"Paul, Nate just called, he wants you to come down to his room, "Russ tells me as I enter the room.

I had been outside walking in the parking lot, unwinding and thinking. The day had been full of surprises while we were out at the pond, so now what does Nate want?

Nate teased me with his cock jacking off, he never shot his load though and never got in the water, he just taunted me with his "personal" equipment, playing some game with me.

This game playing was the reason for my pondering. I did not know what the hell was happening or what I should do.

Is he going to bitch me out for being late this morning or is it something else?

I doubt it is going to be bitch-fest, he would have done that this morning, he whined a little but that seemed to be the end of it.

I make a bathroom stop to take a piss, the beer I had earlier wants to be freed. My bladder is screaming for relief. I am an alcohol lightweight, I admit.

I had gone to the convenience store across the street from the hotel and bought one. I wanted something to calm my conflicting thoughts. I am not usually one to drink, but figured one beer would not hurt. I know, most southern boys are thought of as beer guzzling good ole boys. Well, some are but I am not one of them. I drink one on occasion but it has been years between bottles.

I come out and decide to go see what Nate wants.

I admire my cock as I pull up my fleece shorts, I guess I am cock obsessed with my own member. I have no problem picking up pussy when I go out with my friends or fucking the occasional guy when he offers a good blowjob or more. I am proud of my manhood, as I should be. One should not be ashamed to be who they are or what they have been blessed with where their bodies are concerned.

"I am going to Nate's room, if I do not come back, "I say, "send out a search party, he probably has killed me."

I say this jokingly.

"Alright man, "Russ laughingly replies, "will do."

Russ is lying on his bed reading a drummer magazine. He is in a band, as its drummer. I have never heard his band but Russ' dad is always bragging about what a good group the band is to the people in the office.

I close the door and make my way down the hallway to Nate's room.

I knock on the door, not the loud banging; Russ and I get from Nate when he comes to visit us but a steady civilized knock.

"It's me, Paul," I shout out.

I hear the turning of the doorknob.

Nate opens the door.

He is naked, completely bare-assed, with the biggest hardest cock, I ever seen on a man. He has a silver cock-ring on, which shines, against the nest of his dark pubes. He is drying himself off with a towel, as he must have just gotten out of the shower.

"Come in," he says.

I do.


I cannot look away.

I do not think Nate wants me too either. He wants me to see.

"Have you had your shower yet, "he asks.


"Well, why don't you take one, "he says, "I will be waiting for you when you get out."

"Okay," I answer.

This is an interesting turn of events and not what I expected at all.

I throw my ball cap on the floor. I pull the salty-sweat stained T-shirt over my head, take off the dirty work boots and pull my sweaty smelling fleece shorts off leg by leg. My cock, fully hard, bounces back as it is freed from the confines of the clothing, it ricochets off my stomach. The pre-cum is already starting to flow from my balls, I feel them twitch as the juice is released. I stand motionless, so Nate can see me as I have seen him.


Exposed, and in my full masculine glory.

Is this more of his enticing, like earlier today or something more, no matter, I will play this game with him.

"I see you are hard again, just like you were today and leaking your juice."

"Yes," I answer the question he already knew the answer too, "I stay that way, as much as you do."

Nate gives a little chuckle and strokes his cock for me to see.

I turn slowly, so Nate can see my hairy ass, he seems particularly taken with that part of my anatomy along with my cock. I go into the bathroom and take a shower.

I must have worked my magic on him, even though I was unaware I had, move with counter-move, let the game begin.

To say I am surprised by this turn of events is an understatement but I am prepared too. Yes, I am awestruck by this recent turn of events but I will not bow to him, I am an Alpha Male too. I just play my game differently than him. I am the silent observant type, while he is the loud and boisterous one having to have the attention of others for some unknown reason.

If Nate wanted to hang out naked, he did not have to wait so long so do it. I enjoy male company, I always have but he maybe wanting more than just a nude buddy to hang out with him.

Now, I would not say I am gay, I have had man-to-man sex more than once but I do not "act" gay, if one can "act" gay, but I never thought Nate was, he is too much of a man's man. Which sounds the opposite of what is intended?

I am just myself. I do not cater to any stereotypes, or I do not think I do.

I turn on the shower adjust the temperature with the knobs until it is just right..

I soap myself up. I pay special attention to my balls and ass, I got extremely sweaty today, I need to make especially sure I am clean. I do not want any creeping crud from the day spoiling what I suspect is going to happen soon.

"Everything alright in there, "Nate shouts out from the other room.

"Everything is good, "I say.

My cock is hard; I am stroking it with the soapy foam that covers my body. I will not cum but I want to be as hard as he is too.

"That it is, "he says, although he says this at a lower volume, I still hear him.

I step out the shower and hear the sounds of fucking coming from the other room. Nate must be watching porn because I did not hear him open the door and let anyone in.

In the past, on a prior job, I had picked up a cum rag he had left on the floor by the bathroom, he made no excuses for having it. In fact, he wanted it known that that was what it was for. I knew he jacked-off in his room. I do too but since I have to share with Russ, he has almost caught me a few times. No big deal, I just know how he is about his virginity. I would not have stopped if he had caught me.

