The smell of cooking bacon wafts through the house, mingling and mixing with the smell of baking homemade biscuits. It awakens me, still somewhat exhausted from the previous night's festivities and merry-making. The open door of the bedroom and fan oscillate the odors and stir me from my dreams.

I roll over, stand-up, do a little jig to shake off the night's sleep. My hard cock bounces off my abs, making a flesh snapping noise. It is still ready for more action, whatever it may be.

I am the first to emerge from my shared bed and bedroom; shared with two others. After a night of deep fitful slumber and animalistic fucking, this early morning, I need nourishment. Paul and Reece are still asleep on the King sized bed. Paul is completely exposed, his cock jumps in his sleep as he dreams. A spot of cum or piss, a droplet emerges from his piss-slit. Reece, one leg uncovered, sports a raging hard-on; a tent of raised bed sheet does not hide his treasure. He wiggles and moans in his sleep. I wonder what he is dreaming to cause such an outward manifestation of his stiff cock.

These two young men are at the height of their manhood.

I stroke my cock at the excitement these two stir in my groin.

They are men at the point I once was but have since grown past. I hope they revel in their assured manhood's as I did.

I have to piss. I rush to the bathroom to relieve that urge and follow the smell of deliciousness to the kitchen when I finish.

The cooking smells are quite the wake-up call after a wild night of ferocious sexual activity.



The sound of thunder echoes in the distance and the dramatic flashes of lightning illuminates the early morning dawn.

The night was filled with joyous celebrations of exploding masculinity from the men at the "gathering" plus the surprise appearance of The Silver Fox aka "Uncle" Steve Silver to the party was the ultimate icing on the cake. He is the man that "instructed" several of us on the Alpha aspects of man-to-man rough dominant sex.


Sucking cock and cum explosions were shared by all except Bob.

The cooking smells lead me in the direction of the kitchen.

I am naked, as I was the previous day and am each time I visit Bob Warren's house.

My cock, limp and drained of its life-giving essence hangs down, resting, nestled in my low-hanging balls and my musky manly thick pubes.

It sways as I walk, a pendulum that is not a clock.

Another boom of thunder echoes in the distance.

I jump, startled, at the noise. No one sees me jump in fright like some scared teenage girl. It would be an embarrassment for me to show such a wimpy side of me, gotta keep my image of strength and machismo up.

Rain suddenly burst forth down in a rapid downpour hitting the roof of the house with the awesome power of Mother Nature behind it.

I walk into the kitchen and am overwhelmed with the odors of breakfast cooking. I see Bob busy at work. He is bending at the waist, an apron covering his groin and protecting his cock. The equipment must be safe guarded at all cost. Bob is naked but he always is, the rules for his house are that men stay naked. There are no arguments regarding the no clothes policy from anyone.

It is done without question.

"It smells really good, Bob," I say.

"Thanks, Nate, I suppose you're hungry after your, hmmm, workouts, last night with Paul and Reece," Bob says snidely.

"Oh yes, "I say, "It was quite the damned workout. Hehehe. Did you know Steve was coming last night?"

"Yeah, I did," Bob answers, "I thought he would bring a more mature masculine element to the party."

"Where is he now, I did not see him in your bed when I walked by your room," I comment.

"He is walking in the rain," Bob answers.

"In all that lightning, he is walking around," I pose my question, puzzled.

"Yep, he likes to stroke his cock in the rain," Bob answers, "It is one of his favorite things to do. Mine too."

"Let me take the biscuits and bacon out of the oven and we'll go find Steve in the rain," Bob says as he goes about his task, "I'll cook the scrambled eggs, grits when the rest of the guys wake up."

He places the two baking pans of bacon and biscuits on the stovetop to cool. The smell is wonderful, my stomach growls from the unsatisfied hunger and lack of protein.

"You ready to go outside?" Bob asks.

"Yeah, I am," I answer.

The rain is coming down in torrents now; it blankets the open air like a white sheet. The raindrops are massive, like quarters, which are visible as I look out the window that overlooks the pool, water covers the ground and puddles up in the backyard.

I see Steve standing by the pool, stroking his cock as the rain falls all around and over him. It drenches his body. His tool is massive. His hair is matted down from the rain, he seems elemental in nature in this setting, like some devolved man, cast back before we became civilized and walked upright.

The lightning and thunder seem to subside as we walk out the back door and join Steve by the pool. It rains steady, soaking into Mother Earth when it makes contact.

Steve cups my balls as I approach him in the pouring rain. I relax my stance, legs spread apart, and enjoy his touch; he knows the importance of the nuts that dangle between my legs, his legs and other male mammals of the species.

"Your nut sacks are full," Steve says enthusiastically," you are one fine man, Nate, but you know that already, doncha."

I smile at him.

Yes, I do.

I do not need to say it aloud.

He knows I understand his meaning too.

The hair on my body is matted down from the rain now too; water runs in rivers over my muscles and streams into the pool.

