The Right Man Part #4

By : A. Williams

     I entered my dark house alone and confused. My head hurting from my thoughts, not the bump on the back of my head from passing out. I grabbed a bottle of gin and my cell phone and retreated to my bedroom.

     I needed a sounding board to talk to… to tell about all that the incredible things that had happen tonight. I called my best friend Chris.

He answered one the second ring, “It’s me, speak.”

All I got out was, “I need you…..”

“I’m on my way,” he said ending the call.

     Fifteen minutes later Chris was in my room sharing my gin…propped up on the head board as I sat crossed legs facing him. “I know this is about Shay, what’s he done?” Chris asked.

     I told him everything…from the fuck on the front porch to the cab ride home….he was stunned like me.

     “Davis, I thought you loved this man…I understand not taking the house but how could you not accept his proposal? Sounds like it was done out of love to me.”

     “Chris, I do love Shay but we have never been on a date….only hook-ups here in my bed. Really we don’t know about each other’s day to day lives. We don’t know each other’s families or friends…I know more about you Chris than I do him.”

     I began to cry. “Oooh baby come here, let me hold you.” Chris said softly. I crawled into his big muscular arms and let him comfort me. He stroked my hair and said, “Baby, everything will be all right. I am here for you, always here.”

   He kissed the top of my head…then my wet cheeks. Then our lips met, soft …hot …moist. He stroked my wet face as he pressed my lips with his tongue. I slowly parted my lips and allowed him in, when our tongues touched, he moaned low and deep.

     Our kiss was wonderfully soft and loving and I never wanted it to end. He rolled me on my back and breaking the kiss, he looked deeply in my eyes, a large smile on his boyish face, “Just let me love you tonight, forget about tomorrow. Yes Baby… dry your eyes, no tears, no sorrow. Please Davis, hold me tight and let me make love to you and never let me go.”

     Before I could answer, he pressed his lips back to mine and I melted in his arms. I wanted him to take me…Yes, I had wanted it for years. We undressed slowly between kisses, tasting every inch of each other’s bodies. He was glorious, soft and sweet with his touches and kisses. Unhurried and truly enjoying my whole body.

     After a few moments that felt like hours of sampling each other, he entered me as I lay on my back. Our eyes locked in a deep stare, his strokes were slow and deep. “Oooh Baby I have wanted you for years, you feel amazing,” he whispered to me. He made me tingle all over, he was a master at the art of lovemaking.

“Yes Chris… Please don’t stop,” I begged.

“I need you to cum for me first, all I want to do is please you,” he said lovingly, locking our lips once more.

He had me shivering beneath him as he brought us to a gentle yet deeply satisfying release.

     He let his warm damp body relax on to mine and whispered, “Please Baby, after we recover come inside me…then my dream will be complete.” 

     Yes…I thought. I wanted that as much as he did. Shay never let me have him… not all of him. Maybe that was the other reason I was hesitant to except his proposal.

     With Chris’s loving kisses and roaming hands, we were soon ready again. And he felt marvelous, tight, wet and hot. I tried very hard to duplicate his motions and give him all the pleasure he had given me, but it had been a while since I had been the one doing the work.

     Finally both of us spent once again and very tired, we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

     I awoke to a commotion of yelling and screaming. I heard Shay’s voice, “What the fuck is going on…Davey? You left me alone. Just walked out on me sleeping in what should be our house.”

     There was a pause while he caught his breath and then, “With no answer to my proposal and then you jump right in bed with some other guy?” In a shrill voice he shrieked, “And you let him fuck you?”

     I thought he was finished but I was wrong because he yelled, “I am so done with you… you Bastard. You’ve ruined everything.”

     Another pause, and then, to my displeasure, “Well you have at it with him, you son of a bitch. But leave me the fuck alone. I never want to see you again.”

     The floor shook as he angrily stomped out leaving Chris and I naked… and me in a daze. I heard the front door slam hard enough to shake the pictures on the walls. And then his car door slammed. He was still so angry that when he started his car, he revved the motor up loud enough to disturb my neighbors. His tires could be heard squealing for a block as he sped out of the driveway and out of my life.

Then I heard the loud crash and the terrible sound of twisting metal as two cars slammed together.

“Oh god Chris…what have I done?” I wailed helplessly as I buried my face in my hands…….

Part 5 coming soon….Thanks for reading and posting comments……A…..


A. Williams


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