Chapter 4 - A Russian Surprise

Over the past few weeks, I went over to Evgeni's house over a dozen times. He was constantly traveling around the states with his hockey team but anytime he had a day to relax at home, he made sure to call me. When I wasn't with him, I felt incomplete, I longed for him to use me as his slut boy.

Thankfully, Max had given up his ridiculous plan of blackmailing Evgeni. He hadn't even mentioned him since I stormed out of our duplex when he first suggested blackmailing Evgeni. I felt bad for Michelle though. She's such a sweet girl and I am straight up cheating on her. I guess that makes me a terrible person, but I can't just throw away that part of my life. I wonder how long I can sneak around behind her back. It's not like I even see him that often, so there's no reason for her to be suspicious.

"alright, I'm outta here. You need anything while I'm out?", I ask Max.

"Yeah, could you grab some beer on your way back?", Max replied.

"I got the last 2 cases"

"I'll pay you back. You know I'm good for it"

"Alright". I grabbed my keys and left. Usually when I go to see Evgeni, I tell Max I'm going grocery shopping for my grandparents, which sometimes I actually do so it's an easy excuse to go with.

I pulled up to Evgeni's house and walked in. Evgeni was on the phone in his office. He was talking in Russian which I rarely hear him do. I watched some TV while he finished his conversation. 15 minutes later, he came out. I stood up in anticipation. He wasn't one for wasting time. I noticed he was carrying handcuffs.

"What's that?", I asked, while eying them speculatively.

Evgeni smirked. "This should make things more interesting", he said in his deep accent.

I loved the idea! Even though he almost always held me down in a submissive state anyways, this sounded exciting!

"You're the boss." I gave him a wink and tried to look cute.

Evgeni took my hand and led me to the entry way of his mini-mansion. He raises my arms above my head and places a cuff on my wrist, wraps it behind one of the poles on the staircase, and attaches the other cuff to my other wrist. He pulls off my pants and boxers so I'm left in only my t-shirt.

"Grab the railing", he demands as he pulls his cock out through his pants. I found it odd he wasn't getting undressed. But I do as instructed and he lifts me up by the back of my thighs so my lower body straddles him. His massive, hot dick raises up and presses against the bottom of my ass.

I can't wait to get fucked in this position.

"Fuck me, Evgeni", I whisper, waiting for it.

He puts me back down on my feet. "Not yet, Daniel, that would be selfish of me. My friends from Russia will be here soon. They do not yet know about you. It is my surprise for them."

"What!? Are you being serious??", I ask in complete shock.

"Any moment they should be here, I was just getting off the phone with them when you arrived."

I didn't like the idea one bit. I'm naked from the waist down handcuffed to the staircase in his fucking entryway. This was too embarrassing, even for me. "This is too much", I say sternly. "How many are there?"

"Only five. There is no need to worry. You will like them."

The doorbell rang. Evgeni grabbed my raging hard cock with his hand. "Please be hospitable."

One by one, Evgeni greeted his friends and welcomed them into his home. And one by one, I was the first thing they noticed. They were all built like Evgeni - huge and muscular. It quickly became apparent they did not speak English. They stared at me in my embarrassing position and I'm assuming they were telling jokes by the way they were laughing so jubilantly. I blushed and looked at the floor. I wish my cock wasn't so hard. I look pathetic...

Evgeni said something in Russian to them and then to me he spoke English, "They've had a long trip, please welcome them to our home."

Our home. Evgeni likes me enough to call it our home? I nodded to him.

The first man walked up to me. He gently pushed me to my knees, my handcuffed arms slide down the pole. He dropped his pants and begins fucking my mouth. I liked it, I liked everything about this. Whenever he finishes with me, there were 4 more guys waiting to use me! I sucked his cock with passion but he pulled out before cumming. The following 4 guys all the did the same. I wanted their cum but they weren't giving it to me!

"ok, stand up Daniel. Remember how you wanted to be fucked before?"

I grinned and stood up. I grabbed the railing and Evgeni picked me up by thighs. He fucked me even harder than usual, showing off for his friends I think. He shot his load deep into me and then handed me over to the next guy. One by one they did same. I've never been very vocal during sex, but I found myself moaning uncontrollably. When the last guy started fucking my cum filled ass, Evgeni stroked my cock. I came all over myself while the last man gave me one last load of cum in my ass.



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