We continue to lift weights and do cardio a while longer; our cocks, still hard, distracting us as they are dangling in each other's faces wherever we turn, so doing anything, requiring movement is difficult.

Have you ever tried working out with a hard-on?

Have you ever worked-out with a cum dripping cock swaying back and forth in your line of sight, wanting to reach out, lick it, take it into your mouth?

It ain't easy, leaking pre-cum, the stiffness of your rod, it is damn near impossible plus guys touching you, stroking you, eating the flowing non-stop cum as it drains from each massive member.

It is damn near distracting.

I know, right.

The work out was a bust and I do not mean any nuts burst with their loads either. The guys stayed hard but did not lose their loads; no one wants to be the first.

The naked workouts never last long; it is why I do them first.

They are a great primer for what is to come and cum.

Hehehe, I am a quite the devil.

Nate knows that as well as I do.

Our unspoken words, nods, smiles between us, he knows where I where I am leading. He has been here to many of these male-fest.

He knows the game.

"Hey, guys, "I say, "I have a game I would like for you to try. Who is up for it? Dumb question, we are all up. Who is not afraid to stretch some muscles?"

"What type of game?" Dave stammers, knowing not what to expect and obviously leery.

"It is something to test your manhood, whose game?" I say.

Everyone says, 'I am', Dave hesitates but finally agrees.

It will separate the men from the boys and the wannabes and see the lengths some will go to, to be the Alpha Male in a group, competition brings this out, how far a man will go to have the title of the Alpha.

"But, first, who wants their balls shaved and pubes thinned, "I say, "Wade, my good friend, has offered to man-scape anyone who is willing."

We all look at each other, then down at the fur between our legs and on our balls, the sign of years of manly growth and maturity and of own individuality.

No one speaks up.


"Wade can shave my balls," Dave says," I sweat like a motherfucker. Something new and different would be good. A shaved cock sounds good in this heat."

"Okay," I say.

I do not think he would be the one to volunteer. I thought Paul would for some reason.

I know I was not.

The guys look at each other, except for Dave; he is smiling from ear to ear.

Does he know he has to be rock-hard to get a good shave?

This should be amusing.

No one else volunteers or speaks up, I wonder why?

"Let me get my razor, scissors and shaving lotion," Wade says, as he scurries off to his car.

His ass bouncing across the lawn looks very good, I might add. It is a good one to fuck and I have fucked it, one of the perks of being the host.

"Have a seat, Dave," I say, I offer him an upright chair, "now, you have to open those legs wide, no, wider, gotta get all those hairs. Good."

Dave complies readily. His legs are as wide as the chair allows and his low hanging balls, falling between the braided strings of the seat.

I play with Dave's right nipple. His cock seems to get harder.

"Mmm, that feels good," Dave, says.

"Nipple play is fun and as big as yours are, "I say, "I could not help myself."

Does Dave sense that there is a game afoot, testing the willingness of any unsuspecting pawn?

Wade returns with his razor, scissors and cream and kneels at Dave's feet, while he is seated in the chair.

"Your cock looks good man, "Wade says to Dave.

"Thanks, it was something I was born with," Dave says, "I nurtured it as I grew up and it turned into the sweet cock, I have now."

"Funny man, "Wade says, "I can say the same.

Dave and Wade both laugh.

The rest of us, gather round and watch. Our cocks still hard, no one is stroking though. Just observing and enjoying Dave display his wares.

"Now, Dave, you have to get that cock hard, rock hard, steel hard," Wade says, "if I am going to shave those balls. It has to be out of the way of your balls."

"I am hard," Dave, says, "How hard do I have to be?"

"Harder," Wade says.

Dave starts stroking his fur-blanketed cock into furious abandonment, he is growing harder and harder, if that is even possible, his cock-head swelling more and more. He is showing off, wanting to belong among his peers. Pre-cum is seeping from his piss-slit, which is sparkling in the afternoon sun.

"That is good; man," Wade says, "but I need you harder."

"What?" Dave says in amusement.

Dave has yet to figure out that he is being played. If he had gotten any harder, he might have died from lack of blood to the rest of his body.

Wade leans down and takes Dave's rock hard cock into his mouth and starts sucking, he goes for the tip of his cock-head, letting his tongue whirl around its sensitive blood swelled goodness and down to the base and sniffs his sweaty pubes. He lingers for a moment there before easing himself up, slowly off Dave's shaft.

