Chapter 4 – Morning Exercise

The Prince Primus woke in a quiet instant, and registered the arm draped heavily over his naked chest. Smiling, Proteus traced the arm lightly with his fingers, following it back to its owner, Galen. The dark-haired man was still fast asleep, his face towards Proteus on the pillow. Proteus leaned in and brushed his lips against Galen’s, which caused him to open his lips slightly in an automatic response.

Proteus slipped his tongue between them lightly, prolonging the kiss, before he turned away and rose from the bed, the soft sheets falling away from his naked muscular frame. Galen stirred behind him. “Do you have to go?”

“I can’t rest right now.” Proteus murmured. “I thought I’d go spar for a while before we go. I need the practice, and besides, fighting always gets me in the mood.”

“I’m in the mood now.” Galen suggested. The sheets were tented rather distractingly below his waist, though both hands were now behind his head. Proteus laughed. “I can see that. I’m going to save my appetite for this afternoon’s excursion to the Pleasurehouse, but I wouldn’t want to leave you in such a state. Kanaan?”

At the Prince’s call, one of the Vespers stepped forward – like all Vespers he wore only a brief loincloth, revealing nearly all of his genetically modified physique. He stood taller than a Gibraithian kunjar, and his frame was heavy with toned muscles. He was broader in the shoulder than most men, and the rest of his proportions followed suit. His powerful chest was lightly dusted with curly brown hair, which matched the short-cropped hair on his head. His bright yellow eyes gleamed as he knelt before his Prince.

“What service can I provide, my Prince?” his low, husky voice suggested that he already knew what the request would be. Proteus thought he might have seen movement stirring beneath Kanaan’s loincloth. Sexuality was also occasionally expected as part of the Vesper’s duty, and it was one that the Vespers in Proteus’ wing had performed many, many times.

“My bodyman cannot fully protect me or attend to me when he is in this state. Please satisfy him in any way he asks until he is ready to return to duty.” Proteus commanded, as he pulled on a simple blue tunic and trousers.

Kanaan bowed his head, and then rose smoothly, a smile tracing across his face. “Yes, my Lord. As you command.”

As Proteus pulled on his boots and made to leave, Galen jumped up out of bed, his hardness swinging and bobbing in the motion. Kanaan moved between them faster than a man his size should have been able to.

“You’re just gonna leave me here?” Galen called.

“I have a workout to get to.” Proteus smirked. “But I’m sure Kanaan here will be excellent company for you.”

Galen chuckled and allowed Kanaan to push him back onto the bed. He fell down onto the sheets, and was soon pinned there with the iron strength of Kanaan’s hands, as Kanaan lowered his mouth to engulf his heated organ. The fervent gleam in his yellow eyes never faded as he set about pleasuring Galen – enthusiastically. Galen was soon squirming and moaning on the silken sheets.

Proteus made his way to the training and sparring fields, the urge to fight now brimming in his thoughts. The training grounds were modeled in the old style, a low colonnade surrounding a square which was open to the sky. The dusty ground was scarred with gouges and erosions from previous fights, and perfectly oiled weaponry gleamed invitingly from the armory. This early in the morning, only the Master-at-Arms, Tiberon, was present.

A retired soldier of the Blood, Tiberon was a battle-scarred Thracian. His violet eyes glowed with pleasure as Proteus approached. “Good morning, my royal lord. Come to have your ass handed you, once again?”

Proteus shrugged out of his tunic with an equal amount of bravado. “Tiberon, you’re the only one around who can keep up with me, even if you are a crotchety old man.”

“Your weapon today, my lord?” Tiberon asked. “You’ve all but mastered the swords.”

“No weapons, Tybe. Unarmed.” Proteus replied, settling into a ready stance, his fists raised.

Tiberon merely nodded. A fist-fight between the two strength-enhanced men would be a good test for the young prince. “So be it.” And then he launched forward, the height of his jump carrying him to where the sun would be directly in the Prince’s eyes. But Proteus was fast as well, already somersaulting beneath Tiberon’s path, rising and pivoting so that his first strike caught Tiberon with his own disadvantage.

But the sun didn’t blind the old Thracian either. He blocked the punch and quickly moved to get inside the Prince’s defense. Proteus didn’t let him in, shifting back and drawing his arms in to protect his core.

The two men traded blows for nearly an hour-and-a-half, by which time a small crowd of military and court men had gathered to watch the display of combat prowess. At times one would seem to have the advantage over the other, but never for very long, as they were almost evenly matched.

Sweat glistened on the powerful men, their bodies gleaming as they strained against one another. The fight suddenly seemed to get faster and more brutal as they both moved to end the bout. The end came when Tiberon landed a hard blow on Proteus’ right cheek, but the Prince spun with it, leaping nimbly into the air and slamming a kick solidly into Tiberon’s ear, sending him sprawling. Both men staggered back, panting. Proteus wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth as Tiberon rose to his feet.

They bowed to each other, and then walked off the field, as the onlookers applauded. “Your skills have grown sharper, my lord.” Tiberon offered. “If I might ask, why the recent interest in unarmed? It is rare a soldier uses it in the field.”

Proteus let his blue hair down, taking a bowl of water from a servant and pouring it over his neck and back. “It’s not the field I’m worried about, Tybe. I’ve mastered firearms and swords, but nowadays the biggest threat to me is my brothers, and they’re unlikely to try to kill me face to face.”

