Chapter 7 – The House of Sura

“Lead on!” Proteus agreed. “I would like to attend this ‘surprise inspection’ through your House, Dominus Sura.”

Sura smiled. “I’m afraid your Highness will find it rather dull, compared with the delights we have prepared for you.”

“Nonsense!” the Prince laughed. “A behind-the-scenes look at the greatest Pleasurehouse in the capitol? What could be more—stimulating?” He took a deep breath with such evident pleasure that Sura found his own eyes roving across the Prince’s exquisite body. The heir to the throne, clad all in silver, a thoroughbred among the Blood – only the ancient scientists could know the secrets of this man’s inheritance – and his skill in lovemaking.

Then again, Sura shifted his eyes to the man in the green tunic standing always at the Prince’s side. His bodyman, Galen Kaeso. If anyone living were to know of the Prince’s talents, it would likely be him. He filed away his suspicions and lust-filled calculations for later use. The Prince would make a marvelous client…if he could keep him satisfied.

“Of course, your highness. As you say.” Sura bowed, and led the way down into the House’s hidden halls to begin the inspection, his bodyman Caton sweeping easily to his side, as though this were the perfect course of events. Part of the reason Caton had risen to his rank was his ability to project utter confidence in any situation.

They first stopped at the mess hall. Caton barked a command and all of the occupants snapped quickly to attention. It was only partially full because it was between meals, and many of the Phallicus men were preparing for the business of the day. Nevertheless the gold robed servants stood heads bowed, hands clasped behind their backs, while the red robed Phallicus men stood in an inspection pose – their arms folded behind their back and their legs slightly spread, with a slight invisible tension held in their entire body to better emphasize their musculature. It also drew the eye naturally to their selling point – their phalluses.

“Our workers are well fed, three times a day.” Sura expounded. “Naturally the recipes are designed for physical enhancement. We carefully select ingredients to maximize strength and muscular growth, whilst also directly stimulating the libido. Our master chef is quite the scientist.”

Caton added, “Combined with a stringent physical exercise regimen this is an important part of maintaining a healthy and attractive stable of men.”

“What about women? Do you have women serving in this pleasurehouse?” Lady Vashura asked.

“No,” Sura replied. “We forward all requests for women to my cousin in the Eastern quadrant of the city. We have found that maintaining the safety of the women, as well as the problematic results of pregnancy to be more difficult than it was worth.”

“Keeping female pleasure workers on retainer at the Dominus’ exalted standards of cleanliness and health became financially impractical.” Caton finished. “Far easier to maintain a larger selection of male pleasure studs for less.”

“Which is not to say that we don’t value our workers.” Sura continued. “If you’ll follow me…”

Sura led the tour through a red hallway to a mid-size training area. As they turned the corner they could see a line of Phallicus men, all visibly erect and watching Olmir give a lesson on touch. The Master of Phalluses had a recruit standing in the center of the room, and was gesturing to several parts of his body as he spoke.

“Touch is just as important to sex as the tongue or your cock. Your hands allow you to communicate with and stimulate your partner with effectiveness, passion, and intimacy. Think about places where people touch each other quite frequently – they clasp hands, they embrace. Now think about places where people aren’t touched as often – the neck, the chest, the thigh. These can all be intimate sites of contact. A truly talented Phallicus can make his partner aroused with only one touch…”

Olmir brushed his hand along the recruit’s side, slowly and deliberately, while looking him straight in the eyes. The recruit shivered and his body began to respond – his legs shifting slightly apart to allow better access to his heated member, which stiffened, almost as if it could sense that release was near.

“You will each pair off and practice the art of touching.” Olmir instructed, and then walked among them, his broad shoulders swimming with ease through the groups of men, offering tips here and there.

Sura spoke in a low voice. “Phallicus constantly train, even when they’re in the Brotherhood. The different gold bands you see on them represent the mastery of different types of pleasure. Our Master of Phalluses has trained several years now in the art of the arousing touch.”

“He is advantaged, though, is he not?” Vashura murmured. “A man that size must be of the Blood. It is said they have the power to hypnotize and induce mental states in regular men.”

“We do employ several Bloodline men in this house.” Sura agreed. “Some clients find them exotic, while most appreciate them simply for their size and stamina. Olmir is of the Vulcan line, and has found many uses for his genetic talents, though I don’t think they include hypnotism. Regrettable, to be sure, as that ability would make our work here so much easier.”

“Vulcan!” Proteus breathed quietly, his eyes returning to Olmir’s heavy muscular frame. “I’ve never met a pure Vulcan. Do you think perhaps he has the affinity with fire? I heard the genetic sequence was never quite perfected.”

“I wouldn’t ask.” Galen interjected, his eyes lingered on the man. “But he’s certainly delectable enough to heat the room on his own.” Proteus and Galen shared a knowing look and a smile.

“Fascinating.” Vashura smirked, glancing at Olmir only briefly. “Any Thracians by chance?”