I dry myself but my cock is so hard and leaking pre-cum I can barely get dry without getting cum on the towel.

"Fuck it," I say to myself.

I walk into room; Nate is on the bed with his laptop open, slowly stroking his cock while somebody fucks on the laptop. The silver cock-ring is nestled in his very hairy and dense pubes but you can see it. I cannot make out who is fucking on the screen but based on the loud noises and squeals from what I hear, it is one intense fuck.

I like a fuck with a lot of noise, the more the better. The animalistic sound of a good fuck brings out the beast in me.

My cock gets harder just from the audio of what he is watching.

"You wanna jack-off with me, Paul," he asks, "your cock seems to like what I am watching."

"Sure, "I say, "I would be happy too."

I am just wondering why he has waited until now to have a shared jack-off session.

Nate slowly strokes himself off. He takes his right hand, in a clenched motion; he squeezes his cock as he travels up and down the shaft of his manhood. While he cups his balls with his left hand and massages them, coaxing them to release all that is stored in them. When he reaches the engorged head, he catches the pre-cum in his fingers and wipes it over the entire head. This is the motion he repeats over and over, as I stand watching him worship his cock. He is keeping himself close to the edge, enjoying the feeling and the power between his legs. I stroke my cock in a similar fashion, as I stand watching him, wanting all the spunk released when my I reach the point of no return.

I am transfixed. His cock is even more magnificent than it was today out in the pasture. The silver cock-ring has made the blood in it stay even harder and stronger. The veins on the underside of his shaft are popping out from the blood trapped in them. He is pure man and his cock is the instrument of his masculinity.

I make my way to the other side of the bed where he is laying and make myself comfortable.

"Here put this on," Nate says as he throws me a cock-ring. It is not a metal one like his but a plain black plastic one. I catch it and slide it over my cock and under my balls.

I get even harder.

Although I do not need one, I accept his gift and proceed with the game.

"Nice," Nate says, "you do have an impressive cock. I have been noticing it lately."

"Yes, you have, "I say, "I have seen the glances and the lingering looks you have given me."

"Good, "he says, "I wanted you too."

I then look at the laptop screen.

He is watching gay porn, two hairy otters are fucking, they resemble the two of us somewhat.

"So you are gay, Nate, "I ask.

"No, "he says.

"I am Bi-," he answers.

"So you like pussy and cock?"

"Yes, I do, "he says.

"Why did you ask me a while back if I thought Russ was gay," I ask him.

"Because have you seen that sweet little ass on him? "he says, "Are you gay, Paul?"

I do not answer right away but then I do.

"I have fucked a guy or two but I never considered myself to be gay."

"Weren't you married? "he asks.

"Yes, I was."

"Did you like fucking pussy or pounding a tight ass on a man?"he asks.

Nate continues to stroke his steel-hard cock as he asks me these questions, as do I. I am excited. I am leaking so much pre-cum, I am afraid I am going to explode before Nate does. I do not want that to happen. I want this game to continue, we are in a competition as men. I want to be an equal or better player, seeing who can last longer.

"I liked both, "I tell him.

"Then I think you maybe Bi- like me, "he says, with a happy tone in his voice.

I can feel the pressure building in my balls. I am getting close.

"Do you liked to be fucked, Paul?" he asks me.

I pause a minute before I answer.

"Do you like to be fucked, Nate?" I answer his question with the same question.

Neither of us of us responds.

Suddenly, Nate leans over, takes my shaft in his mouth, and sucks me with such a force that I explode in his mouth. I cry out in sheer ecstasy as I unload down his throat; he gurgles in delight as he cums, my cock still deep in his throat, as he tries desperately to not miss a drop by taking all I have to offer. His own jizz covers his hairy chest. A river, strings of white man-juice in a bed of course bristly brown man-fur, shines out against his dark tanned skin.

"Damn, that felt good, "I shout out, "You are a damn good cocksucker."

"With cum as tasty as that I will swallow your load anytime," Nate says, while panting from the aftereffects of his release.

I am panting myself from my own release.

He wipes his mouth as some of my cum did not make it all in. We both fall back into the bed, spent.

I think I have won this round. He came for me and got my prize down his throat.

Nate begins wiping the cum that landed onto his chest into his hair.

"Hmm, my cum, it does feel good, "he says, "You wanna a taste."

"No, "I say, "I have not even tasted my own jizz."

"You should Paul, your cum is sweet and good. You can tell you aren't a smoker," he says.

"I will take your word for it and anytime you want it, "I say, "You are welcome to it."

I up the stakes with my own move, I want to know how far he is willing to go. Will he take it?

"Anytime?" he says.

"Anytime, "I say, "you only have to ask."

"I will hold you to that, "he says.

"Good, I expect you too," I say.

"I guess I'd better go, I am beat, "I say, "You want us bright and bushy-tailed in the morning at 7 a.m."

"Why don't you stay here," he says, "some company would be nice."


I decide to stay, more out of curiosity than anything.

Will more exploring happen between us as the night grows later? Will he attempt more than just a blowjob?



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