The Right Man Part #7

By : A. Williams

      I sat looking at Dr. Carter in total shock, my heart racing and my mind screaming, what the HELL is going on? Had I heard what I thought I heard, that my Shay could die?  I jumped to my feet and hollered, “Doctor I have to see him right now!”

     “Calm down young man. He’s still in recovery. You’ll be able to see him for a few minutes once he is in I.C.U. And I mean a very few minutes,” the Doctor sternly informed me.

    My pacing returned and my mind screamed…I have to see him… I have to see him. I was concentrating so hard on my thoughts and steps that I ran right into Chris. “Ooohhh my God, I am so glad you’re here,” I said hugging him to me tightly.

    “Davis, I’m here for you… always here for you. Sit down and tell me what’s going on,” he said calmly.

     We sat close side by side, his arm around me and us holding hands. “The Doctor said he’s worried about the swelling to his brain… if it doesn’t stop….he’ll die.”

“Damn. When can you see him?” he asked softly, holding me close and caring.

“Soon… when he’s settled in I.C.U.” I said.

       “Davis, we’ll get through this. I promise I’ll be by your side no matter what happens. God I’m so sorry for you… for Shay. I feel like this is partly my fault,” he whispered softly.

       I put my hands on either side of his handsome face and looked deep in his beautiful blue caring eyes. “Chris, I feel responsible too for his accident but what we did … what we had together was special. Our time alone loving each other was not wrong and I will never regret that. Never,” I said softly.

      Chris smiled and we gave each other a quick peck on the lips. “Do you need anything, a coffee, a walk outside? I can wait here until you get back in case there’s any news,” Chris asked.

      So sweet I thought, my Chris… always thinking about me and my needs. “You know the Doctor said it would be an hour or so. Come with me and let’s get a coffee together.” I said.

      We stood together hand in hand “Mr. and Mrs. Roberts I would like you to meet my very best friend, Chris,” I said. They nodded their acknowledgement. “We are going to get some coffee. Can we bring you back some?”

“That would be lovely son.” Samuel said.  “Black for me and cream for Elizabeth, please.”

      Chris and I left, still hand in hand and stopped to ask a Candy Striper where the hospital cafeteria was. We got on the elevator and hit B for the basement. As soon as the doors closed, Chris pulled me to him and kissed me deep and hard.

     When he released me he said, “Sorry Davis, I don’t know what came over me. I just had a sudden urge to kiss you….to taste you.”

      I was standing there with my cock growing and my heart racing. Chris made me feel so loved and cared for and that set my body on fire. I couldn’t help myself as I grabbed him this time, kissing him with lots of tongue and passion. The elevator “binged” announcing our arrival in the basement and as the doors opened we separated.

     We were both breathing heavy and sporting erections as we walked out hand in hand, flushed and grinning. We got some strange looks as we got in line but we ignored them. We paid for our coffee and found a corner table. We sat facing each other and sipping our hot drinks. Just what I needed I thought.

     “I’m so glad you’re here Chris.” I said taking his hand in mine. “I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for rushing out this morning without saying a word to you. Everything happened so fast… and I had to find out what was going on with Shay. God this whole thing is so messed up. If he dies… I…I…”

     “No negative thoughts my man. It’s out of our hands… we have to let the Doctors do their job and pray. That’s all we can do,” he said caressing my hand.

     “I know you’re right. It’s out of our hands but I need to see him….tell him I’m so sorry I cheated on him and caused him to get so upset that he wrecked. Fuck Chris I need him to forgive me,” I moaned sadly.

        “I understand Davis, you need to have a clear heart about this whole thing. Let’s get the coffee for the parents and go back up…OK?” he asked.

      We stood and got two coffees to go…one with cream…one black. We were silent on the way back up in the elevator, both of us lost in our own thoughts.

      We walked into the waiting room and Samuel and Elizabeth were wrapped tightly together, her silently crying. “Hello Davis… Chris, the doctor was here. We were allowed to see Shay and he’s on every machine they have in this place I think. Only God can help him now Son. Go ask the nurse to see him, I told them you were both allowed to visit.” Samuel said quietly.

I sat the coffee down and looked at Chris, “Ready?” I asked. “Right behind you,” he replied.

     We walked slowly to the nurses’ station and I asked to see Shay. The nurse led us into a corner room where another nurse was stationed right inside the door and Shay lay in a large bed.

     There were 5 or 6 strange looking machines hooked up to him, beeping and humming loudly. There was a breathing tube down his throat and taped to his face. Another tube was coming from his bandaged head with bloody liquid being pumped from his brain.

    My knees became weak and I started to collapse but Chris grabbed me and helped me to a chair by Shays bedside.

      I grabbed Shays hand with my own and buried my face against his battered and torn body. I couldn’t hold back my tears, as they flowed freely. I could see with my own eyes and I knew in my heart, he wasn’t going to make it. I whispered over and over, “Please forgive me… Please forgive me.”

      Chris stood behind me, gentle rubbing my back. Then all of a sudden the heart monitors started beeping erratically… then went flat line. The nurse jumped up yelling, “Code blue…Code blue room 302!!! Move!” She screamed at us, pushing us aside.

     Before we could move, a team of nurses and doctors pushing a crash cart swarmed the room. They worked on Shay as Chris pulled me out of the way. I heard the doctor yell “Clear!” as he touched the two paddles to his chest, Shay’s back arching as they shocked his heart, trying to get it to start again.

“Clear!” I heard again, as the head nurse pushed us out of the room and slammed the door.

      We stood there, knowing Shay was fighting for his life, helpless to help him. Another nurse asked us to clear the hall so Chris guided me back to the waiting room. I sat shaken and dazed as Chris explained what was going on to Samuel and Elizabeth. I heard her totally breakdown as Samuel tried unsuccessfully to calm her.

      Some minutes later Dr. Carter entered the waiting room, “I’m so sorry but we lost him. We did all we could but couldn’t get his heart to start beating again. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts would you like to see Shay before we take him away?”

      They stood and left the room. Chris sat beside me and wrapped me in his big strong arms. “Davis, let me take you home. There’s no more you can do here and you need some rest.”

“Is Shay dead?” I asked barley above a whisper.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Please take me home Chris. I need to get out of here.” I murmured weakly.

     I didn’t remember walking out of the hospital or even the drive to my house. Suddenly I was sitting on my bed with Chris tending to my bloody feet. Finishing with my feet, he stood and picked up a couple of items off the bedside table.

     Holding out sleeping pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other, Chris said, “I told you to take those Davis.” Chris said.

“I’m surprised you could walk at all, your feet are all cut up,” he said as I downed the pills.

     I handed him the empty glass as he gently tucked me into bed, “Don’t leave me Chris, Please.” I begged.

     “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to make us some dinner and I’ll wake you up later,” he said kissing my forehead.

      I closed my weary eyes hoping that when I awoke this would all have been a bad dream……………..but knowing deep down it wasn't.

        Part 8 soon…….Thanks for reading and commenting on my stories….. A.


A. Williams

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