Tiberon grunted, and Proteus continued. “I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’m capable of. I know there are secrets of the Royal blood that I haven’t discovered yet. I must master my own body first if I am truly to be ready for any situation.”

“You are wise, my lord, and powerful. None of these other young bucks would last half as long as you just did against me.” Tiberon chuckled. “Say, where’s your bodyman, Galen? He’s better than most for a spar.”

Proteus grinned. “He’s occupied at the moment. Something about his duty.”

Back in the Royal Primus wing of the palace, Galen was gasping quickly as Kanaan’s powerful arms supported his legs, while the Vesper’s superhuman shaft moved rapidly inside of him. Kanaan’s entire body was gleaming with sweat, and his balls smacked audibly against Galen as he penetrated him repeatedly. The veins in Kanaan’s bulging arms popped to the surface as the titan’s body supported Galen, whose back was still on the bed, with his legs up in the air. Kanaan stood, stooping slightly to align his hips with the elevation of the bed, and Galen’s vulnerable hole. With each thrust of this enhanced man, Galen’s own shaft bounced against his own flat stomach, leaving wet beads of precum which now flowed from him like a wellspring.

Galen felt like he was being stretched to the limit, but his own veiny arousal had never been more hard. As the mammoth cock entered him, it filled him to the brink of pain but then a miracle occurred as Kanaan’s manhood touched something deep inside him which sent waves of pleasure shivering through his body.

The other Vespers looked on with marked interest – even from behind, witnessing the carnal act was arousing. The way Kanaan’s mountainous back muscles shifted weight, and watching his tight muscular butt flex as he plowed into the smaller man was magnificent to behold.

Galen found that Kanaan was hitting that mystical spot inside of him so frequently that his vision started to cloud and he almost passed out. With one more grunt, Kanaan slid his entire veiny muscular length home inside of him, and Galen experienced orgasmic ecstasy. His own cock pulsed as he fired jet after jet of hot sticky cum up across Kanaan’s rippled torso, and Kanaan threw back his head, howling with victory.

Panting, Galen let his head drop back onto the bed, and Kanaan quietly slipped out of his hole, his own manhood still raging for release. Galen felt suddenly empty as the mass of hot male heat was removed from him. “Don’t you want to release?” he asked Kanaan, putting a hand on the larger man’s impressive manhood. But Kanaan swatted him away quickly, grimacing, “The Prince ordered me to pleasure you. He did not give me permission for release.”

Galen felt an instant of pity for the man. Kanaan had been giving it to him powerfully for the past two hours, and never once had he expected to satisfy himself. Galen marveled at the restraint the man must have for lasting so long – but perhaps that was why Kanaan was clenching his jaw tightly and did not want Galen to touch him.

Just then, Proteus returned, a welcome sight – shirtless and sweaty, and evidently aroused, as the front of his trousers could testify. The Prince was always randy after a practice bout.

“My lord, Kanaan just gave me an amazing experience. As a reward, will you please give him permission to release?” Galen asked from the bed. Proteus walked closer, taking in Galen and Kanaan’s heavy breathing, and the salty ropes laced across Kanaan’s chest. Almost imperceptibly, Galen caught the Prince licking his lips quickly.

“Yes of course. Provided…” Proteus broke off, and Kanaan looked up sharply, concerned.

Proteus only smiled. “Provided that he shoots onto me.”

Kanaan growled low with pleasure. “Yes, my lord. As you command.”

Proteus quickly sank to his knees before the Vesper as Kanaan grasped his sweaty shaft eagerly with both hands. Galen watched the huge muscular sweaty Vesper begin to pleasure himself feverishly as the young glistening prince awaited his orgasm.

It was not long before Kanaan was visibly close to finishing. Quickly, Proteus seized the man’s sweaty balls, squeezing and massaging them tightly while pulling them gently downward. This manipulation, combined with his own two hands, drove Kanaan over the edge, and his entire powerful body shuddered as he shot rope after rope of salty essence onto the Prince’s sweaty face and chest.

When the flow slowed to a drizzle, Proteus leaned in and licked the tip of Kanaan’s cock, sucking gently at his shaft until he was drained. Grinning from ear to ear, Proteus stood and shared a kiss with the man, before sending him back to stand with the other Vespers.

Proteus stretched, wearing the man’s cum like it was fashion, and smiled at Galen. “Not a bad start to the day. Don’t you think?”

Meanwhile, at the Pleasurehouse…

A knocking at the door was answered quickly by Caton, Sura’s bodyman. An unfamiliar, but attractive man stood just outside, hooded and cloaked in green. Caton waved him inside.

“You do know this is the phallicus wing? If you’re a client, the entrance is on the other side--”

“Oh, I’m not a client.” Pindaro replied. “I’m here to join your phallicus selection.”

Caton smiled, refraining from rolling his eyes. “I’m sorry, but the phallicus men in this establishment are hand-picked by the master himself.”

“I understand that is normally the case.” Pindaro nodded. “But given that the Prince is coming today, I know you’ve taken on some extra men to please him. And, I have a note from the Prince’s brother Avidus Secundus.”

Pindaro drew out a silver card and handed it to Caton, who regarded it first skeptically, then with awe as he read.

“Just get me in the line-up. That’s all I’m asking. And my prince will make sure that you and your master are successful for the rest of your lives.”

Caton regarded him once again. “You’ll need to pass inspection…and the test.”

Pindaro dropped his cloak, and began unbuttoning his tunic. Soon he stood bare before Caton’s discerning eyes. “Then let us begin.”

To be continued...



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