Chapter 10 – Lay Down Your Burdens

The infirmary door burst open violently to reveal Namor standing there, holding the injured Adrianus draped across his arms. They were both still nude and covered in blood. Healer Kratos leapt to his feet, beckoning them in.

“Quickly, set him down. Argos! We need you.” Kratos bellowed. From a back room, the red headed Phallicus from the tour poked his head out, saw what was happening, and his eyes widened as he ducked swiftly into the room with them.

They laid Adrianus down on the examination table. The cut from the knife had glanced across his chest from side to shoulder, and it was deep. “Argos, my boy, I need the following items from the store room…” Kratos began rattling off names of instruments and medicines as Argos rushed into the store room.

“Please, will he be alright?” Namor asked. The lights seemed too bright, and there was so much red on both of them.

“He should be fine if we act quickly. It doesn’t look like any organs were ruptured. His muscles and ribs kept out the worst of it, but he’s lost a lot of blood. What happened?” Kratos examined quickly.

“A Brother tried to kill our client with a knife. Adrianus was in between them…it all happened so fast.”

Namor thought that despite his muscular build, Adrianus seemed very small on the table. A sharp knot of tension lay tensed somewhere near Namor’s stomach that grew so tight he felt it might never release. Adrianus had been there when they were both chosen. Whatever lives had led them to the auction house, they had been close friends and allies ever since that day.

Argos brought the supplies and Kratos carefully began to work, cleaning the wound and slowly stitching it shut. At some point Namor realized that Argos had brought him a blue robe, and had donned one himself. The traditional red robes of the Phallicus had no place in an infirmary. The blue robes covered them completely, and Namor found a small measure of comfort in the soft fabric.

Ages later, Argos took Namor by the sleeve and drew him outside. “Adrianus is out of danger now, but you’re in shock. You need to rest, clean yourself up, maybe get laid if you find it in you. My father and I will take care of the rest.”

“Your father?” Namor repeated.

“Healer Kratos.” Argos clarified. “It’s thanks to him I’m here. When he was a young man he got in deep with debtors to pay for his medical training. When my mother died he couldn’t keep up with the payments, ended up at the auction house with me. Dominus Sura took us in, on the condition that we both work for our place. My father heals. I service clients, and help him when he needs an extra pair of hands. Listen, go take care of yourself. I’ll send someone for you if anything changes.”

Namor nodded dreamily and staggered down the halls, ignoring the puzzled looks from fellow Brothers and gold cloaked servants. When he found his room at last, he dropped the blue robe and slumped onto the recliner.

His young bodyman, Lyre, arose immediately from his seat as soon as he entered, asking a barrage of questions. “What are you doing here, sir? Aren’t you supposed to be with a client? Is that blood?”

“There was some blood shed but it isn’t mine. It’s Adrianus.”

Lyre filled a pitcher with water and retrieved a sponge, coming to kneel next to Namor’s chair and sponge his chest gently. When he wrung the sponge, the water was red.

“Will Adrianus be alright?” Lyre asked quietly.

“The Healer says he should be okay. I just had to get out of there.”

They were both silent for a time as Lyre continued cleaning Namor’s body of the blood. Despite himself, he felt the stirrings of arousal in his loins. If Lyre noticed, he gave no sign, but continued to wash Namor with silent intent. Namor heard Argos’ comforting voice again, saying, “…clean yourself up, maybe get laid if you find it in you…”

He examined Lyre again. The young man was slim, but wore a toned edge on his body that only twenty-somethings could maintain. His hair was blonde and short, but lower on his body it was a shade darker, around his groin. He was well-equipped for a non-modified man, Namor thought hazily, but it was the curve of his tight, plump ass which brought Namor to full, obvious arousal.

What was it about this day that had given him such lustful feelings? Was it the Prince? Or the young man Lyre, who was beautiful in his own right. Was it the near brush with violence? The adrenaline must have had an effect on him, he decided. His genetic bloodline predisposed him to sexual virility, especially when adrenaline was in his system.

