The Right Man Part #2

By : A. Williams

From part #1: His hands snaked around my waist and cupped my raging hard cock, “You happy to see me Love? Somebody needs a release,” he whispered in my ear. “I can wait,” I countered my hand shaking on the lock. When the deadbolt clicked, he spun me around an announced to me, “I cannot !” He laid a wet sloppy toe curling kiss on me that made me forget my name, I was his …totally and completely……

     In this moment I melted, Shay had me to do with as he wished. He picked me up and never breaking our kiss, he carried me to the porch swing. He placed me standing up and I grabbed the chains for support as his lips left mine he said, “I can’t wait Love…I want your beautiful cock in my mouth.”

     He unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. A big smile spread across his handsome face as he knelled and swallowed me whole groaning in satisfaction. I moaned, “Yes Babe….sooo goooddd.”  He was a master cock sucker, sucking my cock then my balls, licking my pulsing shaft and pressing my swollen head between his soft lips, all the while pulling me closer to coming in his mouth but always slowing down, delaying my release.

     He stood as I trembled on the edge, he turned me around pulling me down to my knees, snatched my pants over my boots and buried his face in between my ass cheeks. I screamed his name as he probed my hole with his hot wet long tongue. I loved the feeling of his soft beard on my cheeks as he tried to devour my man pussy.

     I felt the night air hit my wet ass as he pulled away and I heard the sound of his zipper and knew I was about to be swept up in intense pleasure only my Shay could provide. “Davey you are the only man I can never resist,” he whispered in my ear as he pushed inside me slowly. I threw my head back moaning and begging, “Yes … take me, love me and take us to paradise.”

     His strokes were long and filling, with every push he rubbed all the right places inside me the pleasure building and building. We moaned together, groaned together both knowing this could not last, it was far too good.

     He used the swing like his fuck chair letting it do all the work as he pushed and pulled it back and forth our bodies still but our union complete. Push…his cock came sliding out…..pull…his cock came back in. Push…out…pull …in. Push…his cock come sliding out… pull…his cock came back in. Push…out…pull …in.

     It did not take long and I screamed, “Yes…Ooooh….I’m ccccuummiiinnnggg.” I came hands free and as my ass clamped down I heard Shay yelling, “Ffuucckkk yyeesss.” I felt him unload in my ass, we held still both shivering with aftershocks and wanting nothing more than for them to continue.

     He pulled out of me and again feel to his knees and sucked the mixture of his cum and my juices out of my hole. God this man was good. “We taste so fucking good mixed up together Davey,” he shouted as he playful slapped my ass.

     He helped me stand and get off the swing handing me my pants as he tucked his softening cock away. “Sorry I didn’t share Love but it tasted so sweet to me. Here, let me help you,” he said winking and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

     He set me down on the swing, gentle removed each of my boots never breaking eye contact, smiling the whole time. He helped me redress and pulled me in close for a loving hug. “I love you Davey, you are wonderful in every way,” he whispered in my ear causing me heart to swell. Damn…this man can do no wrong!

     “Come Love let’s head to my place, I can’t wait for you to see It,” he said full of pride, taking my hand and leading me to his black Cadillac. Always the gentlemen, he opened my door and helped me inside, one more thing I loved about this man.

After we were underway, Shay took my hand and said, “I am so excited you agreed to come to supper tonight Love, I have something special planned for you!” that cat eating grin returned to his handsome face.

“Should I be worried or excited?” I asked half joking.

     “Definitely excited my man or as least I hope you will be,” he said that smile never leaving his face. I was surprised as we turned into a driveway not ten minutes from my house. The paved road had lights all along the sides and trees on either side were back lit. As we continued along, I remembered this place.

     An old run down southern mansion house set way back off the road. I had looked at it before buying my place but sadly I did not have the resources to fix it up properly.

     We pulled up the house now beautifully restored fully lit up, I did not realize my mouth was hanging open until Shay pushed my chin up to close it.

     “Surprise!” he yelled. “The day we met you told me about this place, so I bought her. I have had a team of builders working around the clock for months bring her back to her original beauty.”

     “Come, let’s go inside,” he said at my open door, his hand extended. I was still in shock I guess, I took his hand and he lead me up onto the wrap around porch  full of rocking chairs, a swing, beautiful potted plants and blooming flowers were everywhere.

     He pushed the doorbell and the deep rich tones were clear to hear. A man dressed in black with white gloves, the butler I presumed, opened the door, “Good evening Mr. Roberts and Master Davis, please come in. Drinks are being served in the study.”

     As we entered the grand foyer done in black and white tiles, a huge chandelier hung from the tall ceiling. You could see the huge curved sweeping wood  staircase to the right and the dining room to the left fitting with what looked like a long 20 person antique table.

     “God this place is amazing Shay,” I whispered. “Just wait Love, you aint seen nothing yet!” he laughed. We entered the two story study and Shay seated me behind a large mahogany desk in a worn leather chair.

      The drinks were sitting waiting as the butler had said and I grabbed one and downed it, pouring another I handed one to Shay. “Fuck Babe, I am speechless, this place is magnificent, your place really?” I said falling back into the worn comfortable chair.

     “Sorry Love, it is not mine,” he said shaking his head  trying to hide his grin. “Who’s then?” I asked worried we were in a stranger’s house but remembering the butler somehow knew our names. I was so confused.

“That’s my surprise Davey, welcome HOME my one true love!” he said tossing me the keys.

I caught the keys but my mind was reeling…had I heard him correctly …. HOME ….my Home!!!

“Shay, don’t fuck with me…really?” I said thinking he was messing with me.

“You don’t believe me? When have I ever lied to you Love?” I thought a minute, “Never Babe.” I conceded.

      “The night we meet I knew you were my one true love … I feel in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you Davey. You told me all about this place and how much you loved it but did not have the money to do her justice. I bought her that night and now it’s your gift… no strings attached. But I hope we will live here together or somewhere together. I need you and only you. I only want to make you happy, please let me. You are my one and only man,” he said, his stunning face lighting up like a Christmas tree……What could I say????????......

Part #3 coming soon…………thank you for reading and posting……..A.


A. Williams

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