The Lawyers Personal Assistant Part #6

By A. Williams

    Robyn sat up quickly and stared into Sky's brown eyes, "What did you ask me Bear?" Sky laughed and took hold of Robyn's face gently. Gazing into his blue eyes Sky said "I asked you to marry me My Darling Babe. Well?" Tears slowly fell from Robyn's eyes and Sky wiped them away gently. Sky whispered "I seem to always make you cry Babe, I'm so sorry." Sky stood and pick up Robyn so very carefully in his arms. He kissed him soft and sweet "Come Babe, let's soak in a nice hot bath."

    He carried Robyn in the bathroom and set him down on the vanity. Sky started the tub and added lavender bath salts to the hot water. He went and made two very strong gin and tonics and handed one to Robyn. He turned off the water, sat down his drink and picked Robyn back up and gently placed him in the tub. Sky climbed in the tub and sat down in the hot water, they both sipped their drinks and stared at each other.

    Sky pulled Robyn's legs open and scooted in between wrapping his legs around his back. He picked up the body wash and lathered up a big soft bath sponge. Sky loving washed Robyn's back, shoulders and chest. He raised each leg out of the water and washed it along with his feet. "Stand Babe." said Sky. Robyn stood slowly and Sky reached up and washed his smooth ass and hardening cock as well as his balls. When Sky finished, Robyn sat back down and downed his drink.

    Sky climbed out of the tub and grabbed Robyn's empty glass along with his own and walked dripping water to make another for them. He entered the tub and handed Robyn his drink still no words were said. Robyn picked up the sponge and body wash and proceeded to wash Sky the same way, Sky turned on the jets of the tub and relaxed... so did Robyn. They let the jets massage their bodies as the sipped their drinks, so relaxing. They both laid their heads back on the pillows and closed their eyes. After about 30 minutes Sky turned off the jets and got out of the tub and started to dry himself, "Babe you can stay if you want... I am going to change the sheets." said Sky. Robyn remained in the tub not sure of what to do.

    Sky's proposal was a shock to Robyn. He knew he loved him but all this was so fast, too fast. He climbed out of the tub and dried off. It was late and he was ready for bed... sleep and time was what he needed. He downed the rest of his drink, wrapped a towel around his waist and entered the bedroom. Sky was there finishing with the sheets, he looked up and smiled at Robyn. "Ready for bed Babe?" Sky asked. "Yes but I think I will sleep in my room tonight Sky, good night." Robyn walked out the door and Sky was confused. What the fuck??? Sky thought.

    Sky fell on the clean sheets and pondered about Robyn's departure. He was so in love with Robyn and he could feel his love as well. Maybe he was taking things too fast? Maybe Robyn was scared and unsure of his love? Maybe...maybe??? Sky thought I need to stop second guessing myself. I am a grown man...40 years old....I know what the fuck I want and I want Robyn Lark. I will have him, I need to up my game... make him sure of my love... make him want me beyond all others... but how? Sky lay on his back, hands behind his head staring at the ceiling.

    Sky went to his desk and wrote a poem to Robyn, from his heart... good or bad it was what he felt.

         " I Love You More "

I love you more than the river is long

I love you more than the ocean is wide

I love you more than the sun is strong

I love you more than the pulling of the tide

I LOVE YOU MY love will never fade

I love you more than all the sand on the beach

I love you more than a whirlpool will churn

I love you more than the highest mountain can reach

I love you more than a soul could yearn

I LOVE YOU MY love will never fade

I love you more than the wind blows

I love you more than the stars shine

I love you more than the waterfall flows

I love you more than the tallest pine

I LOVE YOU MY love will never fade

I love you more than the valley is low

I love you more than a fire will burn

I love you more than the Himalayas are covered in snow

I love you more than the Earth will turn

I LOVE YOU MY love will never fade

DAMN BABE "I LOVE YOU" please believe in that... Your Honey Bear Sky.

    Sky folded it and placed it in an envelope and wrote Robyn's name on the front. Happy with step one... now he had to think of step two. He snuck into Robyn's room and laid the envelope along with a single red rose on the night table. Sky fell into his own bed and tried to sleep to no avail. He tossed and turned but he could not sleep, he had Robyn on his mind.

