Chapter 8 – The Water Garden

For the first minute they made no sound.

Namor stood amazed, looking up at the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. As the Prince slowly stepped into the warm waters of the open-style bath pool, the muscular weight of his mouth-watering body swayed gently – a subtle diagonal shift in the body reminiscent of Capitol sculpture.

The Prince might as well have been sculpture, for the beauty of his form would be burned into Namor’s memory for the rest of his life.

Proteus was clenching his teeth slightly as he stepped down, desperately resisting the urge to jump right into this man’s incredibly large arms and never come back up for air. He was a stunning creature. Proteus found his purple eyes mesmerizing – they held a wild ferocity that could not be tamed, aimed with unlimited intensity right back at him.

His body was still half-coated in gold paint, from his dip in the fountain with Hector. Proteus caught his breath at the memory of this man’s muscular buttocks flexing tight as he had moved powerfully inside the other man.

They were completely alone – the gold cloaks, attendants, and each of their personal bodymen had gone. Namor remained still as Proteus waded around to face him directly. Namor was struck by the fine angle of the Prince’s cheekbones, his long blue hair, tied back. Suddenly, he felt the urge to touch that beautiful blue hair. He reached slowly, almost instinctively around behind the Prince’s head, who bent his head forward slightly, giving permission.

This brought them incredibly close together, so that their stiffened manhoods almost met, but just avoided it. Water beaded on Namor’s half-golden chest as he gently let down the leather tie holding back his Prince’s shoulder length hair.

It was then that it happened. Namor’s hand accidentally caught a lock of Proteus’ hair on the way back, tugging his head slightly to the right. The cracking energy between them increased tenfold as Namor inhaled sharply, and held his breath for the Prince’s response.

Proteus grinned, and chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry about it.”

Namor exhaled a sigh of relief. “I’m so sorry, your highness.”

“Call me Proteus.” he ordered. “Right now I don’t need to be the Prince. I am simply Proteus, and you are…?”

“Namor, my…Proteus.” the Thracian caught himself. The tension in the room deflated, but that was not the case for the studs’ heated members.

“Don’t worry about my hair, I’ve come in here after a long day of travel. In fact I think it would be refreshing to wash up before the night’s festivities.” Proteus grinned.

“I think we can take care of that.” Namor smirked, looking toward the back of the cave-like room, “But I want to show you something before we begin.”

“Lead on.” Proteus smiled.

“Up for a swim?” Namor asked. When the Prince nodded, Namor turned toward the back of the cave and dove forward into the water, affording Proteus another excellent glimpse of his butt in action. Shaking his head, Proteus followed.

The two men stroked powerfully through the warm water, and soon Namor ducked beneath the surface. Proteus followed him down, his thick manhood swaying in the water as he swam. Beneath the surface at the back, there was a hidden square-shaped opening cut into the pool’s wall. Namor was already moving through it, so Proteus followed.

Proteus rose from the surface with an easy sigh of breath, which echoed quietly, as Namor had led him to a dome-shaped room with rough rock walls like a cavern. Water flowed gently down the surface of the rock, and danced in multiple small fountains scattered artfully around the space. Some of the fountains were shaped like plants or animals, but others were sculptures of nude men, engaged in sexual acts.

The center of the room was entirely water, all part of the shallow pool from which they had emerged, but at the very center was a marble table, sculpted with the imprint of a body. Small jars, tools, and a pitcher stood close by.

“It’s beautiful.” Proteus whispered, not wanting to broach the atmosphere.

“The Water Gardens.” Namor informed him, “I only discovered it a few days ago. The Phallicus say that there are many hidden rooms throughout the House, just waiting to be found by those who are willing to look.”

“Amazing.” Proteus muttered, placing a hand on Namor’s shoulder for the first time. The response was immediate. Both men noticed their manhoods stirring visibly.

“Hop up on the table, Proteus, and I’ll give you a scented oil massage. Let your fatigue and stress go.”

Proteus chuckled and tucked a hand behind his ear, fiddling with his hair. Namor found himself admiring the effect the pose had on the Prince’s hard-cut muscles, which were currently framing an enormously erect cock between his thighs.

“I don’t think I could relax for very long in my current state.”

“Well I can’t have you uncomfortable at all during your massage.” Namor feigned concern, placing his hand on the Prince’s shoulder this time, and then tracing it down diagonally across Proteus’ broad right pectoral to tease around his nipple. “I guess I’ll just have to take drastic steps.”

