as the orgasm subsides. His breathing becomes more stable.

"You should see me when I am being fucked," he says.

"We will, "Nate said, "soon."

We stand for a moment in the sun and collect ourselves from the intense orgasms we have all just experienced.

"I am thirsty," I say as I am overtaken with the need for water.

Nate and Russ agree and we make our way to the truck to replenish our bodies. We had sweated buckets, before and after, our group action, our first.

Nate takes one of the Dixie cups, used for drinking, full of water and pours it over his head, repeating this several times, to cool his body. He howls in delight as the ice-cold water shocks his body and hardens his nipples as it runs down the length of his torso. He drinks several more and the sounds of relief escape from his lips. Russ and I do the same as the sun and the rigorous activity we just finished has overheated us.

Nate drinks his water but he is still enthused by the sight of Russ' naked ass, as he walks about. The tiny hairs on Nate's ass dance in the cool breeze of the shade where our work truck is parked.

"I still want that ass, Russ, "Nate says, for all to hear.

"You can have it man, you can fuck me till I scream, "he says, "but we need to get some work done, I think."

"You are right man, if we want to leave tomorrow by 2 p.m. we better get a move on," he says.

"You think we can be finished by then, "I ask.

"Fuck yes, "he says.

I am relieved, that means we can be back in Tallahassee by at least by 9 p.m., we still have to go by Brandon to drop the data off, as far as I know or we may just take it back with us. The CAD (computer-aided design) people are in our Tallahassee office anyway, so drawing up the data from our work can be translated into workable plans.

I sigh with relief, which Nate hears.

"So that sounds good to you, Paul, I take it, "Nate says.

"Damn Skippy, it does, "I answer with some obvious joy in my voice.

"You plan to go with me to my friend Bob's house on Saturday, still, "he asks.

"Yep, I am, "I say, "You are picking me up, right?"

"Yes, "he says, "Russ, you are welcome to come too, you would be warmly received."

"I will not be able to go, "Russ says, "My mom expects me to come over for supper this Saturday."

"I understand," he says, "but I will hold you to going another time. We have to keep our mom's happy though."

The dynamic of the crew has changed, just as it did with Nate and me earlier. We are men who have shared a very intimate moment.

"Let's get back to work," Nate says, "we still have several hours of light left. Let's make the best of it."

We all agree and pick up where we left off.

"...but I am working naked, "Nate says, "Everyone else can too."

"Hell, yes, "I say aloud.

We all do.

The only clothing we have on is our baseball caps, Nate and I, while Russ puts his large floppy straw hat back on.

It is then that we do a group piss.

We stand side by side as men and empty our bladders, seeing who can make the longest piss stream. We dance our pee together in some shared celebratory male rite of passage, as we commemorate our first shared group blowjob.

Nate and I continue to fondle our cocks, as we work, we lose and regain our hard-ons several times, and give playful gabs back and forth, about how it is going to feel to pound Russ' ass with our fuck poles.

Russ hears this as Nate keeps him apprised of the fuck he is going to be getting from us. Russ welcomes this banter and wants it as much as we are willing to give it to him.

Russ even strokes himself as he stands behind the instrument, no longer worried or hiding who he is.

The work proceeds without incident, the continuous walking, stopping, and getting the shots until we thought we had been caught. A truck was heard barreling down the dirt road on the tree-lined fence in the distance. It did not stop though, as far as we knew, we could not be seen, but the dust cloud from the speeding truck did cause us some alarm. We assume it is a truck as there are orange orchards along the stretch of SR 70 that are attended to by orange growers.

It would not be good or professional for our company to be caught with three naked male surveyors out in the field on a job.

How would we explain it?

We could not and knew it but we kept working naked anyway until about an hour before dusk.

"Let's call it a day guys," Nate says, satisfied we could finish with a minimal amount of work tomorrow.