Was it right, though, to take pleasure when his friend was in the infirmary? Pleasure wasn’t quite the right word…

Comfort. He would take comfort in the arms of another.

As Lyre finished cleaning him, he stood to go, but Namor caught him by the arm. “Thank you.”

“It is my pleasure to tend to you, sir.” Lyre replied quietly, putting the pitcher and sponge on a table. “Is there anything else you need?”

Namor looked him in the eyes and said, “I need you.”

A shiver ran through the younger man, Namor could feel it, but Lyre did not pull away. Namor pulled him down to sit on the recliner beside him. “Will you have me?”

Lyre’s eyes gleamed. “You said this day would come.”

“I did.” Namor nodded. “I’ve come to rely on you these last few weeks, and I know I can trust you. You take care of me, and I…I just need to be close to someone right now. I’d  like that to be you.”

Lyre leaned over and kissed Namor, hesitantly at first, but then growing in confidence. In a moment, they paused and Lyre said, “I’m yours, sir. Make love to me. Take me as no man has before.”

A throaty growl escaped Namor as he pulled Lyre closer. As though a dam between them had burst, the intensity of their kissing accelerated rapidly, as Namor traced his hands over the younger man’s torso, sides, and back, equally supporting him and trying to touch every part of him.

Lyre moved a leg across the recliner so that he was now straddling Namor’s thighs, their rigid members pinned together between their heated forms. Namor could feel Lyre’s quick pulse through the connection of their manhoods. Lyre’s hands were everywhere, cupping Namor’s face, then running down the Thracian’s enhanced muscular chest, teasing his nipples lightly, and then sliding down across his ridged abdomen to take hold of Namor’s thick, veined shaft.

A small exhale escaped Lyre as he simply held Namor so. His hands couldn’t close around the heated, Thracian cock. “I’ve always wanted this. Wanted you. To taste you.”

Namor was choking back another deep growl, unsuccessfully. The feel of this gorgeous young man’s hands on him was like lightning behind his eyes. His head was craning back as his breathing became heavier, but while his eyes were closed, a new sensation trembled through his senses, as Lyre had scooted backward and lowered his tongue to the engorged head.

Normally, his Thracian instincts would make him see progressively more red, and he would lose control as he became more aroused. Namor felt that red creeping in, and struggled against it. He wanted Lyre’s first time with a man to be gentle, and he could easily cause him pain if he went too fast. But gods, that tongue, and his heated breath on the thundering vein on the underside of his cock…he let out a deep groan to encourage the younger man further.

Lyre was a brave man. He valiantly opened his mouth wide to take Namor deeper into his throat. He seemed to struggle at first with Namor’s thickness, but after a minute or so he grew accustomed to it and actually began to go down on it, with increasing talent.

As the red grew further into his sight, Namor knew he needed something to occupy himself, so he reached behind his head and lowered the recliner’s back so that it was flat, and told Lyre, “Keep doing what you’re doing, but bring your body over here so I can taste you as well.”

Lyre swiveled himself with ease, not even pausing his ministrations, and laid down on his side, on the edge of the recliner. Namor brushed the golden robe aside and took a firm hold of the younger man’s slicked cock, guiding it smoothly into his own mouth. Lyre moaned around Namor’s shaft, but kept sucking as Namor took Lyre’s shaft deep into his throat.

Both men’s cocks were glistening and wet now from a heady mixture of saliva and pre-cum. Namor used one hand to squeeze his bodyman’s balls gently before tracing behind them towards his hole. Following his lead, Lyre did the same to him, slipping a finger easily into Namor’s hole – so recently stretched by the Prince’s enhanced member.

Namor rose up from Lyre’s manhood briefly, panting. “That’s fucking amazing, you already have my balls tight.”

Lyre surfaced as well, grinning innocently. “I just want you to relax, sir.” But as he was saying this, he added a second finger, both of which grazed against Namor’s prostate. He jerked involuntarily, breathing heavily and gritting his teeth. “You want me to relax, finish what you’ve started.”

