Bob called, while I was at Rick's apartment, he invited both of us to this shindig, which he called 'the gathering.' Rick has been to these events, I am a virgin.

I am on my way, alone.

It is a nice place, Bob's house, secluded, a place to get naked in the great southern outdoors.

I like it.

The drive up the oak-canopied road to his house, the same picturesque and serene sight as it was that morning, Rick and I left after our little tryst with Bob in the bedroom, nothing has changed.

Bob passed a note to me that morning, tucked away in a pocket of my shorts, saying I was welcome to come back, anytime.

I have not had a chance to return, until now.

I expect it is more like "to cum" back to his house which I am sure I will be doing so today, more than once.

As I drive up this road, I expect to see deer, opossum, and squirrels running about, maybe even a Florida panther, even an array of birds as I travel this back road.

There is some beautiful wildlife in this part of North Florida and South Georgia.

The wild animal activity I see now will in no way compare to the 'wild' beast of men I am told to expect at this 'gathering.'

Rick had told me to expect anything; I know I can handle it.

Bob insisted that I come (or is that 'cum'), even though Rick could not, I do not have to do anything if I do not want to, Bob said, it is solely up to me.

I am curious, I admit, so I took the plunge, headfirst to see if the stories are true.

Rick had prior plans and could not make it, so here I am all by my lonesome. It would have been nice if he were here.

His ass is so nice to fuck.

As I turn a bend in the road, I am suddenly engulfed in a cloud of red dust. There is a truck in front of me and I am caught up in its dust trail. I tap the brake and slow down a bit as I almost hit its rear bumper.

I back off a bit and let the dust clear from the road. I was caught up in my daydream and should have been paying closer attention.

I make my way once I can see; the truck is parking on the road next to Bob's driveway, another guest.

As I get closer, I recognize the driver but do not remember his name.

It is a Garbutt and Creamer Engineering truck from Tallahassee it is their survey guys. I know some of those men.

The driver waves at me as he gets out of the truck. I am still too far to make out whom the man is waving to me.

I wave and smile back.

He is shirtless, in shorts, boots, ball cap, dressed much the same as me. He is muscled, hairy, much like me, slightly older.

I suspect when I get his age, I will look like him too.

I took my shirt off the minute I got on the highway to drive here from Rick's apartment in Tallahassee this afternoon.

"Oh shit," I think to myself, as I get a closer look at the man.

I do know him.

He brought the other guy he works with him too.

I know that guy too.

"Oh shit, "I mumble under my breath.

Should I leave?

I thought I would be anonymous and I would not know anyone.

I stop my truck as the guy from Garbutt and Creamer motions for me to stop; he leans into my window and asks me a question.

"Hey man, "he says, "don't I know you."

"Yeah, I'm Reece, "I say, "we did that job in Crawfordville together, you guys did the surveying for it. You had to stake out the building for us, so could pour the foundation and frame it."

He gives me the once over with his eyes, paying special attention to my bulge. My legs are spread wide, which makes the bulge all the more obvious.

"I'm Nate, remember, "He says, "and that's Paul."

He gestures to the guy who is standing on the opposite side of the truck at the passenger door.

"It's nice to see you again, Reece," Paul says to me, "I thought that was you when I saw the truck."

"You too," I say, "I guess y'all finished that Crawfordville job?"

"Month's ago," Nate says, "Why doncha park, so we can talk and walk up to the house together. Bob must be wondering where we all are. We did the final survey after y'all finished with the construction."

"Sure, "I say, "let me park behind that car."

"Okay," they both say in unison as I drive down a bit, turn around and park behind the car.

I see two other trucks, besides the one they are in, parked on the road.

I expected trucks, as this is the country, the guys here could not survive without their pick-ups on their farms and jobs. It is rite of passage for a teenage boy to pass into manhood with his first truck. The girls love it and the guys love showing off with arrogant bravado. The gun racks in the back windows and the condom boxes in the glove compartments, manhood in the south. You are expected to fuck the moment you know how and then be chastised from the pulpit for doing it, good ole southern hypocrisy.

I lost my virginity at eighteen to one of the cheerleaders, my senior year of high school in the back of my pick-up after a Friday night football game; I scored more than one touchdown that night. I came twice and she wanted more. She had been pining after me for over a year. My buddies thought I had fucked her long before I did but I had not, I lied, I could not be the last one to lose my cherry but I was.

