Chapter 5 - Max Humiliation (Part 1)

It's been almost a full week since Evgeni's friends arrived. Every single day after work, I went over at Evgeni's house. Apparently it was the all-star break in NHL. It was like heaven! Everyday I knew what was waiting for me behind the gates of Cherrington - pure bliss. They used me hard and often. I don't even know how to describe it... it was otherworldly. Everyday I was the center of attention. Everyday I pleased them and they all pleased me... over and over and over.

My excuses for not hanging out with Max and Michelle became vague and half-assed. I didn't care. I just wanted to be with Evgeni and his friends this week. Afterall, it's only this one week.

On Friday, I arrived home from work. All I could think about was Evgeni and his friends, they were leaving tomorrow morning. This was the last night I would have with them. I felt sad, but I was still excited for what I hoped was going to a grand finale!

"Alright bud, I'll be back later, you need anything while I'm out?", I asked max.

"Nah", Max replied while focusing intently on a game of Halo, "Hey wait,get some fast food on your way back!"

"alright, I'll text you on my way back", I left quickly while Max shot aliens in his video game. I was happy that Max was too high to even bother caring where I was going.

I walked into Evgeni's house] to find the guys all drinking and playing pool in the living room. Evgeni's friends greeted me with a smile and a pat on the ass. Evgeni greeted me with a hug.

"About time, you got here", Evgeni said smirking.

"Well sorry I have a real job unlike you guys", I hugged him back.

"Let's go upstairs and let them finish their game." Evgeni said to me, and then he said loud enough for everyone to hear, "Vlad is about to lose 5 grand!

Vlad punched him in the shoulder so hard that the same amount of force would of knocked me on the ground. Evgeni didn't budge though.

I followed Evgeni upstairs, into his bedroom. Evgeni sat on the edge of his bed and I sat down next to him. I looked up into his eyes wanting to know what this was all about. He looked uncertain. For the first time, it seemed as if Evgeni was unsure of himself.

Finally he spoke, "Daniel, I like you. I like you more than just a slut boy."

I still cringe at that title - slutboy. Even though I had fun being it for the past few weeks, I never quite accepted the title. But wait, Evgeni likes me more than a slutboy??

"What? Really?", I ask dumbly and confused.

Evgeni places his hand on my thigh and looks into my eyes. "Yes. I've watched you please my friends the past week, and.......well....I liked it, but I want you for myself."

I'm absolutely flabbergasted. But mostly, I'm just happy! I've never been more happy in my entire life! Evgeni wants me! And not just in a sexual way, but in a relationship way! Jesus, this is crazy.

"Oh Evgeni", I wrap my arms aound him and he embraces me back.

For the first time ever, I take control. I push him back onto his bed so he's lying down. He looks at me with a surprised face. I pull down his pants and his beautiful cocks springs upwards. He takes his shirt off and puts his hands behind his head. I undress in front of him. I have a feeling this is going to be the most passionate sex we've ever had.

I approach his massive cock and grab it. The heat of it always catches me off guard. It feels so good. I start sucking on the tip, and Evgeni gasps. I slowly start going further down his cock until its all the way in my mouth. It's one one my favorite things, pleasing Evgeni with my mouth.

Just then, I hear some loud shouting in Russian. Evgeni quickly sits up and rushes downstairs. I follow behind. I run into the living room to see Max being carried inside by Evgeni's friends. Jesus Christ, Max was carrying through with his blackmail plan, wasn't he? I hide behind the corner of the hallway, still naked.

Max is shouting over the sound of unraveling duck tape, "Hey, let me go! You can't do this!"

Evgeni talks Russian to his friends and then turns back to me, "this is your friend from when we first met?"

I step out form the corner with a jacket around my waist, "Yes"

"They say he was sneaking around my backyard with a video camera"

I really didn't want to but I told Evgeni the truth, "after we first met, he wanted to get a picture of a gay he could blackmail you. I told him it was a stupid idea! And I thought that was the end of it!", I glared over at Max, duck taped in his chair. He never lifts his head up.

Evgeni turns and lowers himself to Max's level, "Is this true?"

"Yes", Max whimpers.

"First the skateboarding con? Now this? You have an inability to learn!", Evgeni bellows laughter, and his friends laugh with him.

"How much do you think you could blackmail me for?", Evgeni asks in a serious tone.

Max looks up and stutters, "t-ten thousand dollars"

"I see", Evgeni replies while pondering something deeper, "I would like to make you an offer".

"What's that?", Max asks cautiously.

"You watch me fuck your friend in front of you. If you are not aroused, I will award you your ten thousand dollars, if you are aroused, you give each of my friends a blowjob. If you decline both options, I will let you leave with two black eyes."

I know Max. I know him well. I've known Max since elementary school. He is as straight as they come. But he's also an idiot. I knew he was going to choose the chance to make 10 thousand dollars. So I spoke up, "Evgeni, No! I don't want him to see me like that!

Evgeni laughed, "he already knows! What does it matter if he sees? Besides, he hasn't even made his decision yet."

All eyes fall on Max, ducktaped in his chair. He always had a stupid amount of confidence. "HA! Go ahead! Fuck him, this will be the easiest 10 thousand dollars ever made. I just hope you are a man of your word."

"Very well", Evgeni responded. He pulled down Max's jeans leaving him in his boxers so everyone would know exactly when he became aroused, if he did at all. This was going to be extremely humiliating for me, but at the same time, I was more excited than ever.



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