Chapter 9 – Shadow of the Throne

“Ahem.” Someone coughed. “You boys having a good time?”

Namor’s legs were still wrapped around the Prince’s hips, his cock now pulsing lazily between them, while Proteus’ own manhood remained lodged as if cement in Namor’s hole. Namor’s salt still drying on their chests. Namor moved to draw back, but the Prince gripped him tightly and pulled him back, his shaft brushing Namor’s prostate in a searing blaze of feeling. Namor bit his lip to keep from moaning.

The dark-haired Dardanio had arrived in the Water Garden, accompanied by Namor’s friend Adrianus and their fellow recruit, Pindaro. Behind them was the Prince’s body man, whose name Namor hazily remembered as Galen.

The Phallicus men wore their customary open red robes, clinging tightly to their well-built physiques from the swim into the hidden cave. Galen wore only his brown breeches, partially laced. His package bulged clearly through the front of his pants.

Galen stepped forward, addressing his Prince, “There you are. I’ve been looking for you. How’s it going?”

Proteus chuckled and grabbed both cheeks of Namor’s ass with a playful slap (Namor was unable to contain another quiet groan escaping his lips). “Wild. Namor here lives up to the Thracian title – he gave me quite a ride. How was yours – Argos, his name was?”

Galen grinned like the sun. “Devious, and…inventive. Where’s Kanaan? He’s supposed to be keeping an eye on you.”

The Prince sighed. “The Vespers so rarely get to enjoy themselves, I gave him free reign to treat himself, so he’s otherwise occupied. But what is this that you’ve brought me? More?”

“A buffet of masculinity for you to sample.” Galen pronounced with a flourish. Adrianus, Dardanio, and Pindaro stepped into a presentational pose, as they had been trained, their robes draped loosely at the elbow, adding the evocative red while concealing essentially nothing. Their athletic shoulders steeped into powerful chests. Adrianus and Dardanio were both a bit stockier, while Pindaro was slim. Dardanio retained his perfectly manicured dark chest hair, but Pindaro was smooth. Adrianus’ naturally brown hair was also dusted across his muscles.

Proteus gave Namor a pat and they finally separated with a smacking and slurping pop sound. Namor saw black dots swirl before his eyes as the Prince’s genetically enhanced member slipped out of him, leaving an empty space behind, only filled by the Prince’s still-warm seed. Namor staggered to his feet and stood by the stone altar.

“The thought of more pleasure entices me.” Proteus smirked, sizing up each man in turn. “But I am still dirty from my previous – very satisfying -- encounter. So I don’t spoil my appetite by comparing you to Namor, I should cleanse my palatte, and my body.”

“We can wash you, and your Prime Offering, my lord.” Dardanio offered.

“Hmm. I only need one to do that.” Proteus grinned, watching the tension build between his three newest offerings. Pindaro seemed most intent on being chosen, but Dardanio was giving off definite Alpha vibes.

“You.” Proteus chose, pointing to Adrianus. “You may begin.”

Galen gave the surprised Adrianus a small push forward, and Namor gave his friend a quick wink. Proteus returned to sit on the edge of the stone altar, while Adrianus picked up a soft sponge and added some of the scented oils from the pitchers. Instead of just setting to work, Adrianus climbed up onto the altar and sat behind the Prince, spreading his legs wide and scooting close, so that his own stiff cock was pressed against the Prince’s back. With his right arm, he wrapped it around Proteus’ shoulder and gently sponged his chest from behind.

Proteus sighed contentedly and leaned back into Adrianus, letting his weight rest against him. Adrianus gave a quick look to Namor, who nodded in encouragement. Adrianus continued to wash the Prince’s chest and arms slowly.

Proteus suddenly spoke, “My other gifts – I desire entertainment before I take my next man. One of you will mount the other while this lovely man washes me.”

“As you command, my lord.” Dardanio grinned. He spun the surprised Pindaro around and had him bent over before the slimmer man even knew what was happening. Smoothly, Dardanio dropped into a squat and, spreading Pindaro’s cheeks with both hands, dug his tongue deep into his ass. Pindaro immediately let out a moan of pleasure.

Galen moved over and pulled Pindaro’s shoulders up, arching his back. “You perform for your Prince. Do everything for his eyes to see.”

Dardanio shifted position so that Proteus could better see him furiously rimming Pindaro’s ass, while the slimmer man’s continued moans echoed through the cave. Adrianus switched to sponging the Prince’s back carefully.

Soon, Dardanio stood and slapped his cock on Pindaro’s wet ass a couple times, before positioning himself to push into him. He was right at Pindaro’s hole, his thick flared helmet already splitting Pindaro’s cheeks wide, when he paused and looked to Proteus.

“I move as you command, my lord.”

Proteus chuckled. “Oh this will be fun. Enter him slowly.”

Dardanio began to push his thick heated member inside, while Adrianus moved around to kneel in front of the Prince, gently washing his legs and feet. For each foot, he placed it on his shoulder and kissed it as he washed. Gradually, his hands continued washing and massaging Proteus’ calves, but he sucked toe after toe, one at a time, into his lips, flicking his tongue over them playfully. The Prince sighed in approval.