"I do love the feeling of the rain on my body as I stroke my cock," Steve says as he fondles his already hard cock, "it is a sensation like none other. I feel connected with the earth."

Steve reaches towards Bob's ass; his hand still grips my balls with his other hand.

"I'll move closer," Bob says to Steve, "I want you to touch me too."

"You have one fine ass for a man in his 40s," Steve informs Bob.

Steve pokes a finger in his mouth, moistens it and inserts it into Bob's ass.

Bob lets out a soft sigh as his ass is fingered.

"Did you cum last night?" Steve asks Bob.

"No," Bob answers.

"Why not?"

"I am saving my load for your waiting ass," Bob responds, "You know you get my loads since I started fucking you back when Molly was pregnant with Reed."

"Damn, the rain feels good on my flesh," Steve says," the harder it rains the stiffer my cock gets."

"I can see that," I say," I have never jacked my cock in the rain before."

"Fucking in the rain is even better," Steve says with a coy sly smile on his face.

"You don't say."

"I've plugged your ass back when you were a younger buck," Steve boastfully exclaims, "I can do it again and make you squeal even louder than I did that day at the gym."

"I know you can but today, I plan to ride those two young studs that I fucked last night," I make my intentions known and let the Universe know my plans.

"You gonna let them double penetrate you," Steve asks enthralled.

"Yep, two cocks in my ass at the same time," I say, "it's been a while since I have been DP'd."

We continue stroking our cocks in the steady downpour. This excites me, as I have never done such as this before, well, I have stroked my cock, just not while the liquid fury of nature unleashes it wrath upon the earth.

This is a first for me.

Steve dives in the pool, his cock still hard as he emerges at the deep end of the pool. His cock periscopes while he swims on his back.

It is a wonderful to see another man so unashamed of the power betwixt his legs. I dive in after him, mimicking him in his swimming style. Two cocks and their human submarine host unabashedly swim naked in Bob's pool.

Bob stands on the poolside staring at us as we circle in the pool, like sharks, ready to devour, while the rain steadily falls around him and further fills the already overflowing cement pond.

His cock, as hard as it was, from the following nights festivities, explodes its pent up frustrations into the pool. Steve, swimming nearby races to the white sperm man-droplets in the hydrogen and oxygen mix and lets his face be enveloped in the man-juice from one of steady lover, fuck-buddy, of the past few decades.

"Oh fuck," Bob screams out in extreme pleasure as he dives over Steve in the pool and surfaces, "oh shit, I wanted to save that load for you, Steve."

Steve surfaces with the gobbed up cum in his hair, baptized in the essence of a man and water. He smiles from ear-to-ear as his licks and rakes the cum from his scruffed up face, where it clings to what makes a man, a man, outwardly.

"I am sure you can produce more and fill my ass," Steve says as he swims towards Bob.

They kiss and exchange Bob's cum between them. Bob licks his essence from Steve's scruffy face.

"I taste good," Bob says proudly.



I hazily awaken to the sound of a flushing toilet down the hall from the bedroom, a room I share with Nate and Paul. The sound of rain falling on the roof, the smells of breakfast clogs my nostrils, my stomach growls from my sex-induced hunger. I groggily roll over onto my stomach only to be stopped by my piss built-up hard-on. It is a painful; it stops and shocks me fully awake.

"Shit," I cry out, "that hurt."

I roll over onto my back, reach down to soothe my battered manhood, massage its hardness in my calloused hands.

It feels good.

As I take my hand away, I feel the roughness of an unshaven face.

It is Paul.

"Relax," he says, "let me taste you this glorious rainy morning."

I keep my eyes closed as I feel his unshaven face in my hand as he begins his slow descent on my cock.

He gulps down my early morning hardness.

His rough unshaven face feels wonderful on my leg.

His slow steady motion of going up and down on my hard shaft of manhood excites me. He slathers my shaft with his saliva, making each suck on my cock, more sensitive, my cock-head is highly sensitive and the need to piss, overwhelming.

Paul stops.

"What the fuck," I yell out and open my eyes.

"Sometimes the excitement of holding back is worth more than the cum, itself," He says.

Paul walks out the bedroom, I hastily bolt to the bathroom for an intense morning piss.

The stream of my piss echoes through the house as it hits the porcelain throne.

I sigh in relief as I empty my bladder; I shake my man-tool and stroke it to full erection as I finish my first piss of the day.

I walk into the kitchen-breakfast nook of the house and see Paul and his hardened cock as he stands staring out the window. I do not see the other guys anywhere around.

"Where are the other guys?" I say.

"They are stroking their cocks in the rain by the pool," He says.

"Nice," I say.

Paul's ass looks so enticing in the pale light of the early morning, it is so inviting.

I poke my index finger in my mouth to lube and moisten it.

Unbeknownst to Paul, I insert it into his ass.

He jumps from the surprise entry of my finger.

"Oh, oh," he says as I wiggle it into his tight inviting hole.

"You like that?" I say.