Proteus shivered as Namor knelt in the water before him. The water level came up Namor’s thighs to just below his heavy-hanging balls and thick swinging manhood. His hand never broke skin contact as he flowed down across Proteus’ rippled abdomen, teasing some of the navel hair which started an unbroken line down to his tool.

They were both slightly cool after the swim in the warm water and the air in the cave, so Proteus moaned audibly as Namor broke contact to rub his hands together before firmly taking hold of the Prince’s thick velvety-iron shaft with his large warm hand.

A long breath escaped both of them as they reveled in the mutual sensation of touch in a sensitive, sacred place. Proteus felt intoxicated with the feel of this incredible stud’s warm breath on his body, frozen in the ecstasy of the moment and the agony of waiting for the pleasure to come. But Namor too seemed lost in admiration for the beauty and vulnerability grasped in his hand.

But then a vibrant red crept in at the edges of his vision, and his Thracian blood boiled within him to ravage this hung, gorgeous stud with no holds barred. Within an instant, his lips were clamped tightly on the Prince’s organ, and he was sucking and licking with all of his inhibitions gone.

The wild, untamed spirit that Proteus had glimpsed in his vibrant purple eyes was unleashed as he consumed the Prince’s cock, deep-throating him in a way that few men had ever been able to achieve, with his genetically-enhanced girth and length. His hands were everywhere, teasing the Prince’s weighty testicles, brushing his thighs, even sliding up to rub his clenched, rippling abs.

Proteus gasped at the onslaught, and instinctively his body began to react. He spread his legs a bit wider, leaning back slightly with small thrusts of his hips, urging, needing to get more of himself into this voracious man before him. Proteus allowed his natural moans to escape his lips, not loudly, but the sound was enough to echo through the domed cave, giving seeming life to the many erotic statues spread throughout.

Namor’s large shoulders shuddered as the flared helmet of the Prince’s cock teased the back of his throat. He was soon rewarded by a bead of salty nectar, slicked fast across his tongue as the veined monster slid in and out. The red in his vision hit scarlet at the taste, and Namor struggled to maintain control. He needed to keep his head to pleasure the Prince the best, and he wanted to remember this miraculous encounter when it was ultimately finished.

Namor surfaced briefly to suck on one of his own fingers before returning to Proteus’ throbbing cock and quite quickly had taken him in once again to the very hilt. But this time, Namor’s wet finger slipped behind the Prince’s balls, teasing the sensitive skin there with warm, wet heat. Proteus only groaned louder, so Namor continued on to his hole, tight and hot as he neatly slipped his finger inside up to the first knuckle.

It was enough. The Prince’s body tensed up, his heavy muscles cording with tension as his balls rose tightly to his thick manhood and unleashed many jets of hot, creamy cum into Namor’s waiting mouth. Namor clung on for most of it, but before long his mouth was filled, and he backed off to allow several of the ropy strings to land across his face. One gob flew up into Namor’s shorter purple hair, while several heavy strings laced across his face and muscular chest.

Namor swirled his Prince’s essence in his mouth, savoring the man’s salt before swallowing all of it, then returning to his flared head to ensure he had licked him completely clean. Proteus felt himself start to stir to arousal again so he lifted Namor from his knees quickly, and was about to speak when Namor stopped him with a kiss.

Heat flared between them as Namor’s own massive manhood throbbed against Proteus’ tight stomach. Namor wrapped his arms around the Prince, not letting him escape as the kiss deepened – the Prince tasting the flavor of his own salt on Namor’s lips.

When finally their lips parted, Namor grinned and whispered, “And that was just the appetizer. Get on the table…your, highness.”

Proteus quirked an amused eyebrow before hoisting himself up onto the marble table and laying facedown, his already swelling arousal pinned between the stone and his body. Namor gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. The scarlet vision receded – for the time being.

Namor stood next to the table, his still-aching manhood mere inches from the edge. He took some time with the herbs and pots before sinking his powerful fingers into the Prince’s scalp and gently beginning to wash his hair. Proteus groaned again with pleasure as Namor worked the scented mixture into his scalp and hair, before rinsing it gently with water from the pool.

Then Namor climbed up over Proteus, spreading his own legs so that he was straddling the Prince’s back. His groaning balls dragged against the Prince’s lower back as his thighs cradled Proteus’ hips, and he had to resist the urge to grind his dripping cock into the Prince’s back. In fact, some of his salt was dripping from his cock onto the Prince’s back, and he dabbed it up quickly, sucking it off his fingers.

Then he took the pitcher and lightly poured the warmed oil across the Prince’s back, then with aching patience, he began to work at the knots and kinks in Proteus’ well-developed back muscles. The oil had the added benefit of accentuating every curve and shadow of the magnificent body beneath him. He was rewarded with another series of groans.

