"So anything happen while I was inside?" I say matter-of-factly as I walk out the back door of the house onto the cement patio, which borders the pool where all the guys are gathered.

Nate's face warps into a grimace, his jaw drops, clearly confounded by my question.

"What the fuck, you did not see that?" Nate says obviously frustrated.

I play dumb.

I saw Reed's voyeuristic and climatic display.

Nate's cock is hard, purple, jutting out from his thick nest of pubes. It is throbbing from the blood-filled veins that are making him leak rivers of pre-cum like a water spigot.

"See what?" I say. I continue with my dumb display.

My cock is limp, if it would have been me doing the show, I would have been rock-hard too but since the displayer was my own son, Reed, I am not excited.

Nate turns away from me, his cock, still dagger-like, piercing out from his groin.

His sexual frustration, apparent. His horniness, which is all-consuming, has taken over all of his being.

Reed's tempting display obviously worked him into a sexual frenzy, aggravating him, such frustration from my long time friend is one thing that makes the man so damn attractive. It makes his sexual appeal to me that much more and my wanting of him, that much more intense.

"I am so ready to fuck," Nate says," enough with these games, I want some ass...now," Nate says with hard pent-up sexually aroused gusto.

Everyone laughs and quakes, as he has his sights on someone's ass but whom?

Their cocks are equally hard too and leaking pre-cum from my sons sexual display.

I saw what Reed did. I stood at the kitchen window and watched him work these men into a crazed wild sexual stupor.

He knows how to tease; I guess I did pass something on to him besides a big girthy cock and my good looks.

"Hey guys, "I say, "let's move the party inside, I have everything set up in the living room, so the party can continue."

"Bob, can I speak to you for a moment?" Dave says.

"Sure," I respond to him.

He pulls me to the side, away, out of earshot from the rest of the fellas.

"I'm afraid, I am going to have to go," Dave says.

"Why?" I say, alarmed but not really surprised by his proclamation.

"This is much more than I what I bargained for," He says.

"Okay, no problem, I understand," I say, "Sure."

I figured he would wimp out, bail on the activities as the game amped up. I was just not sure, when, but I knew he would leave at some point.

The point where reciprocation was demanded of him onto another man, I figured he would not go all the way.

"Okay, let me get the guys inside, you can get dressed and leave, quietly," I say.

"Thanks," he says back to me.

I do get a last jab in.

I want him to know, I know why he is leaving.

"I figured you would want to make a quiet exit, at some point, Nate tends to cause a quite a stir," I say, "When a man backs down from him."

Nate is the preeminent Alpha Male, not afraid to stand his ground nor afraid to call out another man, when he does not fulfill what he says.

"Oh, it nothing like that," he reassures me but it is exactly what it is like.

Dave knew what could happen; he played along, up until it became something that he had to do.

As long as he was the one reaping the benefits of his hardened cock, without any cost to himself, he was fine, when the favor was to be returned, he would haul ass.

"Okay, "I say to him again, only to placate him.

I usher everyone into the house. All eyes and bodies face forward as they enter the house for the next round of games.

Dave grabs his shorts and hastily exits through the shrubs without a peep, the guys do not even realize he is gone until they hear truck tires throw rocks on the dirt road.

"Did someone leave?" Nate says.

He looks around and realizes Dave has left.

"Figures," Nate says, shrugs his shoulders and is disgusted, obviously, "But I am not surprised, let's get this party started."


"I want your ass, Paul, "Nate says with enthusiasm and bravado as he gazes over at the young buck of a man.

"Mmm," Paul says, coyly, obviously not intimidated by the force of Nate's will and his sexual hunger.

"C'mon now, I will be gentle," Nate says, "I know I will be the first to enter that virgin ass of yours."

"Oh okay," Paul says, "I know how forcefully you fuck, I have seen you and I am not ready for that, yet."

"You are a mighty strong top, yourself," Nate says, "its high time you experience what you have been giving."

