The Lawyers Personal Assistant Part #5

By A. Williams

    Sky woke up tangled in Robyn's hot smooth body. He could not remember the last time he had sleep with a man and it felt so good. He lay there and heard Robyn's easy relaxed breathing and knew he was still asleep. He pulled him closer, tighter and heard a small moan of pleasure from him. Sky smiled and kissed his shoulder softly. He could tell by the fading light it was probably 8pm or so. Sky's bladder was full and his stomach empty but still he held onto Robyn, he did not want to get up ever. Damn, he had to piss bad! He slowly released Robyn and slid out of the bed. He gazed at his Babe, still asleep, hair a mess and a soft loving expression on his face. Sky thought he was the most enticing, enchanting, gorgeous and magnificent man he had ever seen. Yes he had it bad for his Babe.

    He relieved himself and found a pair of black boxers while Robyn continued to sleep. Sky made his way to the kitchen in search of dinner. He checked the stove and was thrilled to find Mike's famous homemade deep-dish sausage and pepperoni pizza. Sky turned on the oven and grabbed some beers from the frig... he opened one and drank, waiting for the pizza to heat up. He had begged Mike for the recipe so many times. The key was the sauce... but Mike refused to give it up.

    Sky placed a six pack of beer and ice in a portable cooler, loaded the hot pizza on a tray with plates and napkins. He returned to the bedroom, to his sleeping beauty and setup their supper in the sitting area of the room. Finished, Sky walked to the bed admiring Robyn's sleeping form. He was on his stomach, hands under his face, the sheet only covered his legs... back and ass on full display and Sky let out a deep moan. Sky sat down next to him and softly ran his hand down this back to his ass cheek. So soft, so smooth and not a single blemish or mark anywhere. He rub his cheeks and back for some time before he heard, "Honey Bear, what a lovely way to wake up that feels so nice." Robyn said smiling. "I have some dinner for us Babe." Sky said still rubbing Robyn. "Do I have to get up? This is so nice Bear." he said.

    "Come Babe, go piss and I will find you some boxers of mine to wear. Then we can have some great pizza and beers." Sky said standing and lifting Robyn out of the bed. Sky placed him on his feet and kissed him, "Scoot." Sky said as he smack Robyn's sweet ass. "Easy Mister!" Robyn joked. Robyn returned and Sky put on his boxers for him. They hugged tightly and Robyn whispered "You make me so happy my Honey Bear." Sky grabbed him up and spun them around saying, "I am deliriously happy Babe... I am so damn glad I found you." Sky placed Robyn down on the couch in the sitting room.

    "Let's have dinner, shall we, I for one am starved." Sky broke out two cold beers and opened them, as he handed one to Robyn he said, "Another toast Babe." Robyn laughed, "Yes go ahead." Sky got serious and moved closer to Robyn face. Looking in his eyes with his hand on Robyn's cheek he said, "To us Babe, to the long wonderful life we will have together. I LOVE you totally, completely, for a thousand years, we will be together My Darling Babe" Robyn burst into sobs. His heart was so full, his soul so complete....he had never felt so loved.

    Sky jumped up and grabbed him in his arms, he sat back down with Robyn on his lap. "Babe don't cry, I am so sorry I did not mean to upset you Babe. Please I love you, sssshhhh now." Sky said. Sky rubbed his back and kissed his face, finally Robyn calmed down enough to talk. "Sorry Honey Bear, those tears are from happiness. I have never felt so loved before, so complete before, God I love you too My Bear." Robyn said. They kissed slow and long, tongues swirling, biting lips, sucking tongues and spit everywhere. They did not care, the make out session went on and on.

    Robyn pulled back and nuzzled his cheek to Sky's. He whispered in his ear, "Are you ready for cold pizza now?" Sky laughed hard, "Yes Babe I am... I love you so." "God My Honey Bear I love you too!" They nuzzled some more, soft kisses on faces and ears. Sky stood and placed Robyn back on the couch. "Let's drink to the toast Babe. To us." Sky said. They both downed their beers and Sky served up the pizza and got more beer. Robyn took one bite and was in love... "Sky this is fucking amazing." Sky nodded his head, mouth full. After he swallowed he said, "Told you it was great... Mike refuses to give me the recipe. I have begged him for years." Sky laughed. They ate, talked and drank just enjoying being together.

    When they were done, Sky said "Come Babe let's shower." "Yes that would be so nice." Sky was nervous this would be the first time Robyn had seen him naked. He wanted Robyn to be impressed, to desire his cock and ass. He had never felt so unsure before but he had never loved anybody this much before. Sky got the shower ready and with shaking hands he pulled down his boxers. He helped Robyn in and stepped behind him. Robyn faced the shower head and did not see Sky.