Namor lost himself in the pleasure of working this man’s body, eventually moving to his bulging arms and calves. The creeping red in his vision began to return as he worked his way up the back of the Prince’s thighs. He let out an involuntary moan as his hands grasped and began to knead the Prince’s perfect bubble buttocks.

Proteus laughed. “Enjoying yourself as much as I am?”

“Your body is something to be proud of.” Namor blushed.

Proteus reached behind himself and grasped Namor’s cock suddenly. Namor froze in place, struggling to control his own urges, but knowing that in this moment, the man laying beneath him was entirely the one in control.

“So is yours.” Proteus sighed. His hand moved up and down along Namor’s sensitive organ, feeling the slicked stream of salt running down its length.

“I haven’t finished your rub down.” Namor growled, deep in his chest. Proteus gently let go, and then flipped himself over beneath Namor’s thighs, so that he was face-up. His own hardened manhood leapt up and collided with Namor’s, who grimaced again, struggling to contain himself with this intoxicating man.

With a grin, the Prince tucked both heavy arms, both now shining with oil, behind his head, stretching out his muscular torso. “Finish your task then, Namor.”

Namor quickly retrieved more oil, and soon had the Prince’s front gleaming like bronze. He worked each heavy pectoral, relishing the feel of hard muscle beneath smooth velvety skin, and the challenge it presented in relaxing him.

Inevitably, Namor’s oiled hands found their way to Proteus’ engorged cock, as if drawn there by gravity, or magnetism. He easily fell into the business of stroking the magnificent shaft. The Prince’s entire body was relaxed from the rub-down, but a lithe sort of sexual energy swiftly rose between them.

Proteus surprised Namor by stopping his hands with one of his own. “No. You know what I need.”

Namor looked him in the eyes for a brief moment, and he knew exactly what to do. He moved forward up the table and took hold of the Prince’s cock with one hand behind him, then achingly slowly, he lowered himself onto the oiled shaft, the thick flared head entering him with a sudden move as his hole gave way to its impending pressure.

Proteus’ hands made their way to the front of Namor’s hips as Namor’s legs slid off the sides of the table and only his powerful arms kept his heavy weight from landing on the Prince. But still his muscles began to bulge, veins popping out with strain as he lowered himself further, his eyes shut now, as Proteus’ enhanced manhood slid deeply into him, until incredibly, he had taken the heir to the throne up to the base of his cock.

Namor’s body shuddered. Very little of Olmir’s preparations could have prepared him for this massive manhood. But he concentrated on his breath, his own chest muscles rising and falling in time, and in time…the pain faded.

Keeping weight in his arms, he rocked his hips slightly and Proteus let out a sharp intake of breath. Proteus found his heart racing as he realized just how far the Thracian had been able to take him in. The warmth of being inside him, the serenity of their joining left him breathless.

But it wouldn’t be serene for long. Proteus’ cock touched something deep inside Namor and his vision suddenly flooded to red.

His hips began to roll, while his arms supported him, causing Proteus’ shaft to slide in and out of Namor’s tight hole. Driven utterly wild by the sensation, Namor was soon fucking the Prince hard and fast, rising off his hard thickness and then taking him in again and again. Namor roared to the heavens, and his voice echoed loudly in the Water Gardens as he rode his gleaming oiled sex-stud Prince for everything he was worth.

Proteus found his back trying to arch, his head thrown back, and his hands holding on for dear life as the Thracian barbarian fucked Proteus so deeply and so hard that he felt they might actually become one. Once he held Namor’s hips still so that he could thrust up from below and Namor continued to howl his ecstasy.

The fucking was brilliant and raw. Proteus soon found himself tightening, because the Thracian’s ass was divine, but also because he was so uninhibited, so utterly consumed with lust, that Proteus couldn’t help himself. He realized he too was roaring wildly as he thrust long and deep, holding himself there and shooting another huge load of salt deep into Namor’s tight hole.

Quickly he sat up, his still-erupting shaft deep within Namor, whose own towering manhood became pinned between them. Proteus held Namor’s head for a deep kiss with one hand while quickly, desperately stroking him with the other. He was quickly rewarded as the Thracian’s massive cock began to fire hot salty jets which splashed against the bottom of their chins and all across their chests and shoulders.

And for a long time after they had both finished, they remained there, kissing and smiling, dizzy with each others’ influence.

They were in that position, Proteus sitting up with Namor mounted on top of him, when the others arrived.

To be continued...

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