Dardanio was only about halfway in lengthwise, when Proteus commanded, “Faster. Enter him fully.” Nodding, the dark-haired phallicus flexed his tight ass and slammed home. Pindaro gasped at the sudden acceleration, and Dardanio inhaled sharply, his muscular frame shifting as pleasure shook him.

“Now take him, like the alpha you are.” Proteus ordered. Pindaro gasped again as Dardanio grinned, gripped the bottom’s hips tightly, and began to power-fuck his ass, his legs in a wide stance and both their bodies shaking as the Phallicus plowed Pindaro at high speed.

Adrianus began to move higher, his kisses, licks, and nips travelling up to the Prince’s inner thighs. Proteus instinctively spread his legs wider to allow the broad-shouldered Phallicus free access to his regal manhood.

Galen, satisfied with the Phallicus display, felt his own shaft begin to rise again. He waded over to Namor and tapped him on the shoulder. Namor instantly knelt in the water and took Galen’s cum-slicked cock into his hungry mouth. The Prince’s bodyman gripped Namor’s purple hair tightly and held the Thracian down on his veined shaft – but the trained Phallicus was ready, and handled the man’s goods with an easy tongue.

“Now slowly.” Proteus exhaled, as Adrianus began licking and sucking his heavy balls. Dardanio obediently slowed his pace so that his powerful body was still sliding his big cock in and out of the panting Pindaro, but he was very smooth to withdraw and achingly slow thrusting in. Pindaro was soon squirming and panting on the shaft, the slow impaling driving his prostate into overload.

The slow pace continued for a long time, so that even Dardanio was trembling with desire to finish. The Prince had lost focus, closing his eyes dreamily as Adrianus wrapped his lips around his dripping shaft.

“My lord?” Dardanio finally spoke. “Please.”

Proteus looked up and chuckled at their predicament. “Ah, the alpha begs for release.”

“Please, your highness.” Dardanio trembled, his heavy muscles shaking.

“Do you hear begging?” Galen chuckled, face-fucking Namor smoothly. “Cause I don’t.”

“I’m…I’m begging you, please.” Dardanio crumbled. “Please let me finish us both.”

Proteus pretended to weight the option briefly before laughing and saying, “First you get your bottom to orgasm. Only then may you come – and where I can see it.”

Sighing with relief, Dardanio took charge again, not quite reaching his previous power-speed, but thrusting in a languorous, heated rhythm.  Soon both Dardanio and Pindaro were groaning loudly as they rutted before the Prince.

With a broken moan, Pindaro stood up straight, jerking himself fiercely, while he and Dardanio shared a kiss over his shoulder, he fired several jets of salt into the air. Roaring his triumph, Dardanio pulled out with a slurp, and a groan from Pindaro, sliding both his hands up and down his slick cock before he leaned back with a howl, landing in the water on his back, while his prodigious manhood shot hot sticky ropes of salt powerfully across his body, even up to his cheek.

Proteus brought Adrianus off his cock gently, guiding him back to his balls. Adrianus greedily sucked one of the orbs into his mouth, and the Prince rewarded him with a sigh and a fountain of salt, firing up into the air and landing all across Adrianus’ face and lips.

Galen, watching this display, and with Namor’s fully talented tongue wrapped around his shaft, quickly followed suit, shooting his hot load into Namor’s throat. Namor dutifully swallowed every drop.

When it was over, only the sounds of heavy breathing echoed in the cave, before a light clapping sound arose. From a hidden door, Caton and Dominus Sura emerged with broad smiles.

“A profoundly elevated display of masculine sex, gentlemen. Beautiful.” Sura applauded them.

“Naturally we have been observing you since you arrived here, in case any need should arise.” Caton added. “May we get you anything? Drinks or refreshments? Stimulants?”

“How about a knife?” an unfamiliar voice spoke. From the heated energy of the sex, the room felt suddenly cold as Pindaro picked up a knife hidden behind a mossy rock and lunged towards the Prince.

Adrianus, still between Proteus’ legs, immediately stood up, intercepting Pindaro’s slash with his body. He fell down, stunned and bleeding. Proteus delivered a swift kick, pushing off the stone altar, which sent Pindaro sloshing backwards. Suddenly Dardanio was there, twisting Pindaro’s arm around so that he could grab the knife and toss it away. Both of them drenched and naked, Pindaro slipped from his grasp, and Dardanio lunged, both of them tumbling into the water and wrestling.

Galen and Namor were both hurtling towards the fray when Dardanio emerged, holding one arm around Pindaro’s neck, and securing his head there with the other in a sleeper hold. Pindaro struggled but could not break the grip of the larger man.

“Who sent you?” Galen roared. Namor checked on Adrianus. “He’s bleeding pretty bad, we need to get him to the infirmary.”

“No one can leave!” Galen shouted.

“He has to, he needs medical-” Namor began, but Galen fired back.

“This man just attempted to kill the Prince and any or all of you could be suspect. No one can leave until we figure out the truth.”

