The Russian: Chapter 3 - Slut Boy

As anticipated, Max and Ally teased us in the morning. Like we cared what they said. Last night was some of the best sex we ever had, even if I was imagining myself being in her position. Michelle gave me kiss and hug before she left, something she usually doesn't do. Ally nudged Michelle as they walked to the car, and I wondered what Michelle would tell her about last night. Max closed the door.

"Sooo, my friend! What was that with Michelle last night? Was that you trying to make up for blowing another guy?" He laughed. He always acts like he's the funniest guy in the world.

"Jesus Christ Max. Don't bring that up anymore."

He puts his hands up "Sorryyy sorryyy, It was just some very loud coitus is all", he said smiling.

"I guess I just have that affect on women", I quiped jokingly.

He laughs at that, "hey you down for some Halo?"

I thought about the Russian and how I wanted to call him today, and be with him again, but nerves got to me and I answered Max with a "Hell yeah. it is Sunday afterall".

Maybe I could call Evgeni later?

Max and I had grown accustomed to relaxing on Sundays before the work week. That meant tv, video games, and weed. We played Halo for awhile but got fed up with 12 year olds killing us every game, so we started watching TV. Max was flipping through the channels when the Russian's face appeared. My heart stopped. Max stopped flipping through the channels. Evgeni Varlomov - Captain -- #74 - Right Winger - 6'5 - 220lbs.

"Holy shit!" Max yelled. "That's the guy from yesterday! That's the fucking guy!"

I refused to believe it. I ran to my room and grabbed the business card from my wallet - Evgeni Varlamov it said.

Max apperently followed me. "He gave you his card!?", he said in disbelief.

I walked back to the TV in a daze. I watched as the third period began. I watched the Russian chase the puck. I fell back onto the couch.

"Dude! This is perfect" Max is talking with furious speed now, "We have something on this guy! A professional athlete, GAY! We could blackmail the shit out of him!!

"No. What!? That's really fucking dumb, man."

Max ignores my criticism. "Bro why do you have that card?"

"He said he wanted me to see me again", I say like I'm guilty of a horrible crime.

Max just about screamed with joy. "This is it man! Our greatest paycheck is right here in front of us. We get a photo of you giving Evgeni Varlamov a blowjob and boom! We're going to be set for a long time!"

"That's really fucking dumb", I was done entertaining this awful idea.

"We'll blur your face! No one will ever know!", Max grabs my shoulders and looks at me seriously.

"No, Max!" I yell pushing him off me and standing up. "I'm not doing that again! And that's the most fucked up idea that ever come out of your mouth!"

I couldn't stand him any longer. I grabbed my keys and jacket and left. I drove around aimlessly for awhile and then in the spur of the moment I decided to call Evgeni. I knew he was still playing hockey, so I felt relieved knowing I would only be leaving a message.

The voicemail finally picked up


"Hey Evgeni, it's Daniel.. from yesterday. I was hoping we could meet up again. So yeah, call me back or text, whatever. So yeah ok, bye.."

God, that was stupid! What was it about him that made me talk like a idiot.

I guess I'd been driving around longer than I realized because Evgeni texted me back 15 minutes later. It said, "Daniel! I will be home in an hour. Could you meet me there? I'll let the gate attendant know I am expecting someone."

I told him that worked for me and he said he was looking forward to seeing me and he gave me his address which I forgot to ask, like an idiot.

Butterflies flew around in my stomach. Was I really going through with this?

An hour later, I arrived at the gate. "They let me right through once I told them my name.

I pulled up to his gigantic home and got out of my beaten up car. My legs walked forward despite my desire to flee and go home. That would be too easy though. I needed to know more about Evgeni and more about myself.

The door opened before I reached it. I kinda forgot how large and intimidating Evgeni was. In his deep, thick accent, he greeted me, "Welcome Daniel! Please come in" He held the door open and extended and arm guiding me inside his home. He was only wearing compression shorts and a t-shirt which caught me off-gaurd. He had a few bruisises which I can only assume are from the hockey game he just played.

"Hey Evgeni. Thanks for having me. It's a beautiful house you have here", I say trying desperately to talk about anything, while avoiding looking at his gigantic bulge.

He smiled, "yes, it is nice." He looked around. "It makes me homesick however"

"Why's that", I say without really thinking.

"I grew up poor in Russia. All this, this lifestyle, it is new to me. I miss certain things about Russia. I'm hoping you can help me with one of those things."

The way he talked, the sound of his deep voice and accent. I loved listening to him.

"What's that?", I asked staring confidently up into his eyes for the first time. He stood nearly a foot taller than me. I wasn't sure how much longer I could avoid looking at his bulge.

"My friends and I in Russia, we used to have..", Evgeni paused and looked at me intently, "...a slut boy we would call him"

"A slut boy?", I said unable to hide my shock.

"yes", he laughed, "but sadly my friends are not here. Would you like to my very own slut boy?"

"Could you call it something different", I asked laughing a bit.

"The name is not important. I just want you to please me right now. I want to fuck that tight ass."

I was shocked by his direct approach. My dick got hard without my permission. Evgeni wants to fuck me. Yes!!!

"Evgeni, you can do whatever you want with me".

He wasted no time, He lifted me up my the ass and I spread my legs and arms around him. I didn't think he was the type to do this, but he kissed me passionately. He carried me into an enormous living room, and dropped me on the couch.

He pulled out my pants and boxers in one swoop. My boner sprung up. I took it upon myself to lift my shirt off. And there I was completely naked, in Evgeni Varlamov's living room. He took his shirt off and I was in complete awe that someone could be that fit, that muscular. He pulled down his compression shorts and his glorious cock showed itself once again. Fully erect this time and ready to go.

He was rough with me. He spun me over on my stomach then dragged me halfway off the couch so I was bent over the arm rest. He spread my legs far apart and I felt lube streaking down over my asshole. Then his cock began rubbing against my hole. He wasn't trying penatrate me yet. He was just teasing me. Circling, rubbing. He would push forward so his cock rubbed down all the way down my thigh. I could feel his entire hot cock on my leg. I wanted it inside me badly.

Finally, he applied some pressure. And his the tip of his gigantic cock was inside of me. This was actually happening. I found it was easy to relax, and he pushed further and further into me. Oh my god, it feels so good! It's hot! His hot wet cock is inside of me, rubbing my against insides! He was unbelievably slow with his rhythm. It was killing me! Each thrust, he went farther in though. Until finally I felt his pelvis meet my ass. His rhythm picked up from there. He started going faster. I've never felt anything like this. He went all the way into me again, and then he stopped this time. He grabbed me and lifted me up, his cock still in me.

"I want to show you something" He said

He walked us down a hallway and stopped in front of a mirror. I looked into it. I looked at myself being held by this beast of a man with his cock in my ass and my own pointing upwards hard as ever.

"You are my slutboy now"

"I am your slut boy now", I said hoping he would start fucking me again.

"Good boy"

He began thrusting hard into me right there in that position. Standing, holding me in his arms. It was pure bliss. I could tell he was getting close to cumming by the sudden increase of tempo and just then I felt a hot load released deep inside me.

Evgeni let me down so I was standing, but my legs weren't steady and I fell to the ground. I felt his cum inside me and dripping out of my hole. I layed on the ground thinking how I wanted him to do this to me again, as soon as possible.



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