"Fuck," Dave bellows out, "that was the deepest sucking I have ever had."

"Mmm, your cock is good," Wade, says, "it's as tasty as the stud, Reece."

Wade looks at Reece and then down to the hard cock between Reece's legs, which is inches from his face.

Dave looks up at Reece too, a guy roughly twenty years his junior and smiles at him.

Reece smiles back. He likes being admired.

"So you want cream or no cream?" Wade asks Dave.

"What?" Dave answers.

"Shaving cream or not," Wade asks again.

"Whatever you think is best, I have never shaved my balls before," Dave says, "so you decide."

"Let's go with no cream," Wade says, "I am sure I am can keep you boned up so I get all the hairs off those full nutsacks."

Wade starts dry-shaving Dave's nuts, holding them in his hand as he gently scrapes the hair from the fur-packed testicles and shaft of the only proclaimed straight man here. He fondles Dave's balls, moving them in his fingers as the hair slowly disappears from them.

In between the shaving, Wade occasionally licks the head of Dave's cock with his tongue, paying special attention to the piss-slit, when he does this, Dave has to constrain himself from moving because the razor is so close to the delicate part of his anatomy.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Dave utters as Wade sips the sweet nectar from his pre-cumming cock.

"Ah, sweet man-juice from a straight man, "Wade coos as he finishes with a lick from the flesh-pop that is Dave's hard cock, "nothing better on a hot Florida afternoon."

The guys let out a hearty laugh as they stand around Dave, still not touching their cocks as the hair is removed from Dave's balls.

Wade finishes the hair removal; Dave's balls relax from the heat. Next comes the thinning of pubes, Wade takes his scissors and delicately shears some of the thick patch of man-fur from them. The hair is caught in the breeze and slowly blows away.

Wade is finished.

Dave's cock, harder and ever more present, not hidden in the furry covering of his gender.

"Oh fuck, my cock looks bigger," Dave says.

"One of the virtues of having a shaved cock," Wade says, "Do you think your wife is going to like it?"

"Oh shit," Dave says, "I had forgotten that."

The guys all laugh louder and more robust, they had thought about it but did not want to spoil the moment of realization that he has a wife to explain why his balls are bare and where they were shaved.

"I am sure you can come up with a reason, Dave," I say.

I hope he can or else is wife is going to be making a lot of assumptions where he spent his day.

"I am sure, I will, Bob," Dave says, "She does not know about the woman I am fucking in Bainbridge, so this should be a piece of cake."

"We men with our secrets," I say.

I know I had a bunch of secrets a onetime but I quit playing those games a long time ago, you get found out eventually.

"Dave, why'd you dive in the pool and rinse those balls and pubes, "I say, "I have something for everyone now."

"No one else is going to shave their balls?" Dave says.

All the guys say shake their heads and say 'nope.'

Dave dives in the pool and swims for a minute, rinsing the loose hair from his balls and pubes. He walks to the shallow end where we have gathered. His cock has deflated somewhat, his balls are clean and devoid of the once furry bushy pubes, he once had.

"Okay, guys it is now the time to bring out 'the Bench'," which I broadcast to everyone.

"What is 'the Bench,' Bob," Reece is the first to ask.

"Nate, Wade, you two know where it is, go get it, please," I look to them two.

They both smile at me.

They smile and stroke their cocks in happy anticipation of what I have I in store next. They have been to plenty of my parties and know that 'the bench' is one of my tried and true games to bring the guys together. It tests the limits of how far a guy will go to be the Alpha of the group, a little healthy competition among men.

They make their way to the storage side of 'the shed,' open the door and disappear inside.

The others guys are standing around in wonderment. Looking at each other in puzzled fascination.

Paul, Nate's co-worker, is stroking his cock.

Reece, a guy roughly the same age as Paul, both in their twenties is stroking his cock too.

Dave, the straight guy, and now holder of the bald balls is playing with them as he waits what comes next.

These three know nothing of what Nate and Wade will bring from 'the shed.'

Wade and Nate emerge from the shed with 'the bench.' It nothing particularly awesome in its appearance that is what makes it the most deceptive. It is a typical bench. Three boards, a longer one, about five feet used as the seat with two shorter boards used as legs. It is about three to four feet in height for the sides with the proper braces for support. In the middle of the bench, there are three pieces of metal, stainless steel rods, again nothing special about it but that is not all there is to it. What the three rods are used for that makes it special. Nate and Wade put it in the open space in the grass close to the pool in the full sunlight. This is a game and the audience has to be able to see it unobstructed.