"Yes," he sighs happily, as I work it in and out of his ass, "I am really enjoying the ass play on myself."

Paul wiggles to accept more of my long finger into his ass.

"Your cock would feel much better in there," He says.

"I know it would, we will remedy that eventually," I say, "it may not happen today but it will happen, I assure you."

Paul turns, still with my finger in his ass, and kisses me forcefully on my lips. We stay locked in our passionate embrace. He slides off my finger as he turns to face me, cock-to-cock, face-to-face, both hard from the mutual attraction and sexual longings between us.

We separate.

"Let's save our passion for later and join the other guys outside," I say.

"Okay," he answers as he gives me another kiss, this one shorter, it is as passionate as the last one.

Paul heads to the backdoor; I make my way to the kitchen to grab a piece of cooked bacon. My stomach growls from the continued hunger pangs. I must get some protein.



"Look boys, the young bucks have arrived," Steve yells out as the rain begins to fizzle out and the sun peeks from behind the thinning clouds.

Paul runs out the backdoor at full gait and cannonballs into the pool.

The waves of his play rock the pool.

Shortly, Reece joins Paul, although not running, he munches down on the piece of bacon he absconded from the pan on the stove. He takes in the attention he garners as he approaches us at the pool.

Reece, smiling coyly, finishes the piece of bacon and wipes the fat from his fingers on his wet lips.

"That was tasty," he proclaims.

Reece dives in the pool and joins Paul in the deep end.

"Not as tasty as your cum was last night though," Steve says," I like that protein much better than some ole sliced up pig."

"Me too," Bob concurs.

"Hey, where is Wade?" Reece asks out-of-the-blue.

"He had to leave; he has a client this afternoon," Bob says in reference to his departed guest.

"I envy Wade, different cocks from different men and to get paid for it," I say.

"Stud," Steve says," I can assure you, you can and do have all the cock you want."

"I do," I say, "but I don't get paid for my cock prowess."

Everyone laughs when I make my comment.

"I am sure Paul and Reece could and would get paid handsomely for the tools that are dangling between their muscled legs," I say confidently.

Paul and Reece are in the corner of the pool, caught up in the masculinity of the other, it seems as though they are holding back from the obvious physical attraction between them both. Their hands, hidden beneath the water, each playing with the others manhood, arousing each with delicate fingers and longings shared.

"Hey, what?" Paul says.

"Oh nothing, we all think you two could make shitloads of money as man-whores between your cocks and good looks," I say.

"You think we really could?" Reece interjects at the sound of the word, money.

"Fuck yes," Steve says, "with those cocks alone you two would be guaranteed moneymakers. You would just have to polish up those rough edges and amp up the charm but keep the manliness that causes all of our cocks to be stirred to full erection."

Paul looks at Reece.

Reece looks at Paul.

"But both of you would have to be at my beck and call and that your asses and cocks would be at my disposal whenever I got a hankering for them," I say.

Paul and Reece say nothing but glance once again into each other's eyes.

"So is anyone hungry?" Bob asks.

"I am starved," Reece says.

"Me too," Paul says.

"After the fucking you two studs got last night and the amount of spunk I swallowed last night," Steve says, "you two are spent out. You need more protein."

Laughter roars through the five of us.

"Well, let me go tend to the rest of the breakfast," Bob says as he skedaddles to the house.

"I best go help him," Steve says as he emerges from the pool and runs to the house.

Steve's cock was nearly erect as he scooted across the drenched grass to the house. The conversation causes his body to react accordingly.

Once inside and out of earshot, questions are raised.

"So what's the story with Steve and Bob, is he Bob's uncle?" Paul asks.

"Naw, Steve is not Bob's uncle but he taught him many things like an uncle would or could," I answer.

"What do you mean?" Paul asks.

"I'll let Bob explain," I say, "but I owe much to Steve myself."

The guys look with puzzled expressions at me.

"What do you mean?" Paul asks.

"Well, I was looking for a gym to work out at and came across Steve at the gym he owns in Tallahassee," I explain.

"Steve owned a gym in Tallahassee?" Reece asks.

"He still owns some interest in it but is a silent partner now," I further explain.

"That's a gym I need to check out," Paul says, "which one?"

"The one on Mahan," I say.

"I am already a member there, and you say, Steve is an owner?" Reece proclaims.


"Well, now I have a reason to join that one too, another one, anyway," Paul says, as he looks love struck into Reece's eyes.

"Yeah, c'mon," Reece says, "maybe we can convince Steve to let us come in, in the afterhours when it is closed and workout buck-assed naked."

"I am sure that is not a problem, it is how I first met Steve," I say.

"Oh, "Paul and Reece both say in unison.

"Yep, I got there as it was closing years ago. He was manning the office," I say, "it was much smaller then and he let me tour the place and workout, then I showered...and there he was."

"He walked in the locker-room on you," Paul says.

"Yep, it was just me and him, "I say, "no one else was in the building."

"...and," Reece swims across the pool and stands in the water near me.

