There is suppose to be four of us on the crew but there are three, it has made for an eventful work environment. It has made for some very interesting work experiences as we have learned much about each other. Four guys would have changed the dynamic. The Survey Manager over the crew has never looked very hard to find a fourth, although the law says four are required or so I have been told.

First, there is the Surveyor/Party Chief; his name is Nate, 39 years old with lots of experience. He is my boss, well, my day-to-day boss. He can be an ass to work with but the man is muscled, heavily muscled, sports a goatee and is always in shorts, always. He wears those hiking cargo shorts, the shortest he can find, with the 5" inseam. He also goes commando. (This is something we share, I detest underwear too. I have not worn any since Junior High). His cock has slipped out on numerous occasions, sometimes at the most opportune times, but I will get to that later. He always wears a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off too, not those that you buy in the store, no, he cuts the sleeves off himself, so they are uneven and ragged. He could pass for Tom Selleck's brother, although his physique is more ripped, you know but just as hairy as ole Tom, when he was making the Magnum, P.I. TV show. His hair is more of a blondish-brown color though, that is where the other difference between the two comes up, the only other one, his body could be the cloned muscular hairy duplicate of Mr. Selleck's.

Then, there is the Instrument Man, his name is Russ, he is a few years younger than I am, he does the "shooting" behind the survey-measuring instrument. He is Nate's right-hand man, so they say. He is a good guy. I think he tolerates Nate too. He is a blonde, almost to the point of being white-haired, a wiry little pale guy, full of energy and not an ounce of fat on him. Russ is quiet, not one to talk much, if you want to meet a mellow, laid-back guy that is Russ. He is also a virgin, I find that hard to believe but it is. He is 22 years old and proclaims his virginity, when asked if he has ever "fucked," the guy says, "no." The guy has balls. I admire him for it but I could not do it, well, I did not do it. His dad is our Survey Manager, Nate's immediate boss. Nate has asked me if I thought Russ was gay. I told him I did not know and then thought to myself, I do not really care. I like Russ, he is an upstanding guy. He takes the shit from Nate in stride while Nate irritates the hell out of me, another reason to admire Russ.

I am Paul, the "rod-man", the lowly guy at the bottom, no pun intended. I am the guy that catches all the shit and is run ragged by those two. Yes, "rod-man" is the term for the Survey Tech position I have. I am the tall dark haired one. I consider myself the odd ball, which I embrace gladly. I am just a regular guy. I go to the gym when I can, so I look okay; I am no model (not that I would want to be that skinny of a guy) by any means nor am I a power-lifting god (nor do I want to be that testosterone fueled manic either). I am that guy you see every day, the next-door neighbor guy that mom's want their daughters to marry. I have been married, once; I do not wish to repeat that experience again. I am nearly 30, so I am at my peak or so I have been told. I do not think I have peaked sexually yet, there are too many good times to be had. I played sports, did well in school, I am just the type of guy that sometimes goes unnoticed in the world because his talents are not obvious except to a select few that have sampled them under very special circumstances but that will be explained later too.

Like I said there is suppose to be four of us but there is not, just the three.

This is us.

This is the story I have to relate that many may find of interest, when it happened, a few years back, I was shocked and a little surprised even for me although I am not shocked and surprised often, so here goes.


We were sent out of town on a job, about 100 or so miles south from Tallahassee on I-75, maybe more. I was asleep when we left and never paid attention exactly where we were headed. It was work, so I knew what my job was, the where is of no concern, it was just important that it was done and done quickly and accurately.

I needed the paycheck.

The engineering firm I work for had three offices across the state: Tallahassee, the main office (where I worked), Jacksonville and the one in Brandon, east of Tampa. We were on the way to the Brandon office; all we knew was that it was a topo (topography) survey; Russ' dad had told us that much the morning as we left from the State Capitol. We did not know where, not that it mattered, we would do it regardless. Apparently, the crews at this office were busy and could not get to it, so help was called in from the other offices to take care of the job.

A topo survey, you map the terrain and landmarks of the location, it is always fun. Not "ha ha" fun but sarcastic fun, you do not know if it is going to be a small job or a large one or where, it could be in a swamp for all I know or downtown Tampa to do some street that is going to be improved.

You never know but a job is a job.

I should mention that Nate is the driver whenever we went anywhere or when we did not and stayed local. He liked to drive. Anyway, one of his driving habits was that he is always drinking a soft drink, usually one of those one-liter bottles of whatever he drank. How he does not get fat from it I do not understand, I heard that they are not good for you in such large quantities. So with drinking this much soda, he is always pissing. He is not one to stop while we are going to these out-of-town jobs, unless absolutely necessary, so the one-liter bottle becomes his one-liter piss bottle too. Russ would handle the wheel while he whips his cock out and takes the piss. I heard it, when he pissed, the steady stream of urine as it filled the bottle. I often wonder when he was pissing in the bottle would it be large enough to handle what he had for it. So far, that had not happened and he managed to stop before he filled it.

I am usually in the backseat of our king cab work truck, so I have never seen him piss into that small opening in the bottle. In fact, I have never seen his cock, fully; Russ has seen his manhood, numerous times. Admittedly, I am curious, when his cock has slipped out of his cargos; I have only seen the tip of it, not the whole piece. I guess knowing the size of other man's cock is normal, we men wonder how we measure up to the other males in the pack.