I park behind the black Benz with the license plate, STUD1.

I laugh to myself, someone seems mighty confident. I wonder what this clown looks like to proclaim himself such a stud.

Another truck with a magnetic logo sticker on the side door panel says; Dave Stevens Roofing catches my attention. I guess Bob knows many guys in the area who want to get naked and cannot at home for the fear of a bitchy spouse.

The last truck is Bob's; I recognize it, I parked behind it the night Rick first brought me here.

I wonder how many men are here.

I guess there is going to be a quite a bit of cocks on display and jovial male bonding and one-upmanship, as when men get together there is much bravado and chest pounding to be the dominant male of the pack.

I guess I am going to be surprised but that is why I am here, what can be said by them that cannot be said by me if my secret gets out.

I get out and meet up with Nate and Paul, we all shake hands.

It is something we do; our dad's would kill us if we did not give each a proper firm handshake. Although I am not sure, where cock etiquette ranks alongside a firm handshake but these are different times.

We are all shirtless, in shorts and wearing our work boots, baseball caps, just like any day on the job but we are not on the job, this is our every daywear too.

I relax. Here goes nothing or everything as I think to myself.

We make our way to the front door, where Bob has placed a sign:

Cum around to the back yard.


It had a smiley face winking on the lower right corner of the message.

The three of us, pass between some hedges and emerge in the backyard amid the sound of low playing music and three naked men, Bob, I recognize the other two, I do not.

Bob walks toward us, his cock flopping back and forth across his groin as he greets us. The pre-cum leaving strings across the air as he made his way to us.

"Well, finally, everybody is here, "Bob says, "get naked and enjoy the fun."

Bob hugs each of us while fiercely groping our packaged bulges, no one complains as he does this.

"Ah, some nice cocks," Bob says, "have arrived."

Nate kisses Bob on the lips. It is not a passionate lip-lock just a friendly peck among friends, I assume. Paul and I just say 'hello' we did not get the kiss.

"Bob, this is my friend, Paul, "Nate says, "The guy from work, I told you about."

"Nice to meet you, Paul," Bob says, "C'mon guys get naked. Get those clothes off and get those cocks out."

We make our way to the patio and drop what remaining clothes we are wearing, into the pile of those already discarded by the others.

Nate is wearing a silver cock-ring; his cock is sticking out from a massive patch of furry pubes. The man's cock is nice, when he pulled his shorts off, his member bounced onto his lower stomach, spewing some pre-cum onto his 'happy trail,' the moment it was freed from its confines.

"Here, Paul, I brought you a cock-ring, "Nate says to Paul while he throws him a heavy black rubber ring.

"Thanks, "Paul says, "Although I do not think I need it."

"Just put it on," Nate says, "showcase that manhood in all its glory."

Paul slides the ring over his slowly emerging hard-on.

"I do not have another one, Reece, sorry," Nate says to me, "Maybe Bob has one for you."

I feel my cock stiffen in my shorts right before I shuck them. As they fall, my cock is hardening while the last vestiges of my clothes hit the tiled patio.

"Nice cock, man, "Nate says, "I figured you had a nice one. Your bulge filled out those shorts real good."

He places his two fingers in his mouth, wets them and begins to play with and fondle my swelling cock-head.

I start leaking cum the moment he touches me.

"Real nice cock," he says to me as his continues to massage my cock-head while we are standing there.

He takes some of my cum into his mouth, licks his fingers clean, re-wets them, before resuming his play, never asking if he could fondle my cock.

I do not tell him stop though.

I look up to see the other four guys watching us as he strokes my cock-head.

Bob is stroking his cock too, slowly.

Paul, Nate's friend, is stroking his cock and gazing intently.

The other two guys, I have yet to meet, are caught up in my exhibitionistic display too.

One of the guys, muscled with little to no body hair; his hand is gently stroking his growing cock.

Another guy, wearing a blue baseball cap, with the same logo I saw on the roofing business truck is hard but he is just watching, what is happening, not stroking his growing hard-on. He is just caught up in the moment of my show with Nate.