"I was dripping wet and semi-hard. He gives me the once over and gets on one knee and takes my cock in his mouth, all of it down to my pubes," I say, "He goes to town like some madman."

"I never have been blown in a gym locker-room but I want to be, "Paul says excitedly.

"I can remedy that, "I say.

"So Nate what happened next? "Paul says.

"Well, as he was blowing me, Bob appears in the doorway to the men's locker-room," I say, "He had stopped by on his way home from work and had come in through the employee's entrance. This was how Bob usually visited the gym."

"Mmm, "they both say as I relate my story to them.

"The moment Bob appeared, I blew my load," I say, "I am shaking and quivering from delivering one of my massive loads down Steve's throat. Steve did not flinch or gag but swallowed all of my cum, every last drop of it. Bob just stood there with a smirk on his face. He enjoyed what he saw."

"I can see that, he took mine and Paul's loads last night with ease, "Reece says.

"The man does love the cum, he most surely does," I say.

"Hey guys," a voice, echoes from the corner of the house.

It is Bob, apron covering his man-parts, once again.

"Breakfast is ready, guys," Bob says.

We walk out the pool, the water running in rivers off our bodies as we exit the pool. The clouds have departed, the sun is appearing more and more as the clouds dissipate.

I make my intentions known to Paul and Reece of what I want from them before the day is done.

"Guys, before we all leave today, I want both of your cocks up my ass at the same time, "I say, "You think you two can handle that?"

"Sure, "Paul says, "I can DP you, not a problem."

"Of course, "Reece says, "me too but I want to pound your ass as hard as you did mine last night. Man-to-man, so you can get a real fucking from me."

I smile as Reece makes his comment, he does not want to be outdone by a man older than him and I suspect he wants to impress Paul, let him know that he is not some candy-ass in the sack.

"Good," I say, "Let's go eat some grits, scrambled eggs, bacon and some biscuits and make some protein for cum to have later."

I wink at Paul and Reece when I say cum.

"That's what we're having?" Paul asks.

"Yep, a good ole southern breakfast," I say.

"I am starving," Reece says, "I am spent."



"That was one fine breakfast, Bob," I say.

"Thanks Reece, I appreciate it, I want the men that come to my house to be satisfied," Bob comments, he smiles with pride at the pleasure he can share with men who visit his home.

"I am most definitely satisfied," I say, "I am as satisfied as a man can be on all counts."

"That's good to hear; you suppose you have another load in those hairy balls of yours?" Steve says.

"Oh fuck yes," I say, "I have several."

Everyone laughs when I make my comment.

My cock stiffens up as I make my comment.

I reach down to fondle my quickly hardening man-meat to make sure everyone can see what I have hanging between my legs and to just enjoy what I have.

"Oh hell yes, you do," Nate says as he gazes at me while we stand in the back yard by the pool.

The grass is wet and puddles dot the yard.

The sun is high in the morning sky and beats down on us.

Sweat begins to manifest on the five of us, as we stand about, waiting for what comes next.

He reaches for my cock, I let my hands drop to my side as his muscled hands grip me and manipulate me into full erection.

"Anyone ever tell you that you look like Tom Selleck on television, Nate," I say, "except you are blonde."

"Oh hell yeah, maybe once or twice, from his old Magnum, P.I. days not the cop drama he stars in today," Nate explains.

"I am not sure why I never noticed that but you are right," Paul says.

"That's funny and we have worked together, how long?" Nate says.

"I am not sure," Paul says, "but you did not know I liked cock either, that we both liked cock before you gawked at me down in Arcadia."

Nate laughs. Paul laughs.

"It interesting what you can learn about the guys that you work with," I say," they say like stays with like. I am not sure that fucking guys would be one of those likes shared by professed straight guys."

All the guys let out a howl.

We all have secrets.

This is the South, men revel in what they keep to themselves, the private lives they lead behind the backs of their wives. If they have a wife or girlfriend to keep a secret from, many do.

"I am going to do a short workout on the bench press, if it is alright with you, Bob," I say.

"Sure, go right ahead," Bob says.

"Will you spot me, Paul?"

"Of course, Reece," Paul answers, "I will gladly do it."

Paul cock begins to harden as we both walk towards 'the shed.'

"What a fine pair of ass, you two studs have," Steve says to the men that are gathered round the pool.

Paul and I keep walking.

Paul stops, bends over and parts his ass cheeks, revealing his hairy ass crack for all to see at the pool.

Bob, Nate and Steve let out a rambunctious howl and yips at the boldness of Paul's exposed puckered ass rosebud.

It is a fine ass, I concur with the noise of those staring longingly at our derrieres.

We get to 'the shed' and go to the bench press.

"How much weight you want on the bar, Reece," Paul says.

"Let's try 75 lbs.," I say.

"You sure about that," Paul asks me.

"Oh hell yeah, I can handle it," I say.

"I have no doubt about that," Paul says, "you have proved yourself quite well since we got to this 'gathering.'"

