Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Inside My head

I watched as the Russian drove off. So many thoughts flying around in my head. Foremost, why the hell did I enjoy his cock being in my mouth? And how the hell did that just happened?! I wonder why he grabbed me instead of Max. Sure Max ran off first, but Evgeni had Max by the arm and he let him go. Maybe there was something about me he liked? I briefly wondered if I should feel flattered.

But my thoughts are quickly interrupted by a familiar voice, "Dan! Are you okay?" Max stumbles out from behind some bushes.

Ah fuck. I thought he as gone. I wonder if he saw what happened... "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for leaving me, dick."

"I thought you were behind me!" Max exclaims, "I was running for my life, man, when I noticed you weren't with me, I came back and...saw the SUV bouncing... What did he do to you?"

I was still angry with Max, but I guess I understood his point, and at very least he came back.

"I had to give him a blowjob. You left me and I had to do it or he was going to call the cops" I couldn't let Max know I enjoyed the experience.

Like the jackass he is, he laughed. "What a crazy world! One day you fucking Michelle, the next your giving a blowjob to a stranger"

Oh fuck, Michelle! Did I just cheat on her?

"Fuck you! You better not say anything about this to anyone! That could have been you back there. And you fucking know it!"

Max laughs again, "No worries bud, c'mon let's get home. Michelle and Ally said they'd be over tonight.

We jumped out out the gated community and headed back to my car. Neither of us talked on the ride home, which was perfectly fine with me. Michelle and Ally arrived shortly after us. Max and I had been sharing a duplex for over a year. The girls spent the night pretty often though, Ally in Max's room, Michelle in mine. We'd been dating for a couple months. I really liked her and I was going to kill Max if he ever said anything about the blowjob I gave.

Despite my worries, the night went pretty well. We all had a few drinks and we enjoyed ourselves. But most importantly, Max kept his stupid mouth shut. Michelle was especially horny tonight, and so was I but for different reasons... We eventually made our way into my bedroom.

"Listen baby", I said "I was hoping we could try something different tonight?"

"Oh yeah? What's that?" she replied excitedly. One thing I really loved about Michelle was her sex drive.

"I thought maybe, if you want to, we could try anal?" I scanned her reaction and she had one hell of a poker face as she took my question in.

Finally she spoke, "I've never done that before"

"Well there's a first time for everything, babe. C'mon, if you don't like it that's the end of it"

"ohh fineee, but only because I'm curious to see why you guys are so fixtated with anal anyways", she pulled me close to her, "just go easy okay?"

In no time, we were were naked and making out. I rolled her off of me so she layed face down and ass up. I began rubbing my finger around her asshole. She seemed to like it. I poured a healthy amount of lube on her and on me. I pressed the tip of my dick against her asshole. And slowly, I pushed into her. She moaned, loudly. Max and Ally would surly tease us tomorrow morning. I got about half way into her but I seemed to hit a wall. So I pulled back out and began thrusting only halfway into Michelle. She moaned some more and grabbed the sheets with her clenching hands. I pushed farther into her and finally her ass accepted my entire dick. I was fully inside of her. I held my cock there for awhile, enjoying the victory. Michelle was in pure ecstacy. I've never seen her like this before. Maybe Evegeni wants to do this to me? I shook my head to get Evgeni out of my head and I went back to work on Michelle, thrusting hard and fast trying to forget the Russian monster. Michelle was moaning even louder now and squirting for the first time ever. Jesus chirst, I want Evgeni inside of me. I cummed deep into Michelle. I rolled off of her, but she remained in her ass up position, smiling and with cum dripping out of her ass.

Tomorrow I'll call Evgeni.

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