"That's 'the Bench'?" Paul says.

"Yep," I say.

"What are the rods for?" asks Reece.

"Good of you to ask, Reece," I say, "Nate do you have the bag?"

"I do," Nate, says as he walks up to me, stroking his cock and eagerly awaiting the use of 'the bench', I would imagine, with the large bag in his hand.

Dave, Paul and Reece exchange glances.

Paul and Reece are steadily stroking their cocks, their ages betray them, as men in their twenties, they think they have experienced the best that sex has to offer. I can tell them they have not but if I were to tell them otherwise, they would not believe me. I have to show them. They have to want to be involved and the best way, is by seeing if they can measure up to men their seniors. Competition has a way of enticing men to do things they otherwise would not attempt but being shown up, as 'less of man' can be an incentive; especially when the man willing to do anything is 20 years older than the youngest buck. They have yet to experience the full spectrum of what it means to fuck and to be fucked. They are naturally gay curious, both have fucked men, yet both proclaim to be muff divers but do not consider man-to-man sex to be offensive, when they are the ones being the tops in the fuck.

Do you suppose that would change if they were the one to be fucked?

Dave, a man who says he is straight but is eager to be among men with his hard cock and to show off his prowess among other men. Interestingly, there are no women to fuck here, so why exactly is he here? Closeted gay desires or does he want more?

"What's in the bag?" Dave asks.

I pull out a black 6" plastic dildo. I pull out a black 8" plastic dildo. I pull out a black 10" dildo, explaining the length of each as I take them from the bag.

"Three black plastic cocks," Dave asks with puzzlement in his voice.

The thoughts rumble around in his head as he realizes what the steel rods are used for on the bench.

"Oh shit," Dave says.

"Oh shit is right," I say, "who is man enough to ride a cock?"

Reece and Paul look at each. I see the alarm on their faces but their cocks have not softened, in fact, they have hardened more.

"I want my ass on that 8" inch cock, Bob," Nate says first, he is eager to be filled.

Paul walks up to Nate when he says this.

Paul cocks bouncing to and fro, as he walks.

"You like to be fucked?" Paul says to Nate, "I thought you only fucked men, like we did Russ?"

"Oh hell, I do. I like to be fucked too," Nate says, "I want that cock of yours in my ass before this day is done. This is just a warm-up."

Nate then leans in and gives Paul that wettest hardest kiss on the lips that he can muster. He slips his tongue into his mouth and then pulls away from Paul.

He tweaks Paul's left nipple as he pulls back.

"You think you can handle that stud?" Nate says as he grasps Paul hard-on in his hand and squeezes.

"I am sure I can boss, I will give you my cock," Paul says.

Paul's tune changes after he notices the willingness of Nate to be fucked.

"I want your cock too, Reese, both of y'all at the same time," Nate says, "You think you can handle that Reece. I know Paul can, we have already double-fucked a guy."

"I can handle anything Paul can, Nate," Reece says," it will be my first double penetration but I can handle it."

"Boys, boys," I say, "there is plenty of ass here for everyone."

The games begin; one man cannot show up another when their manhood is being questioned especially if it means that some other man maybe labeled more of man than you.

"Good," Nate says, "I have to get my ass ready for the both of you."

Nate walks toward 'the Bench'.

"Now where is that 8"cock Bob?" Nate says.

"Right here, "I say, as I hand him the cock, "Let's put the others on 'the Bench' too."

Nate places the cocks on the steel rods in ascending order.

"Damn that does look good," Nate says," I can handle a 6" cock with no problem, I thought I would start in the middle."

We all gather around Nate as he is leaning over 'the bench' inspecting the plastic black cocks. His cock is hard but his hands are not touching it, his stiffness is from pure excitement.

"You hole is not wet enough, Nate, "I say, "Let me help you get ready."

I lean down and take his ass into my mouth, licking his ass hair and finding his puckered hole.

"Mmm, what a sweet ass,"I say.

"Get me wet, Bob," Nate says, "get my hole lubed up real well."

"Gladly, my friend, gladly," I say.

I lick and moisten his asshole with my spittle. I taste the salty sweat that he perspires from his body from the exposure to the Florida afternoon heat. His musk intoxicates me, as does his manhood.

"Paul come here and lick my nips," Nate says, "I like those boys to be stimulated."