"It's a shame we never knew about each other when we did that job at Crawfordville, imagine the fun we could have had in the woods there," I say.

"I know," Paul says, "I just found out about Nate's thirst for cock and ass, a few days ago. It has been good times since then between us."

"It has," I say.

"Oh fucking hell yes," Paul says, "we both fucked the 'I' man, Russ, double penetrated his sweet ass while we were in the woods out from Arcadia, Florida."

"I can imagine," I say, "Nate wants us to fuck his ass together. You want to do it."

"Hell yes," Paul says, "I want payback for the fuck he did on us."

"You do," a voice says from behind us, it is Nate.

Paul turns around, his cock, hard and leaking cum, his essence of masculinity.

He brings his fingers to the seeping man-liquid, clasps it between his fingers, brings it to his lips, and wipes it across his lips and eventually into his mouth.

"Tasty," Paul says.

Nate strokes his cock.

"I thought you said you wanted to workout, Reece," Nate says.

"I do," I say.

I am seated on the bench, my ass bare on the plastic cushion, as Paul has put the last weight on the bar, an equal measure of 75 lbs. on each end of the bar. I turn around, pivot my ass on the padded cushion and lay myself down under the bar, ready to lift the weight.

"You gonna spot me, Paul," I say.


Paul moves behind the bar and bench, his cock dangles above my head. Cum seeps from his pee-hole and hits me on my cheek. I do not wipe it off but take in the scent of such a virile potent man as it mixes with my own perspiration on my face.

Nate stands at the foot of the bench, gazing, at my muscled hairy legs, which are on either side of the bench. My cock, somewhat hard, is stiffening but not engorged with blood causing its full potential to manifest as a man missile. His cock is hard, steel hard. He does not touch it as it pokes out from his thick nest of blonde pubes.

I roughly firmly grip the bar in my hands, space my hands equal distance apart. I lunge up, lifting the weights off the bench above the rest and bring it down to my chest.

More sweat escapes from my brow. The exertions bring out the power in my muscles. I bring it down and up.











I do my first set of ten, and then replace the weights back on the bench.

"Oh shit," I say, "that feels good."

My cock is fully erect, it is red and swelled, I am at my hardest.

"Damn sport, you are sweaty," Nate says.

"That I am."

A dollop of cum hits me in the face, Paul is steadily leaking man-cum onto my face. I do not wipe 'him' from my face.

I extent my tongue and lick the cum from Paul's pud as it hangs over my head. He steps closer, standing over me, the crack of his hairy ass, looms over me.

I smell him.

I am intoxicated by his maleness.

I take the cockhead of Paul into my mouth; he squats down for me so I can further swallow him. I let my lips and mouths envelope his little, uhm, big mushroom head between his legs. Paul sighs in delight as I take the second cock I have ever blown into my mouth. He tastes good as his pre-cum increases my excitement.

I feel wet lips upon my cock, it is Nate. I know without having to move my head, from Paul's swelled cock in my mouth.

Paul slowly begins to rise up and down on my face, slowly using my mouth as his fucking machine.

I take him, I do not gag.

His wonderful baby batter eases down my throat and coats my insides.

"I want your cock in my ass, Reece," Nate says to me.

Nate does not wait for an answer from me. I feel his ass as it takes the length of my girth thick cock down his ass.

As he slides down my thickly veined cock, he begins moving the muscles of his inner walls of his ass. He applies pressure and uses those flesh walls as a vice on my cock. He is pumping rhythmically on my Johnson.

Paul's cock grows harder in my mouth as he watches Nate writhe up and down on me. Nate continually squeezes the walls of his ass, making the tightness even more on my dick. He is smashing me, pumping the cream from my taxed member in his ass.

"Damn, boy give me that cum," Nate says, as I feel him further tighten the fleshy walls of his bum.

Nate rides me; he starts slow, gyrating his ass as he seeks to take me further and further into the trench of his ass. My mouth, wet with saliva and cum from Paul increases the pre-cum from my cock in Nate's ass.

I continue the milking of Paul's cock in my mouth. I increase my suction on his cock; I want nothing lost of him.

I take a break from Paul's cock, its sucking; look up to see the haired man on me. As my fuck-stick goes in and out of his ass, the men around me intoxicate me. Nate is riding me like some wild untamed bronco.

"Mmm, keep it up, Nate, ride my cock, like you know it's only for you," I say, excited and sweating profusely on the weight bench.

"It's sweet seeing Nate ride that cock," Paul says, "what a lucky fortunate man to be riding such a fuck-tool."

"He feels even better in my ass," Nate says.

"I want a piece of that ass too, Reece," Paul says.

"Let's go out to the yard, so Steve and Bob can watch us," Nate says, he wants to show off in front of them.

"Okay," I agree.

Nate rises off my cock.

I gasp as his vice-like ass unclasps from my cock.

I sigh.

His ass constricts back to its regular proportions as I am freed from its tight vice.

"Damn, I want you back on my cock, Nate," I say.

