The Lawyers Personal Assistant Part # 3

By A. Williams

    Robyn arrived at 5 am and was greeted by a grumpy Mike. "What are you doing here at this hour Sir?" Mike asked still half asleep. "Moving in." said Robyn cheerfully. "I'll put on some coffee then Sir. Has Mr. Evans showed you your suite?" Mike asked as they walked in the kitchen. "Not yet, I was told to report this morning Mike." With the coffee brewing, Mike turned and eyed Robyn up and down. He was just the type Sky loved.

Robyn had his hair in a braided ponytail. His face was somewhat feminine looking with those high cheek bones but still all man. He was wearing a tight dark blue t-shirt which made his blue eyes stand out. Tight black skinny jeans that made his full ass very desirable and his big balls and cock were very much on display. Mike let out a defeated sigh. Yes, Sky would fall hard for this one thought Mike.

    "Come Sir, I will show you your room." Mike said as he walked to the stairs. Robyn followed and was soon lead to a set of double doors. Mike pulled out keys and unlocked the door, pushing them open he placed the set of keys in Robyn's hand and said "One for the house and the other for your suite... Welcome home Sir." Robyn walked in and let out a long whistle. Beautiful he thought.

    The suite was on the east side of the house overlooking the side garden. A full wall of windows facing east and another wall of windows faced south. Light streamed into the well decorated sitting area and into the glassed door bedroom. It held a king size bed, dressers and huge walk-in closet. All decorated by professionals it seemed. The bathroom was a surprise, whirlpool tub big enough for four people and huge walk in shower with shower heads everywhere. A toilet and urinal along with a double vanity completed the amenities.

    Robyn took a closer look at the sitting room. It held an overstuffed couch, chair and leather recliner setup for reading. A minibar fully stocked as well as a small frig also full, microwave and coffee maker. Robyn had not noticed the fireplace on the east wall between the windows or the huge flat screen T.V. mounted above. He also tried the built-in stereo system... yes, surround sound. He happily collapsed in the chair as he heard a throat clear.

    Standing in the doorway was Sky, dressed in only a loose pair of running shorts his hairy body on full display. Robyn sucked in his breath as his heart began to race. He bit his lower lip but could not stop the moan in his throat. "You like?" Sky asked. Robyn stood and walked to turn off the stereo, he heard Sky moan. He walked to Sky, "Do I like the suite or the smoking hot body in front on me?" he asked as he placed his hands on Sky's hairy chest. Sky moaned again and pulled Robyn to him. "Both?" Sky asked. Robyn raised-up on his toes and whispered in Sky's ear, "I certainly hope you don't treat ALL your employees this way." He teased. Sky grabbed his ass and pulled him closer as Robyn tongued his ear. "No, only the special ones." Sky moaned. He picked up Robyn by his ass cheeks and Robyn wrapped his legs around Sky's back. He walked them to the chair and sat. Their lips locked and soon tongues began to swirl slow at first savoring each other. They both heard Mike say, "Coffee is served and breakfast soon Sir." They pulled apart and laughed, knowing they had been caught.

    They walked hand in hand to the kitchen for coffee. "Sit Robyn, I'll get it for you. What do you take in it?" Sky asked. "Just a splash of cream." Robyn said. Same as me thought Sky. As he walked to Robyn with coffee he asked, "Do you have all your things with you?" They both drank and at the same time let out a contented sigh. "Great coffee Mike, Thank you. No the truck will be here soon. I just have a few boxes in the car. The suite is wonderful Sky." "I am so glad you like it. Do you have people to help you move in?" Sky asked. They both drank and Robyn said, "Me, myself and I. Guess that makes three." He laughed.

    Sky walked to the phone and made a call. He walked back to Robyn and whispered in his ear, "The Calvary will arrive in 5 minutes Babe." Sky licked his ear and he shivered all over. Sky placed a soft sweet kiss on his lips and Robyn felt like jelly all over. Slow down he said to himself... Don't fall too fast. True to his word soon the doorbell rang. In walked 3 huge muscle guys. "This is Peter, Shane and Chris. Buddies of mine down at the gym, they will unload all your things and take them to your suite Babe." Sky said. "Mike can we have coffee for our guest?" Yes Sir, of course sir." Mike responded. They sat and chatted and soon the truck arrived and the work started with Sky leading the group.

    Robyn loved a take charge kind of man and that was Sky all the way. He could feel his heart swell and he knew he was falling in love with Sky Evans. It scared the HELL out of him. He had never felt so much need and desire before. He felt exposed and vulnerable. Robyn wondered how Sky was feeling.

    Sky was happy as a clam... The man of his dreams had finally walked into his life and all was good and would only get better....

Part #4 coming soon... Thanks for reading and posting


A. Williams

[email protected]


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