Paul walks to Nate, still with his hard-on, leans in to Nate's hair filled chest and takes a nip in his mouth.

"That's right, boy, "Nate says, "play with it with your tongue."

Nate moans and his ass loosens from the nipple play.

"You are about ready, my friend, "I say as I slather his ass with my spit," that ass is looser now."

Paul backs away.

"Thanks brother," Nate says, "your tongue felt good."

"I am glad," Paul, says, "I like my nips to be played with, sucked on when I am fucking."

"Good to know," I say.

"Yes, it is good to know Bob," Nate says.

"You ready, Nate?" I say.

"Yes, I am," Nate says, "but do have the lube nearby in case I need it."

"I have it right here," I say as I hold up the large size bottle of lube, "you can never have enough of this when you fuck a hot ass."

"Amen or when you are being fucked," Nate, says, everyone laughs when he says this, everyone but Dave.

Nate positions himself over the middle cock on 'the Bench,' this is the 8" plastic cock. He lowers himself slowly; his muscles accommodating the hard plastic cock as his ass envelopes it, sucks it in.

"Oh fuck, that feels good, oh fuck, oh fuck, "Nate says as his ass takes all of it.

He ass swallows it all; he is sitting on the wooden board. His cock is rock-hard and is oozing pre-cum, he is not stroking himself, and his body is just reacting to his ass being filled.

"Oh fuck, this feels good," Nate says, as he slowly rises and lowers himself on the synthetic plastic cock.

All the guys are watching but not touching themselves. Their cocks are all pointed straight out from their pubic bushes; those that have furry bushes anyway, Wade and Dave are just as hard. The guys watch intently drawn into the exhibitionism that Nate gladly shows and his confidence as a man.

Nate has always been the first to do anything, volunteer, not afraid to be the one at the head of the line; I knew he would be first and challenge others.

"I need my cock sucked, "Nate screams out, "Who wants the honor?"

Nate knows Wade and I would be the ones to devour his manhood but I think he wants Paul or Reece to step up.

Wade makes a move, as I suspected he would.

"No Wade, let's let one of these other so-called men, taste my seed," Nate says.

Nate looks at Paul, then at Reece.

"How 'bout one of you tough guys, Paul, Reece, you like to fuck. How 'bout you reciprocate on a man, "Nate says with such intense authority, "I do not give a shit about what other men say, straight men, about being fucked or eating cum. Step up, be a damn man."

Nate looks over a Dave when he says this.

Nate has issued his challenge; he is older and more experienced than these two younger southern gents.

Will the two 20-somethings back down or rise to his challenge?

"I'll suck you, Nate, "Paul says, "Not promising how well, I'll do."

Paul steps up. His cock still hard and leaking pre-cum like the rest of us, as we are gathered around watching Nate impaled on the 8" plastic cock.

"C'mon man," Nate, says, "I've tasted your loads many times since Thursday, taste me now. You may not be able to swallow my cock but try your best."

Nate winks at me. He knew Paul would be the one with some prompting.

Nate had continued to self-fuck himself on the 'bench-cock.'

Paul takes Nate's cock into his mouth, he concentrates on his Nate's cock-head, sucking gently and whirling his tongue around the cock-head as it fills his mouth.

"Oh fuck, man, you are good," Nate says, "I thought you said you have never cock-sucked before, oh shit, that feels good."

Paul continues to suck on Nate's swelled cock-head; he does not go up and down on his shaft, he just busily laps at the cock-head of his 'boss.' While Paul is doing this, he is stroking his own cock. The strokes are not forceful, just rhythmic, keeping time with the attention he is giving Nate's cock.

I go over and sit on the ground, lie down on the grass and start licking Paul's sweaty ass.

"That's right, Bob, rim my boy's ass with that fat tongue of yours, "Nate says.

Paul is clenching his ass muscles. Puckering his hole at the onslaught of my tongue as I wage war on loosening that ass, letting him know that his ass has been noticed by me. Paul's ass muscles are quivering, he likes this as he clenches them with my every thrust of my tongue.

"That's right, boy, you like that tongue in your ass, "I say.

"I bet he does, Bob, you have a great tongue," Nate says, "He has nice fur-lined ass too."

I continue to rim the tight ass of Paul, preparing him for the impalement on one of the plastic cocks, which I am sure he will be riding next, if Nate has anything to say about it.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, "Nate screams out as he unloads his seed down Paul's gullet.

