Chapter Three – Enter the House

Dominus Sura led the newest recruits out of the hover-carriage, and onto the landing platform of one of the most magnificent buildings Namor had ever seen. Its dark red walls stretched off to their left and right for quite a ways. There were no windows on this outer wall – only customers got the privilege of witnessing and participating in the acts of passion that took place inside. It stood several stories tall, maybe four or five Namor guessed, but its true power stemmed from its elegance – the style was painstakingly crafted after the beautiful palaces on Etheria.

Namor felt a primal urge stir in his groin just looking at the deep red and gold trim. It was the exact shade that would stir men’s blood to such a mood, and Namor had no doubt that it was not accidental.

Another man was waiting for them at the landing pad entrance, wearing a gauzy red robe, open, over nothing. His body was supremely crafted, and he sported thick gold bands around his neck, bulging upper arms, around his upper thighs, and at the base of his manhood. Smaller rings decorated his ears and nose. Sura greeted him with a kiss.

“This is my bodyman, Caton. Caton, please see our two newest phallici recruits to Olmir, and he will manage their integration.” Caton bowed deeply, but smiling, as his eyes raced over Namor and Adrianus. “Follow me.”

Sura waved after them. “Present them to me when they’re ready. I have to prepare for the Prince.”

Caton nodded to the two men and led the way through several long hallways, describing them quietly as they passed, “The upper floors are all pleasure rooms, and the lower floors are where we live, eat, and exercise. You will be issued a uniform, which will mark your station so that all patrons will know what is acceptable. You must obey any order a patron gives, unless it is to harm yourself or another contract. Understood?”

“What do you do if a patron likes that sort of thing? Giving pain?” Adrianus asked nervously.

“Rough sex is one thing, but actual sadism is not tolerated. Our ability to pleasure the majority of our patrons is more important than satisfying that particular interest. Sadists are typically referred to other pleasurehouses with less care for their contracts.”

“The Dominus takes good care of his contracts then?” Namor approved.

“Only the best care.” Caton replied. “I’ve had better treatment working here than as a citizen on the street. It is a true honor to be chosen for Sura’s house. He freed me of my contract several years ago, but I chose to stay with him. You’re lucky to have gained such a conscientious Dominus.”

They descended from the pleasure levels into the living levels, and Namor saw very little change in the quality of surroundings. They passed an open bath, where men were washing and swimming in a large pool, while others were oiled and groomed by attendants. The attendants all wore gold fabric, while those being tended on wore red, or only their gold bands, which seemed to be part of the look – though none of them had quite as many as Caton.

In the next room, two of the oiled men wrestled fiercely. They were nude of course, and the contest had a mood of physical and sexual dominance as they strived and slid against one another to gain the upper hand. The two of them grunted and shouted occasionally, and the sound was laden with eroticism. His arousal twitched, but Namor couldn’t watch long, only catching a glimpse as they passed.

Caton stopped at the next room, which also had vocal sounds coming out of it. Turning the corner, Namor saw exactly why. A gigantic man, as big as Namor himself, but with incredibly dark skin, was thrusting his oiled cock into the hole of a smaller blonde-haired man, who was bent over a stone altar of sorts. Along one wall of the room stood some twenty other men, of various statures, all of whom wore red with gold bands, and all of whom it seemed, were erect.

The blonde moaned as the larger man’s shaft pistoned into him, his hands sliding across the altar’s surface for something to grip. Whether the blonde was being punished or pleasured, Namor couldn’t say. The larger man, who had a gold band through one side of his nose, was very attractive – probably of the Blood, judging by his appearance.

With a prominent, telling groan, the blonde man came, spilling his seed on the stone altar beneath him, breathing heavily. The man in charge patted his back lightly, and slipped his cock out gently. Two attendants had to come help the blonde off the altar, as his legs were quivering to the point where he had trouble walking. They passed Caton, Namor, and Adrianus in the doorway, and the large man spotted them.

“Class dismissed. Who are these, Caton?” he asked, shrugging on an open red robe of his own.

“Your newest phallicus recruits.” Caton returned with a smile. “The Dominus would like you to outfit them and begin their integration, before the Prince’s visit.”

“I’m Olmir.” the teacher introduced himself. “The Master of Phalluses in this house. The House of Sura has a reputation for the best cock-jocks around, so I’ll be putting you through your paces before I approve you to work the clients.”

