The Lawyers Personal Assistant Part # 2

By: A.Williams

    It was 6 pm and Sky needed a drink. What a waste of a day, he thought. As he approached the bar, the front door bell rung. Mike was there as always... "Yes please come in." Sky heard Mike say. A few seconds later, Mike was at his ear. "Sir your 6 o'clock appointment is in your office Sir." Mike said. "Please Mike bring the Gin and Tonic and an ice bucket along with another glass." Sky asked. "As you require Sir." Mike said as he did what was asked.

    They walked in the office together and as Mike sat down the tray, Sky sat in his chair. He looked up at the Man waiting and froze. He was absolutely stunning. Blazing blue eyes, long black straight silky hair below his shoulders, high cheek bones and full red lips, slim. Sky let out a low moan as his cock went full hard.

    He cleared his throat and said, "Mike make a drink for our guest." Mike saw the look Sky was giving this man and did not like it... not one bit. He did as he was asked and said, "Sir do you require any further assistance?" "No Mike that will be all for tonight." Sky replied. Once alone Sky started the interview.

    "Hello my name is Sky Evans and you are?" "Very nice to meet you, my name is Robyn Lark. Thanks for the drink...I needed that." Sky looked over Robyn's application. Very impressive. "Please make yourself another while I look over your work record." Sky said as he sipped his own drink. He was qualified and already had 12 years under his belt working for another attorney. Sky guessed he was 34 or 35 years old.

    "Why are you looking for a new job Robyn?" Sky asked. Sky poured another drink and waited for an answer. "My last employer left the U.S. and I did not want to follow." Robyn answered while he drank. "Fair enough... Why do you want to come to work for me?" Sky asked. "I have heard you are a good man... An honest man and pleasant to work for." Robyn said smiling. God I am me thought Sky as his cock twitched and started to leak. "Are you married?" Sky asked.

    Robyn started to laugh. Sky thought his laugh was so sweet. "Oh no...If I want to work for you I should come clean...I am Gay. I hope that does not change your thinking of me as a co-worker?" Robyn said. Now it was Sky's time to laugh out loud. Robyn thought his laugh sounded like the most beautiful song ever heard. His ass began to twitch... he thought Sky was one hot stud. "I am also Gay Robyn...Are you single?"

    "Yes for years now ... I need another drink?" Robyn said. "Be my guest man... let's both make a fresh one." Sky said. They drank and talked about the duties of the job...but soon moved to more personal things. Music, books, movies and sports and found out they liked the same things. They really hit it off, "Robyn what kind of starting off salary are you wanting?" asked Sky. "Around 100,000 to start... No less." He answered firmly.

    Sky sat back and pondered about the amount. He deserved more and Sky knew it. "Look my offer will include you living in my huge house... you will have your own suite and full access to all the amenities of the house.... Pool, exercise room, theater room and Mike will look after your needs. How does that sound along with a salary of 175,000?" Sky asked.

    Robyn was speechless. He sat and stared at Sky's handsome face not sure what to say. Sky broke the silence... "Let's have a drink and toast to our new relationship." Sky said as he made fresh drinks. Robyn was at a loss for words... this wonderful man, this hot stud was making him an offer he could hardly refuse... still he was unsure. "Sky what do you really want from me?"

    Sky stood up and carried a new drink to Robyn and placed it in his hand. Sky sat back on the front of his desk and looked into Robyn's blue eyes. He sat his drink down after a long pull and placed his hands on Robyn's face. "I want you Robyn... all of you ...every part of you... I have been dreaming of you for years." Sky placed his lips softly on Robyn's.

Robyn was in heaven.... So sweet .... So soft... he wrapped his arms around Sky's neck and pulled him close. Soon tongues were out, swirling, softly, slowly and sweetly. Both moaned.... So good. Sky pulled back smiling, "Do we have a deal My man?" he asked. "Of course we do My stud... What time should I be here tomorrow?" asked Robyn.

Part 3 coming soon....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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