"Damn, I like when we get together," Bob suddenly interjects," but let us save the cum for later. Let it build, guys. Let it built. I knew once Nate got here, the party would begin."

"Okay," Nate says, nonchalantly, as he takes his hand off my swelled cock and leans down and takes it into his mouth and sucks it for a second, "now that is tasty."

"You say that every time you suck cock, "Paul says.

"Because it's true, "Nate says, "All hard, cum leaking cocks are tasty."

"Oh shit, "I say, after he has lifted his head from my cock, "That felt damn good."

He and Paul walk away after his short suck-tease of my cock. Their dicks, in cock-ringed hardness, are jutting out from their thighs in male splendor.

"Who wants to work out?" Nate shouts out from 'the shed.' While he fondles his cock in the bright Saturday afternoon, on this hot summer afternoon, not the least bit put off by his display.

Bob comes from where he was standing in the grass and walks up to me.

"Told ya, you'd have a good time," Bob says, "let me introduce you to everyone, Reece."

"Kinda reminds me of when I met you," I say.

"Yep, I saw your cock and wanted it that minute," Bob says, "hell, look at it, it is a prime piece of man-flesh, who would not want it."

He takes me to meet the other guys, the one lacking chest and pubic hair unlike the rest of us, really stands out, his difference is noticeable.

"Reece, this is my good friend, Wade," Bob says.

I shake hands with Wade.

"Nice to meet you, Reese," Wade says, "you have quite a cock on you, buddy."

"Thanks," I say.

Wade reaches for my cock, without even asking if he could; I am leaking pre-cum like a fountain since Nate had briefly sucked me, he takes the tip of his finger, runs it across my swelled cock-head, gathers drops of my pre-cum on his fingertip, and places it in his mouth, just like Nate did. His Adam's apple rolls as he swallows the drops of my pre-cum.

"Nate was right," he says, "you are tasty."

"Wade is a paid escort in Tallahassee and the State of Florida, the man knows some notable people and has fucked most of them but I doubt he will name names, "Bob says, "he also works for the Georgia Road Department, a man with many talents."

"Let's just keep that between us, Reece, okay," Wade says, "Bob, you are gonna make me blush."

"Sure," I answer, "My lips are sealed."

"Not for long," he says, "if you stay here this afternoon."

"I doubt you will blush Wade," Bob says, "I've seen pics of your work, you have nothing to blush about."

Bob and Wade laugh, apparently, I miss the inside joke between the two.

Wade grabs my balls and grips me tight in his hand.

"If we do not get to play today," Wade says, "I will come visit you under a special consideration."

"Okay," I say, I do not know what else to say. I was right; STUD1 is confident, obnoxiously confident. The Benz is definitely his. I laugh to myself. He thinks he is hot shit. I'd fuck him though; let a real man loosen up that ass not some suit-wearing politician, as I am sure he has had up his ass.

He releases my cock; it hits me in the lower stomach from the recoil from his tight grip. I am harder from the pressure applied to my cock.

Wade is shaved. There are some very fine hairs growing on his chest but he appears to have shaved those days ago. He is a pretty boy. I never understood a guy who shaves off what makes him a man. His balls are clean too, as a baby's butt, not a lick of hair on them. Everyone else has bushy pubes and unshaven balls, as most men do in the rural areas of Florida and Georgia. I guess he thinks he is "Top Cock on the Walk," I am sure me and the other guys can match him fuck for fuck on any day.

The other guy walks up, the blue baseball cap with the logo on it guy.

"Hi, I'm Dave," he says.

"Hi, Dave," I say, "as in Dave Stevens Roofing?"

"One and the same, that is me, "he says, "Yeah, man, you've got quite a cock there. You must get plenty of pussy with that thing."

"I do alright," I say.

But I am not getting pussy today, I am after ass, man-ass. I think to myself.

Does he know there are no women here?

"Dave is the only straight guy here today," Bob says, "This is his first time at a 'gathering,' he just finished re-doing my roof about a month ago."

"Yep, I am the token straight guy, "Dave says, "but the way Bob describes these meetings, I was intrigued."

"Not meetings, 'gatherings,' there is a difference, "Bob says, "You will see in a bit."

"Okay," Dave says, "I am counting on it.