"Come here Paul," Nate orders.

Paul comes to Nate, taking his time as he crosses the room to begin the play that Nate has boastfully said and unashamedly announced he wanted.

Nate lifts the muscled arms of his co-worker and smells the sweaty soaked pits of the man he labors beside daily on the survey crew.

"Ah, the man-scent, the man-power, I love it," Nate says as he takes in the odor of the musky man he wants to fuck.

Nate then looks over at Reece.

"You are not off the hook yet either, sport," Nate, says, "your ass is getting plugged too tonight. Both of you are going to know what it is like to be fucked. Its time both of you pay your dues and give up your asses."

Paul and Reece look at each other. Both are power tops that have fucked pussy and male ass but have never experienced what they have been giving to women and men for over a decade of sex and from being men and claiming their manhood.

Tonight is going to change that for the both of them.

The piper has come a callin' and his name is Nate.

"Bend over, Paul," Nate says in his usual commanding tone.

Nate is sitting on the bed that I have set up in the living room.

Paul, standing in front of him, turns and bends at the waist.

He twists at the waist, looking back at Nate, leery but compliant to his boss' demand.

"Why don't you suck on Reece's cock, as I ready your hole," Nate continues in his orders.

Reece moves to stand in front of Paul, as he is eye level with Reece's cock, which is hard and already leaking juice from his piss slit.

Paul does as Nate commands and takes Reece's cock into his mouth.

Wade and I stand on the sidelines watching Nate as he takes control over these two young bucks, showing who the Alpha man in the group is.

These young bucks maybe twenty plus years younger than Nate but he has the commanding presence and the experience.

Nate, a "daddy," knows it and so do Paul and Reece.

Paul and Reece are "boys/sons" in comparison to the masculinity of Nate and his overwhelming domineering presence in this particular party of men.

Nate begins by slobbering up Paul's ass.

His tongue is darting into the cavern of Paul's untapped virgin ass.

Paul squeals in delight as his hairy hole is worked over by Nate's years of sexual expertise.

The moans and groans escape from Paul's mouth as he takes Reece's cock into his mouth, while Nate continues to tongue his ass.

He stumbles through it at first, his lack of experience, which is apparent but he does not stop, he does not falter.

"Remember how much you like your cock to be sucked and how it is done, "I say to Paul, "just do what you like."

Paul looks at me through a mouthful of cock, his eyes show some fear, as he has never been the recipient but the giver in situations like these.

I smile at him and fondle my cock, it starts to harden from the show I am watching.

I take a seat, directly in front of them, spread my legs, and slowly begin to stroke my cock. It reacts to my fondling, my play.

This is MY tease play.

I see Wade eyeing a place so he can join in; he walks over and finds one.

He kneels at the ass of Reece, parts his cheeks and begins feasting on the crack of the man; the man Wade first noticed when he walked in, alone.

Reece begins moaning, from his cock being sucked or his ass being rimmed, either way, he is being aroused from both ends of his body. His hard cock is proof to that fact. He raises his arms, places them on his head and slowly begins to face-fuck Paul.

Reece is steady, gentle; he does not want to disturb Wade as his tongue loosens his tense ass muscles, relaxing them.

Paul does not stop. He continues, fumbling, through his first blowjob.

Wade gently spreads Reece's ass cheeks, as the sucking from Paul continues on Reece's cock, allowing room for his tongue to creep even further into Reece's ass.

I am watching in my chair, stroking my cock, Nate is devouring Paul's ass. Paul's facial expressions are those of contained excitement and fear, while he has a mouthful of cock as Reece's continues to slowly skull-fuck him. He is red faced, slobbering; he is being over powered by the sheer force of Reece's engorged cock in his mouth.

Reece is slowly and rhythmically skull-fucking Paul's mouth with his swelled cock. His body, overwhelmed with a tongue on both ends of his body.

Wade is slobbering over the wet rose bud of Reece's puckered hole.

