Bang. Bang. Bang.

I can hear the pounding on the door as I am standing in the shower. The hot water waking me from my sleepy slumber, as it caresses my stiff muscles. I am still groggy. I overslept this morning. I knew the moment I stepped into the shower, Nate would show up but I am not going to miss my morning shower, I could not function without it. I usually shower twice a day, once in the morning to wake up and at night to unwind.

"You gonna get that Russ," I yell out from the bathroom.

"Yeah, I got it, "Russ says.

It is Nate, which I knew. He appears like clockwork. I hear him barrel into the room as I turn the shower off. He is loud. I know he hears the shower going and he is going to make the point to say it is time to go.

"We need to get a move on, guys," Nate says as I step out the shower.

Told you.

I am standing there drying myself off, bare-assed naked and in all my glory and sporting a little morning wood when Nate leans in. He pauses a moment and stares at me. We make eye contact. He tugs on his cock, adjusting himself. His cock is visibly hard. I guess he had a morning erection too, what guy doesn't.

"I will meet you guys at the truck," I tell Nate as I dry my cock and balls in front of him.

"Okay," he says, with some obvious anger in his voice, he is not in a hurry to leave; he continues to linger in the bathroom doorway looking at me.

"Go on downstairs, I will be there," I say, somewhat irritated at his staring.

He takes one long glance at me and leaves with Russ in tow.

They leave the hotel room door ajar which I find out when I come out of the bathroom.

"Assholes, "I murmur under my breathe, if anyone walks by, they will see me.

They will get a treat, as I do not care who sees me naked, I have a little exhibitionist streak in me anyhow.

I do not bother closing the door as I finish drying and dress.

I put on my shirt, my flimsy fleece shorts, my work boots, grab my ball cap and head out the door. This is my work 'uniform.' I do not even care about putting on deodorant because in a few hours it will not matter. I will have rivers of sweat running off my body and it would disappear by then any way.

I am still slightly hard as I leave the room.

In my shorts, the bulge is noticeable, as is the outline of my cockhead. The fabric accentuates it. It looks like some World War 2 helmet outlined in my shorts, although much smaller.

You can tell I am commando.

I rub my cock down, I am not ashamed but I do not want to be seen as some pervert either by the other hotel guest in the breakfast cubbyhole.

I head to the hotel lobby, grab a couple boxes of cereal, some orange juice and make my way to the truck. My over-sleeping will not cost me my breakfast. I am going to need it for the morning ahead. Nate does not do the breakfast thing as I have said before, while we are out of town, you eat the Continental Breakfast at the hotel or you do without. As I said, the guy can be an ass; breakfast is one instance when he proves the point. Being late is another one.

I make my way to the truck, it is 7:15 a.m., Nate is going to be hell today, and it is my fault.

I get into the backseat of the truck and wait for the chewing out.

"I said I wanted to leave by 7 a.m. Paul," Nate says angrily.

He is in bitchy mood. At times, he can be worse than a woman about his complaining. This is gonna be a fun day, I see that now. I was late, it happens. Give it a rest already as I think to myself.

"Sorry, man," I say. It does not change anything but I say it anyway. I want it to at least appear that I care he is pissed but I do not.

I start scarfing down my juice and cereal. Once we get to the jobsite, it is going to be all business.

We make it to the site and do an elevation run from the benchmark to one of the rebar we placed yesterday. This is when I am the "rod-man."

Nate draws it up while Russ and I do it.

This is standard procedure, as you have to determine what the elevation is of the site.

Nate and I take our shirts off the moment the sun starting heating up the day. It was going to be another hot one but I hope I will be doing some swimming in one of the ponds that dot the pasture.

I expect Nate and Russ will change out every now and then on the survey instrument throughout the day, as Nate can only do so much while we are "shooting" the field. I will be darting from tree-to-tree, getting any noticeable change in land elevation. I will be doing a lot of walking and a lot of stopping, as it has to be quite detailed for a topo survey. I will have my "rod" (or prism pole) in hand, nope, not my cock, although I am sure the more I sweat, I will be touching myself more and more, but the "rod" with the reflective prism on the top will be used to get the measurements.

I know what my measurements are.

Nate estimates we can get this job done in four days; that is counting the time from yesterday too. So three total days for the work, I hope he is right.

So off, we start, I could bore you with the continuous walking and everything but I will spare those details.

Let me jump ahead to after lunch. We went back into Arcadia and found a decent place to eat and got the cooler filled with ice and water, we were going to need it in the afternoon.

Nate got over his attitude and seemed to relax, he would walk and talk with me as Russ got the shots, he also had to make sure that what was needed was gotten; I did not have enough experience or so Nate thinks to know all the shots that are needed. I humor Nate in his assumptions and just do what he says to avoid his wrath.

It is while we are walking that I notice that Nate has had a hard-on for most of the day, something has him excited. I think he noticed I was looking at his crotch when our conversation suddenly changed to a more personal one.