"Let's go workout with Nate and Paul," Bob says, "we need to get powered up for the real workout later."

All four of us walk from the openness of the backyard to the outbuilding, 'the shed,' by the pool.

You can hear Nate and Paul straining in loud audible noises, the grunts and groans get louder as we get closer.

In the 'shed', we see Nate sucking on the swelled cock of Paul as he lifts a bar with weights while lying on the bench.

"So I guess the straining we heard was not from the lifting but from the sucking?" Bob says, "huh, Nate."

Nate looks up, from the feasting on his co-workers swelled tool, and smiles at the four of us.

We stand gazing, in awe, at the spectacle of these two hot and hairy-muscled men as they show us some men are not afraid to cross over into the hairy balls and stiff cocks of man-to-man sex. Each enjoying the masculine attributes of the other, while they know some women fawn and coo over them when given the chance, thinking their man is only interested in their pussies, when in truth these two men enjoy the sexual pleasures of each other and are still the men that the world perceives them to be. Both of these men are bi-sexual and enjoy the bodies and sex of both genders.

"Hey guys, "Nate says, as he wipes the essence of Paul from his chin, "you wanna workout?"

"Yeah, "we all say in unison.

"No cumming though, guys," Bob says.

"I have not shot my load, Bob, I promise "Paul says, playfully, "even though Nate tried. I hear you have something special planned."

"I do, "Bob says, "but let's work out, first."

We are all sporting massive erections.

Each man looking at the other, sizing up the competition, evaluating whom among the men is their challenger, among the six.

Nate's hard 10-inch engorged cock is nestled in a mass of dark blondish brown furry pubes with a silver cock-ring, which is getting constant fondling and cum spread over the enlarged blood-filled cock-head by his fingers.

Paul's 8-inch hard cock, emerging tower-like from its dark fluffy patch of pubes, is dripping pre-cum as he lays on the bench, legs resting over the sides, the saliva from his co-worker, Nate, and his own cum, drips and glistens in the Florida light, which he is happily using to stroke it.

Bob, the host and resident "daddy", his cock, 9-inches of hard man-meat, pointing outward from his dark furry pubes, further displayed by the massive cock-ring he proudly wears is all a glee as the men he is brought together for his 'gathering' smiles happily at his handiwork. He knows the right men are here for this particular 'gathering.'

Wade, the nearly hairless "hired cock-sucker" with his shaved balls and ample piece of man sausage, his cock long and lean, smiles because he knows what games await. He is proudly displaying his 10-inch man-flesh and not the least bit taken aback at his difference. Maybe that is why Bob invited him. His diversity in manhood and body is a welcomed sight, if he were not so full of himself, I would fuck him, right here, right now but I will not, that is what he wants but I will take him up on his offer later.

I laugh to myself.

Dave, the straight guy, supposedly, although not embarrassed to be among men who are either gay or bi-sexual, sprouting a proud dark hair encased woody of 8-inch proportion among his unshaven pubes and balls. A real rough and tumble man, not afraid of what may happen in the company of queers or almost queers.

Me, Reece, the 23-year-old stud, cock in measure with the men around me, 9-inches of proud manhood, girthy, and nestled in a proud covering of hairy pubes and unshaved balls, having just recently learned that fucking a tight man-ass and enjoying it, is just as good as or better than a pussy.

These men from in their 20s to the 40s are enjoying the male bonding of hard cocks and showing off their prowess as men among their fellow man and not ashamed.

"Who wants the weight bench?" Nate says, as Paul rises up and offers it.

Nate had risen from his kneel and watches me as I walk toward the bench.

I lay down and Paul assumes the spotter position, his balls dangling in my face as I grasp the bar and do a lift.

"Quite an impressive cock," Nate says.

"I agree," Wade, pipes in, as he approaches me, grasp my hard erect member and wipes the cum from leaking cock and places it in his mouth.

I shudder as his finger delicately rides over my swelled cock-head.

I nearly lose my grip on the bar but I continue with my reps, undaunted.

"Hey guys, be careful, "Paul says, "The guy is lifting, do not distract him."

"Thanks, Paul but staring up at your hairy ass and cock while I lift is distracting enough."

We are laugh, all six of us.

"But, I like what I see," I say.



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