I pull out the drawer of the coffee table next to my chair.

I reach in and grab a surprise.

A butt plug.

Nate looks up from the feasting of Paul's hairy ass; he smiles and gives me a "thumbs up."

I take some lube, which, I have placed several bottles around the room, open one up, smear and lather the plug with some and tap Wade on the shoulder.

He looks at me, at first puzzled by what he sees but then grasps whom it is for and then realizes I want it put in Reece's ass.

He smiles.

I hand Wade the lubed butt plug.

He takes it.

Wade then leans back down and resumes his rimming of Reece's ass, to distract him from the momentary pause.

Wade slowly lifts his head from the slobbered ass of Reece and places the lubed butt plug in his right hand, then positions it at the entrance of Reece's wet spit-soaked rimmed ass.

Wade, then, with some force, inserts the plug, in one swift motion.

Reece's body jerks as it accepts the butt plug.

Shock. Awareness.

Reece stops the skull fucking of Paul's mouth as the butt plug roughly slides into his puckered unsuspecting hairy hole.

He takes the large bulbous head of the plug into his ass; the muscles of his ass grip it and hold it, willingly.

"Oh fuck," Reece's cries, "oh fuck, oh fuck."

"Take it, Reece, take that plug up your ass and do not let it go," I say.

Reece turns the upper portion of his body and looks at me.

"Bob, I can take it," he says, "I want it."

Reece resumes his face-fuck of Paul as the plug is now fully inserted, pausing momentarily in his motions as he is adjusting to being filled with a rather large plug.

Wade resumes his licking of Reece's ass around the plug, licking the hairs and tasting his musk while massaging the red swelled lips of Reece's ass as it accommodates the massive butt plug.

"That is one beautiful ass you have Reece," I say as I continue stroking my cock and watch the action unfold in front of me.

Wade places his fingers on the butt-plugged ass of Reece and pushes, ever so gently, and pushes it further into Reece's ass.

Reece jerks as the plug is exerted further into his ass.

"Oh fuck, "Reece exclaims as his virgin ass is completely filled with the rubber sex toy.

His ass muscles clamp down and hold it firmly in place.

Nate looks at me as he continues munching on the haired ass of Paul and gives me the '1' finger.

I know what he means.

I pull open the drawer, again, and get another butt plug.

I throw it to him. It lands next to him on the bed, rolls and rest against the naked flesh of his hairy leg, where the mattress has been weighed down by his body.

Paul throughout the butt plugging of Reece's ass, never stops his consumption of Reece's cock, never distracted from his task. He is enthralled by the taste and worship of the man named Reece's cock.

Swallowing the leaking juice of Reece from his cock as his hole was plugged with the toy.

Nate stops his feasting on the haired ass of Paul.

He grabs the un-lubed butt plug in his hand, takes it down his throat in one gulp, and swallows it, completely, his throat swollen from the plastic sex toy.

His spittle is going to be used as the lube; he places it near Paul's readied rimmed ass.

Paul is unaware of what Nate has just done as he has been consumed by the hairy cock of Reece, oblivious to what is happening around him. Distracted by the cock, if it must be known.

His gasps and moans are expected as Nate inserts the identical butt plug that Reece has endured in his ass, into Paul.

"Oh fuck," Paul, screams out as its bulbous head invokes the same reaction from him as it did with Reece.

"I thought you'd like one too, sport," Nate says, "Reece seems to like the one in his ass."

Nate licks around the rosy red puckered hole of his co-worker as it has now swallowed up the butt plug.

"What a pretty sight," Nate says, "preparing you two studs to take my cock."

Nate lifts his head from the tonguing around the butt-plugged hole of his co-worker.

He falls back on the bed, spreads his hairy legs, as wide as he can, takes a handful of spittle from his own mouth, applies it to his own cock and starts stroking his massive member.

"Paul, Reece," he commands, "suck on my cock, together."