"I want him on mine too," Paul says.

Once Nate is freed, he leans down to take my tool in his mouth. He tastes his own essence and aroma on my cock. I jump, as I am still at my hardest and his lips grip me, vice-like in his mouth and suction he exudes, pumps my cock of its juice.

Nate takes one last slurp from my man-stick and quits.

"Enough of this," Nate says, "I want the both of you studs in my ass at the same time."

We walk to the grass, in an area, readily within eyeshot of Bob and Steve, who are swimming in the pool.

They see all of our cocks, hardened from our previous play. They know what is about to transpire.

"Ah, another sex-show," Bob says, "I do like to see men fuck."

"Me too, "Steve says in a sing-song voice, happy at what is about to happen.

Bob walks up the steps on the shallow end of the pool and grabs the towels. Those same towels he brought out with him as we all moved to the pool area after the filling breakfast. Breakfast actually became more of a brunch but it did not matter, it recharged us and readied us for more sex-filled activity.

"Let me arrange the towels for you studs to fuck on," Bob says as he goes about placing the towels in a wide area so that the grass will not scratch our asses.

Steve walks out of the pool; water clings to and mats down his unshaved balls and cock. The hair is plentiful and abundant; it does not hide his manliness. Why should it?

Steve is a man in his sixties but his cock is one of someone younger with many more years of experience. His gym life, workouts, has given him the body of a man far younger than he is.

"Let me help you there, Bob, "Steve says, "I am anxious to see those two studs work their magic on that tight rump of the main man, Nate."

Bob and Steve lay out the towels, after a gust of wind lifted them up after Bob's initial placement.

"Here's your fuck blanket," Bob says with presented showcase open hands, "let the magic carpet whisk us all away to neverland of rough masculine fucking."

"Are y'all guys ready to take the plunge into Nate's sweet ass?" Steve says, "I enjoyed it for the first time many years ago."

"At your gym?" I say.

"Why yes it was, "Steve says, "...and Bob got sloppy seconds right behind me."

Steve looks puzzled that I would know this bit of information.

Steve and Bob do a high five at that recollection of that memory.

Nate smiles at them and waves his hard cock in their direction, mocking them.

"Ah right guys, enough with that, "Nate says, "don't forget I plowed your asses too, that same day."

They all laugh at Nate's comment.

"So how do we, do this," I says, "this double fuck?"

"One of you lay down first," Nate says, "well, you show him, Paul."

Paul lies down on the blanket. His cock, a tower of manliness, is pointing skyward, ready to be mounted.

"What a beautiful cock," Steve says.

"Thanks," Paul says.

Steve bends down to take Paul's cock into his mouth and takes a taste.

Paul caught unawares, enjoys the pleasurable sucking on his cock. He lays backs, legs splayed open, a sign of willingness and openness, and accepts the mouth of the most mature man at 'the gathering.'

"Aw right, Steve, I want that cock in my ass and his load, get off him," Nate says jokingly.

Steve rises from Paul's hardened cock.

"That is so damn good," Steve says as he wipes his mouth, "tasty."

"Okay, so you are down there," I say, "what do I do?"

Paul points in the area directly in front of him.

"You face me, overlap, your legs over mine and then place your cock, next to mine," Paul says.

I position myself as Paul instructed.

Our cocks, hard, touch each other. We are almost frothing at each other's touch.

One giant tool of girth, one man-tool, one fuck muscle, and a sex pistol that is ready for action.

"Damn, fuck," Nate says," I can't wait for my ass to take that, damn, fuck."

"Yep, you want it," I say, "your cock is throbbing."

Nate's cock is leaking but he leaks continuously when he is excited.

"So is someone gonna lube us up?" Paul says.

Bob gets on his knees and devours our combined cocks. He swallows us down to the root, nestling in our public hair. He goes up and down our combined shafts; I feel my cock hit the back of his throat. I can also feel the pulsing of Paul's cock next to mine. I feel my cock grow even harder.

Bob comes off our cocks and stands up.

"I agree, Steve, it is tasty but the added cock of Reece is even better," Bob says.

"You think we gonna need some lube," I say," Spit is nice but it will not be enough moistness for Nate to slide down our sausages."

"Sausages?" Steve says, "I have not heard a cock called a 'sausage' since my dad said it."

We all laugh, it might not have been the right word but wieners seemed childish. My cock is a sausage, a beef tube of manhood.

"So what are we waiting for," Nate says, "get the lube, I want your sausages, cocks, whatever up my"

Bob runs into the house to get the lube. He quickly re-emerges with bottle in hand.

Bob returns with a hard cock, it shines in the sunlight.

"You used some lube on yourself, didn't you," Steve says.

"How'd you know that?" Bob says.

"Your cock is shiny and there is a drop of cum on the tip, "Steve says, "It was a dead giveaway.

The guys laugh, me included.

"Let's get the show on the road," Nate says, getting impatient.

"Then why doncha lube up our cocks then," Paul says.