We had gotten this section complete. All we had left was a very small corner and it was mainly open with just a few trees. Nate had planned this job well to maximize the fastest and smartest sections to get the shots. He knows his job well.

He was also one hell of a cocksucker too. The man has many talents.

We pick up our equipment; pack it in the compartmented sections in the campered bed of out truck.

We are standing at the open tailgate and open camper top at the back of our truck.

Where are our clothes?

We wonder.

They are still in piles, where we left them, when we started the suck-fest. Nate and mine are in a lump by the large oak and Russ' are not too far from ours. We had worked nearly four hours completely nude.

Nate and I are a little browner, where once we were sporting a pale midsection, it has now started to darken, and we are getting all-over tans. Russ has started turn a light shade of red, a fair-skinned guy really should not be bare-assed in the bright Florida sun. He said he was not burned, okay, he may say something different tomorrow.

"I want the cocks of you two," Russ says as he places the last piece of equipment in the bed of the truck.

That was all it took to get the action started again, those words.

We had done our work, now was the time to play again, hell, now was the time to fuck.

Nate walked a few paces to Russ and gave him the longest strongest and the most intense kiss he could plant on his mouth. Which caught Russ unaware, as it was a complete surprise. He did not expect it but he did embrace it with the passion with which Nate is gladly giving him.

I stand back and watch, I am caught off-guard by it too.

Nate said he was Bi- but he never attempted to kiss me with such intensity last night, he never even got near my face to try. He just devoured my cock like some wild animal and wanted more, if I would have given it to him.

I had never kissed a guy.




Let blow me and swallow my load.




Kissing is not what you do when the sex is casual. There are unwritten rules and etiquette to conducting a sexual affair.

Nate is married, to a woman.

Kissing is something more and that more he has is for Russ, is beyond sex.

Nate breaks the passionate embrace with Russ.

"I suppose here is better than back at the hotel room," Nate says, "I would rather fuck outside, like I have done before than in a room."

He had fucked on the job as he had hinted at me yesterday. I think to myself.

"Turn around, "Nate tells Russ, "I want to eat out that sweaty ass of yours, I guess you have tightened up since my fingering from hours ago."

Russ complies. He puts his right leg up on the open tailgate of the truck, allowing easier access to his tight puckered hole.

"That's right, "Nate says, "Give me that ass."

Nate bends at the waist to indulge himself in the ass that he has longed for, for so long.

Russ moans as the hard wet tongue of his boss darts in and out and around his tight hole.

Nate is also furiously stroking his cock, getting his man-tool ready for the ass he has wanted for a very long time.

"C'mere Paul, "Russ says to me, "I want to feast on that cock of yours as he prepares my fuck-hole."

"I am going to fuck that sweet ass of yours too, "I say, "Nate is just going to loosen it for me."

Russ smiles with a devilish grin.

"Good," he says, "You can have sloppy seconds," with a 'I cannot wait' expression on his face.

I make my way to where they are. I am hard, myself, as are they; I am harder than I have ever been before in my life, I think.

I am so ready to fuck.

I get up on the tailgate so my cock will be within Russ' reach, and sit on the wooden homemade compartments in the bed of the truck, so he can work his magic on my hard shaft. I am already leaking pre-cum at the prospect that my cock will soon be in that lily-white ass, which is now a shade of pink from the sun. We maneuver ourselves and start the action.

Nate is going down on Russ' hole, eating through the blonde hairs and loosening the tight puckered hole. Which each lick and tonguing by Nate, Russ lets out a mumbled yelp as he devours me.

I am skull fucking Russ' mouth, from my almost seated position, and keeping him filled with my tool. My hand is moving his head in a steady rhythm as my cock goes and in and out of his salivating mouth.

His face is contorted as he is being slobbered over by the rimming skills of Nate.

If Nate's rimming skills are as superior as his blowjob skills, Russ is experiencing some intense pleasure from his tongue.

Nate rises up from Russ' hole.

"I am ready to fuck that hole, enough of this, "Nate says," I have gotten you lose enough, now is the time."