Paul stands from his crouched position and sits on the bed next to Nate. Reece steps forward and sits on the opposite side of Paul.

They stare at each other.

Unsure of what to do but they know they will do what Nate says, everyone does what Nate says, well, demands.

"Take his cock in your mouths, fellas," I say, "Lather that cock with your spit and show Nate you can suck cock like he can, like a man can."

They look at me, then at Nate's swelled cock.

"Okay Bob, "they both say in unison.

They both gaze into each other's eyes, then down at the swelled cock of Nate.

Paul is the first to take the swollen manhood of Nate into his mouth; he swallows it down to the pubes. He rises up the engorged shaft, up and down, up and down, licking the swelled cock as he reaches the mushroom head then he swallows the monster, again, completely; he brings his mouth to the engorged head of Nate's cock and increases the suction, never releasing his mouth from Nate's angry red tool.

Paul's practice on Reece's cock has made the sucking of Nate's cock not as clumsy.

"That's a good boy," Nate says, as he pats Paul on the head like some obedient dog.

Nate is the master.

Nate reaches behind Paul and pushes the butt-plug further into Paul's ass deeper as it has worked its way out of his virgin ass some.

"Does your ass like that plug, Paul?" Nate says, "You are going to work in one, one of these days."

Paul rises from the suck, releases his mouth from the flesh-weapon betwixt Nate's legs.

"Anything for you, Nate," Paul responds like some lovelorn admirer, dutiful and obedient cock-worshipper.

Paul smiles at Nate, the anxiousness on his face for Nate's cock is apparent.

"I know, you know I want your ass soon," Nate says as he turns to Reece, "your turn Reece, swallow me, swallow my cock, all the way down to my thick hairy pubes."

Reece, not to be out-done, swallows the cock that has kept leaking man-juice non-stop since the "teaser" show by my son did at the pool earlier.

Reece's cock grows ever harder, itself, as he takes Nate into his mouth.

Wade takes up position between Reece's legs and starts gulping down the massive member that he has wanted all day.

"That cock taste good, Wade?" I ask.

Wade nods his head, while sandwiched under Reece, as he swallows his cock but does not answer me.

"Yeah, Wade wants that cock too, Bob," Nate says, "he can suck that boy's cock while I pound his ass."

Wade nods his head frantically at Nate's suggestion but does not stop his rhythmic sucking of Reece's cock.

Paul watches and strokes his own swelled cock as Reece gulps down the manliest man in the room, as he is filled with testosterone and raging hormones.

"You proud of that cock, aren't you boy," I quiz Paul.

"Yes sir, I am, Bob" Paul answers.

"You should be, "I answer," when I was your age; I was a father and tied down to pussy when all I ever wanted was a tight man ass."

"I like pussy," Paul says.

"I am sure you do but you like man ass too," I say.

"I do," he says,

"C'mere boy, let me taste you," I say to Paul.

Paul rises from his seated position on the bed and comes to me in my chair.

His hard cock reaching me before the rest of his body.

"Damn, man," I say," you are about to burst."

"I want my ass filled by Nate," he says.

"I am going to fill you up good boy, "Nate says from across the room as Reece continues to suck his swelled cock, "now let Bob taste your juice, I inhaled your ass, now let Bob enjoy that cock of yours."

I swallow Paul down to the base of his cock; his pubes tickle my nose as I take him in and smell his musk. I massage his cock with my tongue as it is buried in my wet mouth.

He groans.

"Oh, that feels so good," Paul, says.

I raise my head and release his cock from mouth.

"You are tasty," I say, "you have some sweet spunk, son."

"I have been told that before," he says, "my ass is tasty too."

"It is?" I say.

"Yes," he says.

"Well, turn around and let me get a taste," I say.

He turns and presents his hairy ass to me.

"Ah, a nice hairy ass, my favorite," I say.

"Well, are you gonna take a bite or munch on it," he says, demanding and impatient.

"Yes," I answer.