The heat of the day plus the rain earlier has caused the humidity to increase. We are all sweating profusely but we are all naked so it more sexy than an issue.

"I will," Nate says.

Bob hands Nate the bottle of lube.

Nate bends down, opens the bottle and squirts an insane amount of the sticky stuff on our double dicked side-by-side cocks.

"Whoa doggie," I say, "you think you have enough of that stuff on us."

"There is never enough lube," Nate says, "if it, your cocks, are going in my ass. You are going to be thoroughly lubed."

"Last time I fucked you," Steve says," I used my spit in your hole."

"Yeah, you did," Nate says, "but your cock hardly compares to theirs."

Nate points at our cocks.

"You are right there bud," Steve says," look at those veins popping out on their cocks, they are about to burst their loads before you even park your ass there. You best hurry before one of them shoots off."

"I know," Nate says.

"You gonna ride us?" Paul says.

Nate stands over us. I can look up and see his quivering ass, the hair moving as his works the outer muscles of his ass.

"Mmm, "I say," your ass is begging for our cocks."

Nate begins to squat down onto our cocks.

He pauses hovering over our cock-heads.

"You're getting closer," I say, "C'mon take the plunge."

Nate touches his haired ass to the dual mushroom head, identical muscles of manliness. Each one, cock is leaking pre-cum, mixing with the excessive amounts of lube applied by Nate.

"C'mon, take us, Nate," I say.

Nate slides down. I feel Paul's cock press against mine as we both are encased in the fleshy folds of Nate's ass.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Nate screams out, "I can feel both of you."

Nate eases himself down. Each inch he lowers himself, the more Nate sighs as he accommodates the combined girth of Paul and me. I reckon our combined girth measurements to be over ten inches but it is just a guess.

Never mind though, we are thick.

"Damn, go lower Nate, go lower," I say.

The pressure is amazing. I feel as though I am going to cum at any second but I muster all the years of fuck experience to hold back.

I will myself into holding back.

Nate keeps lowering himself until his ass hairs mingle with our pubes.

Once there, he sits.

"Oh fuck," Nate says," with each pump of you guys heart; I can feel your cocks pulse."

Nate slowly begins to rise off us. He nears the top of our cocks but then stops halfway up and then plunges back down. The lubrication of his ass by our cum and the sticky stuff intensifies the sensation of our combined sex organs. Nate's cock is so hard; it twitches uncontrollably as the excitement is overwhelming and leaking bucket loads of cum.

"Mmm, ride that cock, boy, "Steve says," Ride that beast. You are pumping out spunk like a spigot; you do not need to waste it."

Steve gets on his knees and takes Nate's cock into his mouth, sucking the sweet spunk in his mouth.

Nate cries as both receptacles of his manhood are being worked over by fiercely masculine men.

"Now that is one fine view," Bob says," I want that ass."

"Well, quit talking about it," I say, "fill that ass too. It is practically an invitation."

"Whoa, pucker that ass for me," Bob says.

Steve works his ass muscles, puckering it, in and out, as Bob stands behind him, cock in hand. Steve is prompting the arrival of the eventual member of Bob.

Bob gathers some saliva from his mouth, mixes it with his own sweat, and strokes his cock preparing it for its entry into Steve's waiting ass.

"Stroke that beast, Bob," Steve says, "I want your cock at its hardest when you poke it in my ass."

"I intent to be," Bob says as he lubes his cock with some of the sticky stuff he brought from the house for Nate.

Bob aligns his cock with the arched back of Steve. Steve is continuing to suck on the steel-hard cock of Nate as he continues to ride the double dongs of Paul and me.

Nate moans ever louder as he rocks back and forth on the double penetrated cocks that fill his lubed ass.

"Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhh," Nate moans louder than Paul and me, as each ride down our cocks makes us scream aloud.

The chorus of pleasure is intoxicating as each of us vies for who can yell the loudest as we are brought closer to release.

Nate slides up and down our fuck poles in a slow calculated rhythm, the veins on my cock bulge out as he rides Paul and me to total ecstasy. My cock rubs the length of Paul's shaft with each downward thrust of Nate's ass.

Bob enters Steve's ass in one swift motion, his cock, fully lubed up, slides effortlessly into the well-seasoned hole of Steve.

"Slide that cock in," Steve says," like you did when you were eighteen years old and first fucked my ass."

"Take that piece like you like it, Steve," Bob says, "just like you did all those times by the pond on my dad's place."

"Fuck me, boy, fuck me with that fuck-stick," Steve bellows out, "pound me harder boy, harder, harder."

"Yes, sir," Bob says with lust-filled abandonment," take that hard cock, take it."

As Bob pounds Steve's ass, Nate tightens up his hole. He is excited by the play between those two.

"Fuck that hole, Bob," Nate orders Bob, "pound that ass, man, pound it."

"Oh fuck," Paul says, "keep squeezing that ass, Nate."

"Oh fuck yeah," Nate says, "you like that vice grip feel on your two cocks."