    Sky got the shower gel and began to wash Robyn's hair. He loved his long black hair, so soft and smooth, just like the rest of him. Robyn moaned in pleasure, "Wash me all over Honey Bear." Sky did just that, after his hair he washed is back, then his legs and feet. Sky moaned as he washed his ass. He wanted so much to shove his hard cock in but held back. "Honey bear wash my front." Robyn turned around and for the first time saw Sky's hard cock. He sucked in a breath... looking at his 10 inch long and 9 inch around cock. Robyn fell to his knees and swallowed it whole. Sky let out a scream... no man had every deep throated him before.

    "Slow down Babe or you will make me cum." Sky said. Robyn keep up the sucking wanting to taste Sky's cum. Robyn was amazed by Sky's size and he wanted it in his ass but first he wanted his cum. He used his throat muscles to milk Sky's cock and he was in heaven. No man's cock had ever tasted so good. So sweet the pre-cum was, Robyn needed his load.. He worked, slurped and when he pulled Sky's balls, he exploded. Huge amounts of cum hit his throat... over and over. Robyn had a hard time keeping up but Sky's cum was like the sweetest wine he had every tasted and he did not lose a drop.

    Sky slide down the shower wall and landed on his ass. He was amazed at the blowjob he had just received. Damn he was about to past out, Robyn helped Sky up and said, "I need more of you after I wash you Honey Bear." Sky could only whisper a yes. Robyn washed Sky and finished his self. They dried and crawled in bed together. Robyn got on top of Sky and kissed his lips, then his neck then lower still and bypassed his growing cock hungry for his ass. Robyn pushed Sky's legs above his head and dived into his hairy ass.

    "Fuck yes eat my ass Babe...yes bite me, shove your tongue in hard...yesss soooo fucking good." Sky screamed. Robyn was in a trace, Sky's ass was as good as his cum, the smell and the taste was fabulous. Sky stooped Robyn, "Your turn Babe, please let me taste you." Sky flipped them over and began to dine on Robyn's sweet ass. His hole was pink and looked untouched, so beautiful. Sky began slow, licking his ass crack to balls.. over and over as Robyn moaned. So fucking sweet, like sugar, just like his cum. Sky buried his tongue in his ass as he stroked his cock. Sky pushed a finger in and found Robyn's love button. "Yes Bear do me." Robyn pleaded. Sky messaged his prostate and started sucking Robyn's hard long smooth cock.

    "Yes Bear... so good... don't stop..." Robyn pleaded. Sky continued for a few more minutes and stopped. "I want inside you Babe. Are you ready for me? I want to make love to you until you cum. I promise I will be gentle this time." Robyn laughed, "How about next time stud?" Sky snickered, "Can't make promises. Can we go raw?" he asked. "Yes Bear take me now please." Sky grabbed the lube and got ready for some great sex.

    He kissed Robyn soft and said "I love you Babe, all I want is to pleasure you." Sky kissed him again with tongue and pushed slowly into Robyn's ass. When his thick head went in he held still waiting for Robyn to adjust. "Please Bear make love to me." Robyn said. The dance started. Slowly Sky pushed in as they kissed, inch by inch until he was buried inside of Robyn's sweet ass. They were still kissing as Sky pulled out half way and back in. "I love you My Bear, you feel so good in me... more please." Robyn whispered.

    "Yes beauty... take all of me, I love you so much Babe." Sky pulled all the way back out and then back in, slow and soft. Robyn's ass muscles were squeezing his big cock hard. Sky moaned out, "Damn Babe don't make me cum so soon... I want you to cum first." Robyn moaned out, "Harder Bear almost there... please harder." Sky increased his speed, "Yes Bear fuck me ...yes...ssoo good ... fuck.. cuummiinngg." Robyn screamed as his ass clamped down Sky unloaded his seed... over and over. They went into a sloppy man kiss, sucking, licking and biting until Sky's softening cock fell out of Robyn's ass.

    Sky collapsed on top of Robyn. A few minutes later Sky rolled to the side and pulled Robyn close to him. They were both drenched in Robyn's cum and neither cared. "Honey Bear no one has ever got me to cum that way... that was the best sex I have ever had... Damn I am hooked on you My Bear... I love you.." Robyn said. Sky held him tighter and asked, "Will you marry me Babe?"......

Part #6 soon, thank you for reading.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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