I work my tongue around his butt-plug filled ass. He flexes his butt as my mouth nestles into his ass hair. The tension in his ass is apparent as it accommodates the rubber toy and my tongue and mouth; he squirms from the arousal that I am producing on his person.

"Mmm, keep it up, Bob," he says.

Paul is stroking his cock as I work over his hole.

I look over at Wade, Reece and Nate; they are caught up in their ecstasy as they continue in their pleasure triad.

I sink my face back down into the haired hole of this young buck, taste the sweet scents of his manliness and power.

"Paul, I want your ass on my cock, now," Nate suddenly says, which breaks me out of my stupor of absorbing the ass of the young buck, Paul.

"Yes sir, Nate," Paul says, as he hastily walks away from me.

His juices are wet upon my face; I smell him as he retreats from me and goes to Nate.

I realize then my lunch on his maleness is over and the real show is about to begin.

Paul walks to Nate. His ass still filled with the plug, makes his gait labored, painful and pleasurable at the same time.

Paul leans down to give Nate a passionate kiss.

Nate responds equally with the same passion but he reaches up, grasps Paul's face between both of his strong muscled hands and powerfully shows him who is in control.

Paul does not back away.

Paul gives himself over, willingly.

"I want your ass, Paul," Nate says strongly and directly.

"I want you to have it, Nate," Paul says.

"Turn around, "Nate orders.

Paul complies and offers up his ass.

"Ah, the butt-plug," Nate gleefully extols, "let me relieve you of that."

Nate gently grasps the "handle" at the end of the protruding plug and eases it from Paul's ass.

As it is removed, Paul lets out a gasp, a noticeable audible sigh of relief escapes his lips.

"Don't get to relaxed, son, my cock is going to fill that hole," Nate exclaims, proclaims as he throws me the lubed man-juiced butt plug that once graced the manhole of Paul.

"Thanks, Nate," I say as I catch it and place it on the coffee table next to my chair.

This is the show I have been waiting for.

It is once again close to where I keep them just have to clean it before I put it back in its proper place. The only one left is the one in Reece's ass and it fills it quite nicely from where I sit. The hairs of his ass dance around it as he flexes his ass muscles as he continues the sucking of Nate's cock.

When Nate pulled the one out of Paul's ass, it excited Reece.

He dripped a large pre-cum droplet, which Wade devoured, his body reacted to the unplugging of Paul's ass.

The muscle in Reece's back and ass, tense up, it is from both anticipation and excitement. Reece saw the bated relief on Paul's face as his ass muscles contracted back to their relaxed position as the plug was removed from its corridor.

"Get your ass over here, "Nate says to Paul.

Paul backs onto the ever-hard ever-waiting swollen male member of his "boss" Nate.

"That's it boy, give me your ass," Nate says.

Paul positions himself over Nate's cock.

Nate grabs the hips of the young buck and aligns his cock with the hole of the young man.

Nate's steel hard member points skyward, hard, blood-filled, engorged and purplish, awaiting the tightness of Paul's untapped virgin ass.

Paul lowers himself, gently, taking his time, cautious at what awaits him in this new experience.

Nate's cock is leaking juice, natural lube, and natural wetness.

"Need any lube, Nate?" I ask.

"Naw, I am good Bob, "he says, "His wet hole is so pretty, it wants my cock, so bad, it is puckering-up for it."

The anticipation and leeriness is apparent on Paul's face as he prepares to be entered by the Alpha male, Nate.

There are little pauses as he backs up, cautious pauses.

Not very noticeable but pauses nonetheless, no one says anything, as all eyes are on Nate, except mine.

Mine are on Paul.

I want to see his face when Nate's cock breaks through the tightness of his male virgin ass.

Paul continues to back up and positions himself, his ass, over the cock that is anxiously, awaiting the tightness that knows will come as it squeezes Nate's cock.

As the cock enters Paul's ass, his face winces and contorts.

