The Right Man Part #6

By : A. Williams

     I sat and looked at the phone….I wanted to meet Shay’s parents but not like this. Never like this… Oohh God, will someone just tell me how he is. God please help him through this I prayed, as I cried. As the tears rolled down my face, a nurse came in to the waiting room. Thank God I screamed in my hurting head.

     “Who is here for Shay Roberts?” she asked. I stood up on shaky legs, “I am.” I said. “How is he?” I asked hopefully. “The doctor will be in soon young man. I’ll tell him you are here, waiting,” she said, leaving abruptly and slamming the door behind her. Bitch I thought. This was a sample of the lack of respect shown to boyfriends and partners with no real legal standing.   

     My pacing returned in earnest as my thoughts swirled around in my mind like a tornado. I lost track of time, it just seemed to stop as I waited and walked. The waiting room door opened, the noise drawing out of my thoughts. There stood a man in his mid-50s, an older handsome version of my Shay and a very pretty petite lady…. Shay’s parents I thought. He was dressed in a black business suit, she, in a nice dress her hair in a bun.

     “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. I am Davis, the one that called you. I am afraid there is still no word from the doctors, the nurse knows I…er… we’re here for him, she said she would be back some time ago.” I explained as I walked over to them and extended my hand. As he shook my hand his father asked, “What do you know son?”   

     “He was unconscious and bleeding when they brought him in, the nurse told me he had a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. She recommended that I call you to come to the hospital. That’s been a couple of hours ago I think but I’m not sure.”

     “You wait here with Davis, Dear. I am going to see what I can find out,” his Father said leaving the waiting room. His Mother smiled at me weakly and said, “My name is Elizabeth and that’s Samuel, thank you for calling us. Please take a seat with me.”

     We sat facing each other, “I can see you have been crying. How do you know my son? Are you two in a relationship young man?” she asked. Damn, I didn’t know what to say… “Yes you are. It’s written all over your face and that sweet blush. No need to be ashamed, we know our son is gay, always has been. We love him, no matter what, in heaps and bushels full. How long have you two been together son?” she asked.

     “Three months ma’am, I am so sorry about his accident, Lord I pray he will be OK.” I moaned holding my head back in my hands and trying not to cry again. She had no idea his wreck was all my fault.  How could I tell her what really happened? That her son had caught me with my best friend…in my bed after we had sex? Shit, that reminded me I needed to call Chris and explain what was going on.

     I’m so damn worthless. A cheating bastard and a no good ass hole. After Shay had loved me so much that he got down on his knees and ask me to marry him. He had to be OK, “Please God…help him through all of this, I am so sorry,” I moaned as my tears started to fall down my face.

     Elizabeth took my hand in hers and said comfortingly, “Sweetheart, he will be fine, don’t worry.” I wanted to believe her but….I had my doubts.

     Mr. Roberts walked back in to the waiting room with a frown. “He is in recovery… they will take him to the I.C.U. in about an hour. They don’t know if he will make it or not. The doctor will be here in a few minutes,” he said sitting beside Elizabeth and taking her hand.

     I excused myself and walked over to the other side of the room and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed Chris’s number, “Davis, I’ve been waiting for your call. Do you need me?” he asked, his voice full of concern.

     “I’m at West Wing Hospital, where they brought Shay. He’s out of surgery and his parents are here. We are waiting for the doctor now,” I informed him. “Chris… they don’t know if he’s going to make it,” my voice trailed off. “What room Davis?” he asked. “307.” I answered. “On my way,” he said and the line went dead.

     I stood looking out the window as my tears started to come once again. I could hear Elizabeth and Samuel talking softly behind me but paid them no mind. I needed Chris, my best friend to hold me and let me cry.

     The door once again opened and finally the doctor came in. “Hello, my name is Dr. Carter. Are you folks here for Shay Roberts?” he asked. We all moved toward him, “Yes we’re his parents and this is his boyfriend. Please tell us what’s happening with our son,” Samuel asked sternly.

     “Let’s all take a seat please,” Dr. Carter said. “Your son is in a deep coma due to the trauma to his head. He’s been placed on life support because he stopped breathing. We were able to stop his internal bleeding which is good news. He has 4 broken ribs, which caused his lung to collapse. He also has a broken hip and thigh. I’m afraid things will be touch and go for the next three or four days. What worries me is the swelling to his brain, if it doesn’t stop… he’ll die.”

     Part #7 soon…….Thanks for reading and posting comments….A.


A. Williams

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