In the office in Tallahassee, Nate is the popular guy among the ladies (maybe the shorts are why; I do not know or is it the impressive bulge that is visible in them). Nate is a married man but the women did not seem to care. When he comes into the office, suddenly all of the women appear out of nowhere, like an invasion of locust. Silent signals must be broadcast or mass e-mails sent out that he is arriving. It is a sight to behold. The male Engineers in the office like Nate too, he knows the stats and players of the college teams, heck, he even played college ball at one time in Tallahassee. So he has a reputation, he could have played pro but decided not to go that route in life, he wanted something different. He is often asked to play with the white-collar suits on their Sunday afternoon "re-living my youth and past glories" games, I have been asked to play too but I choose not to. Nate can mingle with the best of them, blue collar or white, a typical Alpha male. He got his degree in surveying from college plus the many years of on the job experience, he knows how to work with what he has been blessed with.

We finally made it to Brandon and the satellite office of the engineering firm of Garbutt and Creamer, the joke among us three was, "grab the butt and cream," we would then make dick jokes and grab our cocks and balls. Childish, yes, but men always have sex on the brain. Although it sounded little gay themed to me, I said nothing.

It was here we found out where the job was, well, it was not in Brandon, we still had more driving to do. Oh well.

We were being sent to some little piss-ant town called Arcadia, in the interior. It was a topo survey all right and it was smack dap in the middle of nowhere. The secretary already had our hotel rooms booked and all the paperwork was waiting on us. The survey crew out of Brandon got the info we need, benchmark locations and the like, so off we go again.

Now Nate was not one to count on others to do a complete job in the prep work prior to a job, as always something would be left out or simply not got. I suspected this job would be no different.

We found our crappy hotel after driving another 2 hours, dropped our suitcases off, and got our room keys. Nate, being the Party Chief, got a room to himself and Russ and I usually shared one. Such are the perks of being a Party Chief.

Since there was still daylight, Nate made the executive decision to go to the jobsite?

I was worn out but what I wanted did not matter.

As I said, I was the lowly "rod-man" I did what I was told, begrudgingly.

We found the job-site, it was off on some deserted dirt road, away from civilization, and smack-dap in the middle of an open field lined with a scattering of trees and a few small ponds. As I suspected it would be when Arcadia was mentioned. I had been to this area of Florida before, rural and not at all touristy, this was old Florida, redneck territory, so I was at home. I am country but I do not consider myself a redneck. Since there were small ponds that dotted the landscape, I would be getting in the water, as it has to be determined how deep these ponds are. So I had a small blessing in all this, this was when it was nice that I was the "rod-man."

Maybe this would be a relaxed job. It looked easy, we just had to find the nearest benchmarks and get elevations and then place rebar strategically so we could get the most from the set-up of the survey-measuring instrument, we would more than likely have several set-ups, we have a lot of area to cover. The first day would be the worse and hopefully the information we had was correct. The nearest benchmark was a mile away.

As I said I had hoped the information was correct and "thank god" it was, we found the Controls we needed and staked them out with tape. The information seemed to be right so far. Thank goodness for small favors, maybe it will keep going this way, when it did, Nate was bearable to work with, otherwise he could be an ass.

Nate and I had worked ourselves into a sweat, as had Russ, but this is south Florida in the summer time, you sweat and you sweat a lot. Nate and I had already stripped ourselves of our T-shirts and were working bare-chested, neither one of us worked with our shirts on, if we could help it. Since we were so far out from anyone, being seen was not an issue, in the city we could not work shirtless.

Nate decided we would fine the all the benchmarks we could, then stop for the day.

Finally satisfied we had found enough benchmarks, he stopped for the day.

I am glad, since I am about to starve to death, we had not eaten since we left Tallahassee that morning, Nate wanted a big breakfast, so we had stopped, the allotment we got for meals on out-of-towns jobs paid for it. Otherwise, Nate could have cared less; he is kinda cheap except when it comes to spending his own money now when it someone else's money, that was a different story.

I am ready to chow-down and then go back to the hotel room, shower and get naked. It is what I do. Russ does not seem to not mind, he usually stays in his tighty-whitey's and lounges about, the guy really needs to loosen up where this is concerned. On this, he is not mellow but like some old church lady, afraid to relax.

We found a restaurant to get some food, a drive-thru fast food place, as there are not too many eating establishments to speak of in Arcadia. We grab our food and head back to the hotel.

Like I said, I usually shower and hang out naked. The same as I do when I am home. So I took my shower. As I was walking out of the bedroom, a loud booming knock sounds at the door. Russ runs to answer t. It is Nate. Again, I am not surprised.

He is shirtless, his hairy chest puffed out, his shorts, unsnapped and slightly unzipped, his pubes visible for all to see. It looks like he just slipped them on, for the sole purpose to come to our room. I think he just wanted to show off; I am okay with that, I am the same way.

They say guys lack modesty, maybe so, or maybe we just like being naked.

"So you are naked again," he says to me.

"Yep, "I answer with the same response I always do.

Nate seems to linger on my nudity for a moment but then says what he came to say. I do not change what I do when I am on my own time, even though I am "on-the-job."

"Be ready at seven in the morning, I want to be out at the site before it gets too hot," Nate tells us.

There really is no need for this message; it is the time we leave from the hotel when we are working on any out-of-town job, nothing is different.

He closes the door and leaves.

I plop myself on the bed, fondle my cock for a minute, massage my balls and turn on the television. Russ seems to not notice, I would not care if he did. He really needs to loosen up a bit, get naked and chill. I am of the mind-set; he thinks whatever he does on the job will get reported back to his dad. If that is what he thinks, he has no worries from me.

I wish he would unwind some.

He is still in his jeans and T-shirt.

My clothes came off immediately.

(Note: Any errors on the terms and procedures of land surveying are purely my own, it has been a few years since I did this type of work, so my recollection and accuracy maybe wrong. Thanks.)



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