He shifts the lower portion of his body as it adjusts to the girthy member that extends from Nate's muscled hairy thighs.

"Take it man; take my cock, "Nate says, ordering, demanding as his cock-head is welcomed into Paul's hole.

"Does it feel good, Nate?" Reece asks unexpectedly.

Paul's ass envelopes the head of Nate's overly swelled cock, he raises up, not taking all of the manhood into his hole.

"Yes, it does, "Nate says, "Yours will feel just as good when I plunge my man-tool into your hole too."

I see Reece's ass muscles twitch again from my seat across the room. He wants Nate's cock too. His ass is begging for it.

"You want that cock too, Reece, "I ask.

"Yes," he answers without hesitation.

Nate grabs the waist of Paul.

Paul surprised by Nate's touch, startled, jumps a bit.

"Be gentle Nate," escapes from Paul's lips.

"Enough with the caution, Paul, sit down, all the way, let my cock fill you," Nate orders.

With his strong muscled hands, Nate uses his strength and forces Paul down onto his cock.

Paul squeals.

His face turns blood wet, sweat breaks out on his forehead as he is forcefully filled with the thick cock.

"Oh fucking shit," Paul exclaims, he screams as he is filled with the girthy cock, "oh fuck, oh fuck, your cock feels so fucking good in my hole, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, Nate."

His face turns beet red from the pressure and the rush of adrenaline as the fullness in his ass excites him.

He relaxes, ever so slowly, as he adjusts to the thrusting man-meat as it plunges in and out of his hairy hole.

Not much, but the pleasure is apparent on his face.

But his body accommodates the cock.

"You were taking too long, you just needed to take me, take my cock," Nate says.

Nate slowly fucks Paul.




"That cock feel good, Paul," Nate asks, knowing the answer but his ego needs stroking, as does his sexual prowess.

"Yes," Paul answers, wincing, in-between each powerful thrust of the thick cock of Nate.

Reece and Wade are standing over the pair as they engage in their lust-filled passion. Wade is tweaking the nipples of Reece as he himself strokes his cock.

"Your ass is next Reece," Nate says.

Wade reaches around and grabs the butt-plug in Reece's ass, gently pushing and pulling the sex toy in and out of the prepared ass of the young buck.

Reece startled, jumps at the touch by Wade.

"His ass is ready, Nate," Wade says.

"Good," Nate says masterfully, "my cock wants to be slathered with his man-juices from his ass."

Wade grasps the "handle" of the butt-plug that sticks out from haired ass of Reece.

"Damn, what a fine ass you have Reece," Wade says, obviously wanting to plug it with his own cock but knowing Nate gets first chances at it.

"How's that ass, Nate," I ask.

"It's a fine ass, Bob," Nate answers, "you want a piece of it?"

"No, I am fine, "I answer, "seeing your cock going to town on his tight hole is pleasure enough for me."

"C'mere Bob, let me get a lick of that cum from your cock," Nate demands.

I get up and walk to Nate as he continues thrusting in and out of Paul's hole.

Nate engulfs my cock in his mouth, sucking my pre-cum down his gullet as I stand and watch him furiously fucking Paul's ass.

Nate's bare cock slides roughly back and forth out of the unprotected ass of Paul. The wetness from each man activities continually lubes Nate's cock as it makes it entrance and exit out of the once virgin never before fucked ass of Paul.

Paul's pleasure shows happily on his face as he is filled with man-meat for the first time. His moans of pain and pleasure fill the room, as he is the loudest alongside the sound of flesh upon flesh as Nate pounds his ass.

"I want your cock, Nate...now," Reece says with the most intensity since he decided he wanted to receive what he has given to many women and men, cock.

Nate removes his mouth from my cock and speaks.

"You want my cock, Reece?" Nate asks.

"Yes," Reece says plainly and outright.

"Paul, get off my cock," Nate says sternly, as a "daddy" would and should say.