Caton and Sura exchanged a look, so lightning quick it would have been imperceptible to most. “My lady, are you asking as an inspector or a potential client?” Caton joked.

The Lady Vashura made no immediate reply, but scoffed and went back into the corridor. As they left, Olmir was beginning to demonstrate different ways to grip a stiffened manhood.

“The employees all have regular health check ups and free, round the clock access to medical and psychological services. Shall we see the clinic?” Caton suggested. The tour continued.

They looked in on a small check-up room where a blue-robed man was examining a nude red-head. The examiner checked his mouth, listened to his breath, and spent some time manipulating and checking out the redheaded Phallicus’ primary tool – which naturally began to grow hard.

He had the redhead do some basic exercises – which showed off the effectiveness of the Phallicus training regimen – his body was sculpted to a proportional degree, not over-developed but suited just right for his height. Large chest and arms narrowed into a slender, rippled torso which slid dangerously down to his crotch, where he was very well-endowed. The exercises showed his powerful thighs and calves were no joke either.

Eventually, the doctor had the redheaded stud get up on the table on all fours, oiled his fingers, and inserted them into the redhead’s hole. Galen made what could have been a choking sound, but covered it with a cough. Proteus found himself captivated watching the redhead breathe deeply as the blue-robed examiner fingered his ass, a bead of precum already beginning to form at the straining tip of his rising cock. Eventually the blue-robed man came outside the room to Sura.

“Greetings, Dominus. Good timing for your tour. Argos in there is in perfect health and in need of a stretch test. Any of your guests willing?”

Sura turned to the guests. “A stretch test involves testing his hole for adaptability to larger mens’ girths while maintaining tightness. My lord Prince, would you care to-?”

Proteus smiled, shaking his head. “I’m saving myself for later in the day. But Galen and perhaps Kanaan would be most willing to lend their assistance.”

Kanaan, Proteus’ hulking and silent bodyguard Vesper stepped forward at the Prince’s command. Galen made a strangled sound again, making Proteus smirk. Galen was obviously interested in this fiery-haired stud. Perhaps he would buy his indenture for Galen at the end of the trip as a gift.

Kanaan and Galen quickly entered the room, followed by the blue-robed man, who offered them oil for lubricant. Galen quickly stripped out of his green tunic and trousers while Kanaan simply shed his loincloth once again, revealing his own impressive girth.

“Ah. The Prince’s Vesper – you must be of the Cerberus Bloodline then. Truly, a worthy stretch test.” the blue-robed man stuttered, his eyes bulging at Kanaan’s thickness. The redhead, Argos, merely flipped onto his back, spreading his legs and gesturing for Kanaan to bring it on, while he flipped his head off the opposite edge of the table and positioned Galen’s hips with his strong hands so that he could engulf Galen’s fat cockhead in his throat.

“Give me that beautiful cock.” Argos muttered to Galen, “It’ll give me something to choke on and muffle the moans.” Galen needed no more encouragement, and without any seeming difficulty at all, the masculine specimen had wrapped his lips deep around the base of Galen’s manhood.

After oiling his cock and stroking himself to hardness, Kanaan planted his feet by the edge of the table and slowly pushed his heated length into the muscular redhead’s hole, until his heavy swinging balls were pressed against the edge of the table. Argos’ own weighty balls were resting on top of Kanaan’s thick hot shaft, but they were already beginning to tighten up.

“Don’t be shy.” Sura encouraged Kanaan. “It is a stretch test after all.”

Kanaan nodded and began to rut Argos in earnest, his huge hands gripping Argos’ powerful thighs and hips as he rammed himself into the smaller man, sweat beginning to rise with the scent of man-on-man sex. Argos quickly began to groan loudly around Galen’s cock, which caused all sorts of sensations to go racing through Galen’s lower spine.

There came a time when Kanaan’s thrusts became slower, longer, and more forceful. Argos curled at the middle, his abdominals clenched tightly, Galen’s cock slipping out of his throat as he cried out while the Blood warrior fucked him. Galen hurried around the table and kissed Argos deeply, their hands naturally flowing over each other’s chests. Kanaan slammed home again, which broke their kiss as Argos gasped, so Galen kissed down his sweaty neck, taking some precious time to sample the taste of Argos’ chest, before turning and swallowing Argos’ cock deep into his throat.

Argos threw his head back, his arms behind his head as Galen sank down on him and Kanaan plowed into him, so deep he felt he’d never emerge. He felt his balls churning and he realized he was erupting, shooting load upon load of cream into Galen’s waiting mouth. He also felt it when Kanaan released inside him, pumping a massive load of hot salty seed deep into Argos’ ass.

The blue-robed examiner gently pulled Kanaan back, his thick shaft departing with a slurp. But before he could check Argos, Galen slid between Argos’ legs and suddenly his tongue was buried deep in Argos’ ass, devouring the huge load that Kanaan had just deposited there. Argos was in a state of pleasure overload as he reached full hardness again within a minute.

Outside the room, Proteus smirked. He knew Galen’s tongue well.