"So are you a nudist, Paul, "Nate asks me, "You are always naked when we go on these out of town jobs. Why is that?"

I pause but then answer him.

"I suppose I am, I am usually naked at home, so why not be when I am in the hotel room. "

"Does it bother you to be naked around Russ," he asks.

"Naw, I am fine with it. Has Russ said something to you about it," I ask.

"No, Russ has said nothing, I am just curious," he says, "It would be nice to get naked now. I am soaked to the bone with sweat."

I am surprised he said it but I had been thinking the same thing myself.

I do my yard work naked at home. I have a high fence and am not seen by the neighbors.

"Yeah, it would, "I answer and am wondering where this is going, if it is going anywhere.

He unbuttons his shorts and I see the top of his pubes. He reaches into his shorts and does a cock adjustment; the shorts do not fall as they are firmly resting on his muscular hips.

I feel my own cock stiffen up too. Unlike in his hiking shorts, my fleece shorts do not hide my hard-on. There is a tent on the rise in my shorts, my pubes are exposed and the shape of my cock-head is clearly seen by Nate.

I can feel the pre-cum leaking from my hard cock but the sweat that has completely drenched my shorts, hides it, it is not noticed but I can feel it as it makes it way up my piss canal.

"You sporting some wood there man, "Nate says to me.

"Yep, "I say, "it happens."

"I understand, one of the best fucks I ever had, happened on a survey job I was doing," he says.

"Oh, "I say. I am caught off-guard by this comment.

We continue our walking; I stop randomly, to get a tree or a change in elevation or because I walked so many feet and it was time for one, so Russ can get the data. He is far enough away and is unable to hear the conversation between Nate and me.

"So what happened on this job, "I ask him.

Nate does not answer me, he just gives his cock another fondle by reaching into the unbuttoned top of his shorts with his hands. He does not hide what he is doing, as he is standing in front of me. He is making his actions obvious.

I feel my cock twitch. I believe I could cum without even touching myself.

"Hey man, you must be really horny; your cock is about to bust out of those shorts, "Nate says to me. He still does not answer my question about the best sex he had on a survey job.

I believe this is the hardest I had ever been on a job, and I have been hard on a few survey jobs, but with the other crews, I worked with in the past, I could hide it but with Nate so close, he is seeing it all or almost all.

"It has been a while since I had a really good fuck and you talking about getting it on, on a past job, "I say, "has got me hard."

"Me too, "he says, "a nice fuck out here would be nice. I have always liked fucking outdoors."

"Me too, "I answer, "me too."

I am excited. As I said, it has been a while since I had a good fuck.

Now while all this is going on, Russ can see us, if he so chooses. All he has to do is look through the lens of the instrument; it is like a big magnifying glass. He may not hear our conversation but he can see my hard-on and Nate's too, if he has a hankering to.

It was then that by the fates of the universe, we came upon one of those small ponds. Was it serendipity? Or just the universe working its magic.

Nate began checking it out before I actually got close. He had walked ahead. He has his machete in case he needed it. I have mine by my side too. He was chopping off low hanging branches from some of the trees, for a better shot. The machete was also to use in case of a snakes, were they to make an appearance. This is rural Florida. Snakes are everywhere.

I could tell you about the 10 or more foot rattle snake I had slithering behind me one time on a job in Marianna, when I worked for another survey company. I do not like remembering that incident; "she" was stretched out length-wise and was making her way between my spread legs as I was holding the prism pole. I heard a rustling in the dried oak leaves, which blanketed the ground in the copse of trees we were in. "She" was behind me and fast approaching when I saw "her." I did not move, I admit I was nervous. I was scared. Who would not be? My machete was behind me, stuck in the dirt standing upright, in "her" path. It was closer to "her" than to me. I stood still and "she" stopped. It was a standoff, man verses rattlesnake and I had already decided my course of action.

I was going to shout out for help, which I did.

I did not move, that is what I did.

While this was going on the Survey Chief was in the process of killing a rattlesnake where he was. He had to come to me after he was finished to kill "her." I was afraid "she" would strike me if I even moved to get my machete. "She" was that close to me. My Survey Chief and I were both visibly nervous; apparently, we had stumbled onto a nest of vipers in this wooded area.

We finished that job quick but continued to see rattlesnakes; it is one aspect of doing survey work in Florida that I absolutely hate.

It left an impression on the both of us, true story. I kid you not. We had encountered snakes before on the job but this particular time there were just more than usual when I worked for this other company.

Well, enough about snakes, the dangerous deadly kind anyway.

Nate and I were both in possession of two rather hard trouser snakes ourselves as we worked.

I know I would have love to take my cock out and jack it off since I feel I am about to cum anyway; I could probably bust out one or two nuts. Nate could too, I imagine.

As Nate put some distance between us, I began to notice he would linger behind a tree for a minute or two, longer than necessary.

Was he pulling his pud?

I know he is as horny as I am. The hard-on in his shorts gives him away, just as mine does.