We change positions.

I sit on the tailgate; Russ resumes sucking my swelled cock, and bends further down to accommodate the swelled cock of Nate.

We have no lube or condoms with us.

Russ says it's okay, just does not want us to cum in him.

Nate lathers his cock with his own spittle, which mixes with the spit from his rim job and inserts his massive blood engorged cock into Russ' spit-lubed hole.

Russ screams, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," as Nate slides his cock in, up to his pubes.

"Oh shit, Russ, "Nate says, "Your ass is tight."

Nate proceeds to pound the ass with all his might. The sweat starts too built and perspire from Nate as he physically exerts himself into a fervor, pounding Russ' ass.

Russ intensifies the suction on my cock as his ass is fucked with such power and strength.

"Here is something a little special for you," Russ says. He had stopped sucking my cock for a second to deliver a message to Nate.

"Oh...oh...oh shit," Nate says, "squeeze the walls of your ass, yeah, get tighter, yeah that's it."

Russ had worked the insides of his ass muscles walls to put pressure on Nate's cock as he pounded him.

I know it feels good.

I like it myself when my swelled mushroom cock-head is choked by the muscular walls of an ass. Squeezing the cum out of the cock as it plunges harder and harder into the dark crevice.

"Hey Nate," I say, "let me get my turn at that ass."

"Sure, bud, c'mon, "Nate says, "It is one tight ass but I am not done. I want more."

"There is plenty for the both of you, "Russ says, "No need to fight, you two can have all you want."

I get up from sitting on the tailgate and trade spots with Nate. He sits on the tailgate and Russ starts working on his still hard cock.

"You taste yourself?" Nate says," You like it, don'cha ya?"

Russ nods his head and continues with a blowjob on Nate.

Nate smiles, pleased with himself, some self-satisfying moment met with Russ' acknowledgement. Nate is one happy man.

I look at the sweet ass of Russ.

I want it.

I drop some spittle from my mouth onto my cock. I do this a few times to coat it for the ferrous fucking I am going to give Russ.

I stroke myself for a second then my plunge my cock into the blonde-haired ass of my friend. His tight ass swallows up my engorged purplish-colored veiny cock-head.

"Oh fuck," Russ, screams out, "I can feel your cock-head in me, fuck me, fuck me, Paul."

Russ said he would scream when he was fucked, he just did.

"What a fucking nice 20-something ass, "I say, "You are tight, milking my cock, Russ ole buddy. Yeah, keep it up."

Russ responds by tighting his ass muscles on my cock, as he did with Nate.

"Oh yeah, boy, squeeze that ass, squeeze that ass," I say as I pound him as the daylight fades slowly, as the sun is setting in the western sky.

We are all drenched in sweat; the fucking has brought out the animal in all three of us.

Russ takes his mouth off Nate's cock for a moment to make an announcement.

"I want both of you to double penetrate me," he says, "I want to feel those two mighty cocks in my hole at one time."

"...and where do you want to this," Nate says, excitement in his voice but questioning how.

"Right here, right now," he says, "...but do not stop fucking me, Paul. Your cock feels good with your fat mushroom head in me. DAMN!"

I can see Nate trying with his methodical mind to envision where this can happen. The Surveyor in him is looking for the solution. He has waited for this ass for the longest and he still wants more of it and will do anything to accommodate the wishes of Russ.

"I got it," Nate suddenly screams out.

"Where?" I say.

Russ stops sucking Nate's cock and says "where" too.

"Everyone get their clothes and we will use them as blanket to lay on," Nate says, "Paul and I will sit opposite of each and intertwine our legs and get our cocks next to each other. That way Russ, can ride both of us, together."

"Sounds good to me," I say.

"Me too, "Russ says, "I want to be filled with both pieces of your man-meat."

I stop my fucking and Russ, his sucking.

I pull out slowly.

"Damn, I hate that your cock is out of me, "Russ says as he leans over to give me a kiss on my cheek.