"Squeeze us, squeeze us," I say, "that's right, milk our cocks of our man-juice, Nate."

Nate contracts his ass walls into an even tighter vice as he rides our poles up and down. I can feel the cum beginning to rise higher up my cock.

"That's right," I say, "milk me, milk my cock, Nate. Squeeze it tighter."

"Oh yeah, do it, Nate," Paul says," ride our cocks as Russ rode ours. Push your ass walls in, yeah, like that...yeah, keep it up."

Nate raises his ass up and down, first slow then back down, then up again faster. His speed increases more then slows down again, driving Paul and me crazy with his varying speed as he rides our cocks.

I can feel the friction between Paul's and my cock as they grind into each other but are being kept wet by the natural juices from Nate's ass and the over-abundance of lube that Nate applied to our cocks before he sat upon the twin towers of man-flesh.

"Ride me Nate," Paul says, "Ride me hard,"

Paul places his strong muscular hands on Nate's exposed waist; he pushes him further down upon our cocks, adding his strength to the force of gravity, which is making Nate's animalistic plunges onto our flesh missiles more extreme.

I can see Steve going up and down on Nate's cock as he matches the up and downward motion of his piston-like pumping of his ass onto our flesh 'pistons.'

Bob maintains his furious pounding of Steve's ass; sweating like some Wildman in the woods. As the day is heating up along with his physical exertion of the wildness, he is experiencing. He shows Steve he has not lost the fervor of fucking from his youth.

The sound of sweaty ass flesh flapping against rough manly thighs echoes in the backyard, as the male mammals of the human species continue in their sexual engagements of lust, which mingle with the bellows and yelps of pleasure from all five of us.

Bob gets more intense as his cock goes in and out of Steve's ass. The sounds emanating from his mouth grows in strength as he nears climatic explosion. He forcefully grabs Steve from his continued sucking of Nate's cock, pulls him up to his face.

"Yeah, sugar, you want me, don't you," Steve says.

Steve bends at his waist, as his curves more to accommodate the length and girth of Bob's cock. Steve's haired chest glistens in the bright sunlight and his body is awash in the frantic sex between him and Bob. His cock, leaking buckets of cum, as Bob hits his prostate with the right amount of pressure.

Steve is bent, still twisted at the waist, kisses Bob on his mouth. Bob continues with the out-of-control fucking of Steve's ass.

"Oh shit, I am gonna cum, "Bob shouts out as he explodes into Steve's ass.

"Give it to me, unload those nuts in my ass," Steve says, "that's right, that's right, fill my ass with your spunk."

Bob shakes, spasmodic-like, as he empties himself into his longtime fuck-buddy.

"Now it's my turn, "Steve shouts out, still filed with Bob's cock.

With no hands on his cock, he releases his load, which lands on Nate, who is directly in front its path. The man-juice, cum, baby-batter, sperm lands on his chest and face.

"Give it to me," Nate says, as the sperm covers him in a white blanket of masculinity.

"Oh shit, oh shit," Steve shouts as he finishes and does the same quivering as Bob, who is still planted in his ass.

"C'mon boys, give me your loads, "Nate says, as he rides us ever harder.

I can feel the cum rising in my balls, Bob and Steve's cum-shots have excited me even more.

"I am cumin," I say.

"So am I, "Paul says.

We explode in Nate's ass at the same time, the sounds of wetness permeates the air as Nate's gyrations milk the last of the juice from our cocks, the sound is reminiscent of churning butter, but more flesh-like as Nate get all of us he can.

The cum seeps from the ass of Nate and streams down onto our hairy thighs, the smell of man-sex fills the backyard.

Nate continues rocking and plunging on our rapidly deflating cock.

"I am gonna cum now," Nate says.

Nate explodes his cum. It arches from his cock and seeds the wet grass from the last night and early morning rain. He screams out in relief as he exhausts the last of his physical strength. He collapses onto our bodies, spent.

As he falls, our cocks escape from his ass. He rolls onto the grass, face up, legs spread-eagle. His ass still loose from being filled by the girth of two men.

"Damn, boys, you two are monster cock-fuckers," Nate says, "I want a repeat of that fuck again, soon."

Paul and I fall back onto the grass too, in our spots and let out a sigh of relief. Our cocks soaked in our own cum, sticky white and matted in our pubes. We are spent too.

There is silence from us for a moment as we all relish in the excitement of our individual manhood's. The stillness lingers for a few moment more before Steve makes his comment.

"Well boys, its feels good to be men, don't it," Steve says.

"Damn skippy, it does.., "Nate says, "and empty cock and an ass filled by two hot studs, there is nothing better."

I nod my head in agreement. Paul does the same.

"Who wants to clean off, "Bob says, "last one in the pool, gets their ass fucked hard by everyone."

We rush to the pool, dive in; the thought of having one's ass filled by everyone again sounds great but not today.

As we emerge from the water, we all scream out in a chorus of "oh fuck."



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