Chapter 1 - Con Gone Wrong

The con was on. Me and Max threw our skateboards over the 12 foot fence and climbed into the gated community of Cherrington. We've executed this con a few times with varying degrees of success, but we figured we would hit the jackpot in Cherrington. Only the very wealthiest people lived here. They would pay us good money to not call the cops.

"Alright, this is the perfect spot" Max said, "give me a nod when you see a car coming and I'll skateboard right down this road and blindside the car"


"Make sure to get right up in their face afterwards! It's all about the pressure we put on them", Max tells me nothing I don't already know.

"I know, I know. We've done this like a dozen times"

"Alright get your camera out, and get in position. Lets make this quick."

I go over to the street corner where I can see both Max and the oncoming cars. A Cadillac Escalade begins coming down the road. I start recording and give a nod to Max. He starts skating towards the intersection. And just like that, bam! Max is on the hood of the Escalade as it comes to a screeching stop. Max is tossed off onto the road.

He's screaming, "my leg! Ahhhh!! my leg!!!"

I run over yelling in my best frantic voice, "Max! Max! Are you okay?!"

I get on my knees to console him and finally the door to the Escalade opens.

"You just hit my friend asshole! I'm calling the cops!"

I couldn't believe the size of the guy getting out of the car. He must be 6 and a half feet tall and he had plenty of muscles to fill his large frame. The most complete guy I've ever seen. I stutter throughout my next sentence, "hey-y guy, you-u nearly killed my friend, and I-I got it all on video" I wave my video camera at him.

He speaks with a thick deep Russian accent, "I'm sorry, I did not see him"

Max groans and holds his leg.

I speak over Max's fake agony, "Well we're going to call the cops unless you can make this right".

"I understand. There is no need for that", he says so calmly that it makes me uneasy.

"he's going to have tons of medical bills so you better pay up"

The Russian opens his wallet as he walks over to us. "Okay okay, one thousand dollars?" he asks as he pulls out the money.

"That'll do fine" I reach for the wad of cash but he pulls it back before I could grab it.

"what is your name?" he asks

"I'm Dan and this is Max" I respond quickly and hold out my hand for the money.

"I am Evgeni", He offers me a handshake and I hesitantly accept. His hand is twice the size of mine. He then offers a handshake to Max who is still holding his leg and squirming around in pain. Max reluctantly goes to shake his hand but Evgeni grabs him by the arm and lifts him up like a ragdoll. Max stands there in front of the massive Russian in complete shock.

"Look! I healed you!" Evgeni bellows laughter.

And then Max took off. Sprinting as fast as he could from him. I tried to follow suit, but Evgeni grabbed me by the back of my shirt. Oh shit.

"You kids probably shouldn't try to con Russians. You Americans are way behind the curve in the con game."

"Noted." I replied as I tried to wiggle free from his grasp.

"Now who will pay for the dent in my hood?

"Evgeni, I'm sorry, I have no money, that's why I'm out doing this" I look at the ground desperately hoping that he will let me go.

"How old are you?"

"22, why?"

"You will pay." He lifted me up and carried me like a baby to his SUV. It was unnerving how helpless I was. He got into the drivers seat and then dropped me into the passengers seat. My heart was racing. What am I, a prisoner to this Russian monster now? And what did he mean I will pay?

"I just got off a long day of work, I need some stress release" He unzipped his pants.

"What!? No?! Listen guy, I don't do that! I'm straight, I don't do that"

He laughed "I'm straight too, but you have to pay. I could always call the cops if that's the route you want to go?" He gave me a wink and finished pulling out his cock. His absolutely massive cock!!! My god. I had never seen anything like it. It wasn't even erect and it must be over 6 inches long. Evgeni then reclined his seat so he was laying down. He put his hands on the back of his head and without looking at me he said in his thick accent, "now you pay".

"I've never..."

He interrupted me by grabbing my head and bringing me down to his cock. I guess the conversation was over. I licked his limp penis and suddenly I felt a little bit more confident. I traced my tongue from the base of his cock to the tip and I couldn't believe it but his cock began to grow. Oddly, I was happy with myself for making his dick get hard so easily. It grew to an enormous size, probably twice the length of my own and easily twice as thick.

"suck it", Evgeni demanded.

And for the first time in my life, I put my lips around a cock and I began giving him a blowjob. His cock barely fit in my mouth but it felt perfect. The taste, the warmth, I've never experienced anything like it. A primal part of me took over from there, I started getting really passionate about sucking his cock. And I could tell Evgeni was enjoying it. After awhile he began thrusting his dick into my mouth. Going even farther into my head than I thought possible. I liked it.. My god... I actually liked what was happening to me. His cock tasted so good and I didn't want this to ever end. My mouth was salivating everywhere and Evgeni kept thrusting into my throat like a jack hammer. He abruptly grabbed my head and pushed me all the way down on his cock. His cock must have been halfway down my throat when he released his load into me. I gagged and coughed but he held my head there anyways. Finally it was over, and I was actually disappointed it ended so quickly.

"You were good Daniel" Evegeni said as he pulled his pants back up.

I found myself blushing. "thank you". I said awkwardly while wiping away spit and cum from my face.

"Perhaps, you would like to meet again sometime" he handed me a business card. "do not share this number with anyone"

"Oh okay" i murmur, unsure of how to respond.

I start to get out of his SUV and before I can shut the door, he says in his thick Russian accent, "call me, you will not regret it."



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