The Right Man

By : A. Williams

“You have me on edge if you don’t join me soon, I’ll cum alone.” I said in a whisper. I could feel Shay smile against my cheek as his soft beard moved along with his handsome face as we continued to rub our sweaty bodies together. “We can’t have that now can we?” his voice full of desire and a hint of humor. “No, please come inside me.” I begged arching my back and spreading my legs for him to enter. I felt a push and heard a moan, surprised it came from my lungs.

He was so easy, so gentle but his cock was rock hard and I could feel every vein along its wonderful engorged length. His arousal increased and he coated my insides with his continued leaking making our lovemaking so smooth and slick. Friction free…. He increased his speed while licking and nibbling my neck to my intense pleasure. I heard myself calling his name over and over… “Shay… so close…Shay… yes….Ooh yes.” I purred.

My body quivered from the inside out, his deep thrust had me on the brink of no return. At that perfect moment Shay bite me, marking me as only his. I moaned in pain and pleasure… an intense combination. I groaned in desire and lust as I erupted in orgasmic bliss. My white thick cum landing in ropes on his sweat soaked black hairy chest and his 8 pack muscled abs.

I felt his release and squeezed his appendage hard. Deep inside my bowels he bred me with his wonderful cock juices, so hot and filling. I ground my heels hard into his clenched ass muscles as he moaned in my ear “My precious love… I can’t help falling in love with you Davis my man... only mine. I love you so.” He lay down on top of me and this time he felt me smile against his ear as I whispered “I love you more, so much more Shay.”

We had only been together for 3 months but these late night rendezvous were becoming a habit for both of us. If he did not show up unannounced on my doorstep by 11 or 12 o’clock at night, I would be calling his house or cell phone to extend an invitation for a late night drink. Really all I wanted was to have him with me, on me and inside me. He was the most loving, caring and talented lover I ever had in my 35 years and I was totally and hopelessly in love with Shay Roberts.

But that is not all there is to the man. He works at Dell Computers 10 years now. He is a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak, doing programing, service work or part time manager for the 75 employees’ at his office, if needed. He is respected and well-liked by all the folks he works with and desired by all the ladies, too bad he is so masculine but gay to the bone. He shuns their attention but that doesn’t stop them from trying. 

My Shay is a walking, talking testosterone laden mans-man. He is 6 foot 2 inches and 250 pounds of muscled up mouth-watering sex on a plate. He has jet black shoulder length hair, gleaming happy black eyes that seem to hold a million secrets.  His body hair along with his perfect full beard are silky smooth and perfectly placed along his gorgeous body. He’s sure of himself but not full of himself, so strong but gentle at the same time. Yep… my Shay is one fine catch. I am surprisingly confident in our monogamous relationship.

Not saying I’m stomp down ugly but I am not on Shay’s level of glamorous good looks. I am 5 feet 11 inches 225 pounds of lean toned muscle. I have been told I have “puppy dog” brown eyes that Shay loves to stare into. He tells me they are full of love and honesty. I have medium brown hair, cut corporate style that fits my life as an art dealer. I own an art gallery… “Roll on Art Gallery” where I buy and sell all types of art and I’m an all-around babysitter to my entire group of artist.

I was feeling that Shay and I needed to change up our relationship a little… like we were in a rut. So I called for back-up on an unusual Friday off from the gallery. Four of my best and most creative artist met up with me at a great fish and chips diner on 6th street. I told them I needed ideas for a surprising, exciting and romantic weekend get-a-way for two.

I received some friendly teasing about my relationship with Shay but it always came back to the Oooos and Ahhhhs about his bad ass body and his wonderful sweet personality, they had no idea how fantastic he was in the sack. Like I said before, he is one hell of a catch. I asked my friends, who loved to tease me, to please come up with some ideas and let me know by Monday. We called our hook up done and I trotted home happy and thinking of how perfect getting away with my man would be.

My home was a 3 bedroom ranch on 20 acers of forested bliss. I put on some coffee and hit play on my answering machine. There were the normal work messages that came from a vacation day from work, a few messages from friends about club gatherings and parties being held over the weekend. But then I heard Shay’s deep voice. My cock went hard as my cheeks flushed red, God what this man does to me.

“Hey Davis, miss you Love. I was hoping we could have dinner tonight. My place… around 7-7:30. Pick you up around 6pm. What do you say? Call me at home.” his sexy voice said. I sipped my coffee and willed my hard-on to go away. His place, now that was a first. I had never been to his place… seems Shay was feeling a need for a change in our routine as well.

Still sipping my coffee, I glanced at the stove clock, 4 pm. Dinner at his place would be a casual affair, I still had time to get ready. I picked up the phone to call him with butterflies tickling my stomach. He picked up on the second ring “Shay here.” God I love his deep raspy voice “Hey it’s…” I started. “Hello Love, I missed you today. How are you?  You having dinner with me? Sorry for asking so late, I would understand if you have other plans.” He hurriedly rattled off, his voice questioning.

“You know there’s no other place I want to be than with you Babe. Of course we are on for dinner, I’ll be ready by 6, is that time still good for you?” I asked happily.  

“Yes Love times fine, all I need is you. I don’t care where or when …. the sooner the better,” he laughed. “Don’t be mad if I’m early, I can hardly wait to see you and kiss you. Till then…Later. ”

The line went dead and my lungs let out a heavy sigh, one minute away from him felt like an hour. I have never been with a man like him. A man who seemed to know all the right things to say and all the right moves to make in bed. I could only hope he was as deeply in love with me as I was him. Lordie…Lordie.

After my long hot shower, I dressed in a deep red dress shirt, Shay’s favorite color on me be, blue jeans and a black belt along with black boots. I finished off with a sliver necklace and silver watch with some nice smelling cologne.

I waited impatiently for his arrival, only wanting him to hold me in his big strong arms. The doorbell rung and I walked to it full of desire for him, I tried not to look too eager but it was impossible when I opened the door and saw him there leaning on the door jam.

His jet black hair was slicked back, his dark eyes twinkling and his smile was bright through his dark beard. “Hello Davey,” he said in his deep voice that made me quiver.

He was dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and jeans that were poured on. God he was amazing, you could see all his big muscles and his large package was clearly on display…I held a moan as I stepped out of the front door.  

“Let me lock up and I’ll be ready.” I said unsure of what I was even doing.  I felt him against my back, his body hot, his warm breath in my ear as I tried to lock the door. His hands snaked around my waist and cupped my raging hard cock, “You happy to see me Love? Somebody needs a release,” he whispered in my ear.

“I can wait,” I countered my hand shaking on the lock. When the deadbolt clicked, he spun me around an announced to me, “I cannot !”

He laid a wet sloppy toe curling kiss on me that made me forget my name, I was his …totally and completely……

Part 2 coming soon............Thanks for reading and posting.................A.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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