I smile at him.

We gather up our clothes. It does not make much of a 'blanket' as we wear very little clothing but it will help with the grass and the itching.

The only itch that needs scratching right now is Russ' desire to be double penetrated by Nate's and mine cocks.

We are making sure it happens.

We lay out our clothes in a wide area, as large as we can make it.

All of our cocks are leaking pre-cum, it has not stop even for this interruption.

Nate leans down to take my cock in his mouth, sucks it for a second and then licks my swelled cock-head with his tongue getting the pre-cum that I am leaking in buckets.

"Still tasty and Russ' ass has made it all the sweeter," he says as he lifts his head from my cock.

Nate and I lay across the 'blanket' our legs intertwined and our cock's side-by-side, a thick massive cock shared by two men. This powerhouse of man-meat should stretch Russ' hole to epic proportions as he sits down on what we have to offer.

Nate grabs our cocks and begins stroking both of them in tandem, our cock juices mixing the pre-cum flowing from both of us, like a steady leaking faucet.

Russ is going to need this man-juice to lube his hole, I lean up and drop a dollop of spittle on our cocks, further lubing this massive beast before it enters Russ' tight little lily-white ass.

"Fuck, what a masterpiece," Russ says as he looks down at the Nate and I on the ground. He licks his lips. He is as turned on, excited by this as much as we are.

A friend and I had double fucked a girl before but this is the first time I had done another man. Of course, we were not outside on a day where the dusk of evening is quickly enveloping us as we fuck. I was in a hotel room, on a bed, doing it doggie-style while she was riding my friend. I added my cock to the mix, and my friend and I exploded deep in the tight pussy of the girl. It was great. We fucked the girl later on a different day. She wanted more of us.

Russ gets down on bended knees, takes our 'twin' cocks in his mouth, and gives us a celebratory blowjob, we had managed to grant him this wish, gladly, and he wanted to blow on our candles, so to speak.

"Ah, you guys are good, "Russ says, "Let's get that monster in my ass."

"Hell fucking yeah," Nate exclaims, as he has grown harder at the anticipation of Russ ass being planted on our combined pieces of man-meat.

"Fuck yeah," I say, "sit your ass down."

Russ squats over our cocks, positioning himself, using the knowledge learned from his years of surveying to center the instrument over the rebar with the tripod, to precision.

Our cocks are now another type of steel-hard rebar.

His ass, the (X) in the instrument that has to be centered over the point, is ready.

He eases himself down slowly.

I can feel the cock-head of Nate as the tight ass of Russ' deep hole swallows us up; we mesh into one piece of dick.

Russ lets out a low deep guttural moan.

Nate and I let out a 'fuck' in unison.

We are one.

Russ has sunk his ass down to our hairy pubes.

He sits there for a moment, letting the 'twin' cocks stretch the confines of his ass.

He wiggles taking the both of us into his innards.

"Oh fuck, you two feel great," Russ says.

Nate and I say nothing, the pressure is tremendous and tight but oh, so wonderful.

Russ begins to raise himself up slowly and then back down again. Our pre-cum and spit lubing each time he is self-drilling his hole with our cocks.

Russ' cock is hard. The hardest I have seen it today, he is squealing, pleading with himself not to cum, screaming again.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck, "he bellows out with each plunge he makes on our cocks as he rides us in a mad fury.

We are all screaming and making noises as we fuck. The noises wild and animalistic, if someone is hearing us, it may sound as though someone is writhing in pain or an intense ecstasy filled moment.

Three wild man-beasts engaged in a ménage à trois of male bonding.

Each thrust onto our cocks brings him closer and closer, his body is shaking uncontrollably.

He shoots his load.

It covers his face as his cock is pointed straight toward him.

Still shaking from his cum, he just experienced.

He sits back down on us, resting in our pubes.

Taking the descent slow onto our still rock-hard cocks, he is not finished as we have not released our cum, which he knows.

