The Right Man Part #3

By : A. Williams

     My special “do no wrong” boyfriend of only 3 months had just given me a house! Not just any house, the one I had told him I loved but could not afford to fix up and now I sat here in the fully resorted mansion … with the keys to her in my hand and him with great big smile on his face. I was floored, to say the least!

     I down my second drink as my mind reeled with millions of thought all at one time. With my hands shaking I laid the keys down and poured myself another.

     I knew he was waiting for some kind of response from me but God help me I was at a loss for words. We had not even been of our first date yet! He had not met my friends and I had not met his or each other’s families, for that matter. All these thoughts and many more flew through my mind. I felt confused, happy and humbled all at the same time.

     Trying to sort out my thoughts, I sipped my drink as Shay waited. This did explain why I had never been to his place. He had probably been living in some rundown dump while he doled out thousands of dollars for the renovations of this house!

     I looked upon his handsome smiling face, I knew I loved him too and I would gladly move in with him anywhere he wanted us to go but giving me this place was defiantly out of the question. It was a loving, huge thing to do for me but sadly, I could not accept it.

     I stood and so did Shay, He followed me to the tall arched topped windows that looked out on the large covered rear porch, as grand as the front porch and into the back yard.

     The view was amazing, trees were back lit and a large pond with a fountain was strategically lit as well. “Wow, I said totally amazed. I felt him wrap his strong arms around me and place his chin on my shoulder. “My favorite view too Love, you should see it from the master suite,” he whispered in my ear.

     I pulled away from his embrace and walked back and sat on the desk, “I am humbled and so honored by this offer of such a magnificent gift but I cannot accept it Shay.” I took a sip of my drink and continued. “It is far too much.”

He started to protest and I raised my hand, “You will not change my mind.”

     There was a knock on the door and Shay said, “Yes?” I heard what seemed to be the Butlers voice, “Dinner will be served in the kitchen in 20 minutes Sir.”

     “Thank you Paul,” Shay said returning his gaze back to me. His amazing smile returned as he approached me, “I knew you would be stubborn about this, so I have a question for you.”

     He walked behind me, removed something from the desk draw and returned standing between my out stretched legs, his hands behind his back. His black eyes were twinkling and his smile was more radiant than I have ever seen it.

     He cupped my check with one hand, “Davey, I love you with all my heart, you are the one and only man for me.”

     He went down on one knee and presented me with an opened box that held two matching thick silver bands, decorated with sparkling diamonds. I looked at him with shook as he said, “Marry me …here… in our new house.”

     The next thing I remember, 5 or 6 people were all gathered around me, with very concerned faces, I focused on Shay’s. He spoke with a smile as he patted my face with a cold rag, “You passed out Love and I don’t think it was the drinks.” He laughed.

     “What happened?” I sat up, with help from the others, realizing I was now in a different room, lying on a couch with a massive headache.

     “You passed clean out and smacked your head on the desk before I could catch you. Paul the ice pack please, and more drinks,” he laughed.

     I took the ice pack and applied it to the source of my throbbing head as Paul placed another drink in my hand. I swallowed slowly as Shay spoke to the others. “A little room please… and put dinner on hold.” Alone again, he got on his knees between my legs and cupped my face in his large hands, “Are you O.K. Love?”

“I have never passed out before, I could use something for my head.” I said. “Be right back.”

     While he was gone, I remembered what had happened… the “marry me” question and the rings. Once again my mind was flooded with thoughts. Swirling…twirling and my headache did not help matters. I downed my drink and grabbed another hoping it would help with the pain and calm me down.

     I heard the door open then close and I knew it was Shay…somehow I knew. “Here Love,” he whispered handing me the pills. I downed them without looking at him, my eyes closed as I held the ice pack in place.

     My heart was pounding in my ears, I begged in my mind … please don’t ask me again. This was just too much, all of this at one time, for me to take.

     I heard him sit in the chair across from me and pick up his glass with a small sigh but no words were spoken.

     Soon my head began to ease and I looked over at my now sleeping lover. I gently removed his shoes and placed his feet up on a stool. I pulled the throw blanket from the back of the sofa and covered him up…I so loved my sleeping man but…but.

     I needed some space…some time to think things over alone. I asked Paul to call me a cab and headed home…??? Confused and alone.

                Part 4 coming soon….Thanks for reading and posting……A


A. Williams

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