Nate had stopped fucking himself on the hard plastic cock and just sat down on it, his ass took it all in. Paul gurgles as he swallows the load from Nate, some does run out of the sides of his mouth but he takes all he can. Paul's ass loosens up as he took Nate's load down his throat. I plunged my tongue all the way up his ass; my nose was sniffing the man-scent from his furry covered ass crack.

Paul swallows Nate's cock all way down to his boss's pubes, getting all the man has to offer before pulling his face up from his crotch.

"I knew you could do it, Paul, "Nate says, as he lifts himself off 'the Bench.'

Nate stands, as does Paul from his crouched position. Nate kisses Paul, a deep wet tongue-mingling kiss, gathering his juices and Paul spittle together into his own mouth. Paul does not pull away but embraces Nate as they hug tighter and grind their crotches together in the passionate kiss.

I lift myself from the grass and wipe my lips of the man-scented musk from Paul's ass.

"You have a nice ass, Paul," I say.

"Thanks," Paul says, "that tongue of yours felt good."

Nate pulls away, separates from Paul.

"Damn, man, I knew you had in it in you," Nate says, "I knew you are more willing to do things than what you have lead me to believe."

"Maybe I am," Paul, says, "maybe I am."

"Now you need to sit on 'the bench'," Nate says, matter-of-factly," I suggest the 6" cock for starters."

"Okay," Paul says, without a fight, without a struggle. As he said, he is more willing than what he has convinced others he is not.

I hose down 'the Bench' with the water-hose, spray bleach on every plastic cock and rinse.

I do this after every butt-fuck on 'the Bench.' I do not want condoms placed on the plastic cocks; I want the man to feel the hard plastic as he slides up and down on the cock bench, opening his hole wider and wider, deeper and deeper as the cock plunges into his ass.

Paul takes his position over the 6" plastic cock.

"You want some lube on your ass before you sit down brother," Nate says, "it is going to be rough your first time. I want it to slide into your ass easy."

"Yeah, "Paul says, "I expect it to hurt."

"It will hurt some, but once your ass gets a taste of a hard cock in it, you will be wanting it, more and more," Nate assures Paul, "you will be a part of the brotherhood, brother, men not afraid to take another cock up the ass."

"Okay, whatever you say," Paul says, you can hear the apprehension in his voice but he has been challenged by another man to do something and he does not want to appear weak or less than another man, so he plunges forth, literally into the game.

Nate takes the lube onto his fingers and then applies it abundantly to Paul ass, as they embrace each other. Nate inserts a lubed finger into Paul ass, to test him.

"Oh," Paul says, startled by Nate's finger as it slides into his ass.

"Just thought I'd give it a feel," Nate says, "I want my cock in that ass soon."

Nate kisses Paul and steps back, whipping the lubed fingers that had just been in Paul's ass across his hairy chest.

"Now you are ready Paul, "Nate says, "sit on that cock and make me proud."

Paul once again hovers over the chosen cock.

He slides down a bit.

His face contorts as he feels the cock slowly slide into his hole.

He stops.

Letting his muscles adapt to the strange object that is entering his bum.

He proceeds.

He slides the length of the 6" cock.

His own cock is rock hard.

It is jutting out from the furry pubes that surround his cock.

He is swelled, the veins are popping out, his cock-muscle, so hard, it is twitching, jerking in slow steady pulses as his heart beats, the pre-cum in strings as it drips.

"Oh fuck, "Paul screams out.

In an uncontrolled spasm, he shoots his load.

Nate sprints from his standing position and quickly engulfs the cock of his co-worker in his mouth, taking the remaining seed with gusto. Nate's throat swallows and swallows as he receives the offering from his friend.

Paul is seated on 'the Bench', the plastic cock buried in his ass, as he is gripped with his orgasm.

Eventually, the feeling subsides and Paul rises from the cock. His face drained from the heat, the sun and the intense pleasure and ecstasy he has just experienced.

Paul kisses Nate after this, he is the one to start this intimate embrace, Nate accepts. They hold each other for a moment, wrapped up in each other's manliness.

They both look at Reece.

"Your turn, brother," Nate says.

Reece stands there.

He says nothing.

"I will do it, "Dave says.

Everyone looks at Dave.

"Are you sure? "I say.

"Yeah, Bob I am sure, "Dave says, "I want to experience what Nate and Paul has."

"Having a cock in your ass is the best," I say, "I have, Wade has, Nate has, we have had the real thing. This is a good start."