Continuing to finger Namor more rapidly, Lyre clamped his lips around Namor’s thick cockhead once more. Namor rose up a bit, his abs rigid as he watched the younger man’s lips expand and slide tightly up and down on the thick Thracian meat. With a howled release, Namor’s balls tightened to the base of his shaft as his entire body shuddered and racked with his orgasm, he began spurting load after load into Lyre’s lips. Lyre’s eyes widened when Namor’s seed hit the back of his throat. He swallowed immediately, then backed off the shaft somewhat so he could manage to catch more in his mouth.

The Thracian load was large, and Lyre swallowed again before drawing slowly away, ropy strings of cum and saliva connecting his mouth to Namor’s manhood. He slid his fingers out of Namor’s ass gently. Looking up at Namor, he asked, “Did I do good?”

Namor surged forward, seizing Lyre and kissing him deeply. The taste of his salt was in both their mouths. “It was amazing. Did you enjoy taking my load?”

Lyre nodded eagerly. “You tasted amazing. The feel of your hot seed releasing into me…because I made it happen…it was so powerful. But, are we done?” he asked, suddenly looking worried.

Namor grinned and kissed him again. “A Thracian is never done. Trust me, Lyre, I have much more where that came from. Now bring that cock of yours to me once more.”

Laughing a bit, Lyre moved his hips back towards Namor’s face. Namor delightedly continued slurping on his bodyman’s hard cock for a while, keeping his hands active teasing different parts of Lyre’s body, until he could feel Lyre’s nuts begin to contract. Then he stopped, and the young man gasped, groaning, “I’m so close.”

“I know.” Namor smiled, licking his lips. He then shifted his grip and moved behind Lyre’s nuts and delved his tongue into Lyre’s hole. Hearing Lyre gasp in reaction sent a surge to Namor’s own manhood, which quickly began to stir to hardness once again. He mercilessly continued rimming Lyre, wetting and stretching the man’s hole again and again.

Suddenly, a hot warmth was shooting across Namor’s abs and chest. Lyre was cumming, shooting hot ropes of salt which laced across Namor’s gleaming muscles, and the top few inches of Namor’s engorged cock.

Panting and grinning like a fool, Lyre shakily flopped down on the recliner next to Namor, snuggling into his arm. Namor patted him contentedly, lazily slicking up his own cock with Lyre’s cum in his other hand.

“I wanted to warn you I was getting close, but I was afraid you might stop that amazing thing you were doing with your tongue.” Lyre said sheepishly.

“I will never regret giving you pleasure.” Namor told him. “Besides you gave me the perfect lube for fucking.” Namor’s hand was still moving slowly on his shaft, making sticky slurping sounds as he prepared himself.

“Do you think I’m ready?” Lyre asked, eyeing the enhanced endowment with worry. “I hear it hurts a little.”

Namor shrugged. “We have lube and I’ve stretched you a bit. But here, I will lie still, and you can control how much of me you take into you, until you’re comfortable.”

Eagerly, Lyre straddled Namor once again, shrugging completely out of his golden robe, and pressing Namor’s cum-slickened shaft firmly between the cleft of his cheeks. They ground together for a minute, reveling in the feel of each other’s bodies, before Lyre took a breath and rose up a ways. He took hold of Namor once again and guided the thick shaft to press against his virginal hole. Then he began pressing down and down, until finally Lyre’s ass gave way to the behemoth cockhead which pushed inside him, along with a few inches of Namor.

Both men groaned loudly, and Namor suggested, “That was a bit much at once, don’t try to push yourself, take me slow.”

Wincing slightly, Lyre nodded and took some time adjusting to the intrusion. Eventually he felt ready and began sliding lower on Namor, who remained rock hard locked inside Lyre’s tight young ass, struggling with difficulty not to grab his hips and drive upward into him.

“I didn’t think I would feel so…full.” Lyre said, shifting his weight. “You’re huge.”

Namor nodded. “I advise getting some experience with other men as well. Blood-enhanced men are large, yes, but all manner of cock is available and pleasureable.”