Namor and Adrianus shared a look. Olmir’s manhood still swung heavy between his powerful legs. Olmir laughed. “Yes, I know I’m intimidating, but I’m not the only teacher around here that you’ll need to impress.” As he said this, the other men from the apparent ‘lesson’ were filing out of the room, and several of them gave Namor and Adrianus dark looks.

Olmir waited until they passed to start again. “The phallicus men like to rank themselves, and there’s quite the competition between them to be the best. No doubt several of them will think you easy targets because you’re new. And it’s only gotten worse since they heard a rumor that the Prince Primus was visiting. They all want to be chosen as Prime Offering for him. Just a word of warning.”

Namor nodded his thanks, and Adrianus followed suit.

“Well, let’s get you outfitted and we’ll get started on some tips and tricks.” Olmir chuckled. “As Master of Phalluses, it’s my job to make sure you know how to pleasure anyone, male or female.” Namor decided that he liked the man’s easygoing nature. He had been intimidating at first sight, plowing into the other man with primal dominance, but now he seemed like a good friend. He led them through the hallway.

Along the way, several of the men in red – other phallicus men, Namor realized – lined the walls, jeering and catcalling the two new recruits, many of them groping their cocks suggestively. The last one was largest, with short black hair, a trim beard, and curly dark chest hair which was also impeccably groomed. Despite his height and his obvious muscular bulk, he was still smaller than Namor. As Namor passed, the dark-haired man groped his butt, muttering, “Walk tall for now, buck, this is gonna be mine. You both belong to me.”

Namor slapped the hand away, but didn’t rise to the bait. Adrianus on the other hand, got right in the man’s face without hesitation. “You may just want to watch yourself, big shot. He’s a Thracian. I’ve seen his piece myself, and let me tell you, it’s gonna be you who’s going down on it.”

Namor smirked internally, wondering where Adrianus had gotten this burst of loyalty. Sure they were coming in to this together, but they had only just met. But then he put it together, Adrianus was the smaller of the two new men, and therefore more likely to be on the receiving end of dominance from these guys.

As if on cue, the dark-haired man shoved Adrianus back, spitting, “Whatever, you’re probably his little slut, taking it from him at every opportunity.”

Namor stepped forward, towering over the man. “You’re right. Adrianus is mine.”

Adrianus looked at Namor nervously, but Namor ignored him and continued. “Anyone who touches him will have to deal with me.” And he fixed his violet eyes in a hard stare on the smaller man, who seemed to shrink slightly.

“This isn’t the end, Thracian.” he muttered, taking his peers and striding away down the hall.

“Well done.” Olmir murmured softly, “That’s Dardanio, and he’s not easily cowed. He’s first in line to be the Prime Offering.” Namor turned to watch the man leave. He seemed an arrogant sort, but his good looks and confidence had evidently gotten him this far. He wouldn’t like looking up to someone like Namor.

Adrianus scoffed. “Yeah, I got a great deal. Do you really want to offend all of them, for me?”

“We’re gonna stick together, watch each other’s backs.” Namor replied. “I don’t like alpha guys who get uppity with me. Besides, you’re hot. I need someone to practice our tips and tricks with once we’ve started.”

Adrianus blushed again, and Olmir let out a full-bodied laugh as they entered the next room through a golden curtain. A slim man in golden attendant’s robes rose to greet them. “How may I be of assistance?”

“New cock-jocks today, Marcus. They’ll need uniforms. Start them at novice rank.”

The man named Marcus drew out a pair of spectacles and examined them analytically. “Very nice. The Thracian is a rarity. And I so rarely get to work with purple.”

“Marcus is the master designer for the look of the House. He designs uniforms, rooms, scents, atmospheres. He’s a genius, and a great fuck.” Olmir winked. Marcus laughed. “Yes, yes, I’m here to make you your most appealing. Drop your trousers, we’ll see what we’re working with.”

Adrianus and Namor removed all of their clothes. At first, he was nervous, but Marcus seemed much more interested in their ‘potential as un-carved sculptures’ than sexually. Though he did raise an arched eyebrow at the size of Namor’s manhood. “That’s impressive. We’ll need to resize a gold ring for that beauty.”

Marcus spent some time draping and pinning the gauzy red fabric on them both. He fitted a gold band around both of their necks, and slipped a gold band onto Adrianus’ cock – Namor’s would have to be added later, once it had been re-sized for his girth. Other golden bands, for the ears, nose, arms, wrists, thighs, whatever would be added as they progressed in rank.