"Yes, sir," Paul answers obediently.

Paul slowly slides off from the hardened male member of the man he calls, "Boss" and master.

As Paul releases the swelled member of Nate from his puckered stuffed hole, a loud gasp escapes from his mouth. The gasp is a delightful somewhat painful moan filled sigh, which is a mixture of pleasure and pain as Nate's weapon of manhood, breathes in the open air of freedom.

"Get your ass over here, Reece," Nate orders.

Reece obediently does as he is told.

"Remove the butt-plug from your ass," Nate demands, "do it slowly and with your ass facing me."

Reece turns and points his ass in Nate's direction.

"Remove it now, "Nate demands again.

Reece grabs the "handle" at the base of the butt-plug and ever so slowly pulls it from the clutched muscles of his haired ass. As it is removed, the ass muscles contract and tighten back to their original position. He sighs as this happens. The pleasure is over for now until he feels the real thing, Nate's cock, up his ass.

"Beautiful," Nate says as he sees the haired ass of Reece release the sex toy prize, "now come here."

Reece backs up, willing and ready to receive the prize that is Nate's cock but Nate has other plans before he buries his cock to the hilt in Reece's ass.

Nate leans down to suck on the sweet aroma emanating from Reece's ass.

"Tasty," Nate boasts as he devours Reece's unplugged ass, "your ass is primed for my cock."

Nate buries his tongue deep into Reece's haired ass. Nate begins slurping up the man essence of his next victim, his willing victim, his awaiting anxious victim. His tongue darts in and out, in and out of the hole that is going to be accepting cock for the first time.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Reece exclaims as Nate tongue works its way in and out, back and forth out of his awaiting hole.

"That tongue feel good boy?" Nate asks but knows the answer despite asking the question.

"Yes but I want your cock," Reece makes his feelings known.

"You do?"


Without warning and with power never before shown to Reece and Paul, Nate forcefully pulls Reece's ass onto his hardened tool, not being as gentle as he was with Paul. The Alpha-Maleness of Nate has taken over.

It is what Reece wanted it, it is what Reece got.

Nate forcefully shoves his cock into Reece's ass.

"OH FUCK," Reece screams out in surprise, delight and pain as his hole is plugged with hardened cock of Nate.

Nate no longer concerned with gentle fucking begins to power fuck Reece's ass. This is true man-to-man sex, two powerful men exploding into absolute passion. One man, who has shown his strength, his manhood from the moment he arrived at "the gathering." The other man lusted after and longed over by those watching the sexual spectacle between these two Alpha men.

One bottoming and the other topping, the positions not mattering, except to Nate, lust has consumed them both as they are enveloped in their overwhelming passion.

As Nate pounds the ass of the other dominant male in the room, Reece's body writhes in passion, pleasure and ecstasy, as his ass is plummeted in and out with Nate's cock.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," screams from Reece's mouth repeatedly.

The sweaty slapping flesh of Nate's thighs fills the room as his cock plunges deeper and deeper into the haired ass of Reece, the sound echoes throughout the room, silencing the other men in the room. They each stop what they are doing and watching the spectacle that is the man-to-man sex between Nate and Reece.

I continue stroking my cock as I watch the deep thrust of Nate into Reece's ass.

Paul's cock is swollen to absolute hardness. He gently strokes himself; holding back, the full release of cum that he knows is eminent. His ass hole is red from the fucking he received from Nate; I can see the lips of his ass as he watches the other young buck get a pounding from Nate. It is one absolutely wonderful ass, I could go to town on it but I have a surprise guest arriving soon and he always gets my man-loads.

Wade, consumed by the show before him, strokes his own cock; he wants Reece's cock in him. He hopes he may have it before the party is over. Reece is the man he wants, the man he set his sights upon the moment he entered into the fray at "the gathering."

Without warning, the door to the pool opens.

In walks a man, a man, older than all those in attendance, a man in his early sixties.