“Nothing can match this feeling – oh.” Lyre moaned. “Oh fuuuuck.”

They began to move as one, Lyre riding Namor as the Thracian lifted him enough to thrust in and out of him gently. Lyre’s hands braced his weight on Namor’s large pecs, brushing against his nipples again. Their rhythm increased, Namor moving powerfully inside him.

As the telltale red began to encroach on his vision, Namor sat up, holding Lyre’s back to keep him supported, and kissing and licking his abdomen. Lyre sank his hands into Namor’s thick purple hair, massaging his scalp. All the while the slim bodyman Lyre rode the massive muscular Thracian’s enhanced throbbing manhood.

Lyre’s cock was pinned between them, a hard shaft rubbing up and down in the central cleft of Namor’s abs. Soon his stomach was slick with pre-cum once again, mixing with Lyre’s earlier load. Namor supported Lyre with one hand and with the other began stroking Lyre in time with their fucking. Lyre’s head fell back as his eyes closed, the two men joined in mutual pleasure-giving.

Namor kissed up to his throat and gave him a light bite, which was the catalyst for an explosion. Lyre’s back stiffened as he cried out, spasms shaking him as he shot another load across Namor’s chest. Simultaneously, his ass muscles tightened intensely around Namor’s thick heat.

Feeling the load splash across him and hearing Lyre’s gasp was enough, but then Lyre’s body contracted around him, milking a second intense load from Namor’s balls which began to pump blast after blast into the younger man’s body as he roared.

Lyre was trembling as the two men came down from their mutual high. Namor wordlessly helped him climb slowly off his cock, and then they cleaned themselves up as best they could. Feeling significantly better, Namor held Lyre close on the recliner as the two of them drifted contentedly towards sleep.


Prince Avidus Secundus paced impatiently beside his palace balcony. His second bodyman, Zalerius, lay spent and covered in cum on the bed, asleep. But his thoughts lay with his first bodyman, Pindaro, who hadn’t sent word since informing him that the day of Proteus’ visit to the Pleasurehouse had come.

Had Pindaro’s assassination mission been successful, the city bells would have begun ringing the loss already. That the city was silent was not encouraging, in fact it smelled of failure, which meant that Proteus’ vulnerability would soon be out of reach.

Still, he had other allies within that cursed Pleasurehouse. The agents of Shadow Division had been pursuing a rogue Thracian there. Perhaps if he activated one of them, they could reach Proteus before he escaped once again. Yes, that seemed the best course of action.

“Vespers!” he called sharply. Three of the red-eyed warrior-guards stepped forward in unison, their gigantic athletic builds nude save for a brief loincloth.

“I desire to speak to the Lady Vashura. I have a business proposal for her. You,” he pointed at one, “Bring her to me. In the meantime I’m fucking horny, so You,” he said to the next, “Will suck me off, and You,” he said to the last, “Will fuck me while he does it. Understood?”

The first Vesper left with a faint look of regret on his face while the other two dropped their loincloths to join the Prince.


Argos made his way to the Stable, the rooms where the Phallicus men slept. Adrianus was awake again, and he wanted to share the good news with Namor. He swept aside the curtains of Namor’s room. The man was sleeping, apparently alone. Strangely, his bodyman was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello? Namor, wake up.” Argos shook him gently.

“’s it time for a client?” he asked groggily, grabbing Argos and kissing him deeply. Argos pulled away, regretfully.

“It’s Argos.” he said helpfully.

Namor seemed startled for a moment. “Sorry, I thought you were - where is he?”

Argos chuckled. “So you took my advice, eh? You look knackered, must have been excellent. Anyway, I came to tell you-”

Looking around with concern, Namor spotted a small note on the table. “Hold on.”

He rose to read it, missing Argos’ admiring looks at his nude form. But Argos sensed something was off immediately as Namor turned to him, holding the note.

“It’s my bodyman, Lyre. He’s been taken.”

Argos frowned and took the note, reading hastily. “By whom?”

Namor growled. “Shadow Division.”

To be continued…



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