"I know, Bob, "Dave says, "Maybe before the day is over, I will have a real cock in me."

"If you want one, I am sure any of the guys here will be happy to oblige," I say.

"I have no doubt about that Bob, "Dave says, "but right now, let's just get me on that 8" cock."

"The 8' cock, aren't you rushing it a bit, friend," Nate says.

"No," Dave says, "I am every bit a man you are, Nate, I can and will take it."

"Way to go, brother," Nate says, as he walks up and embraces Dave. Hugging him and feeling his cock and balls "Go for it."

Nate tweaks Dave's nipple playfully.

Dave does not object.

Dave accepts the affection from Nate.

Dave looks at Reece.

"I expect your 20-something ass to be next, tough man," Dave says to Reece arrogantly.

Everyone says, 'whoa' in unison.

The bravado driven testosterone is heavy in the air. Proving who the top dog in this group is, has taken a different turn.

Reece says nothing.

"Your ass needs to be prepared for that cock, Dave, "Nate says, "Let me take care of that for you."

Nate grabs the lube and walks up to Dave. Nate drops to a squatting position in front of Dave.

"Turn around, bro, let me see that ass," Nate says.

"Sure," Dave says.

Dave turns and presents his ass to Nate.

"Bend over, Dave," Nate says.

Dave bends at his waist. Nate grabs Dave's ass cheeks with his hands and spreads them.

"Somebody wants this," Nate says, playfully.

Everyone laughs. Reece does not.

"I do not do anything half-assed, I go full throttle," Dave says.

"Good to know," Nate replies, "I like that and I am sure you will like this too."

Nate leans into Dave ass.

He starts rimming him with his mouth.

"Oh shit, I wasn't expecting that, "Dave says in surprise.

Nate lifts his head from Dave's parted ass cheeks.

"You want me to stop, "Nate asks.

"Fuck no; keep it up, "Dave says.

Nate goes back to tonguing the hairy hole of the supposed straight man.

"I think your cock needs some attention," Wade says, who has been eerily quiet watching on the sidelines. He figures now is as good as any to get in on some of the virgin antics of this surprising straight man.

"Well, come on, Wade," Dave says, "Your mouth is welcome on my tool any day."

Wade makes his way to Dave's cock and start sucking.

Two men, who are clearly enjoying themselves playing with this straight man as they tease his manliness, are bombarding him on both ends.

Dave is writhing in pleasure as they massage both ends of him. A tongue lapping up his ass, a tongue pleasuring his cock, Dave is barely able to stand.

"Guys, guys, you gotta quit or I am gonna cum right now," Dave says.

Nate stops licking Dave's fur lined ass.

"Well, we can't have that, can we, yet," Nate says," Wade take your mouth of this man's cock. I think he is ready to be fucked by the 8" plastic cock."

Wade stands up and backs away.

"That was tasty," Wade says.

Nate stands up from behind Dave. He opens the lube bottle, pours some into hand, coating it well.

"This might help, Dave," Nate says.

Nate sticks two lubed coated fingers into Dave's ass.

Dave bellows out an "oh fuck."

The men all let out a hearty laugh in unison.

"Now you are ready," Nate says," go sit on that cock."

Dave walks to 'the Bench' turns around and faces us as he positions himself.

Dave hovers over the 8" cock, much like Paul did over the 6" one. His cock is still hard and glistening in the Florida sun from the saliva coated workings of Wade.

The guys have all gathered in closer. No one is stroking their cocks, they are all hard though, even Nate and Paul even after shooting their respective loads.

Dave lowers himself slowly.

"Oh fuck, I can feel my ass spreading," Dave says.

"Keep going man, it gets better," Nate says.

"Yes, it does," I say.

"You are right about that Bob," Paul says, "it feels great."

Reece looks at Paul. He does not say anything but his hard cock speaks volumes; he is turned on too, like the rest of the guys.

"Lower yourself, like you are doing, man," Wade says, "let your ass take it all in."

"You are the expert, Wade," Dave says, "Oh fucking shit, this feels good."

"I have been fucked by every size man there is," Wade says," and my ass was paid for it, too. Keep going like you are going man."

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Dave screams out.

He shoots his load when he has not even taken half of the 8" cock up his ass. In his ecstasy, he loses his balance and plunges all the way down the full length of the cock.

"OH FUCK," Dave screams.

His loads hits Wade on his legs.

The guys rush to help him.

