Chapter 5 - Max Humiliation (Part 2)

Evgeni pushed Max's chair into the Dining room so he faced the table. He walked over to me a threw aside the jacket I was still using to cover up my naked body. Max looked away, but one of Evgeni's friends turned his head back towards me. Evgeni led me to the table and layed me down on it.

Here I am laying naked on the dining room table, 3 feet in front of Max. I was harder than ever. Evgeni fingered my asshole and I let out an unexpected moan. Max was watching me, but still his boxers laid flat. Evgeni stripped and began his work on me. His cock began pushing into me, and like the slutboy I am, I accepted it right in. In and out and in and out, I loved the feeling so full with Evgeni's massive cock. I glanced over at Max and we made eye contact for a moment before he looked away. I looked at his boxer's which still layed flat.

Evgeni maneuvered my body so my head was lying towards the edge and he motioned for Vlad to fuck my face. Vlad did not hesitate. One dick was thrusting into my ass and another into my head as it hung off the table. They went at me like this for awhile before I finally heard one of of the Russian's exclaim something. To my disappointment, Evgeni and Vlad stopped fucking me. I sat up to see what was going on and I should have guessed....Max was sitting in his chair, red-faced, and with an erection.

"A deal is a deal" Evgeni said to Max.

"Fine. Just get it over with", Max replies angry and annoyed.

Evgeni walks up to max and stands over his lap with his cock pressing against the side of Max's face. Evgeni keeps rubbing the tip against Max's lips but Max is not opening his mouth.

"What's the problem?" Evgeni asks.

"It's gross, I....", Max shouldn't have spoken because Evgeni took the opportunity to shove his cock in his mouth.

Evgeni didn't go easy on Max, and I watch amused. He was fucking his face so hard that Max's chair actually started to fall backwards onto the ground. Evgeni just went with it and kept fucking Max's face on the ground. He pulled out and jizzed on max's face.

"Wasn't so bad, was it?", Evgeni says almost out of breath.

"No, just cut me loose now", Max said sternly trying to blink away cum from his eye.

"No no no. The deal was you give each of my friends a blowjob."

Vlad wasted no time. He jumped right into position on Max as he layed on the ground duck-taped to a chair. He began thrusting his huge cock into Max. When he was done, he did the same thing Evgeni did, pulled out and jizzed on Max's face. Each other remaining 4 men did the same. By the time the last Russian was fuckign Max's mouth, Max almost seemed to be enjoying it. That or trying to get it over with.

"Alright cut me loose", Max demanded.

"I said all of my friends", Evgeni replied calmly and looked over at me.

A jolt of fear ran through me, "No, it's ok. I don't even want to."

Evegeni chuckled, "who rejects a blowjob?"

"I've known him a long time, this would be weird"

"No, what's weird is him trespassing on my property and trying to video tape my personal life to blackmail me. That is what's weird", Evegeni looked at me with a slight anger in his eyes. "Besides, he looks to be enjoying himself."

I looked down at Max who's face was just completely covered in cum. He looked up at me, "It's ok Dan, help me get this over with." He said it with a smirk. My god, I think he is actually enjoying it!


I didn't like seeing him like that on the floor, so I titled his chair back up into the correct position. I stood in front of him, my boner pointing towards his face, and before I moved forward, his head reach out and began sucking my cock.


Max isn't even bad at this. I guess I am the 7th person he's given a blowjob. He twists his neck while he sucks and slurps on my dick. I can't believe how good he is at this. I guess I don't  get blowjobs often. Michelle only does it once every blue moon.  I stand there looking at the ceiling in pure ecstasy. Max was sucking my cock, my oldest friend was giving me the greatest blowjob ever. Without even thinking I cummed into his mouth. He enthusiastically kept sucking until he got out every last drop.

"See, was that so bad?", Evgeni walks up behind me.

I look down at Max, covered in cum and smirking, "No it was quite good actually", I say.

Evgeni cuts Max free, and throws him a towel to wipe his face with.

"Thanks", Max says, "...for the towel, I mean"

"I never want to see you again", Evgeni replies.

Max starts walking towards the door, and I run up behind him, still naked. I didn't know what to say though, but saying anything would be better than just watching him leave in silence.

"We'll talk later, okay?", I say dumbly.

He looked into my eyes in a way he's never done before in the 15 years I've known him. "Yeah, ok", he said before walking out the door.

I turned around to see Evgeni staring at me. "Your friend is a slut boy too."

"What, no., I wave off the notion, "He is the farthest thing from it"

"He enjoyed it, we all could tell"

"He wanted to get it over with", I rebuke.

"Either way he better not show up here again"

"He won't."



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