Once he had finished with the clothes and jewelry, Namor thought he might be done, but it turned out that they had barely started. Marcus cut both of their hair, and dyed Adrianus from light brown to jet black. Namor’s was turned to a strong violet, to bring out his genetically-altered eyes. Then he set to work trimming and shaping all of their body hair, cosmetically erasing blemishes and birth marks, so that they had flawlessly smooth skin.

Once he was satisfied with their looks, Marcus and Olmir stood back to admire Marcus’ artistry. Namor glanced in the mirror, and barely recognized the man who gazed back, but he could not deny – he felt incredibly sexy. Impulsively he struck a pose and flexed. Adrianus was doing the same.

“Oooh, I’d love to see you both hard.” Marcus muttered. “The piece is never truly complete until the man is erect.”

“Allow me.” Adrianus offered, kneeling down quickly. Namor caught Olmir’s grin, but easily shifted his weight, turning to offer himself to his friend. Adrianus reached out, and hesitatingly took hold of Namor’s velvety shaft. Namor let out a throaty purr as he felt Adrianus’ warm breath against his sensitive skin. With a curious glee, Adrianus slipped the head of the shaft into his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue. Namor’s purr deepened to a husky growl, as he struggled to keep himself from speeding up the event.

Achingly slowly, Adrianus began to travel down Namor’s length, his jaw opening wide to accommodate the girth of the sensitive organ, which was quickly stiffening to steely hardness. Just when Namor thought he couldn’t take it anymore, Olmir was there, crouching next to Adrianus and muttering instructions quietly to him. Suddenly it had become a learning experience.

Somewhat clumsily, Adrianus began to bob up and down on the top half of Namor’s shaft. With his other hand, he massaged the root of Namor’s hardness which was becoming slick with slobber. But as Olmir continued to whisper, Adrianus really took to it, taking more and more of Namor’s heated length into his throat. Namor could tell that he was choking once or twice, but with Olmir coaching, Adrianus kept at it with determination.

Gently, Namor slipped his hands into Adrianus’ freshly black hair and helped guide him on his shaft. He could hear Olmir murmuring, “Let him guide you now, each man knows best his own body, his own pleasure. His hands will show you how best to please him…good.”

When Namor felt himself getting close, he drew back, turning to Marcus. Adrianus made a desperate whimpering sound. “Is this the picture you wanted?” His magnificent shaft swung powerfully in front of him, glistening with Adrianus’ spit and a trail of ropy pre-ejaculate sliding from the tip down the veiny underside.

Marcus clapped his hands. “Oh he’s going to do well, Olmir, I like him. I am very impressed, Namor, you’re even bigger than I originally estimated. Let me just-” Marcus slipped a tape measure around the base of Namor’s shaft, and muttered the number to himself. “Very well, I shall inform the blacksmith. Please, do finish. Please.”

“As you wish.” Namor panted. “It will be my pleasure.”

“Mine too.” Adrianus murmured admiringly, before grasping Namor’s cock and returning to his work. With Olmir’s continued coaching, Adrianus was able to take Namor’s entire length into his hot, wet throat. Olmir was whispering, “Hold him there, hold him there, he’s so close!” as Adrianus struggled for air. Namor’s hands instinctively rubbed his abs, and teased his nipples lightly.

With a grunt of relief, Namor’s entire body shuddered, and as he drew back, his throbbing manhood pulsed, firing powerful shots of cum into Adrianus’ mouth, and lacing down across his open chest. As Namor’s breath slowed, Adrianus smacked his lips and stood up. Olmir clapped him on the back.

“That was very good! Was that your first cock?”

Adrianus shook his head. “There have been a few others, but not many, and of course none this big. You’re a monster, man.” He chuckled, hugging Namor tightly. “But you taste delicious.”

“I’ll consider this as you move forward. It may be a skill we specially train you for, given this demonstration.” Olmir told him. Adrianus nodded, as Olmir continued, “Now I will show both of you to the bunks, to rest. Tomorrow we’ll begin your training, proper.”

Namor turned to Marcus. “It was a pleasure meeting you, sir.”

“The pleasure was all mine, gentlemen. I’ll see you again.” Marcus replied, bowing them out of his workshop.

To be continued...



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