"No wait, wait, wait," Dave says," I am alright."

He says as he pants from his shot load.

"Oh fuck, this feels nice," Dave says, as he wiggles on the plastic cock, his cock, still hard, which Wade has started lapping the cum from the still swelled cock pointing out from Dave's shaved balls and thinned pubes.

"Oh fuck," Dave, says, "I like this. I want a real cock."

Everyone lets out a laugh.

"You never know what you are missing until you try it," Nate says.


"I want the 10" cock and I will not cum until I have taken it all up my ass," Reece says out of the blue.

Nate turns to him with a smirk on his face.

"You sure about that sport?" Nate says.

"Damn straight, I am sure," Reece, says, "I want my turn."


"Are you sure you are ready for such a big cock up your ass, Reece," I ask him.

"I can handle it, Bob, "Reece replies, "I am made of hearty stuff and anything Nate can do, I can do."

"Alright sport, you do your thing," I say.

When a man feels his manhood is threatened some men will do foolish things. Reece is in twenties and feels intimidated by a man twice his age. Nate challenged him. Nate dogged him. Reece could have chosen a smaller cock to sit on but he chose the biggest.

It did not matter the size of the cock that he could have sat on. It just that Nate wanted him to try it but being an arrogant southern man, he believes he has to go for the biggest. He is letting peer pressure dictate his motives instead of common sense.

Can his ass muster the length and girth of the 10" plastic cock?

Probably not but Reece will have to see for himself.

"Hey bud, you want me to lube up that ass of yours?" Nate asks Reece.

"Sure man, I want you to do it," Reece says to Nate with a slight smirk.

Reece wants to make sure that this man does it. He is every bit the man that Nate is. He knows it and he wants Nate to know it.

Nate grabs the lube and repeats the process he did with Paul.

Nate gently sticks two of his fingers down Reece's tight hole.

Reece jumps a bit as Nate insert his fingers.

"Relax man, that plastic cock is gonna fill you up much more than my fingers do. Relax those ass muscles," Nate says to Reece in a soothing, almost big brotherly voice.

"Yeah, that's right," Nate, says," take my fingers, yeah, that's it."

Reece lets his ass un-pucker; he quits tensing his muscles.

Nate leans in to kiss Reece on the mouth. Nate still has cum on his face from Paul's cock. Nate knows this. This is another test for Reece. Reece does not pull away but returns the same affection back to the man. They separate.

"Now you are ready," Nate says as he withdraws his lubed fingers from Reece's ass.

Reece positions himself over the 10" cock.

We all gather around him.

Paul. Nate. Wade. Dave and myself.

Our cocks are hard, even those that have already shot their loads.

"Take it easy, son," I say," let your ass take in that cock slowly. It is a monster."

"I will Bob," Reece, says.

Reece begins to lower himself. His cock, flowing cum like a continuously dripping spigot.

"Your cock is really rock hard man," Paul says, "you will like this."

"Thanks man," Reece says.

He lowers himself more. He has taken the plastic cock's mushroom head into his ass.

"That's good, you have the fattest part in your ass," Wade says.

"I know, I can feel it," Reece says;" now I know what it feels like when my mushroom head goes in."

"Yeah, man, now you know," Nate, says, "you are doing good."

Reece lowers himself some more. The cum is pouring out of his own cock. He is not touching himself.

Reece jerks.

"Oh shit," Reece lets a yelp," damn, I feel like I am going to burst."

"Yeah, you do, that feeling will pass," I say, "keep going to slow. Your ass can take it."

"Oh yeah, Bob," Reece says, "I can do it."

All of us are stroking our cocks now.

Seeing Reece impale himself on the cock has us at our hardest.

"Keep stroking those cocks guys," Reece says, "I want you to wash me in your cum."

Reece lowers himself some more, the cock is almost all the way up his ass.

We are stroking like mad men.

Reece is leaking cum like a blown fire hydrant spewing water everywhere.

"I am gonna cum," Reece yells out.

"Let it cum, let your cum, "Nate cries out.

We are jacking off furiously. Our cocks the hardest they have been all day.

Reece shoots his load.

"OH FUCKING SHIT, "Reece cries out.

At the same time, we all cum and cover Reece with our cum.

Nate first.

Then Wade.

Then Paul.

Then Dave.

Then myself, we soak Reece with our man-juice.

Cum is in chest hair, on his face, on his scruffy chin, the hair atop his head.

Five men have exploded their loads on him.



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