The Lawyers Personal Assistant Part # 1

By A. Williams

Sky Evans was a 40 year old lawyer at Clines and Evans law firm. Being half partner allowed many benefits. This day it allowed him to take off from work to go home and interview people for his personal assistant position. Sky was glad to work from home, long hours and a grueling schedule was what he needed a break from. He pulled into his garage in his BMW. All he wanted was a drink or two, maybe more. He hauled his tried body out of the car and in to his house.

Mike, his housekeeper, live-in maid and chef was there, "Good evening Sir. Your drink is on your desk." he said. Sky nodded. He entered his home office and collapsed in his soft leather desk chair. He let out a heavy sigh and reached for his drink. After a few sips his thoughts drifted to James, is out-going Personal Assistant, they had being working together for three years but James got a better offer.

Sky couldn't blame him for leaving, better pay back in his home town. He was not looking forward to the long hours of interviews he had set-up but it had to be done. With his work load, he had to have help. At least he could work from home for a few days. Sky called out, "Mike I need a refill man... No just bring the bottle and the tonic."

Mike appeared carrying the request, "Bad day Sir?" he asked as he mixed Sky a new drink. "Yes Mike it was, I am so weary in my bones... I need a vacation. Some time off in a warm beautiful place full of beautiful single men." Sky said laughing.

Mike had been working for Sky for eight years now and had secretly longed for him. He was tall, 6' 2" and had big full lips. Brown hair, brown eyes and he was hairy. Hairy arms, hairy legs, semi-hairy chest...a Bear thought Mike. The best part was his cock... Sky loved to be nude and Mike had seen his soft cock many times. Six inches long and the same around soft... Mike had wanted to see how much it grew when hard but never had the chance. Above all though Sky was a sweet man... a good man... a loving man. In all eight years Mike had seen Sky date a few guys but never... had Sky been in a relationship or had a guy spend the night. No Sky was looking for love... true love, lasting love.

"Sir your dinner is in the stove and it is rather late. Do require anything more of me Sir?" asked Mike. "Yes Mike I do... sit, have a drink with me and let's chat?" Sky said. "My pleasure Sir." Mike needed a drink and poured himself a double. He sat and looked at Sky's handsome face. "Mike you have been with me for a while now and I think it is time for a raise... I love and appreciate all the work you do for me and you are so easy on the eyes... I want you to stay. I am giving you a 30% pay increase starting today my man." Sky said smiling. Mike was stunned.

"Sir, that is too generous. I love working for you and I will not leave. I would love an increase but Sir that is too much." said Mike. "Bull Shit Mike you have earned every penny and you know it. Will you accept it Mike... please for me." said Sky. "Yes of course Sir... thank you so much. Let's toast and down our drinks to our long term working relationship." Damn Mike thought, he was making 80,000 and with the increase he would be over a 100,000 a year... what a generous man. One day one lucky man would capture Sky's heart thought Mike. He wished it was him but knew better. "Here... Here." said Sky. They down their drinks and Mike poured another.

They sat and talked as the night drug on. Laughed and joked about the things that had happened in their eight years together. They were friends as well as boss and worker. Around midnight Mike excused himself and Sky was left alone. Buzzed and alone, Sky felt lonely. He longed for a companion... someone to share his life with. Someone to love and love him as well. Damn it was so hard to find... "The one." He thought.

Sky looked at his appointments for tomorrow and found the first was at 10am. He drug himself to bed... no dinner and passed out in his king size bed with silk sheets. He dreamed of his dream man... a twink.. 5' 7" or so... slim, smooth all over, long black hair, full lips and a great big bubble butt with a nice sweet pink hole.

The next day came too soon for Sky. Up at dawn with a hang-over... needing coffee strong and black. Mike had left a tray on his desk with coffee and morning pastries. "Thank God" for Mike thought Sky... worth every penny. The day was full of no - shows and under qualified guys... Sky was getting desperate when HE walked in.......

Part #2 coming soon thanks for reading


A. Williams

[email protected]


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