    He went to Robyn's room again and lay down next to his sleeping body. Sky wrapped him in his arms and started to kiss his neck and shoulders. Soon Robyn woke and asked, "Bear what are you doing here?" Sky replied, "I cannot sleep without you Babe, I need to feel you in my arms then I can sleep." Robyn giggled, "Okay My Bear." Sky pulled him closer and Robyn said, "I want you to make love to me Bear... Please I need you."

    "Maybe we should wait on sex until things calm down and we are both sure of what we want. Sleep now Babe, just let me hold you." Sky said. "I didn't say sex, I said make love to me... not sex Bear." Robyn replied as he ground his ass into Sky's big cock. "Can I fuck you like I really want to and claim you as mine for all time? Can I spoil you for all other men so you will be mine... only mine forever? Sky asked as he pushed his hardening long fat cock into Robyn's sweet ass cheeks. Robyn giggled and said "You can try."

    Sky Got up and stood at the foot of the bed and looked over Robyn's stunning naked body as he rolled on his back and spread out before him. God he loved him so much and this was his chance to make him believe it. Sky was as nervous as a whore in church, his hands were shaking, his heart was racing, his body was sweating and his cock was hard as steel. He had to calm himself but how... he got his balls back and went into full blown man lust for Robyn.

    He started at his feet, kissing, licking, sucking each toe, never breaking eye contact. Sky moved up slowly... tops of feet, bottoms of feet, licking, kissing. The ankles next, then the calves... so toned, so smooth. The thighs, toned as well... he licked and slurped never loosing eye contact. Robyn was moaning and longing for more, Sky was one hell of a lover.

    Sky threw his legs back and buried his face in Robyn's sweet ass, he yelled out as he licked, sucked and jabbed his tongue in hard into his sweet man cunt hole. Sky loved eating ass, the taste, the smell of Robyn's was the most magnificent he had ever had. Robyn was moaning loudly, so great he thought. Sky decided to worship his smooth balls for a while, he could see all the pre-cum that he was leaking out of Robyn's cock and took a moment to lap it up. Both moaned with satisfaction.

    Sky sucked Robyn's smooth ball into his mouth and bathe it in spit. He switched back and forth over and over as Robyn started to beg to be fucked. "Please Bear, I can't take much more, PLEASE put your cock in me." Sky slipped his leaking cock in his mouth to his balls and Robyn screamed out "Fuccckkkk yyyyeeessss." Soon Sky stopped sucking his cock and smeared lube on his own fat cock and Robyn's twitching hole.

    He placed his cockhead at Robyn's man cunt and said "Babe are you ready for me?" All Robyn could do was wiper yes. Sky pushed slowly, both moaning all the way until he was buried deep to his balls. He pulled out slow and back in slow a few times. Then the real fucking began. Sky slammed back in, yanked back out, in hard out hard, over and over and over as Robyn's cock leaked and he begged for more. "YYYYEEESSS OOOO FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE." Robyn begged.

    Sky felt Robyn's ass began to clinch and spasm and knew he was having an anal orgasm. God if felt so good on his cock, he shoot his load right then but went right into round two. Hard and fast. He tossed Robyn around the bed, they fucked in every possible position. They sweated and cussed and fucked each other for another hour until they both were ready for another release. Robyn was the first to cry out. "Bear yyyyeeeesss IIIImmmm ccccuuummmiiinnnggg." As Robyn's ass muscles squeezed Sky's dick and he let out a roar so loud, the whole block heard. He emptied his seed over and over in Robyn's sweet ass.

    Sky fell on his side completely exhausted. They were both drenched in sweat and cum, breathing hard, hearts still pounding. They came down from the high of their earth shattering orgasms. Robyn got up and headed to the bathroom, he came back with wet and dry towels and cleaned Sky's whole body and dried him off. He repeated the process to himself and climbed back in bed. Sky wrapped Robyn in his arms and spooned up behind him. They lay there for a while and Robyn said "Yes my Honey Bear, Yes." Sky was confused, "Yes what?" Robyn said "Yes I will be yours forever, for all time, only yours. Yes I will marry you. I love you deeply my Bear. Sky kissed Robyn's neck and said "I love you too my Babe..... The End


A. Williams

[email protected]


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