Dominus Sura moved very close to Pindaro, and Dardanio held him tightly so that the Dominus was eye to eye. With a deadly calm voice, Sura asked, “Who sent you into my house?”

“No one.” Pindaro grunted.

“He lies.” Caton spoke up. “He was a strange arrival from the start. He was not selected by you, but admitted to the Phallicus recruits on the orders of…”

“Of who?” Galen challenged.

Caton frowned. “On the orders of Prince Avidus Secundus.”

Proteus finally spoke. “Dominus, were any of these other men admitted in such a manner, or were they all selected by you?”

“They were each selected, he was the only one.” Sura swiftly replied.

“In that case, I believe he acted alone, and no other ill intent was meant.” Proteus said. “Namor, will you take this man to the infirmary?”

Namor nodded and shared a quick kiss with the Prince before he lifted Adrianus in both arms. Caton guided him out the hidden door, and Proteus turned back to Pindaro.

“As for this man, he has attempted assassination of the heir to the throne. As Prince Primus, Heir to the Empire, and First Watchman to the Star Realms, I sentence him to die.”

Galen stepped forward, but Dardanio took a few steps backward, dragging Pindaro with him. “If it’s all the same to you, my lord, we’ll carry it out. He betrayed yourself and the Brotherhood of Phallicus.”

Galen looked to Proteus, who nodded. Dardanio muttered his thanks and dragged the weakly struggling Pindaro out the hidden door. Only Proteus, Galen, and Dominus Sura remained.

With a heavy head, Sura spoke, “I throw myself at your mercy, my Prince. Such a breach of security is unacceptable.”

Galen made an inarticulate noise of agreement, but Proteus shook his head. “Such a breach of security was not your fault. The royal family is always seeking ways to kill each other to get ahead, and as I am first of all my brothers, these attempts are more common than you’d expect.”

He took a moment and sighed. “And I acted foolishly. Sending away my security in the hopes of finding a more private, intimate experience. Such a beauty is one I cannot afford. Still, the actions of your loyal men were commendable. Any debt that the injured man owes you – consider it paid.”

Dominus Sura nodded. “Naturally your visit will also be free of charge. I fear this little incident might have put you off from further revelry.”

Proteus shook his head. “For a short time perhaps, but my appetites always return. In the meantime, can I speak with you about the true purpose of our visit?”

Sura nodded, intrigued. “How may I help you, my lord?”

“It is, ah, delicate. You see my father the Emperor has decreed that I must begin furthering the royal line with sons. But…overall my tastes do not lean towards women. Galen tells me you know of a technology to impregnate a woman with my seed, without me having to…”

Sura nodded. “Yes, a fertilization technique from the Prime World in ages past. All I would need would be a sample of your seed, and I could set up a suitable surrogate. We’ll keep her anonymous and arrange to move her from house to house, and of course she’ll be given a security detail until the baby is at term. Does that sound agreeable?”

“I would need some genetic proof that the baby is mine, and exists. My father will not be easily fooled.” Proteus added.

“Not to worry, my lord, all this can be arranged. If you’ll follow me we can take care of the donation now.”

Galen piped up. “And you’ll keep this secret?”

“Naturally.” Sura responded. “As you know technology from the Prime World is banned, but on the black market it thrives. Ancient artifacts of a dead planet. What survives of the Expansion Wars is mostly useless now, save a few curiosities.”

The Dominus led them to a large circular room with a low, domed ceiling. Unlike most of the other rooms in the House it seemed to have no drapery, and was outfitted with a large wooden desk, chairs, and  a fireplace.

“This is my office.” Sura explained. “It is best we do this away from prying eyes. You’re sure you want to do this?”

Proteus shared a glance with Galen, and then nodded. Sura picked up a small bell from his desk and rang it twice. The door opened again.

A large, black Phallicus swept smoothly in with a gemmed chalice. His golden nose ring and many other gold bands identified him as the Master of Phalluses.

Sura introduced him, “This is Olmir, whom you saw briefly on the tour earlier. I believe he is the one best suited to this task.”

Olmir locked eyes with Proteus, and the Prince immediately felt a sense of warm, calm flow through him. There was comfort and understanding in those eyes, and Olmir approached the Prince slowly, raising a hand.

Gently, Olmir pressed his palm to Proteus’ chest, and a surge of tingling warmth flooded through his body. Instantly his semi-hardened manhood swung to full mast, and Prince gasped, reveling in the sensation of Olmir’s touch.

Slowly, they leaned together and kissed, while Olmir’s other hand slid down Proteus’ ridged abs and curled firmly around the base of his cock. Their kiss broke as Proteus caught his breath in genuine pleasure. Olmir’s Vulcan genes were allowing him to heat his touch and alter the Prince’s sensations. The intoxication was seductive and thrilling.

Easily, Olmir began to jerk Proteus’s cock, which was immediately slick with the Prince’s salt. Just standing there, legs wide, and experiencing the other man’s touch on his skin, on his most sensitive place, was both vulnerable and powerful.

Proteus felt a rising surge and Olmir quickly picked up the chalice as he came again, filling it with hot delicious seed. The Dominus smiled. “It is done.”

To be continued...



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