As Argos writhed in ecstasy on the table and Kanaan’s cum-juices smeared Galen’s face and tongue, Galen reached up and began gently stroking Argos’ veiny shaft. Argos couldn’t hold on – his balls tightened and he fired again – long ropes of sticky salt lacing themselves across his heavy-breathing muscular chest.

Galen stood then, wiping his face with a towel and smacking his lips. “Not to worry, doctor. Still very tight.”

Proteus leaned into the room. “Uh, Galen, perhaps you’d prefer to stay here while we move on with the tour?”

Without taking his eyes from Argos, who grinned, Galen replied, “I’d like that very much, my lord.”

Sura clapped his hands and nodded, leading the way to the next section.

“Here is one of our several gymnasiums. As we have said, rigorous exercise is important to keep the men fit and healthy. We have found that it also relieves stress, encourages competition to be the best, and increases libido.”

They turned into a large space where several Phallicus men were cheering on a wrestling match. A dark-haired man was grappling with a tattooed blond. Their bodies shone with oil and they were completely nude. It appeared that both had partial erections from their hard, muscular bodies rubbing together so intensely.

In a spectacular move, the darker-haired man locked his legs around the blond’s neck, flipping him over and pinning him to the mat, which put his throbbing cock mere inches from the blond’s face. After a minute of struggle, the blond slapped the ground, subdued.

Caton clapped twice. “Well done, Adrianus, you progress each day. As always, to the victor go the spoils.”

The men cheered as Adrianus flipped the tattooed stud onto all fours and slipped his cock inside him for a victory fuck.

Proteus laughed. “If your men are constantly fucking each other and the staff, how are they able to satisfy the clients?”

Sura remained smug. “Training and biochemistry. True, some of them are of the Blood, and they can climax many many times, as I’m sure you know, my lord. We keep the men in a hyper-sexual environment, little clothing, constant stimulation, so that the body gets used to it. Over time, they adapt to a highly frequent sexual schedule, and thus any man trained as a Phallicus here could outlast a regular man from the street.”

“The stamina of our men is legendary.” Caton added, “And our reputation sets us above other smaller Houses.”

Adrianus roared as he came, strings of his cum stretching between his cock and the blond stud’s hole before he picked him up by the shoulders and kissed him fiercely.

“Next we have the baths.” Caton continued, smoothly guiding the tour group to the next room. The Roman style bath was familiar to them all, very open, heated pools. Gold-robed attendants stood at the walls, ready to oil, sponge, and massage any man who entered.

In the central pool, a familiar man was standing in the shallows, only calf deep, while a smaller attendant sponged away what looked like golden paint.

“Achilles.” Proteus greeted him. “How good to see you again.”

Namor turned over his shoulder, half man half golden statue. Proteus could see that his massive organ was still entirely gold. “My lord, I did not expect to see you again so soon.”

“I like to be surprising.” Proteus smirked. “Quite the performance you gave, making love to Hector. I look forward to seeing you move like that again…from much closer.”

Namor turned fully to face the Prince as Lyre continued to sponge gold paint from his body. “I am at your disposal, my prince.”

“Now, see, Sura, you do have a Thracian.” Vashura spoke venomously. “Such beautiful eyes, and an unmistakable body.”

Namor seemed to shrink back from Vashura. Proteus could tell that both he, and Sura were nervous about her. He spoke up quickly, “Yes, an unmistakable act of generosity, to make this one my Prime Offering. What a man to have all to myself.”

Lady Vashura wasn’t getting the hint. “My prince, this Thracian belongs-”

“To me. For the evening.” Proteus interrupted her. “Whatever pet science project the Shadow Division is running can surely survive without him.”

“This Thracian belongs to the Shadow Division and I have been sent to retrieve him.” Vashura huffed. “He is dangerous, and cannot be allowed to remain at large.”

Proteus stepped right up to her face. “You forget yourself. I am the Prince Primus, heir to the throne, and you will leave this House which you have entered under false pretenses, or you will face the consequences.”

Kanaan loomed menacingly behind him. Proteus made a mental note to thank him later.

Lady Vashura paled noticeably, but sniffed, straightened her jacket, and said, “It doesn’t matter. We’ve found him now. And there’s nowhere else for him to hide.” With that, she stormed swiftly from the room.

“Kanaan, accompany Caton and make sure she leaves the premises without leaving any nasty surprises.” Proteus growled. Kanaan nodded and prowled after her, Caton gliding smoothly in his wake.

Sura let out a breath. “I apologize your highness, that business has rather ruined the mood.”

Proteus shrugged. “I have not yet begun my full festivities, so my mood remains intact.” He punctuated this by slipping off his silver tunic and letting it fall to the floor, revealing his powerfully developed chest, sculpted from hours of hard work and combat training. “However, I finally feel this is the right place to begin.”

Sura bowed and backed into the doorway as the Prince’s trousers hit the floor, and Namor lifted a hand to guide him into the warm water.

To be continued...

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