"Your cocks have stretched my hole further than any past fucks," Russ says, "The other guys did not possess the girth of you two."

"That is what you get when you let real men fuck you, Russ," Nate says, "Like me and Paul, not like some of the college guys; I assume who have fucked you."

Russ continues to ride us; his pace is slow and steady, as he lifts his body up and down on our 'twin' cocks.

"Nate, I have been fucked by one of the quarterbacks from the college back home in Tallahassee," Russ says, "his cock is as big as yours but he does not have your or Paul's skills."

I can feel my cock starting to release more cum. The talk of Russ' past fucks has further excited me.

My cock is veiny, stretched to its manhood maximum, as each slide down of Russ' ass on our hard poles; which I can see them in the fading light.

"I am about cum," I yell out.

"I felt your cock jump in my ass," Russ says, "I know you are ready."

Russ raises his ass from our cocks and lets out a sigh, as his ass is free.

He gets on his knees and takes me into his mouth.

The pre-cum is flowing from our cocks which is mixed with Russ' own juices.

Nate reaches up with his hand and begins fingering Russ vacated ass, while he starts to stroke his own cock with the juices covering it.

"Boy, we have loosened that ass, real well," Nate says, "it isn't as tight as it was earlier."

Russ begins furiously bobbing up and down on my cock.

I can feel my balls tighten, ready to release its seed.

I do.

I feel my cum travel up my piss-shute and into Russ' awaiting mouth.

I scream out in pleasure.

Another loud 'fuck' screamed out in the closing minutes of the Florida day.

Russ takes it all. He guzzles it down with happy anticipation.

Nate is near his explosion of cum too.

Russ moves his head to Nate's cock and gives it a suck.

Nate deposits his load soon after, his noises echo my own as he lets part of himself go down Russ' gullet too.

Nate and I lay still for a second on the ground to collect ourselves; we are spent, as the loads have drained us, as has the sun, of our strength.

"Thanks, guys," Russ, says, "I have wanted that a long time from you two."

Nate stands up, as do I.

"You are going to walk funny for awhile, "Nate says, "I bet, after be filled with so much cock."

"I know, I will," Russ says, "and I will gladly accept it."

Russ rubs his ass in a gentle motion for Nate to see.

Nate smiles at him.

"You can still have more, "Nate says, "Once we get back to the hotel."

"Good, I want more," Russ, says, "what 'bout you Paul, can I have more of that cock of yours?"

"You can have all you want, "I say, "but right now I can eat a horse, I am starving."

"Me too," says Nate.

"Me too," Russ agrees.

We collect our clothes but do not put them on, we place them on the seat next to us, except Russ; he slips on his Fruit-of-Looms. We want the cooling night air to dry the days sweat from our bodies as we travel back to Arcadia.

Nate takes the driver seat. Russ the passenger side and I take my spot in the extra seat behind them.

The inside light comes on as we get into the truck.

Nate cranks the truck and we make our way to the nearest gate, which is on the tree-lined fence. Our truck headlights come on automatically, as daylight has completely fallen.

As we approach the open gate, two headlights illuminate the path in front of us from the opposite direction and mingle with our own.

It is another vehicle.

We proceed on.

We do not rush or attempt to dress, what would be the point?

It is a truck and a man; he is standing next to it.

As we get nearer, the man is naked, as we are.

Nate stops, we do not hide our nakedness, it is too late.

"Hi there," Nate says to him as we stop, "nice night, huh?"

"Yeah real nice, "the man says," it's been a great watching you three fuck, good thing I doubled back and decided to check you out and watch when I saw y'all naked."

He is stroking his hard cock. He is a regular guy, not to muscular, average, with some body hair, older than the three of us. He is in his fifties would be my guess, out about his business when he stumbled on us.

"Thanks again for the show," he says, as he shoots his load onto to grass for us to see. He moans as his wad is released.

We drive out of the gate.



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