The Lawyers Personal Assistant Part # 4

By: A.Williams

    Robyn and Sky worked all day to move him in to the house and by 4pm Sky was ready for a drink. “Come Babe... let the rest wait … let’s have a drink by the pool.” Sky said. “Mike?” Sky called out. “Sir right here Sir… front and center. What do you require Sir?” Mike asked. “Drinks by the pool and bring some towels as well.” “As you wish Sir.” Mike replied. Sky grabbed Robyn and carried him to the pool laughing all way… God he was so happy. Robyn felt the same way… giggling as he was carried away by Sky. He was placed softly on a lounge chair and Sky kissed him sweetly as Mike walked in with drinks and towels. “Here Babe lets toast.” Sky said has he handed Robyn his drink. Sky raised his glass, “To the man of my dreams…My Babe..!!” They clinked glasses and downed their drinks.

    Yes he was definitely in love with Sky Evans, thought Robyn. “Babe, how about a swim?” asked Sky. “I don’t have trunks.” “Shit, I got lots of colors and sizes in the changing room.” Sky said as he pointed over his shoulder and winked at Robyn. Robyn laughed and jumped up, “Be right back.” He said with a huge grin. “Wear a speedo for me Babe, no trunks.” Robyn picked a royal blue pair that was cut low in the front to show he was shaved all over. It was really tight and showed off his big balls and cut cock. He let his hair down and went back to Sky.Sky had poured another drink for them and was sitting facing the changing room waiting for Robyn to come out. His heart was pounding in his ears and his breathing was fast. He sipped his drink and waited on pins and needles. Robyn walked out slowly and Sky let out a loud moan of desire… He was stunning, fit but slim, defined muscles with a six pack, hairless except for his head and his package was indescribably delicious looking. Sky’s cock went full hard and as Robyn got closer it began to leak. He stood and adjusted himself, “Babe you are gorgeous, come to me now and let me feel you.” Sky said.

    “Not yet Mister, your turn to change and then we will see.” Robyn teased. “No trunks, a speedo same as me.” Sky downed his drink and said, “Babe have your drink as I change… be right back.” Sky picked a white suit. It clung to him and his pubic hair stuck out of the top. You could clearly see the definition and the fatness of his cock, as well as his balls. He slowly came out of the changing room and Robyn let out a howl and said, “You are so very hot Bear, you are going to melt me. Please, closer… What have I done to deserve you, My Bear? You are one hot stud.” Robyn said as his cock hardened.Sky laughed, “We deserve each other Babe. Race ya!” Sky dived in the pool with Robyn close behind.

    They played and felt like teenagers. Finally Sky pulled Robyn to him and the make-out session ensued. First soft and slow, then harder, faster with more passion. Hands rubbing, cocks grinding and lips smacking. They got to the shallow end and Sky dove under and pulled Robyn’s speedo off. He swallowed his cock whole, with cool water in his mouth. Robyn had never felt anything like this but is was so erotic and hot.Sky would come up for breath but Robyn was close… He came so hard and so long, the best orgasm he had ever had. Sky came up out of the water with a huge smile and licking his lips. “I love your smooth long cock and you taste so fucking sweet, I will never get enough… ready for round two Babe?” “Are you kidding me… I don’t think I can walk. That was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life Bear… Please give me a minute.” Robyn begged still breathless.

    Mike walked in, “Sirs your dinner is in the stove, do you require my services any longer Sirs?” Mike asked. “No Mike, thank you for all you have done but we can handle it from here. Goodnight.” Sky said. “As you say Sir, goodnight Sirs.” As Mike walked away, Sky picked up Robyn in his arms, Robyn wrapped his legs around Sky as he carried him out of the water, “Come Babe I want to snuggle.” Off they went with the gin and tonic in Sky’s hand still dripping wet. They went in Sky’s bedroom and he placed Robyn down on the silk sheets. He poured another drink for them and he handed a drink to Robyn. They both took a long pull.

    “I am feeling things for you I have never felt before Robyn, I’m scared… I want you more than any man before you and I am not sure how I am feeling, does this make sense to you?” Sky asked. “Yes Bear it does, I feel the same way. All I know is I want you badly, I need you intensely, please come and lay with me…snuggle me …My Bear.” Sky pulled off his speedo and climbed in behind Robyn. He spooned up tight and they both moaned. “Tighter Sky, hold me tighter please.” Robyn asked. He did as asked and said, “You feel so good Babe and you fit to me perfectly, like were made for each other.” Sky kissed and licked the back of Robyn’s neck. Robyn moaned and said, “I think I am falling for you My Bear, I feel you in my heart and soul.” Sky squeezed harder, “Me too Babe, me too.

”Part #5 soon. Thanks for reading and posting


A. Williams


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