Nate walks up to me, his cock forming a tent in his shorts too. His pubes exposed through his open jeans and smiles. He is obviously happy to be showing off.

"Lets shoot the perimeter of the pond then you are going to need to get in the water so we can get its depth," he says.

"Good, "I say, "I have been waiting for this all day."

"Me too," Nate says, although he mumbles it, I hear him.

Nate radios Russ and tells him the plan. Russ signals with a thumb up. Message received.

I circle the pond with the prism pole, Nate is at my side, making sure, I get the right shots in the right places. He continues to fondle himself. His shorts are so wet. There is not a dry spot on him or on me. My cock had lost some of its hardness but it is still clearly visible in my shorts. The feeling I could cum without touching myself has passed.

The day is hot and I am not sure it is from the heat or the Florida sun.

Russ still has his shirt on and his flimsy straw hat. He has stayed behind the instrument all day. Nate has not taken any shots, like he usually does, but has decided to stay by my side throughout the day; this is not his usual actions when we do a topo.

Nate and I had made numerous trips to the truck to get water; Nate had managed to keep it close by but out of the pathway of the shots.

Usually each of us keeps an extra set of clothes with us because of situations like this, in the off chance that you might be getting into some water. We could then change into dry clothes once we got out. Well, since I had been running late this morning, I forgot and when we went back into town to eat and get water, we did not go back the hotel.

So I am without dry clothes when I get out the water.

Do not get me wrong as I said earlier talking to Nate, I would jump at the chance of getting naked in the outdoors. Heck, I am not opposed to working naked, like who the hell is going see me out here. Nate and Russ have already seen me naked; Russ has even seen me with a raging morning boner. I sleep naked and then walk to bathroom from my bed for my morning piss, cock at full attention, I had a piss hard-on, which he saw. So these guys seeing me naked is not the problem, it is the where now, that is the problem.

I have also seen Russ' morning woodies, he tried to hide them but the obvious rises in his tighty-whities on those days were unmistakable.

"So you gonna get in the water, you know we need to get those shots," Nate's ill temper has returned. It must be the heat or his sexual frustration, which brought the asshole attitude that I have grown to expect from him back.

"I forgot my extra clothes," I tell him.

He pauses. The gears are turning in his head.

"Well, shuck'em, work naked," he says, "You said you wanted to. Now do it."

"What?" I say, "What about Russ running back to his dad and telling him."

I am leery. I do not want to lose my job.

"Let me worry 'bout that, "he tells me.

Yes, I am worried as I think to myself. Could I get fired for this? I need this job.

Nate suddenly grabs the sides of his shorts and drops them to the ground. His cock springs to life and is semi-erect. He fondles his cock and balls for a moment, loosening them from his sweat soaked pubes.

I say nothing. I did not expect him to do it but he did.

This is the first time I have seen him bare-assed, in the months we have worked together. I am impressed. For a guy nearly 40 years old, he has a body of a 30 year old, my age. Although he has much more body hair than I have and is heavily muscled, unlike me, he looks very good. I hope I look as good as he does in another 10 years.

His cock is easily 10 inches when hard, it is not even fully erect now and it looks to be 8 inches, soft, as it lies in the sweat soaked pubes. His hard-on had deflated from its hardness earlier. I did see a thin string of pre-cum release from his cock as his shorts were pulled down. Seems I was not the only one leaking man-juice.

"Well get going, "he says, "Do it."

He orders like some drill sergeant or like some high school kid daring his buddy to streak through the gymnasium during a basketball game.

I drop my shorts. I am hard, although I am not at my fullest. I do not linger around but grab my machete and get into the water. I am not the impressive 10 inches I believe Nate to be but only 8 inches total in length but I am thicker, more girth and my cock-head is much bigger.

Nate looked me over as I drop trou and stared for a moment. The same looks he gave me at the hotel this morning. These long lingering lustful gazes, I did appreciate just did not know why he was doing it. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I went into the pond. I guess it is only fair; I did drool while looking at him.

It does feel good, the water, as it cools my cock and balls. The water level goes to the bottom of my nuts.

Apparently, this is a man-made pond and is not too deep.

"Y'all guys okay, "I hear Russ say on the walkie-talkie to Nate.

"Yeah, we're fine, "Nate says, "wanna join us?"

He radios back to Russ.

"Naw, I 'm good," he says, "tell Paul I got the shot, he can move."

"Okay," Nate says, he nods at me, which is the sign that Russ got the shot, while he has his hand on his cock; he is gently stroking it while looking at me. His back is to Russ, so I am the only one party to his display.

I feel my cock begin to harden even more.

I reach to give my cock a gentle stroke.

Nate smiles at me.

His cock is fully erect, 10 inches easy.

Is he going to join me in the water?

(Note: Any errors on the terms and procedures of land surveying are purely my own, it has been a few years since I did this type of work, so my recollection and accuracy maybe wrong. Thanks.)



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