He is shirtless, hairy and muscular for his age. The sweat drips off his body. He is shoeless like some "Wildman" on a hunt. He grabs the waistband of his shorts yanks them down, over his hardened cock, which points out proudly from a thick nest of hairy pubes.

"Silver Fox," I exclaim.

He leans down and kisses me on the lips, I kiss him back.

"Yes," he says, "the naked Silver Fox is here."

"Well, hello, big daddy," Nate exclaims as he continues pounding the hole of Reece.

"You about explode there, boy?" the Silver Fox asks, "use that hard cock on that buck's hole."

"Yes sir," Nate says obediently.

"Well, let that young buck have that seed, I want his," the Silver Fox comments.

The Silver Fox squats and takes in the engorged member of Reece, expertly working over the tool of the man.

"Oh fuck, "Nate yells out as he dumps his seed into the virgin ass of Reece.

As the seed explodes in his ass, he unloads his own seed into the mouth of the new arrival to the party, the Silver Fox.

Reece screams out his own "oh fuck" at the top of his lungs.

"Oh fuck," the phrase used by many at the chorus of climax among these men as they release their pent-up frustrations in explosions of cum for all to see and experience.

The Silver Fox swallows the offering from the man; he graciously called "the young buck." The young buck willfully gave it to him unabashedly.

Streams of white man-juice escape from his lips, as his mouth could not contain it all.

The Silver Fox stands, filled with the essence of the young buck.

I stand from my seat.

Cock, still hard, in hand and walk to The Silver Fox.

I go to him and kiss him, again.

He kisses me back with furious abandonment.

We exchange the juices of the young man, mixing with our own saliva exchange, who has just had his ass fucked for the first time.

I taste the virility, the maleness, of one so masculine and strong; the man is an untapped beast.

We separate.

"That some mighty tasty spunk from such a strong young man," the Silver Fox proclaims, "It reminds me of my first taste of you, Bob."

"Yes, sir," I answer him," his spunk is very tasty. I am glad I got to taste it as I kissed you."

The Silver Fox surveys the other men in the room, Wade and Paul. Their cocks are hard as steel and leaking their own essence, waiting to release their own pent-up passions.

"So are you boys gonna cum or continue stroking your cocks for the rest of the night," The Silver Fox questions.

"So what its gonna be, "Uncle" Steve asked what you are gonna do with that juice," I say jokingly.

"I ain't your damn Uncle, Bob," The Silver Fox says.

The Silver Fox sounds annoyed but he is not, he likes that I call him "Uncle," I have my entire life, long before I got Reed's mother pregnant. It is a sign of respect, which he knows.

"C'mere boy, give me your load," the Silver Fox says to Paul.

Paul walks to The Silver Fox, his cock, red, throbbing and begging for the juice to be released.

As Paul nears the naked Silver Fox, "Uncle" Steve gets on bended knees and swallows the massive tool in his mouth up to the sweat soaked musky pubes.

The moment Silver Fox goes down on the engorged man-tool, Paul's pent-up frustrations explodes his white man-juice into the Silver Fox's mouth and another "oh fuck" echoes throughout the room.

With his right hand, the Silver Fox wipes off the excess cum that has dribbled from the side of his mouth and puts it into his already cum filled gullet. He sighs from another moment of pleasure from the taste of another young buck's essence down his throat.

"What about you?" the Silver Fox looks at Wade.

Wade says nothing.

Wade walks over to Reece, who is lays sprawled out on the bed, spent from his own cumming and who is filled with Nate's cum too. Wade strokes furiously as he looks down upon the man he wants to fuck him with the same intensity that Nate fucked the object of his lust. He explodes onto the hairy chest of Reece and yells out in ecstasy, the "oh fuck" they all share as they release their tadpoles of sperm.

All is quiet.

I do not cum. I save it. I knew "Uncle" Steve would be arriving, he gets my load.

The "gathering" has been a success but there is still another day in the weekend to go.



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